Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/10:00
It has always been on my mind how to search the required detailed of a thing simply by pointing to its picture. Now Googlesearch has read my mind and it has added that facility to its application. You can click the picture of a painting on your Android operated smartphone and get all its relevant details including the identity of the painter.

Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/9:45
Currencies for the exchane of commodities originated almost at the dawn of civilizations. Now new virtual and electronic currencies are making financial transactions as easy as the breeze. Ethereum is another virtual currency that is rivaling Bitcoins originated in 2009. Just three months in circultion, Ethereum has appreciated tremendously and has received the backing of financial and technological giants like JP Morgan, Chase, Microsoft and IBM. Started by a 21-year-old Russian-Canadian, the currency is more transparent than the mysterious Bitcoins.

Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/9:31
Dialing an emergency number will be a lot bit easier soon. India will adopt '112' as the single national emergency number similar to '911' in the US and '999' in the UK. Eventually it will phase out other emergency numbers like '100' for police, '101' for fire, '102' for ambulance and '108' for disaster management, although they may still continue for another year.

Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/9:25
The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has made another surprisingly liberal statement. He says that no one can force other Indians to chant 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'. This is in stark contrast to recent BJP executive committee's declaration that refusing to chant the slogan is disrespect to the Indian constitution.

Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/9:22
The charges for the voice calls are soon slated to come down drastically. A ministerial panel has approved the inter-connect facility for applications like Whatsapp, Skype and Viber. Soon you can connect to landlines and other mobile phones through these applications. So far Whatsapp and Skeype have been closed networks having only internal connectivity within the applications.

Dolphi Dolphi 29/3/16/9:18
India's number one business family gathered at Rashtrapati Bhavan this week when Kokilaben received the posthumous Padma Vibushan award in honor of Dhirubhai Ambani. Mukesh and Nita, and Anil and Tina were also present at the occasion.

Dolphi Dolphi 28/3/16/9:53
We all feel that a short, sweet afternoon nap does us a lot of good. But we have noticed that lethargy invariably sets in if we take a longer nap and the whole evening passes of in a lazy manner. Researchers have now found that the entire metabolic system gets disturbed if the naps lasts longer than 40 minutes triggering BP, hypertension, cholesterol etc. Frequent long naps is likely to cause premature deaths in most cases.

Dolphi Dolphi 28/3/16/9:27
I happened to see last night's India-Australia cricket match on TV. Indeed it was a breath-taking event. India was losing hope of wining the game and of qualifying to enter into the semi-finals. After four wickets gone, entered the incomparable batsman Virag Kohli. The ease with wich he hit the sixes against the formidable Australian bowlers easily ranks hm as one of the world's greatest batsmen. After seeing the man in action, he has risen in my esteem.

Dolphi Dolphi 28/3/16/9:19
How come the financial regulators were sleeping when thousands of crores of rupees were spirited away from the public sector banks by rich borrowers. Now in a poll rhetoric PM Modi declares that the screws have been tightened on the loan defaulters and no one will be allowed to get away scotfree. We will wait and see whether Modi means business or it is just another poll gimmick.

Dolphi Dolphi 28/3/16/9:14
The Easter eve gathering on the large ground of our neighbourhood church passed off peacefully. No usual police bandobust was seen at the entrance; may be the police were called upon to secure more sensitive places. No so lucky was the Easter gathering at a Lahore park in Pakistan. About 70 people were killed and more than 300 injured in a human bomb explosion at the park. A Taliban outfit claimed the responsibility saying that Christians were the tagets.

Dolphi Dolphi 27/3/16/9:38
Bombay High Court chided the Mira-Bhayandar municipality for refusing to reissue a birth certificate to a five-year-old daughter of a former bar girl without the name of her biological father. The child was born out of wedlock as a result of her relation with a businessman who promised to marry her. Later the businessman reneged from the promise as he was already married with children. Now the lady is happily married to a divorcee and have a son. The foursome make a happy family. The high court took a pragmatic view and the child's overall welfare while ordering the municipality to reissue the birth certificate.

Dolphi Dolphi 27/3/16/9:24
The Marathwada region, coinciding with the Aurangabad administrative division, consists of eight interior districts of Maharashtra falling somewhat near Central India. It is now facing one of the worst droughts and a grave water crises. Five of its 11 big dams have zero usable water. The coming Rabi crop (October-March) is likely to yield 25% less production due to water sarcity.

