Sheila Journal

hmtday 10000 Tips
Ideal age for wedding ...women 23 years and men 27 years. We should plan our children and family with this time frame, to first get them well educated, settled in a career and immediately look out for the partner for the wedding at the right age. With this time frame set, the children will also have some maturity and the same time, will get the right match for them. So, as parents or counselors, we have to give this message to our people.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
I was reading the books and posts and listening to audio messages.

hmtday Media Lessons
It is not good to watch serials in TV as it makes one addict for such shows. People sometimes, keep running to their homes at that point of time, to watch out the serial. But in fact, nothing much moves in the story. Hardly five minutes of the real story, rest are either the old recap, then advertisements, and stopping in a big suspense, to break the heads of the viewers. It is worth to watch out a full movie instead by spending 2 hours in a single day instead of seeing serial shows.

hmtday Random Musings
Today I have planned for a relaxing day, as I was so much stressed at my work and my home for the past few weeks in arranging matters. Now, I am feeling more relaxed and free from stress and this gives me more strength and energy and courage to face this week and go ahead with my daily routines from tomorrow.

hmtday Public Speaking Tips
Keep your language with simple English words. Try to practice with the correct pronunciation of important words. People will keenly observe of how you pronounce certain important words. So, take care and check them, observe how it is correctly pronounced and practice them well before you have to address the public.

hmtday Travel Thoughts
Buy one air pillow and keep them whenever you travel overnight by trains or buses. This gives you good head rest support and makes you sleep and relax and take your overnight travel comfortable.

hmtday Fashion Sense
A fashion sense has to be identified with the color combination first. We can make a small transparent girl or boy picture and keep colorful cloth at the backend for the shirt portion and pant portion and see how it looks or matches when we buy dresses to match a shirt or pant. Same way, for a tops and skirt for ladies. Check the color matching, before we buy them. That will be a good dress sense.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Do not miss even a single EMI repayment. Take care that our crisil ratings does not come down at any point. Whenever we apply for a housing loan, vehicle loan etc, the lender checks our crisil ratings. This will give a detailed report about our financial status. Take care about the same.

hmtday 10000 Tips
When you have to take a loan, think of the resources by which you can clear the loan. Only with that confidence apply for a loan. Also before applying for the loan, work out the interest rates, whether it is calculated on diminishing balance methods. Have an EMI calculator in your laptops and fill in the interest rates, period of loan tenure and it automatically calculates the EMI amount. Check if the EMI amount informed by the finance company is correct.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Always check your credit card statements, bank accounts every month when you get them. Analyze them line by line. Do not be of the contention that it is a computer generated bill and it will be free from mistakes. Use your calculator and check them meticulously. If any unwanted debits is seen, immediately question them, even if it is a small amount. Then, they will know that you are checking your statements regularly and will avoid giving wrong debits to your account.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Whenever, you are confused on any matter, allow it some cooling time. Leave that and forget that for a day or two. Automatically, some solution will come and you will be able to handle it better.

hmtday 10000 Tips
Slow and steady wins the race. So, be not in a hurry on any matters. Analyze the pros and cons in each activity whether it be personal, family or official. Take time to think and act. Never be in a hurry.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Sir the 5000 tips getting added each day, gives more strength and energy to read. It is so precious like reading the Bible verses. I am sure, that you are giving this in the website as public viewing and even outsiders other than Enoma might read them and be benefited. Sir, one suggestion for this. On the top of the 5000 tips at the right hand corner, you can make a topic finder tab. So, anyone who is in urgent need of some tips on a topic can put the search for that like for example, topics like stress, anger, love, faith, money, content, life, spouse, friend, marriage, happy, depressed, and so on. Then the tips relating to their search item comes and they can filter and read them, which will be useful for them for such a situation.

hmtday Food Food
Today I had a very nice lunch. Peas pullav and vegetable kurma, potato fry.

hmtday Brain Fitness
Daily play some memory games, puzzle games for 10 minutes, to keep your brain more active.

