Rekha Journal

hmtday Afternoon Thoughts
Today afternoon was very romantic, me and my husband spent quality time by singing songs and enjoyed lot in a beautiful weather when cold winds were blowing and adding charm to our afternoon.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
Checked three patients, listening shri Sukhmani sahib ji ka path and going through my counselling session.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Spread your knowledge everyone, so sure you will grasp more knowledge.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
Thirty minutes aerobics with thirty minutes prenatal.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
I gave bath to my mil, then arranged the clothes that i washed yesterday, combed my mil's hair.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Live in present, don't worry about which has passed and don't think lot about things what are going to happen in future.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
I was searching the terms on internet given on pychology cafe and then writing about them in my diary.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
I had green tea and then drive to clinic, on the way heard audio book goal setting, reached clinic, two patients were sitting, checked them and start working on forum.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
I came back from swimming pool, had green tea and then travel to clinic with he

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
Earlier we were checking and printing documents which are necessary for counselling, then i lie down, no sleep in eyes so started reading weekly reads.

hmtday Open Thoughts
When i read posts of you all, they are so inspiring. I feel that someone is expressing my feelings in their own words. Sometimes these thoughts bring tears of happiness in my life, so much good, nice and divine souls are around me.
You all Savio Sir, Kirti mam, Sheila mam, Vinay, Gomathi and team of SDC are marvellous. Your thoughts are great. I am glad to be part of this forum. Love you all.

hmtday Meditation Room
Meditation becomes more worthy when husband gave me company. We both was relaxed and happy after doing meditation.Though my mind is not stable, but i know practicing meditation everyday will stable my mind soon.

hmtday News Waves
Terrorists attack on Amarnath Yatris, around 17persons are injured and seven are died.Government should take strict decision against such terrorists.

hmtday Weather Center
It starts raining cats and dogs.Time to go for offices and different works, hope it will slow down soon.

hmtday Morning Musings
Beautiful morning with new thoughts in wonderful way making energetic everyone.I am enjoying sitting in my lobby watching clouds passing through sky with little drizzling.Trees are smiling, fragrance of Tulsi plant giving so much relaxation.

hmtday Family Time
Spent quality time with family members, had dinner together, discussed about admission of my elder daughter.Everyday father daughter are searching the colleges and collecting information about those colleges, it's a tough time till she gets admission in her dream line.

hmtday Hygiene Tips
Wash your hands before and after every meals. It takes just two minutes but saves your life forever.

hmtday Food Food
I am eating a lot since three days with lots of sweets, now have to take healthy diet after reaching home.

hmtday Beautiful Places
I had visited Goa once. It is very beautiful state in western India. It has coastlines stretching along the Arabian sea. It is famous for beaches. It is attached to Maharashtra in north, Karnataka in the east and south and western part is covered by Arabian sea. It was ranked best place by the eleventh finance commission for its infrastructure and best quality of life in India by National commission. The largest city in Goa is Vasco da Gama and Panaji is it's capital. Every year so many tourists visit Goa for its beaches, culture. It has seven major rivers Sal, Galgibag kumbarjua canal, Zuari, Mandovi, Tereko, Chapora, Talpona. The best time to visit Goa is December.

hmtday Happy Things
I was just seeing my Enoma site and all of a sudden i had seen, i am getting internet signals, it made me happy.

hmtday Weekend Break
2nd day of my weekend break started by 8. 30 a.m,travelling around Delhi in metro, had checkup, Spent some time on Enoma, again gone for shopping, news of topper student of June and gupshups with sister in law and her family, gone for sleep by 10 p.m.

hmtday Weekend Break
My weekend break is exciting and relaxing. Coming to Delhi in my weekend is full of fun and masti. First day of this break was celebrated with my younger sister and my old classmates. On the same day, i went for swimming in evening and then dinner with four couples, my sister's friends. We danced around 2hrs with snacks and beer in between. I love dance and when i get the chance, i use that chance fully and enjoy my dance. After having dinner we came back home by 1at night.

hmtday Weather Center
Another lovely day with awesome weather, enjoying the cold winds blowing. Sky is covered with dark clouds, it may rain within next ten minutes.

