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hmtday Days Today
As promised by myself and husband, we took the girls for a day out to the beach resort. We went to GRT Radisson Bay for brunch. The buffet was OK but the service was excellent. After that the girls did some cycling at the resort. We spent the evening at the beach. The girls played a lot and had a good collection of shells by the time we wound up for the day. It was wonderful to see my little one make sand castles with her father. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

hmtday Food Food
Mayonnaise sandwich

Take 4 tblsp of mayonnaise. Add to this 1 tblsp of tomato ketchup and 1/4 tsp of mustard sauce. Add some finely chopped onion, tomato, cabbage and capsicum to this. Add some salt as per taste. Spread some of this mixture in between two bread slices . Do the same for the remaining mixture. Healthy sandwiches are ready.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
Switch off the light, fan, water heater , AC, washing machine and other electrical equipment when not in use. The AC and water heater consume a lot of electricity. We can save our resources and money by doing the same.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
The best way to loose weight is eating right along with increased physical activity. Do not diet. Drink lots of fluids and eat small portions 6-8 times a day at regular intervals. Avoid processed sugar and fats. Increase intake of vegetables and fruits. Roasted nuts are good for munching instead of chips. Eat all what our grandparents ate. The were healthy. Genetically eating the same will do us good.

hmtday Life Lessons
I would like to talk about an Aunt of mine who inspires me. She is a cook book writer and ex-editor of a publishing company. She is a very outgoing,well read , lively person who loves travelling.

After the loss of her husband last year, we were all worried whether she would go into depression as they were very very much in love and close to each other. But I was very happy to see her very independent and back to her usual gymming, cooking, public speaking and travelling routine soon. She told me something which is very touching, sensible and true. The reason why she is so full of life and busy and active is because she has been like that all her life and cannot stay idle. In her words she might fall sick if she does. She enjoys life to the fullest and is always happy because that is how her husband always wanted her to be. She says if he is watching her from heaven he will be happy there knowing she is happy here.

hmtday Happy Things
Every individual is so different , especially in the way they emote. My husband does not talk much but he is so good in giving cute surprises to everyone at home. Today i got a small chit on my laptop after he went to work saying 'Thank you. The breakfast (parathas and pineapple juice) you made today was very tasty.' It is not the first time i am getting the chit, but i feel so special getting one every time.

hmtday Food Food
Custard Ice-cream

Make custard the usual way (say 4 cups). Take 250 ml of thick fresh cream. Whisk it till soft peaks are formed. Fold the custard slowly into the cream (2 tblsp at a time). Put this into an airtight container and freeze till it sets. Yummy home-made ice-cream .

hmtday Food Food
Black Chana Cutlets

Sometimes we have leftover black chana curry. First seperate the curry and the chana. Knead the curry with wheat flour into a dough to make chapathis. Crush the boiled chana(say 1 cup). Add 2-3 slices of crumbled bread, 1 large boiled potato,some finely chopped onion, coriander, green chilli, garam masala, chat masala, salt and roasted jeera powder. Make cutlets. Shallow fry in oil.

hmtday Happy Things
Roger Federer becomes the first man to win eight Wimbleton titles. Being a huge Federer fan, it made my day. What amazes me most about this sports icon is his journey. In his initial days, I remember him as a racquet smashing hothead but now i see him as a very respected role model and youth icon, not just for his amazing game but also for his conduct on and off court.

hmtday Random Musings
Read a quote today "Enjoy every moment of life. Don't save it. There is no system to get a refund on an unused system." How true. We must try to make every moment we breathe very special. Time does not wait for anyone. Let us make the most of what God has given us..NOW. Be it any idea, thought, action..anything at all. Live life Now. NOW will become THEN in a blink of the eye.

hmtday Happy Things
I got a very pleasant surprise from my little one today. My elder daughter is playing the piano for the last & years. My personal favorites are Rasputin and Rhapsody. After practicing secretly for over two weeks, my little one played Rasputin for me on the guitar today morning. Then we had both playing together. It was so much fun.

hmtday Random Musings
Good news for India. Yesterday US passed a defence bill of $651 - billion to boost defence cooperation with India. This will help curb the Chinese activities against our country to a great extent.

hmtday Fashion Sense
Fashion sense to me is what one can carry off and is comfortable to wear. Any cloth which is stitched well will make one look smart. Also it is important to dress as per the occasion.

hmtday Food Food
Went out for lunch with two of my friends to bbq nation. It was a good change as we chatted and laughed a lot. The food was a bit spicy so i made it up by eating a little extra dessert. A perfect example of stomach full is equal to heart full.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Sooji toast.

Add some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum , green chilly , american corn, coriander to half a bowl of curd. Add 2 tablespoons of rava/sooji to this mixture and some salt. Set aside for 15 minutes. Cut bread slices into 2 pieces and spread the curd mixture on it. Toast it on both sides on the tava with some butter till nice and toasted. It is a good tea time snack.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
Gave my daughter a test paper i had prepared as revision for her maths exam tomorrow. Then i read some pages of School Psychology Part 2.

hmtday Happy Things
Last night my husband came home late after a very tiring and long day at work. After having dinner he suddenly came up with the idea of going out for a walk. It is so nice after ages to walk together under the stars and enjoy the cool breeze. It helped us to unwind and relax.

hmtday Sleep Tips
Some of things i do that work for me to get a good nights sleep:

- Having dinner by 7:30 since bedtime is around 10:00.
- Having a warm cup of milk just before going to bed.
- Not seeing TV at night.(weekend are exceptions)
- Listening to instrumental music. (My daughters play the guitar and piano and it is a good family activity )
- Reading a couple of pages from a book, magazine, newspaper.