hmtday Sleep Tips
Keep a pillow curdled in your arms and sleep for longer hours.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Bombay Toast.
Take a bread duly sliced.
In a bowl, beat one egg to rich lather. Add a glass of milk and two table spoon of sugar and mix them well so that the beaten egg, milk and sugar mix well.
Keep a thava in low heat. Spread Ghee lightly over the thava. Dip a slice of bread inside the beaten mixture and put it on the thava to toast. After a minute, turn the bread in the thava to the other side and keep for a minute. Remove from the thava and serve hot Bombay toasts. Repeat same with the rest of the slices of bread.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
In the last 60 minutes, I was showing my mom some cooking classes through youtube. She is planning something nice for tommorow's lunch for me.

hmtday Last 60 Minutes
My brother's family came home today. Hence I spent the last one hour speaking with them. It was a nice time to spend some time for our people when they need our company.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Bombay Chapati Sandwich
4 left over chapathis
2 boiled and peeled potato, cut slices
1 capsicum, cut rings
1 cucumber, cut slices
2 tomato, cut slices
1 onion, cut slices
1 small block processed cheese
3-4 tbsp green chutney

Chaat masala- as per taste
Salt - as per taste
Black pepper- as per taste

1 tsp refined oil
1 tbsp butter
Tomato ketchup


Place a chapati on a clean and dry surface.
Spread green chutney and arrange boiled potato slices, capsicum rings over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate processed cheese over it and cover with another chapati.
Again apply green chutney on the chapati on top and arrange cucumber, tomato slices over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate some more cheese and cover with another chapati.
Apply green chutney, arrange onion slices and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate some cheese & cover it with another chapati .
Heat refined oil & butter in a pan.
Place the prepared chapati sandwich on it & cover with a lid for 2 mins or till the top gets crispy.
Flip it over carefully using a plate & let the other side get crispy too.
Cut the chapati sandwich into pieces using a sharp knife.
Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Green Chutney
Blend chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies & ginger, cumin powder, chaat masala, lemon juice and salt with a little water until smooth.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Egg Omelette
Four eggs, pepper one teaspoon, pinch of salt and turmeric powder, Onion 2 Nos. curry leaves.
Cut onions and curry leaves into tiny pieces.
In a frying pan, fry the onions and curry leaves till the onion looks transparent and not to become brown.
Then in a mixer jar, grind the cooked onions and make to a paste.
Beat the contents of eggs in a bowl till you get a lather. Add the onion paste, turmeric, salt and pepper and mix them well. In a dosai tawa spread oil and like making dosais, you can make the egg omelette. Children will love to eat this, because, they will not like to eat the onion pieces and this helps to give them as soft omelettes.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Case study with given inputs is a very good exercise Sir. This will be very helpful to all of us, when you give case study like this and we work out with the given details. Again this will be somewhat like a brain storming sessions for us.

hmtday Travel Thoughts
Since August 15th is Independence day, I have planned to visit Bangalore with my family, as they will have flower shows. Wanted to take the best photographs during the flower show. I have planned my travel now itself. Hope and pray God that everything will go well and we could enjoy a short break at that time, enjoying the beauty of nature.

hmtday Smartphone Etiquette
Download only the required apps. Also, often your smart phone prompts for upgrade of the existing apps. Use your decision wisely and check if you have recently updated, do not update them so often. Sometimes, the patch file corrupts your smart phone efficiency. Read the feed back given at the bottom by other people, who have updated and if they have given a lot of complaints, never risk to update same. Leave it as it is with the previous version and still your phone works.

hmtday Mindfulness Now
When I was unable to read or see the computer for these few days, I was just lying down in my bed and practicing meditation and mindfulness therapy, which helped me to relax a lot and I could feel some internal healing within me.

hmtday Hygiene Tips
Always keep detol in home and use them to clean injuries and also when children come after playing, use detol soap or a few drops of detol in warm water and give them a shower. It keeps them away from germs and infection.