hmtday Stress Busters
I had a long sleep of 10hrs after many days, it is great stress buster for me.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Yesterday after my checkup i went to decathlon showroom and purchased cycling padded shorts with t-shirt and gloves.

hmtday Mindfulness Now
Time for mindfullness. Sitting in the balcony of 7th floor of Saraswati apartments, New Delhi. Relaxing myself and closed the eyes, sounds of fan running inside, vehicles passing through nearby road, cold winds blowing touching my face giving me relaxation.

hmtday Days Today
Today was very hectic day, I started my travelling in the morning at 8.30 a.m., reached fortis hospital, Gurgaon at 10.45, doctor was not there, i read my e-book counselling 4 till the arrival of my doctor , she came by 11.30, examined me took my test and adviced pet ct in the next visit, after that i went to metro station Huda city centre and entered showroom of decathlon, see some cycling shorts and then caught the metro for Preet vihar, i reached my sister in-laws house by 2.30p.m, had lunch and again went to railway station to drop mosi ji, came back home by 5.30 and had cup of tea. I opened my tablet to visit SDC Enoma and as i saw post it and saw my friends are wishing for my top rank, it faded my all tiredness with in a seconds. Thank you for making my day happy.

hmtday Menu Now
I had besan chela with green chutney and cup of tea in breakfast.

hmtday Days Today
Today i am surfing different mbbs and dental colleges in India. I will visit two colleges in Rohini, Delhi which are near my sister's house. Today i will completely dedicate myself for my daughter future. Hope i will get best option for her with God blessings .

hmtday Afternoon Thoughts
Sitting in the house of my younger sister, my appointment with doctor is postponed to tomorrow as she is busy in some important meeting. Enjoying the food and talks with her, my niece and nephew.

hmtday Shopping Cart
I bought new kurti from my neighbours shop in pink and white colour at very cheap rate. It is looking beautiful.

hmtday Travel Thoughts
I have to travel by train today night.I am going to Delhi for my routine checkup at fortis hospital, Gurgaon. I am praying, she may not ask for pet CT, i don't like this test now.

hmtday Menu Now
We had grilled sandwiches with cold coffee in dinner.

hmtday Happy Things
Today while coming back to home, an old lady asked me for lift whom i use to see many times on the way to my home, i stopped my car and gave her lift, doing so made me very happy.

hmtday Menu Now
Today we had very light dinner of khichdi with curd, green chutney, and lizzat pappad.

hmtday Open Thoughts
I heard join the dot systems and magical seed principles, both are marvellous audios.It is right, we make the things difficult and complicated, but if we set the goals and work for that everyday with ease, we will be able to achieve big goals very comfortably.
I remember, i too in childhood play this game of joining the dots. Unfortunately, i stopped playing it but audio opened my eyes and made me aware of that simple game. It is very easy method to c complete all our tasks without forgetting.
Thank you Sir for these auspicious audios.

hmtday News Waves
What a big negligence in " My Hospital Indore ", yesterday.
17 people died due to cut of oxygen supply, how medical team can do such a careless work.

hmtday Days Today
Today Neet result is out. My daughter got 314 marks. We are very anxious to know whether she will get admission in her dream field or not. Crossing our fingers, hope for the best. God will give her admission to that place which will be good for her.

hmtday Morning Musings
Today morning very very busy , some guests are coming to home, preparing food for them.I like all of them too much.

hmtday Morning Musings
Awesome weather, i can not stop myself to walk around. Took my car, drove upto Fri and had walk inside the Fri.

hmtday Happy Things
Thinking of spending time in Cafe Enoma fills my heart with happiness. It changed me a lot, i am such person who is not fond of reading but Cafe has developed nature of reading in me which is the most happiest part of my life.

hmtday Menu Now
Today we will have pasta party in dinner.

hmtday Music Room
My husband is music lover. He played very beutiful songs in the morning which fills full house with happiness and enthusiasm.

hmtday Monsoon Season
Me and my daughter and husband all enjoyed playing handball in rain with neighbours and then had a tea party with smiles.

