What is counselling?

Contrary to what many people think, the role of a counsellor is not to give advice. Instead, they will help you question the way you look at things, the way you behave or react to situations or people and they can also help you to develop new strategies for dealing with your situation. They do this by getting to know you, developing an understanding of your circumstances, listening to what you have to say and by offering support and insight.

When can counselling help?
While it can be really helpful to talk to someone you know and trust, you may feel more comfortable confiding in someone who’s removed from your personal situation and is therefore more objective. Also, having a set time and space to talk may help you to work through the issues concerning you.

Counselling is definitely worth considering when:
you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed
you need someone to listen to you and help you work out what’s most important
an issue or situation is seriously affecting your day-to-day life
you can’t make important decisions and are not sure what to do next.

What are some of the issues counsellors can help with?
Counsellors can talk you through a whole range of issues or problems. Here are just some of the areas of modern life they are used to dealing with:

relationship or family issues
major life changes
coping with separation and new relationships
domestic violence or sexual abuse
coming to terms with abuse in your childhood
depression or anxiety
loss and grief
parenting and step-parenting
financial difficulties

Counselling Courses

What are the main types of counselling?

Individual counselling
A counsellor can meet with you on a one-to-one basis, with you and your partner or with members of your family, to talk through issues that are concerning you.

Group therapy
A counsellor leads the discussion for a group of people (with or without similar issues of concern) who get together on a regular basis to share their experiences or concerns.

Online and telephone counselling
Working with a counsellor online, by telephone, by Email, chat-room or instant messaging is certainly not as good as face-to-face counselling but can be very effective when there are long distances involved. This is especially relevant in India, USA, UK & France.

Self-help groups
People who are experiencing similar problems, such as loss and grief, trauma, divorce and illness, meet to discuss common issues and problems (with or without a counsellor to lead the discussion).

Be a Certified & Qualified Counsellor

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Enoma's distance learning counselling courses can be pursued by graduates from recognised colleges or universities in India, Australia, Singapore, UK, Canada, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, etc.

Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Duration = 9 Months (from time of registration).

Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Duration = 1 Year (from time of registration).

Course Director for the courses at Enoma is Mr. Savio DSilva (M.S.) who is currently ranked the best and most popular relationship counsellor in India and Asia.

Definition of an Online Distance Learning Course - A course offered through the internet by allowing access to course material through secure websites, emails, etc. No hard copies of course notes provided. Completely from home or at home through the computer.

Definition of a Distance learning Course - A course offered by a recognised & accredited college, institute or university which can be completed from your home by distance learning method without attending any classed or lecture in the said college, institute or university.

Can I practice after course completion?
Yes, of course you can. You can apply to be a professional psychological counsellor offering your guidance or counselling services to schools, colleges, companies, hospitals, NGOs, etc. in India. You are completely certified to open up your own counselling center anywhere in India.

The online diploma courses in Guidance & Counselling enables you to practice as a certified counselor in India in schools, colleges, counseling centers, NGOs, hospitals, etc. The online diploma also allows you to practice on the internet as a certified counselor in over 200 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.

However, you cannot practice counseling face-to-face at a school, college, hospital, counseling center outside India. You are free to practice over the internet in these countries. It's a bit funny but those are the laws in the western countries. However, if you are already a post-graduate or doctorate holder in psychology or counselling then you can practice face-to-face counselling as well.

Eligibility Criteria for Participants
Must be above 21 years of Age.
Must be a Graduate.
Must have a decent knowledge of English.

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Hundreds of students have already completed this psychology & psychotherapy based Guidance and Counselling course through Enoma and are already practicing counselors & therapists in various related fields in India and abroad. Many students have started their own counseling centers. This is not a Degree in Psychology or Psychotherapy or Counseling or Therapy from any College or Government Recognised University but is a practical course designed to make you a good counselor or therapist suitable for providing counselling for almost any kind of issue or problems affecting your clients.

About Enoma's Guidance & Counselling Course Director Mr. Savio D'Silva
Mr. Savio DSilva is a first class Master of Science in Psychotherapy & Counseling. He is currently ranked Number 1 on Google for "Relationship Counsellors Online in India" making him the most popular relationship counsellor on the internet in Asia. He is ranked as India's best relationship & career counselor by Google, MSN & Yahoo. He has successfully given counselling & psychological advice to over 5500 people on the internet in the last few years. His articles & tips have appeared in Times of India, Mid-Day, etc.

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