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Savio Savio 6/2/16/16:45
I have started a tiny photo blog on which I will be sharing photos and describing them in brief. I hope you find it interesting and enjoy reading my posts there.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/14:09
It ain't easy being yourself, being unique is difficult, everyone wants to be like someone else, everyone wants to have what others have, greed is the name of the game, jealousy is common, the earth is doomed if each one of us tries to be better rather than equal to others, easier said than done but it can be done.

Rajeev Rajeev 6/2/16/13:30
I was moved by a sense of respect for our teacher Mr Savio after reading his tales today. It was touching to read those tales.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:42
It's amazing what a big difference certain tech inventions can make in our daily life. We can boil potatoes and steam rice in less than 10 minutes thanks to a cooker. We can make hot tea and coffee using a kettle in less than 4 minutes. We can listen to music on a tiny portable speaker without using any electricity all day long. We can lie down on our soft beds and relax whenever we want to. Yet, most people would rather abuse or misuse technology by wasting thousands of hours each year on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and watching TV.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:36
My sister-in-law comes to live with us quite often. She and my wife are very close. She enjoys staying with us for 4 to 6 days at a time. We are planning to adopt her once our 2nd bedroom is cleared up. Right now it's full of junk collected by my family over the last 40 years.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:27
I am thankful to my mother, God and a few other people for showing me how to live a happy and comfortable life. Had it not been for them, I'd be wasting all my money on phones, fancy clothes and other things that quickly make you poor.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:25
I pray several times a day. I've written my own prayers which can be said in less than 30 seconds. I believe that short prayers said many times a day are extremely powerful. I pray whenever there is 30 seconds of free time. As a result, I probably repeat my short prayers more than 40 times a day. I don't go for Sunday mass so my new Catholic neighbors think that I am rather satanic and unholy. The truth is that I have enough time to pray for them too.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:20
We hardly spend any money on travel as my wife and me both work from home and my son is homeschooling. We don't have a car and Don't need one. We spend most of our time in enjoying each other's company while doing things that we love along with relaxation and leisure. Music, meditation, reading, writing, training, counseling and cooking take up most of our time. We watch movies and some shows on TV during our free time. Right now, most of my work time goes in counseling, writing and training pursuits.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:14
You can live a highly comfortable life in less than 15,000 rupees a month even today. That too, you can live this awesome life in a city like Mumbai itself. I spend less than 5000 a month on food, milk, cleaning the home and drinking water. Another 1200 goes on cable internet, cable TV and our mobile phones. Around 1500 goes towards the Electric bills and another 500 on our society bill. Around 3000 goes towards our social life which includes lunch and dinner parties, social outings, etc.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/9:03
Most of my relatives and friends think that I am a liar. They think that I inherited a large amount of wealth from secret source. They just cannot believe that a person can live a very comfortable life without much money. Sadly, they aren't the only ones foolish enough to think this way. Most of the world's population thinks that you cannot be happy and live a comfortable life without money. They fail to realize that money is merely a tiny part I'd the equation. We need money mostly to fulfill our daily needs and to buy things that make our daily lives more comfortable.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:57
Meditation, music and fun are serious parts of our daily lives. Sadly, more than 96 out of every 100 people out there spend more time on work, travel and phone media than on the 3 things I mentioned at the start of this tale. While people of my generation are busy wasting their time watching news channels, WhatsApping, Face booking, Twittering, etc. I am busy with listening to music, doing things that I love, relaxing and meditating.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:49
I believe in enjoying life to the fullest so almost all Mt wakeful hours are spent on my hobbies, leisurely activities and around people I love. From the age of 21, I've worked from home or very close to my home. I just cannot understand how Millions of people can waste over 500 hours a year just in travelling to and from their workplace / college / etc.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:45
I learned very early in life that a rupee saved is a rupee earned. A city dweller can easily live a very satisfying and happy life if he or she chooses to be happy with what they already have. Spend money only on what you need and live, never spend a rupee on buying anything that you want or wish for. Satisfy your basic needs, do things that you love and for God's sake spend less time on watching TV and being on social networking apps.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:40
I've probably watched more movies than my 3 closest friends put together. However, unlike them, I've watched all my movies online, at home on my video player or at film festivals that I've been attending over the last 15 years. Over the last 15 years, I've saved tons of money thanks to avoiding multiplexes like the plague.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:36
I spend my money mostly on good food, high quality clothing that lasts for years, and on household equipment that helps us live a more happy and comfortable life. I haven't seen a movie at the theater in over 10 years. No kidding. Somehow I've learned not to waste Money on such senseless pursuits.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:33
I've saved lakhs of rupees by living a modest life, being happy with what I have. I wear a pair of brown leather shoes that I purchased over 12 years ago. Most of my friends and relatives think that I am very poor or struggling in my career because I wear the same clothes for years on end.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:30
Very often in the past, my friends made fun of me because I would wear the same clothes, the same shoes and rarely go to the theater to watch a movie. My mom used to say that watching a movie in the theater us a pure waste of money. Now, after she is dead and gone, I realized how much wisdom she had. Thanks to her wisdom and sound advice I've always been very very happy.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:26
I have lived in modest homes my entire life. When I was younger I would dream about living in palaces and castles when I grew up. It was my mother who was instrumental in waking me up from my dreams. She would always ask me to thank God for giving us so much and she would coax me into believing that we were already very rich and living a highly comfortable life.