hmtday Monsoon Season
Dancing and playing in rain has very wonderful experience. Today when i came from clinic back to my home, it was raining heavily, me and my immediately ran out in the outskirt of our house and had a shower of God's blessings.

hmtday Longevity Secrets
I have gone through longevity test, yet another twenty years to live, wants to make these twenty years, best years of my life.

hmtday Health Club
Now a days so many people are aware of their health and are doing various activities for their health, with all it is important that they should do all the exercises once under the guidance of coach to know proper techniques.

hmtday Fashion Sense
Haryanvi dress ghaghra choli is a beautiful dress for females. It is quite heavy to wear. I used to wear it during my school days when we performed dance on haryanvi songs.

hmtday Family Time
Sunday to celebrate maximum time with family, discussions, playing, movie watching, match watching all together with yummu good.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Today i will make khamami dhokla and is sharing my recipe with you all.
Ingredients: one and half katori curd, one katori gram flour, half katori suji , curry leaves, salt, turmeric powder, eno powder, mustard seeds, baking soda.
How to prepare: Add gram flour(besan), semolina(suji) and curd in one bowl and mix it properly and then add one spoon salt , onefourth spoon turmeric powder, pinch of baking soda and mix it again. If required add three four spoons of water and mix well till it becomes semisolid paste and add one packet of eno powder to it and again mix it.
Take a unbreakable borosil bowl, apply oil in this bowl and mixture to it.
Keep the bowl in microwave for 12 to 15 minutes.
Check once with knife,is material is sticking to knife or not , if not dry dhokla is ready.
On the other hand, take a pan, add two spoons of oil, warm it and add one spoon mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilly and saut it and add two glass of water and let it boil.
Add one katori of sugar, one spoon salt and squeeze one lemon into it. Give one boil to it and keep aside.
Add mixture of water to dry dhokla and keep it aside till it cools down.
Khamami dhokla is ready to serve. Serve it with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

hmtday Body Language
Talk with grace and politely, it reflects your whole character in one sentence.

hmtday Beautiful Places
The Golden temple is the beautiful place in Amritsar. Gurudwara surrounded by water all around and the sounds of shabad kirtan gives lot of relaxation.

hmtday Afternoon Thoughts
After serving lunch to everyone spent excellent time in cafe Enoma, now i will have small nap and relax my whole body for rest of the day works.

hmtday Meditation Room
Deep breathing, talking to your soul is a best way of medition. It is the best time to do meditation when everyone in house is sleeping and you have your own time.

hmtday Family Time
Spend maximum and quality time with family, it brings so much relaxation and happiness to our life. Family understands you, support you and stand as a pillars for you in every storm.

hmtday Random Musings
Heights of craziness. Ha...Ha..Ha..waked up at 4a.m.and planned to go for cycling with two other friends, left home by quarter to five, reached Kimadhi, touched milestone, clicked photographs then had tea with biscuits at Pundeer maggi point and came back , covered 40k in 3hours with incline 690m, it's wonderful and amazing experience.

hmtday Random Musings
Sometimes situations makes you the worst and sometimes your worse attitude makes the situations worst. So everything should be done calmly and patiently to get good results.

hmtday Happy Birthday
Their are my hartiest congratulations to your son on his birthday.

hmtday Evening Thoughts
Healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

hmtday Beautiful Places
Dehradun is a place , very close to nature.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Daily exercise helps us to stay fit .

hmtday Success Tips
Hard work is the key to success.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
Sitting on the top of the hills, sitting in first gear cafe having honey chilli potato and cold coffee, what a relaxing moment. Enjoying the view.

hmtday Random Musings
Its fun everyone is asking, what are you doing secretly on phone, they are thinking i am chatting with my friends. I said, yes i am talking to my best friend who is my best guide and always encourages me to increase my knowledge.

hmtday Random Musings
What a addiction of coming on Enoma! I am trying to steal the time from everything to spend some time on Enoma so that i can learn something, atleast some knowledge is added to my life.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Don't do fasting, it reduces metabolism. To improve metabolism,eat frequeht small light meals. It helps to reduce weight.