hmtday Useful Tips
Always keep ice pack inside your freezer compartment. When I fell down yesterday and got badly hurt on my jaws, immediately my mom rushed me with the ice pack from the freezer, which helped me a great extent from blood clots and swellings. Else it would have been a bad time for me. You can get it from amazon and check for ice pack gel. Always leave it in your freezer and use immediately in case of hurts, accidents on the portion where we get hurt. Helps a lot.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
Replace all your bulbs with LED Fittings. It helps to save good amount each month. The number of units consumed comes down by 30 percent. Definitely, you can take back the cost of replacement of the bulbs within six months and you can save money after that.

hmtday Incredible India
India is blessed with various forms of natural resources more than many other countries. If we make proper use of those resources, we can come into the top ten richest countries of the world.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
While you save money, keep in different modes. Have some gold back up for emergency requirements. Rest invest in fixed deposits in banks where your capital is safe. That too, break the amounts in smaller parts and deposit in different bank accounts.

hmtday Useful Tips
Keep some artificial jewels in home for wearing for a party of wedding. Real valuable jewels are for our security purpose in bank lockers.

hmtday Useful Tips
Keep your valuable jewels and original documents in bank lockers.

hmtday Morning Musings
A bright new day, with people busy around seems to be more energetic and warm. When all things go in the right direction, we feel ourselves good and cheerful to start the new day. Praying that same situation is for all people and thanking God for this lovely day and His grace and blessings to continue.

hmtday Random Musings
Today is our founder Larsen's birthday. Hence, blood donation camp is in almost all offices across India. Here in our office, we have called the VHS team to co-ordinate for collection of blood. Around 150 donors expected. We are having some early bird prizes for first few donors. Blood donation is a very good gesture and whatever we have given saves the life.

hmtday Travel Thoughts
Always try to plan your travel well in advance. Book the journey tickets and ensure confirmed seats and if possible the required type of berth. Have a small travel kit ready with you always with essential medicines, soap, tooth paste , brush , comb, powder and a small mirror, shaving set, prayer book, handy diary.

hmtday Public Speaking Tips
When you happen to address in a public gathering, try to prepare your speech in advance and rehearse them in front of a mirror to observe your mistakes and correct them when you directly go to the dais.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Bitter gourd curry.
Bitter gourd is good for health and it acts as a de-worming food. Ingredients required: Bitter gourd 200 gms, oil to fry, chilli and turmeric powder, salt,cocount grated one cup, one onion, one or two tomatoes.
Cut the bitter gourd to slices and leave them in a tray for 20 mins. Wash them and add little salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder and deep fry them in oil until it is brown. In another pan, add little oil and fry the onion till it is brown, then add chopped tomatoes and fry them with little salt and chilli powder. Once the gravy is ready, add the fried bitter gourd slices and mix them to the gravy. Take thick coconut milk and pour them on the gravy and leave in low heat for 2 mins. The delicious bitter gourd gravy is ready. You can allow to cool and store in container and use them even for a week. This can be taken with rice, and chapathis.

hmtday Incredible India
I love the national anthem of our country. It is a pleasure to listen to National anthem and the vandae Matharam recently composed by Rahman Khan.

hmtday Random Musings
I used to wonder about the energy levels of my father in law who is 82 years and still very active. He wakes up at 5 am in the morning. Then around 8 am he leaves the house, walks for sometime and takes bus to go for collection of offerings to a religious organization from the regular donars. Monthly he collects around 50K and deposits to the organization FMPB. This he does out of devotion and voluntary service.

hmtday Stress Busters
Taking frequent breaks during the day in between our activities really helps to come out of monotony and stress. I stop my work in my desk sometimes and stare through the glass window to see the beautiful green leaves from trees and also watching the moving cars in the roads for few minutes and then again start my work. This relieves my eye strain from constantly viewing the computer also removes stress.