My mom gave us the best food to eat, spent lots of money on cultivating our talents and hobbies, she would insist that we spent most of our free time on doing things that we were good at. Hobbies and leisure were most important inside our home.

Savio Savio 6/2/16/8:19
I've lived in Mumbai all my life. Often I read and hear about how tough people find life to be in a mega city like Mumbai. It is difficult to make ends meet. Rising property prices, escalating costs of living, and unreasonable inflation cause most city dwellers to struggle and live a tough life.

I would have been through this struggle myself had it not been for the sound advice that I received by few successful people I know. For me, life has been most comfortable and wonderful in the city. The biggest secret to living a happy life us to be content with what you have and spend time on activities that you love.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:18
I recently read that the problem of commuting by train in Mumbai has reached almost the breaking point. The number of train passengers keeps on increasing and there seems to be no more scope for capacity expansion. Every day people fall out of the overcrowded trains like dry leaves falling off from the trees in a heavy breeze. The attitude of people to such deaths is also becoming more callous and less shocking.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:18
Sometimes, if some critical decisions are not taken voluntarily they might be forced upon you. Migration from one place to another has always been the last resort for human beings throughout the history – that is when the conditions of life become unbearable.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:18
I know well developed good residential properties are coming up near Mangalore. It would be easy to move to places like Manipal and live in the surroundings of the people you know. But taking a decision to move one place to another at the fag end of your life is difficult.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:17
I am one of those who do not have any dire compulsion to live in a crowded and polluted city. The property prices in the city are already sky-high. If you dispose of a piece of property hat you may have in a big city like Mumbai, you can make crores of rupees enough to own a comfortable dream residence in a small town.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:17
But, why so many retired people opt to live in crowded and polluted cities when they have the better option to settle down in some quiet and clean rural area? Perhaps there is no simple answer to the question.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:17
People live in big cities mainly because they provide the source of livelihood. It is the sad story of a poor country like India that people are ready to sacrifice the quality of life when it comes to the absolute necessity of earning some livelihood.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:17
The respiratory tract ailments multiplied because of this air pollution. Several people living in the eastern suburbs made beeline to the clinics. The municipal authorities, as usual, are slow in responding to the situation.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:16
Usually Delhi had the unenviable top position in respect of air pollution. This time, it appears, Mumbai beat even Delhi in pollution ranking. The exhaust from the vehicles caused most of the pollution in Delhi.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:16
Mumbai has been affected by smoldering fires at Deonar garbage dumping ground for the past several days. The smoke covered vast areas around Deonar-Chembur. The quality of air took severe beating because of the bellowing smoke.