hmtday Menu Now
Had aloo ka parantha with variety of pickles,curd, butter. Delicious food with race who will eat the most. Ha..ha ...ha younger sister won the race she ended with five paranthas. It was totally fun. Now is she taking digene tab to digest all.

hmtday Menu Now
Delicious and tempting dalmakhani, shahi paneer and dhokla is ready, now waiting for guests to arrive at home, so we can enjoy lunch together.

hmtday Ways To Save Money me and my husband become electricians and plumbers, we repaired fridge and taps of house and saved around 500 rupees. We are very happy and will think about other savings.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Many problems in this world can be easily solved if people start talking to each other instead of talking about each other.

hmtday Open Thoughts
I was stting and thinking about a door which is smaller compared to house, a lock smaller compared to the door and a key is smallest of all, but key can open entire house. Thus a small, thoughtful solution can solve major problems.

hmtday Sleep Tips
As you get sleep in your eyes, go to bed, relax and switch off all the lights.

hmtday Random Musings
Yesterday night, I was very upset when orthopedic doctor told my husband that he had rupture in ligament of his right shoulder. He cannot play badminton through his whole life. He should not pick any weight and should not move his arm, even while changing clothes he should not move his arm upward.Later on I made myself strong, knowing the fact and conditions of family, one side daughter is recovering from her injury and mother in law herself is a paralysed patient who cannot walk or talk, only understand what is happening all around, i have to become strong pillar for whole family and have to keep atmosphere positive. Oh God, please give me strength to fulfill my role whole heartedly.

hmtday Random Musings
I am thankful to God, he saved us from all the tragedies occured in these days. Similarly he saved yesterday also, when the fire was set on, in midnight, in upper room due to short circuit. My daughter was sleeping in that room, God saved her from this tragic time.

hmtday Fashion Sense
Indian wear, saree is a beautiful dress. It is a piece of long cloth tied all around the body in a beautiful way. Ladies looks graceful in it.

hmtday Happy Things
I am happy to know that my younger sister is coming to Dehradun after 8 years with her husband, daughter and son. We will have family outing and fun after long.

hmtday Menu Now
Today i made delicious besan curry with potato pakoras and rice.

hmtday Meditation Room
Meditation will bring sound sleep and relaxation to whole body.

hmtday Random Musings
I feel mentally and physically tired by the night comes . My eyes are full of sleep, but can't sleep as medicines to mom has to be given and this time she is going for brushing her teeth. After coming on bed she will have medicine and i will go to my bed for sleep. No more focus can be done on cafe now.

hmtday Body Language
Nowadays, it is really important to have a strong determination, perseverance and a habit of doing the task you have started i.e. If you inhibit all these features in your daily life, then you must know that you have a good body language. Body language is all about your own actions, movements(like the movement of your hand, eyes, etc.), the way you talk, the way you move, the way you present yourself, and the way you behave and treat others tells a lot about you. You yourself are the reflection of the person you try to be, so always try to be a good reflection.

hmtday Family Time
Today India Pakistan match will again bring all the family members in one room for long hours. Father and daughters have bet against winning team. They decided to order pizza for winning team of house. Ha ha ha...let's see who will win.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Continued with recepie of rajmah curry. Boil the rajmah and keep aside. Cut the onions , tomatoes, ginger and garlic in small pieces. Heat the pan , put half spoon cummin seeds and Hong, roast at sim flame till it turns red, add mixture of onion, ginger and garlic in it and start sauting it . Saute it till mixture turns brown red. Add tomatoes and saut it again till the mixture comes semi solid. Again add two big spoons of water to it for salute. You have to keep on sauting otherwise it can burn. Add turmeric powder, salt, degi mirch, coriander powder and magic masala and saut it again till it becomes dry. Mixture is ready , grind it in mixture and mix boiled rahmah with one glass of water. Give two three whistles. Rajma curry is ready. Serve it with boiled rice and green chutney.