hmtday Happy Things
Past one week I was unable to move and sit for long. Today morning also, I was tired. But once I reached office and started to give orientation to the new manager, I got much energy and I forgot all my pains and I felt happy that I did a great job today.

hmtday Hygiene Tips
Soak your hands and feet in warm water after your work, relax for around ten minutes. This helps to keep the dirt from the nails and have a healthy fingers and feet. Cut your nails once a fortnight.

hmtday Sleep Tips
Try to drink a glass of warm milk before sleeping. Try to lie down in bed flat, with cooling eye masks over your closed eyes. Relax your mind away from all stress. Feel the chillness on your eyes. You will soon get your sleep.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Bottle gourd curry:
This is good for health, heart and for weight loss.
Wash and soak a cup of bengal gram over night.
Remove the skin and cut the bottle gourd into tiny pieces. Add this into your pressure cooker along with the soaked bengal gram. Add half teaspoon jeera, half tea spoon turmeric, one teaspoon of chilli powder, little salt. A spoon of oil. Pressure cook these ingredients to 10 mins. Allow the pressure cooker to cool for 10 mins. In a small pan, pour little oil, splutter mustard seed, curry leaves, dry chillies two nos. and pour them into the cooked curry. Add a spoon of ghee for flavor. Delicious to eat with rotis and rice. Healthy too.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Bottle gourd is a vegetable high on water and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and brings down bad cholesterol levels. It also helps for weight loss, when we take this regularly at least twice in a week. Shall post a small cooking menu in our other page to make a dish out of bottle gourd.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Happen to read a small clipping today. Thought of sharing same to all of us here.

Cicero of the Roman empire wrote this about the situation during his lifetime :

1. The poor, work & work.
2. The rich, exploit the poor.
3. The soldier, protects both.
4. The taxpayer, pays for all three.
5. The wanderer, rests for all four.
6. The drunk, drinks for all five.
7. The banker, robs all six.
8. The lawyer, misleads all seven.
9. The doctor, bills all eight.
10. The undertaker, buries all nine.
11. The Politician lives happily on account of all ten.

Written in 43 B.C. , but valid even today.

hmtday Open Thoughts
The counseling sessions with the post analysis script is so very useful resource for all of us to read in detail each case. Understand it in full, the different feed back given at the scripts also opens up our minds in different outlook to the problem faced. Finding out the different approach of such cases and gives us confidence to deal in similar cases. Above all Savio Sir and Kirti are expert counselors, their ways of approach to each problem, will give us good learning from the live session problems and how it can be dealt with. Whenever we get time, we can devot more time to read them again and again and find some new ways of healing.

hmtday Life Lessons
Just now, I was reading about social psychology and this came to my mind.
When a person is in a group, his behavior is different. His thinking, acting everything may be different. He will also be very cautious about himself of not making any mistakes as he will be observed by the society around him.
The real character study of a person has to be self assessed by him, when he is alone. Because only when a person is alone, his true self comes out. So, a careful study of his thoughts, his mind, his concentration thinking etc. where it is wandering. What does he do? Does the mind makes him to do any mischief etc. or how is his character. Is he disciplined when he is alone. Is he thinking only good thoughts or any bad thoughts coming to his mind etc. has to be analyzed by his own self. When a person is really good and disciplined in all his attitude even when he is alone, then he can be considered to be good. It is ideal to do this self-assessment fortnightly once and accessed where he is weak and lacking. Some concentration can be done upon that to rectify his mistakes of his attitude and then again it can be reviewed after a month during his loneliness. This sort of exercise will help us to purify ourselves and overcome any defaults or mistakes or do corrective action to go step further towards perfection.

hmtday Brain Fitness
My mom used to play the marble games Brainvita. She loves to keep them in order by hoping one marble over the other and taking it out. Whoever gets only one marble left out in the holder is considered to be Outstanding, two marbles with excellent, three marbles remaining as very good and four marbles remaining as good. Even children try out these games. There is some logic behind this game. But when we miss out the sequence, we fumble at times. Good brain developing game for all ages.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Sharing the knowledge is one of the greatest virtue, which only very few good people follow. Many people are afraid to share the knowledge to others. They feel somewhat in-secured that they may loose their jobs or their importance if they teach the rest of the team.