Dolphi Dolphi 5/2/16/23:16
Everyone likes to live in a city. Everyday thousands of people migrate from the rural areas to the cities not realizing that the quality of life is far better in the countryside. The main problem of the cities is rampant pollution.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/23:45
Time to slow down, moving into a state of relaxation, silently deep breathing as I enjoy the cool breeze coming in through my large bedroom window, the smell of the nearby creek makes me feel as if I am right on the beach, the soothing sounds of the piano are sending me into a serene trance tonight, what a beautiful moment, experiencing true bliss with so little, who says you need to be as rich as Bill Gates to live the high life, right now I'm high on life and I ain't even drinking anything other than my 4th cup of Evening tea.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/23:29
A recent survey that I took of over 50 young students in Mumbai revealed that most of them had no purpose in life and that they were easily bored on any given day of the year. They spent most of their free time on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Their remaining time was spent on watching TV, studying / working, traveling to & from their school / college / workplace, and idle surfing on their phones / PC.

Not a single youngster in this group of 50 had any "quality" hobby such as reading, writing, painting, etc. None of them spent quality time with their parents. Not a single one could live even a day without a smart phone. That's what they claimed anyway!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/23:16
Every great writer would be considered an egoistic pig if some of my critics had a say about their work. For example, legendary author Mark Twain was considered by many of his early readers and peers to be egoistic because he wrote quotes as if he knew about anything and everything. He seems like a great philosopher the way in which he has revealed so much about life in his writings and quotes.

Similarly, there are many actors, painters, musicians, writers and world leaders who have their share of critics. No one can be loved by everyone. That's a fact that I'm sharing with you today.

People like Michael Jackson, Elvis, Picasso, Gandhi and Jesus had their fair share of critics (and haters). One should never try to win other people with their work. They should just focus on spending their daily time on doing things that they love, spending quality time with people they love and care about, and doing whatever makes them really happy. They should not worry about any other person, we should never think about what others think!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/23:04
There is a reason that my content pages have reached Millions of people living in over 200 countries of our planet. I love writing, I love sharing information that's interesting and useful to large groups of people. What I write about and share connects with many many people. Of course, I can never win everyone's hearts through my words. Many of my readers might find me as a cynical, critical egoist who has nothing better to do than share the vast amounts of knowledge he has between his ears.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/23:00
I am the simplest guy you will ever know! That's not an exaggeration, it's the truth about me. I know thousands of people directly or indirectly due to my diverse professional experience and varied hobbies but still I have stayed away from social networking sites like the plague.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I am not a tech savvy person. I might be the most tech savvy person you know but for me technology is to be used for my personal benefit and comfort. It's to make my life more comfortable and much easier, not the other way round.

For example, mobile phones were invented to help us communicate with others but the sad part is that most people use them for reasons other than "actual" communication today.

They use it to play games, waste time on social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook, browse through senseless apps that really don't make sense, and listen to radio stations that play more ads than actual music.

For me, my mobile phone is still used solely for communication. Right now, I'm typing these TALEs out on my tablet, that's what I need my tablet for. As a comfortable and convenient backup for my desktop computer! So I'd be a real jackass to use my smartphone or tablet for any other purpose other than communication.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:53
It's easy to notice that the founders of Facebook spend very little time on their own profile page. It's easier to notice that their accounts are managed by someone other than them. Most of their posts are directly linked to advertising campaigns they are running or new features that Facebook has introduced. Same goes with Google, Apple and Microsoft. Infact, Mr. Bill Gates decided to retire from work at the age of 50! Basically, these big shots who pretend or claim that they use their own products and services all the time aren't being as truthful about it as you and me would like them to be.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:50
There have been dozens of occasions when a friend or peer has been totally shell shocked when they hear that I don't use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Infact, over hundred students of mine had started an Orkut group for Savio DSilva Classes (in 2005) and I wasn't even on that group because I didn't have an Orkut account!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:47
Facebook has declared today as Friendship Day! It's their 12th anniversary online and so they decided to call this day as Friendship Day as seemingly Facebook equals Friendship (according to them). So, naturally (not natural for me), most Facebookers are wishing each other "Happy Friendship Day" today. It amazes me how Millions of people from all over the world can be that foolish to not notice how easily they are being manipulated, used and controlled by such online companies.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:44
I can't help but agree with Ami's TALE about our Facebook friends. I realized this Evening that not a single close friend of mine is on my Friends list on Facebook. I've been using Facebook off and on for a few years now so it's absolutely amazing that no one that's really close to me is there on my Friends list there. So obviously all those so-called Friends that I have on my Friends list on Facebook are a pure waste of my time.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:40
Before you start thinking that I am on a text-based rampage against all things American, let me remind you that things are no different in the rest of the world. In India, racism and other biases are quite common in every single city, town and village. Recently, I attended a wedding where over a Crore was seemingly given as dowry to the Groom's family. I remember a friend of mine accepting a large sum of money in order to marry a girl of the same community.