hmtday Easy Recipes
I am trying to make zero oil food . It looks delicious without oil also. let's make rajma curry without oil.
Soak one katori of rajmah overnight for serving four person.
1. One katori overnight soaked rajma
2. Two medium sized onions
3. Four big tomatoes
4. Ginger
5. Garlic
6. Half spoon Cummins seeds
7. Half spoon turmeric powder
8. Half spoon coriander powder
9. Half spoon degi Mitch
10. One fourth spoon amchoor powder
11. Pinch of asafoetida(hing)
12. Half spoon magic masala

hmtday News Waves
Britain again got attack by terrorists leaving atleast twenty casualties, according to police, a van ploughed into pedestrians at London bridge. It is a terrorists attack before general election.

hmtday Night Hours
I am feeling sleepy, yesterday i had very little sleep therefore going to bed earlier.

hmtday Weekend Break
We are planning to visit Shimla in our weekend break, excited for it. After long, we husband wife will have quality time to share .

hmtday Ways To Save Money
Make a pigue bank at home with any old shoe box and add one tenth of your daily income to it if possible, otherwise add ten rupees daily to it and any coin whenever you get add to it, you will save good amount of money at the end of a year.

hmtday TV Tuner
My TV tuner is not working from three days,technician has take it for repair.

hmtday Life Lessons
Whenever you get pains in your life. Just think about full form of pains " Positive attitude in negative situations" remember this difficulties come in life to go.

hmtday Family Time
It's time to give bath to mom,so i am going will come back soon on cafe ater making her fresh.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Drink detoxifying water made up of cucumber, ginger, mint leaves and lemon daily will help to reduce weight.

hmtday Menu Now
I am preparing cheese at home for cheese sandwich.I will make cheese sandwich stuffed with cucumber,onion and tomato with mint Chutney and mango shake.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
Going for swimming after one week gave me so much relaxation.

hmtday Parenting Place
I wish I can visit soon to my parents place, due to so much responsibility i am not getting time to go, once all the things settle down i will go for atleast two three days to spent there to recollecting my childhood memories.

hmtday News Waves
Ananya vinay wins scripps spelling bee title.She is thirteenth consecutive of winner.Proud of you Ananya.

hmtday Happy Things
I became so happy when I see my husband happy face while surfing clothes for him online.

hmtday Weather Center
It is hot at this time but I am sure it will be cooler in another two hours as dark clouds are giving the signal.

hmtday Hobby Lobby
I have not gone for swimming ,cycling or running from four days due to gastroenteritis.I am not happy for it.

hmtday Useful Tips
Don't argue, just listen, your time will come when you can share your feelings without hesitation.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
Sitting in the car workshop and spending time on cafe is most relaxing moment for me.

hmtday Stress Busters
Playing cards after long with complete family is a big stress buster for me.

hmtday Happy Things
My daughters are trying new dishes in our kitchen, which are making me happy and arising thoughts in my mind that yes, they are now grown up and are ready to face this world.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Parents are God for us. I amazed, how anyone can ignore their parents, who have forget everything, their dreams,their health, their sleep and much more for those kids who are not even looking towards their parents.
Why think that it is generation gap when the time for their care comes.I am so lucky to have my husband who is like Shravan Kumar and is taking care of our mother in law like his kids. Hats off to him, I love him for his this attitude.

hmtday Life Lessons
I got very important lesson these days, never let your eyes away from roadside for a second while driving otherwise it can lead to major accident.

hmtday Daughter Quote
Daughter is your companion, friend, sweetheart everything. She always thinks about you and help you to achieve your dreams. She always stands for you. I love my daughters too much and pray to God always bless me with such daughters.

hmtday Question 116
My daughters are the most nicest gift I have ever received.

hmtday Complete 52
They should infuse the blood immediately.

hmtday Massage Quote
Massage gives relaxation to whole body.

hmtday Season Quote
Rainy season has started with cold winds.

hmtday Complete 63
A lot of love must be given to our parents.

hmtday Question 181
Always do the things from your heart .

hmtday Question 446
Yes, I can break the law to save a loved one.

hmtday Tenor Sentence
I have to finish my tenor in time.

hmtday Complete 71
Why does the world seem so beautiful.