But when we share whatever we learnt and that will be like a revision to us and the same time, this sort of sharing means a lot to the person who acquires such knowledge by way of reading our messages, or when we talk to them or when we teach them. Teaching is the best profession. A teacher can always be proud that she is developing the children and daily helping them in gaining good knowledge and skills.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Today I ordered for some curtains through Lime road online shopping cart. They seems to be reasonable and products are good.

hmtday Useful Tips
Clean the filters of your airconditioners weekly once, to get a cool breeze soon as you switch on.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Pan rolls:
Kirti, you can try this for your evening. It is so simple.
Just grate a coconut and keep them in a bowl.
Mix maida one cup with little salt and water and make it like a thin dough (to make like dosais).
Keep the dosai tava in the pan, and make a maida dosai. Turn on to the other side till both sides are cooked. Before lifting the dosai, spread the coconut in a strain line in the middle of the dosai and add sprinkle half teaspoon of sugar over the grated coconut. Close both sides of the dosai so as to cover the coconut stuff in the middle line of the dosai. Press with the dosai laddle and take it out for serving. The pan rolls are very tasty to eat and very simple to make for the evenings.

hmtday Easy Recipes
French rolls.
Cut some spinach, cabbage and one chilli to small pieces. Fry them with little oil and salt and little amount of chilli powder. Keep aside the cooked substance.
Make small maida chappatis, and dry fry them. Add the cooked veggies into each chappathi and make it a roll and keep in a tawa and press them little so that the rolls get little tight. Serve them hot with tomato sauce for the evenings.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
I joined a jewel chit through GRT a famous jewel shop. The total amount we pay each month, they will allocate the equivalent weight of Gold. Then every month, when we pay the chit amount the same worth of gold will be credited to our Account. At the end of 11 months, whatever weight of Gold has accumulated, we can buy Gold ornaments. No wastage, no making charges. So this is an ideal way to plan for buying golden ornaments, with no loss in wastage gold and no loss for paying the making charges. We will save around 17%. Because, when we buy golden ornaments they add 16.5% as wastage charges and also some amount towards making charges for the ornament.

hmtday Happy Things
Today I did some tailoring work for my mom in making some pillow covers and she felt so happy.

hmtday Weather Center
Again heavy rain has started in our place. After a very long time, we are hearing this sound of the rains. Hope this rains will help us to come out of the water problems.

hmtday Weather Center
Thanks for all your prayers, today South Chennai got good rains in the evening for nearly one hour. Hope to get like this for the next few days, so that the heat subsides.

hmtday Public Speaking Tips
Just was seeing this video. AMERICAS GOT TALENT-4 y.o. KAITLYN MAHER-SemiFinal4-AGT-2008.
It is just amazing to see a four year old Kaitlyn who walks so confidently and speaks so beautifully, sings so sweet and faces the judges questions absolutely confident. Clear pronunciation of words. These sort of videos, are motivational to our kids to develop the talents and facing the audience and public and bringing out their god given talents. I used to show such videos to my grand daughter to motivate her.
Another good one is "You raise me up - Celine Tam" Worth to show these videos to our children and encourage them.

hmtday Public Speaking Tips
One more attraction for kids and children is to hold the mike and make noise, sing or speak out. So, encourage them, with a mike and allow them to hold the mike and motivate them for speaking few sentences, story telling and appreciate them. This boosts them a lot and also they will easily find an opportunity in schools to participate in debates and develop the public speaking skills.

hmtday Public Speaking Tips
We can develop children from their young age to face the stage by involving them participate in cultural events, dance, drama, skits , reciting poems, jokes, mimicry and so on. Nowadays, kids are very smart and they know many things better than us, when we were in those days. So, find out ways for bringing them to the open world and take out the stage fear.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
Try to plant a few saplings each week, so that you can develop this habit to people around you and very soon, we can see beautiful plants and trees growing.