Dolphi Dolphi 27/3/16/9:14
A silent revolution is in the offing for those who are impaired of hearing. A DRDO developed indigenos technology is being used for cochlear implants that will slash their prices to one sixth. Earlier a cochlear implant used to cost Rs. 11 lakhs, which went down to Rs. 6 lakhs when the government started inviting competitive bids. Now, at Rs. 1 lakh per implant, it has become affordable to many.

Dolphi Dolphi 26/3/16/9:33
After a spell of past few hot and sultry days, cool breeze suddenly started blowing in several areas around Mumbai. The most favourable effect of this was the improvement in Mumbai's air quality to the best level in the last three months. The air quality had deteriorated during the last few months due to the continuing fires at the large Deonar dumping area.

Dolphi Dolphi 26/3/16/9:25
Diabetes melitus is a group of diseases that makes the affected people unable to metabolize glucose that supplies the essential energy to the body. The excess accumulation of glucose in the blood sugar triggers several other health problems. With 65 million affected people, the disease has reached exploding proportion in India. The best way to control it is eating less, right food and in time; having timely and adequate sleep; walking at least 20 minutes a day and leading a stress-free life. Researchers find that the tall claims of Ayurveda and other alternative medicines for complete diabetes cure do not have any proven validity.

Dolphi Dolphi 26/3/16/9:15
Children between the ages of 5 to 12 are privileged to travel on half ticket on Indian Railways. Now the railways is considering to charge them full if they want a separate seat or birth. This would add about 2 million seats/berths to the tickting system and would also earn about Rs. 500 crores a year to the Railways' revenue.

Dolphi Dolphi 26/3/16/9:12
Ladakh J&K is being considered for building a 30-meter telescope, the world's biggest, by the International Observatory at a cost of about $1.5 billion. Ladakh is situated at an elevation of 3,000 meters in the Himalayan region of Indian admiistered J&K.

Dolphi Dolphi 26/3/16/9:06
The climate change is a harsh reality; the air pollution levels due to human activities too are rising. All these are posing threat to marine lives. Several dead whales and dolphins have been washed ashore along Mumbai's coast, the latest one being a dead dolphin at Marine drive. The high lunar tides also get these large aquatic creatures stranded, the highest number of strandings taking place during the full moon phase.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/11:55
Microsoft is planning to start a new campus at Bangaluru by investing about $ 1 billion in five years. Microsoft CEO Sathya Nadella had a series of hush-hush meetigs with Karnataka CM in this regard recently. The new campus wil consolidate Microsoft operations within India and will also provide scope for expanding its activities.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/11:49
The banks seem to be facing endless woes concernin bad loans. Now loans amounting about Rs. 50,000 crores to the steel sector are likely to be declared as defaulters. The total exposure of the banks to the steel sector amounts to about Rs. 3 lakh crores. How easily a stupendous amount of public money goes down the drain!

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/11:43
India's frst elevated train terminus will soon come up at Thakurli. Thakurli railway station is a part of Mumbai's suburban railway network on the Central Railway. It falls within the Dombivli-Kalyan municipal corporation. At present Mumbai has three termini at CST, Dadar and LTT (Kurla). Thakurli terminus will serve the fast growing Kalyan and other satellite towns. The double-decker elevated terminus will reduce the congestion by directing the inbound traffic to the lower deck and the outbound traffic to the upper deck.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/9:41
While the drive to save water continues and everyone cooperates with it, we learn that about 14.4 lakh liters of water has been used so far to douse the Deonar fires. Yet many areas of the dump yard cannot be reached by fire fighters. The easterly winds fan the fires more and more furiously.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/9:36
It was dry Holi in Mubai this year. The citizens cooperated overwhelmingly in the drive to save water because of the scarcity of water in the city's reservoir and all over Maharashtra in this drought year.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/9:33
The smoke at Deonar dumping grounds is still continues to bellow at several places, even a week after the start of the fires. The air pollution continues to rise causing increased levels of sicknesses. BMC officials suspect that sabotage may have caused the repetitive fires at Deonar. Now rag pickers and others are banned from accessing the area.

Dolphi Dolphi 25/3/16/9:22
It is dusty weather outside; the temperature is bearable, not too hot. The newspapers say that Wednesday was the hottest day of the season with the temperature soaring above 38 degrees Celsius. The weather experts say this is due to easterly winds blowing from the hot land mass towards the sea. On Thursday, however, the temperature surprisingly dropped down by 5 degrees Celsius.