hmtday Baby Quote
Baby brings happiness to family.Every family members become busy after arrival of a new baby to home. Smile of baby makes everyone smile, his cry make everyone worried. Everyone forget what kind of faces they are making to play with baby.Baby is live toy for family.

hmtday Afternoon Chat
After serving food to everyone in afternoon is my own time to relax or my hobbies.

hmtday Reframe 481
It is essential to keep an hour or more aside for hobbies to live well balanced life.

hmtday Proverb 2
True friend is that who always support you and stop you from doing anything wrong. After parents friend is that person who listens to you without any expectation. Friend is always there to embrace you wnenever you needed her. Her shoulders are always there for you. She remains with you in every crisis.

hmtday Life Lessons
Always try to remain happy and keep smile on your face, because it can give happiness to many person.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
Chirping sounds of birds in early morning gives very positive feeling and tell us to wake up and enjoy the morning time by doing meditation, yoga, walking anything which gives you inner joy.

hmtday Open Thoughts
It is difficult to understand many people but it's not impossible , if we keep on trying we can make impossible things possible with our true efforts.

hmtday Complete 144
The office was constructed well in time.

hmtday Question 148
Enjoy the life and respect elders.

hmtday Complete 58
Ten out of twenty are missing from the row.

hmtday Chocolate Quote
Chocolate is a stressbooster for many people.

hmtday Complete 78
I was appalled by innumerable mistakes done by me.

hmtday Punctual Sentence
Punctual person are always respected in any groups.

hmtday Worry Quote
Worry is undue thought of our mind.

hmtday Litigious Sentence
All the staff members are in litigious mood.

hmtday Unyoke Sentence
It's better to unyoke instead of living in unhealthy relation.

hmtday Complete 66
Talking in this manner hurts me badly.

hmtday Flower Quote
Beautiful flowers in the garden always attracts time you.

hmtday Question 43
I would carry woollen clothes.

hmtday Complete 35
I like to live in healthy and hearty atmosphere.

hmtday Complete 65
The master's writings are worthy to read.

hmtday Complete 130
My desire to excel in psychology.

hmtday Complete 5
The study of portraits is not an easy job.

hmtday Forte Sentence
I kept my forte in the official meeting.

hmtday Breeze Quote
Cool breeze is flowing outside.

hmtday What Is Vacation
Vacation is a time when our body, heart, mind all get relaxation. Most of the people plan their vacations months back. I live near hillstation, every year so many tourists come to enjoy their vacation time. So many summer camps are held for various age category. Parents kept their ward busy by sending sending them in camps. Different variety of activities are kept in camps.
Water kingdoms are also good place to enjoy. Vacations and then outing together with family reduces the gap also,which sometimes develop in families due to over work. Vacation is the best time for everyone.

hmtday Music Room
When my daughters were learning classical music, I used to sit in their classroom and as a result I also started singing some classical songs. I sing rag bhairavi, which is the melodious song sing in the morning.

hmtday Movie Times
Watching Sultan again and again. It is very good and motivating movie which gives us lesson to fight against ourself. It tells no one can defeat us , it is only our inner strength which results in winning or loss.

hmtday Meditation Room
Meditation for few minutes relaxed me and takes me away from all the worries and bad thoughts. Moreover meditation attach me to the beautiful souls who always remain with me at every moment.

hmtday Family Time
Today we will have family party to celebrate the success of elder daughter.Ajay will make masala maggi and I will prepare idly sambhar and daughters will make coffee shake.

hmtday Useful Tips
Using a spoon of malai in every vegetable add up taste to it.

hmtday Shopping Cart
I went to shopping mall to buy different grocery material and came back with bucket full of kitchen accessories. My daughter purchased jeans with kurti for regular wear.

hmtday Stress Busters
Reading and exploring on cafe Enoma release all the stress and add new thoughts to my mind.

hmtday Happy Things
My daughter passed with 87 percent marks in twelth class, I am so happy.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
It my dream to have house on the hills where I can hear the voice of falls and can see beautiful scenes all around. Only imagination of having such house gives me so happiness.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Cycling on the hills is very amazing experience. We forget all the efforts done while going towards uphill, when downhill started. Beautiful scenery all around was adding enthusiasm to our cycling route.We loved it so much. I am thankful to all my friends who encouraged me to cycle on this route.