It works very well for me.

hmtday Random Musings
A beautiful start to a wonderful week. It poured last night in Chennai bringing us a much needed respite from the humidity. Woke up to a very breezy and pleasant morning. Enjoyed a hot cup of tea in the balcony watching the sunrise. Am all geared up for the coming week after a relaxing weekend.

hmtday Random Musings
I was reading through some messages and came across a beautiful one from a teacher. It went something like: Educate your children to be happy not rich, so they know the value of things not the price. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes even though we are in a position to buy or get somethings for our children we refuse as parents. Only then do the children understand what really do they want and makes them happy and choose accordingly before asking.

hmtday Happy Things
We ordered a Num Nom set for my younger one 14 days ago. One needs to witness to believe the excitement at home. The same two question everyday and atleast twice a day "When are we getting the parcel" or "Did the Amazon person deliver the package". We order so often online. But because of the excitement of my younger all of us at home also started waiting for it. Just five minutes before she is back from soon it was delivered today. It was so much to see her singing and dancing and jumping and hugging her toys. Took me back to my childhood days.

hmtday Random Musings
Spent all of my morning and afternoon at the scan centre. the scan would report as to whether i needed to go for a surgery. I think the attitude of people rubs onto us. I was very cool till the sonographer said she needs more time to contemplate. Then she said that she would consult her senior as it was complicated. I was not so relaxed after that as she seemed very hassled. Anyways , waited and met the duty doctor after that with the reports. She is from the old school and brushed aside all my concerns just by first listening to my history, comforting me and then giving me the good news that all is well and with a little treatment i should be all good very soon. What a relief.

hmtday Food Food
Today was a baking day. My elder one is a chocolate fan and the younger one is a die hard vanilla fan. We had a long and very hot deliberation (i think even hotter than the weather of Chennai) of whether it is chocolate or a vanilla cake to be baked. Not having the time to bake two different ones we finally we landed up with a marble cake for the first time at home. Necessity is the mother of all inventions and makes all mothers come up with innovative ideas as well.

hmtday Health Club
Ever since my MIL has got a good report from her physician regarding her diabetes, I see a very motivated person. She has doubled her walks and is doing it with a lot of interest than compulsion. Her aim now is to reduce her blood sugar levels to an extent that the doctor starts prescribing tablets instead of injections.

hmtday Happy Things
Yesterday, we were invited over to dinner to friend's place. The happy occasion being the selection of their very creative and talented daughter into NID, Vijayawada. It was a wonderful evening spent with two proud parents.

hmtday Happy Things
Magic happens in routine things at home. A very pleasant thing happened today morning. The printer at home was not working for some time. Despite both husband and me trying to get it rectified it simply refused to work and we kept getting all kinds of errors. We finally decided to wait for the technician to turn up. Today we had a colleague of his for breakfast who wanted to take some printouts to work. We gave it a try one last time and VOILA it started printing like it had never conked ever....

hmtday Monsoon Season
Monsoon to most of us is synonymous with ginger tea and bhajiya or pakodas. To me it also brings back some amazing memories of going to Lonavala with the sole intention of getting wet the whole day and eating the roadside bhuttas and chikkis. It also reminds me of starting early in the morning to see the gates of Khadakwasla dam being opened because of excess water in the dam followed by a trek up Sinhagad fort to eat the world famous bhajjais. The chill breeze and the raindrops hitting the face as you wipe your face to see further, forgetting your umbrella on purpose at home....what lovely days.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Food for thought....We all know that relations are strained with our neighboring country Pakistan. Coming from a defence("Fauji") background and having a father whose religion is service to the motherland, it is normal we grew up with the same ideologies. But should the effects of this strained relation spill on the cultural exchange between the two countries. We sending back artists from Pakistan from our country. When i see the families of our soldiers i feel everything is fair in war. But when i look at it from a artists point of view then i feel creativity and art should not be a slave to man made differences.

hmtday Random Musings
I was having a conversation with my swimming buddy and she happened to ask about my favorite comfort food. The answer i gave her was very simple..Dal Chawal. On further contemplating on my answer i was thinking...Most questions in or about our life also have very simple answers. We just have to think and omit the relatively complex ones.

hmtday Happy Things
On some days one is simply so happy. I think the happiness of the people around rubs onto us. A happy mother-in-law who is so relieved that her physician has reduced her insulin intake. A happy husband who has sorted some long pending technical issue at work. A happy elder daughter who has just finished a new piece of music on her piano and got appreciated for the same by her doting father. A very happy Little Miss Dennis the Menace who has come home with appreciation from her favorite teacher. My world couldn't be happier. Thank you GOD for giving me such a beautiful day.

hmtday Random Musings
Eid Mubarak to all. Wished all my friends celebrating this festival today. Had a very tasty lunch of mutton biryani and sweets. Being a vegetarian ,i miss out on something really divine is what i gather from hubby and daughters every year. But having a sweet tooth i make up by having everyone's share of sweets.

hmtday Random Musings
SALE SALE everywhere...I think it is nothing but playing with the consumer's mentality. A shrewd way to get rid of last seasons leftovers by various online shopping stores as well as various department stores.

hmtday Health Club
Due to medical reasons have not been hitting the gym for the last three months. For a fitness loving person like me it was a tough time. After getting a green signal from the gynaecologist, started swimming last week. Am feeling so happy.

hmtday Afternoon Thoughts
Time management

A normal day for a homemaker like me is very routine. Routine to an extent that every activity is done on most days at approximately the same time. By routine i don't mean boring. The time pattern has over the years become very much an important part influencing my personality. Even a slight deviation in it due to unexpected reasons gets me worked up. I think that though we may try to keep with with time, there may be unexpected delays due to different reasons. Most of these reasons are not in our control. I am now training myself not to get worked up if somethings don't happen as per schedule but plan measures so that it does not affect my temperament and the next course of acitivities.


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