Dolphi Dolphi 24/3/16/12:44
Internet connections these days are far different from those of old days. The sleek dongles give you 'wifi' connections on the go. It is wonderful to use smartphones to gain the full advantage of internet connection on the go. Very rarely you lose the connection. The holidays, strikes and bundhs do not matter; the world is always open for you. This is a good facility since I m not so keen in watching the TV all the time.

Dolphi Dolphi 24/3/16/12:35
The lack of newspapers made my morning dull and spice less. I was waitng for the newspaper in the morning but no sign of it. I scurried through yesterday's paper and found scribbled in small letters in one middle page that today is observed as a holiday on account of Holi. I took a walk around the locality to see if any newspaper, even Midday, was available at some corner. My attempt drew a total blank.

Dolphi Dolphi 24/3/16/12:35
The lack of newspapers made my morning dull and spice less. I was waitng for the newspaper in the morning but no sign of it. I scurried through yesterday's paper and found scribbled in small letters in one middle page that today is observed as a holiday on account of Holi. I took a walk around the locality to see if any newspaper, even Midday, was available at some corner. My attempt drew a total blank.

Dolphi Dolphi 24/3/16/12:29
It is Maundy Thursday today. Some people want to head to the hill stations nearby in order to escape the heat of the city. Some people find nothing to do and might quietly relax at home with some reading material. The gormets might enjoy preparing some dainty dishes. Those with spiritual bent of minds might spend the Holy Week in fasting and prayers.

Dolphi Dolphi 24/3/16/12:23
Holi appeared to be celebrated in a somewhat subdued manner this time. I went around the locality and found only a couple of places where people smeared colours on the faces of close acquaintances. The spraying of colored water with pichkaris or throwing of water-filled balloons were conspicuously absent. So it was safe to go around in the morning. May be the festive spirit will pick up by evening.

Dolphi Dolphi 23/3/16/9:14
The animals in the jungle are capable of fending for themselves. But once domesticated, they depend on the kindness and the mercy of human beings for their wellbeing and survival. But attrocities against the animals continue to be perpetrated, nevertheless. The BJP MLA from Dehradun who maimed a police horse has managed to get bail from the local court. In the meanwhile a woman from Bangalore killed eight new-born puppies by flunging them magainst the boulders for her mother daring to give birth to them in a drain right under the gate of her house.

Dolphi Dolphi 23/3/16/9:06
In this age of all-round terrorism, there seems to be no escape from a sudden and unexpected terror strike. The chinks in the security armour of the world's most heavily guarded forts are becoming glaringly exposed. Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Union and is also the worl'd diplomatic capital. It is the height of audaciousness that the terrorists have chosen to strike twice the vulnerable spots in this city.

Dolphi Dolphi 23/3/16/8:56
The Mumbaikars who want to drive to the shopping districts in South Mumbai have experienced the nightmare of finding a place to park the vehicle. Now the BMC has plans to build parking lots under the city's playgrounds, the most prominent Shivaji Park being one of them. That perhaps will ease the parking voes of the vehicles owners, though not in the near future.

Dolphi Dolphi 22/3/16/9:23
The red BEST buses have been the ubiquitous sight all over beautiful Mumbai for a long time. I have seen them and enjoyed riding them when I first visited Bombay in 1971. In spite of carrying the passengers to the brim, these state government owned buses have been running into losses for the past several years. The introduction of the Metro trains will give another blow to these buses, several of which look already battered. Now the state government has asked MMRDA to offer a Rs. 3,000 crore mobility plan to bail out the loss making BEST roadways.

Dolphi Dolphi 22/3/16/9:16
Soon India will have the distinction of breaking another record. The work has already started on the world's tllest rail bridge in J&K. This Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla railway bridge, rising 359 meters above the Chenab River bed, will be completed in 2019. The bridge will be 35 meters taller than the Eiffel tower.

Dolphi Dolphi 22/3/16/9:09
A series of mysterious have been raging at Denonar dumping grounds during the last few months. The last fire has reached its third day increasing the city's air pollution, which is now worse than Delhi's. Sicknesses due to pollution have also risen. The BMC suspects sabotage. The Central Government blames the callousness of the state officials and has ordered a probe.

Dolphi Dolphi 22/3/16/9:04
The relationships keep changing, be it in the cases of individuals or in the cases of nations. The hostilities or friendships never remain permanent. US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro met after 88 years of stand-off between the two neighboring nations. The US broke off relations with Cuba in 1959 after the US-backed Cuban dictator Batista was overthrown by the communist leader Fidel Castro. The relations reached the critical point during President Kennedy's time in 1961.