hmtday Open Thoughts
After tiring and long day when I came to my bed, not working on enoma and course forum was hurting me, but as I started reading, I don't know when hours passed away and I forget all my tiredness.

hmtday Complete 1
I was surprised to see my clinic full of roses.

hmtday Complete 2
The argument that broke out between two friends when they called up by their parents.

hmtday Frivolity Sentence
Judge doesn't want to see frivolity in public lawyer.

hmtday Complete 66
Talking in this manner astonished me.

hmtday Question 284
No, there can be no happiness without sadness, pleasure without pain ,but we can have peace without war.

hmtday Minority Sentence
Minority of the group are willing to go to party.

hmtday April Quote
April is the most expensive month of the year.

hmtday Autobiography Sentence
I want to write my autobiography.

hmtday Shoe Quote
Learn A Try to put yourself in the shoe of client.

hmtday Hillstation Quote
Hillstations are full of crowd during summer vacations. Tourist from various parts of country visit hillstations to enjoy weather.

hmtday Synonym Sentence
I have to add synonym of every word to my diary.

hmtday Juice Quote
Sugarcane juice gives instant energy.

hmtday Question 348
Enjoy each and every moment of life.

hmtday Complete 36
I was the first to accept my mistakes.

hmtday Career Quote
Selection of right career at right time is important.

hmtday Question 246
I want to become excellent in speaking and writing English.

hmtday Cash Quote
We should hold some cash for emergency.

hmtday Air Quote
Deep breath in fresh air increases the capacity of lungs.

hmtday Complete 32
I love this idea and will definitely work on it.

hmtday Adhesion Sentence
During surgery, doctor found so many adhesions in her stomach.

hmtday Question 95
I find peace in cafe Enoma.

hmtday Question 281
I love most about my family is, their stand together at any moment of life.

hmtday Bilingual Sentence
Bilingual is an art which enhance your personality.

hmtday Food Chat
Healthy food made our mind more active and energetic.

hmtday Question 368
I want my child should be extremely intelligent , as intelligence makes one attractive itself.

hmtday Question 218
My dream job is to work for people where money doesn't matter to me.I just help them and tell them how they can remain happy in their life.

hmtday Calorie Sentence
I have to exercise at least one hour daily to burn calories.

hmtday South India Chat
I love masala soda, idli vada, sambhar vada. These are the famous dishes of South India.

hmtday Question 92
If I could choose only one, I want to be famous and happy. It is my one of the wish from my wishlist.

hmtday Question 167
I was trying to open my enoma activation mail.

hmtday Question 196
It is important to be punctual because punctuality is the first step to achieve anything.

hmtday Disappoint Sentence
I don't want to disappoint my course directors.

hmtday Transgress Sentence
No one is permitted to transgress.

hmtday Drought Sentence
Drought brings lots of loss to country and farmers.

hmtday Cohesion Sentence
I know cohesion will make me good counsellor one day.

hmtday Tea Chat
I used to take tea for the company of my family.

hmtday Tolerance Sentence
Ajay has great tolerance power.

hmtday Question 359
If I could do it all over again, I would change my way of working .

hmtday Melodious Sentence
Bulbul has a melodious voice.

hmtday HAYFRN
I am feeling relaxed and blessed.

hmtday Question 229
English was the worst subject for me during school years. It was so because I had no habit of reading, I spent most of the time in doing maths and science.

hmtday Birthday Chat
I love birthday celebrations, it brings lot of happiness to kids.

hmtday Question 105
Beautiful lights

hmtday Clothier Sentence
We bought many clothes from clothier.

hmtday Credence Sentence
I have credence every person come to this world for some purpose.

hmtday Financier Sentence
Ravi get a job of financier in reputed company.

hmtday Diagnosis Sentence
Right diagnosis of disease with in time can saves one life.

hmtday Question 238
Yes, I did it so many times.

hmtday Donee Sentence
We can have sperm or ovum donee in ivf centres.

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