Of course, there might be no other country in the world (apart from India) where the concept of being a housewife (for a woman) is still going so strong. There is an obvious difference between having a girl and a boy child in many parts of the country even today. Females are treated as second grade citizens by their own husbands, parents and children.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:35
The top actresses in Hollywood earn less than half the money that top actors get for acting in a Blockbuster film. For example, lead actors like Tom Cruise and George Clooney make double the money that their co-stars make. It's sad that such gender bias is prevalent in Hollywood movies even today. We live in modern times but it seems like USA is still living in prehistoric times.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:30
Off late, I've been watching quite a few Hollywood movies on my new video player. As a professional researcher, I found it quite disturbing how much racism is portrayed in American movies. These racist rants don't just come in the movies, but also in the most popular TV shows. Infact, the 4 most popular US TV shows (Friends, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond & Baywatch) had less than 4 Blacks acting in their episodes. Basically, that's one Black actor or actress per show. There were hundreds of actors in these 4 TV shows but only 4 Blacks!!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:25
It's a sad fact that there has never been a female President in the United States of America. All that talk about being a democracy and they don't seem to be one. Even more shocking is the disparity of pay between women and men in the American workforce. So while the Blacks crow about not being nominated for a single major Oscar, the women should probably be standing up for their rights every single day. It's a real shame that such a powerful democracy can get away with treating women as third grade citizens!!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:23
The US Presidential campaigns are global headline makers. It amazes me that both parties concerned have not finalized their presidential candidate as yet. It goes to show that there is no single person strong enough to run the elections for either party. Sad!

Savio Savio 4/2/16/22:20
Using a keyboard with my tablet makes it so much easier to type out messages online. Now, I can do my writing work while I lie down on my bed thanks to this cool tablet case that came along free with this keyboard I bought. I guess I am a desktop computer addict and any tablet or phone that makes typing as easy as it is on the computer is bound to catch my fancy.

Ami Ami 4/2/16/11:52
A recent study revealed that almost all our friends on Facebook are fake friends because we never spend quality time with them offline. You will know just how boring your Facebook friends are when you live in the real world. Nothing can match with spending time with friends in the real world. Futile to have fake friends who you do not meet & spend quality time with.

Ami Ami 4/2/16/11:10
I like the concept of writing about anything that we know. Writing about our daily lives is a healthy experience that helps members grow together. This tiny box to publish our messages is far simpler than the ones we used earlier on the cafe.

Ami Ami 4/2/16/10:47
I recently learned that no one can make me do something unless I want to do it. Yes. I cannot be forced to do something against my will. I am totally free to do whatever I want. I noticed that I show lack of interest in doing something that I do not like to do.

Pallavi Pallavi 4/2/16/10:46
Good morning, every one. These days I feeling blessed because of my mother. She is here to help me out as my husband has joined the next station. I am feeling like a small girl again. As she is taking care of my kids and kitchen. I am really thankful to her that I can spend some quality time with my children. And most importantly I can spend some time for the assignments. I think all my married friends will be able to understand my feelings. I am taking this opportunity to thank my mother.

Savio Savio 4/2/16/0:04
Reading a good book while enjoying the cool breeze entering the bedroom right now. Am tempted to make myself a cup of tea to enjoy this wonderful moment even more. Felt like sharing this moment with you while I took a tiny break to look at the dark night that surrounds my room.

Savio Savio 3/2/16/23:55
The importance of tiny things in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. A computer without a mouse or a single mosquito in our bedroom at night are both examples of how teeny weeny things can cause our lives to be turned upside down. The flip side is that tiny positive things can bring about great changes in our lives too.