Dolphi Dolphi 21/3/16/8:24
The new Multi-Drug Resistent tuberculosis virus is a deadly killer. Every year about half a million people are infected by this virus, of whom only half get cured and the rest succumb to the killer virus. Now a miracle drug has been released jointly by the government and the pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, on a trial basis through six public hospitals across India. The drug is not available in the retail market at present.

Dolphi Dolphi 21/3/16/8:18
I felt that the temperature soared high yesterday. I was wet with sweat after a brief walk outside to bring home the household provisions. Looking at the morning's papers it confirmed that yesterday was the hottest day of the year thus far with the maximum temperature hovering around 37 degrees Celsius. The meterologists predict that the temperatures in the city will remain high for the next few days.

Dolphi Dolphi 21/3/16/8:14
India might appear to be cash-strapped to fund several of the developmental peojects. But, it is estimated that black money amounting to $181 billion (Rs. 1 lakh crores) is stashed illegally by Indians in offshore shares, funds and deposits. It all requires an iron will for the government to unearth and bring that huge pile of money into the country.

Dolphi Dolphi 20/3/16/9:52
People anxiously tweaked their fingers as the thunder showers threatened to disrupt the India-Pakistan T20 match at the Eden Gardens in Kolkota. The somehow started late for shorter durations with no break in between. Fortunately, it went on smoothly well with no rain interruptions. The smashing hits by Virat Kohly snatched clinching victory for India by 6 wickets and 13 balls to spare.

Dolphi Dolphi 20/3/16/9:44
Mumbaikars are eagerly waiting for the four-day long vacation next week, starting Holi on Thursday followed by Good Friday, Saturday and the Easter Sunday. Some Mumbaikars are planning to get away to holiday destinations with their families. Anyhow, the housing societies are gearing up to cut down on water wastage during Holi because of depleted water levels in Mumbai's feeder lakes.

Dolphi Dolphi 20/3/16/9:38
Bombay High Court has ruled that obscene acts in private is not a public offence. The police had raided an apartment last December on the complaint of a journalist about the obscene acts of some scantily clad youngsters at a private dance party. The HC quashed the police FIR against the youngsters as they were not impinging on public morality.

Dolphi Dolphi 19/3/16/9:29
A 21 km elevated road corridor, presumed to be the largest one in the world, has been planned from Kalyan to Bhiwandi within Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This elevated corridor will be the first step in the construction of Mumbai-Nagpur super highway. The elevated corridor wil decongest the traffic and make travel faster in the adjoining areas.

Dolphi Dolphi 19/3/16/9:26
While there is no genuine love for animals in the hearts of many political extremists, they are madly siezed of hatred against cow slaughter. A group of such hate-felled extremists caught hold of two young Muslim herders near Ranchi, who were taking the bufaloes to the city slaughterhouse. They tied their hands behind their backs, stuffed their mouths with cloth and hung them to death from the trees.

Dolphi Dolphi 19/3/16/9:20
The BJP MLA from Dehradun who maimed the police horse 'Shaktimaan' has now been arrested after the hue and cry by animal activists across the nation. The injured horse's hind leg had to be amputated because of the brutal attack.

Dolphi Dolphi 19/3/16/9:16
After making a remarkably liberal statement, RSS now makes an about-turn. RSS does not approve homosexuality; says it is immoral. However, it affirms that sexual orientation is a psychological condition and not a crime.

Dolphi Dolphi 18/3/16/8:59
Politicians often flout the rule of law and think that the muscle power is the only law in this country. Sometime in February a brazen Sainik assaulted a female trafiic police constable for stopping his SUV for talking on mobile phone while driving. The scene was caught on someone's mobile camera and went viral. The police have registered a case and have filed the charge sheet with the 'clinching' evidence. In he meanwhile Thane RTO has suspended the driving licence of the accused for six months. If the person gets convected he will lose the driving licence for life.

Dolphi Dolphi 18/3/16/8:51
The feathers of some ultra-nationalists got fluttered when a radical Islamist leader refused to chant 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'. All this disturbs the peace and harmony of a multi-cultural national like ours. Every extreme action rebounds with extreme reaction. In this context the hoisting high of our national flag at a famous dargah at Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai shows that there are multitudes of people who express love and peace between the communities who delight on being at odds with each other.

Dolphi Dolphi 18/3/16/8:39
Sometimes surprisingly liberal views come forth out of direly conservative outfits. The General Secretary of RSS opined that gay sex is not criminal so long as it does not impign on the rights of other people. This may induce the government to change the outdated laws on the sexual orientation of indiiduals.

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