Raviprasad Raviprasad 3/2/16/19:48
Yes, Pallavi is right, we in Ayurveda, Indian system of medicine use a special type of fumigation called ad "Dhoopana", which is used in many Psychiatric diseases. Even for mosquitoes we use certain fumigation in the evening hours, which were explained 5000 years back in our literatures. These fumigation done by herbal drugs,which never causes any adverse effect.

Priti Priti 3/2/16/18:59
I like cheese n butter n cream. I love milk products like chocolates n icecream. I do not eat much of them during the winter as it is very cold this year. I look forward to summer time so that I can eat all cold milk products again.

Priti Priti 3/2/16/18:54
I hate mosquitoes. They bite me all over during my night sleep. I rub repellent cream all over my hands n legs. Still they bite me. I don't know why mosquitoes were created by god. The world would be better without harmful species.

Priti Priti 3/2/16/18:32
I have once again started to enjoy life n be happy. My friends know me by my sweet smile n now that smile is back after many months. I guess I like writing about my life like a diary n coming back to Enoma for writing tales is the icing on my life's cake.

Pallavi Pallavi 3/2/16/13:23
Just completed the topic Indigenous healing , and read Savio sir's tale on a new virus connected to mosquitoes. I think will get some good precautionary medicines in our traditional medicines. I think its high time for us to move towards our traditional life style as far as possible. Indian culture and traditions are so rich in itself that we need not to worry about such dreadful diseases. Simple example of this is to burn kapur or dhoop in the morning and evenings to keep away the mosquitoes.

Savio Savio 3/2/16/6:45
Any virus that starts with the letter Z has got to be a deadly one. I fear that we will be talking about this virus inside our own homes in India very soon. I realized how crazy our mindsets can be when I learned that a popular mosquito repellent cream is out of stock at our local pharmacy. In fact it's not even in stock on major online shopping sites.

Savio Savio 3/2/16/6:39
It has become foolishly easy to buy the monthly groceries. All we do is use a mobile app to order our provisions for the month, then simply wait for it to arrive at our doorstep in less than 4 hours. We live outside the city, with not a single supermarket in the vicinity, yet we can buy almost anything we want online and have it delivered to our doorsteps within few hours.

Savio Savio 3/2/16/6:22
There is a new virus in the news, it's connected to mosquitoes and has been spreading quickly across Latin America. I don't understand how these viruses are discovered so late. It would be sad if this new virus spread all over the world. There must be enough precautions taken right away to ensure that this deadly virus does not reach Asia and Africa.

Savio Savio 3/2/16/6:17
The ongoing period of my life is a rather interesting one. It's been a deeply satisfying year thus far. Spending more time on leisurely activities has made me more relaxed and easy going as a person. My daily routine right now us quite similar to what it was years ago - more time spent on relaxation and hobbies. It's great to be living during such a wonderful time in the world's history.

Dolphi Dolphi 2/2/16/22:51
The incident at Murud beach is another sad news item that I happened to read this morning. The lives of fourteen young collegians picnicking at the beach got wiped out by the treacherous waves of the sea. It is understandable how all of them were washed away in one big sweep. I suppose all precautions were thrown to the winds by the picnickers and by those who were there to guide them.

Dolphi Dolphi 2/2/16/22:51
I agree with Savio Sir that for most of us it is much easier to sit on an armchair and read all the day’s tales rather than contribute something ourselves. Certainly it requires some effort to write something, albeit only a few lines. First of all we have to shrug off our mental lethargy and say what we intend to say without worrying whether our ‘tale’ will fall flat.

Dolphi Dolphi 2/2/16/22:51
Welcome Denise, Vibha, Priti and others. These were the people who contributed to the once very popular ‘Café Enoma’. I am glad to see them again here. It means the new forum is gathering momentum and will become livelier with such awesome veterans joining us.

Dolphi Dolphi 2/2/16/22:50
I understand from Savio Sir that the forum is attracting about thirty readers every day. It is not a big number, but sizeable enough for the short lifespan of the website. It is nothing compared to the thousands of visitors who throng to Enoma’s ‘Beautiful Mumbai’ forum on the Facebook.

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