hmtday Tech Center
In earlier days, we had to take air travel for any important meetings from Chennai to Mumbai. These days due to advancement of technology, we are able to connect through Video conferencing mode, more than four locations at a time. We connect from Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and conduct our important meetings and conferences for two hours or even half a day session, without incurring any travel cost and also saving our valuable time.

hmtday Health Club
Do the seven minutes exercise daily from the ceragem I which is available in the you tube for a healthy and easy exercise. Do breathing exercise early morning as soon as you wake up and after you finish your prayers.

hmtday Brain Fitness
Press and tap gently on top of your head few times, then press on the middle of your chest and tap few times. Repeat this exercise for 7 minutes in the morning and evening for good health of the brain.

hmtday Email Etiquette
Be short and sweet. Let your mails be simple and convey what is required to be conveyed. No beating around the bush. Be specific and polite.

hmtday Body Language
A bright smile on the first instance when you see a person, changes the mood and gives a friendly feeling in whatever circumstances they may be.

hmtday Fashion Sense
Western wear became popular for Indians these days. Girls wear skirts and tops. I feel ladies will soon forget to wear sarees.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
Nothing pleasing like we get while we go to bed and listen to the soft instrumental music.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Drink warm water with gooseberry pieces boiled in it. It trims down and keeps us fit and energetic.

hmtday Night Hours
A very calm and quiet moments of the night. I could only hear the hushing of the fans over me. Everywhere around is calm and people went off to sleep.

hmtday Happy Things
I was so exited to see my grand daughter very happy, when I visited her house on her birthday.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Sir, I am unable to find the reframe sentences icon.
Reframing sentences is a good exercise to all students old and new. It will help develop in our practical counseling skills too.

hmtday Longevity Secrets
After taking Savio Sir's questionaire ( 60 points ) on longevity, realizing many things, which we have to follow each day, to keep ourselves fit, healthy and strong ( both our body and mind). It is good that all of us take that test and find out where we are lacking to cope up with the time we have already lost.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Today is my grand daughter's 7th birthday. I purchased a small cute ear ring for her. She loves stones, so I have purchased it with white stones. Her mom has already told her and she is so exited that she is going to get diamonds. Instead of buying toys, and dress, I decided to buy small piece of gold ornament or a gold coin from this year onwards for her birthday.

hmtday Food Food
Today I had a great lunch packed by my mom with love. It was rice, mango sambar and mutton pepper fry with potatoes. Taken a snap of same. Shall post in our box shortly. Thanks to God to have blessed me with an affectionate mom 76 years old, still active and wakes up at 5 am and cooks with love.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
Encouraging employees, students to cycle to work or study can be part of the organizations overall "green initiatives" and same time it keeps the people to stay fit and healthy.

hmtday Random Musings
Motivation is a very important factor, to induce good spirits within team members, children and adults. A good work always needs appreciation. As a mark of appreciation for my team, I have organized to get cups and emboss their names on it. This will not only cheer them, it will be appreciated by their family too, when they take it to their homes and display in their show case. Little things makes a great difference.

hmtday Ways To Make Money
Tailoring is another good source of income for both men and women. A tailoring machine and knowledge of cutting and tailoring, which can be gained with a two months basic course. There is high demand for tailoring business. Easily a person can earn around Rs.400 per day on doing home tailoring work. If they have a small shop with an assistant, easily they can earn Rs.1000 per day.

hmtday Ways To Make Money
We may get a few clients, who will be in search of an urgent job opening etc. Now, I have observed in the present trend that Uber is a good way of job opening for a middle aged or youngster, if he knows driving and willing to work for 10 hours a day. A small investment of around Rs.1.20 lakhs as initial payment to get a small car on loan and the rest of the amount through bank loan. Only requirement by Uber is a own car, driving licence, smart phone with net connection. Immediately they offer him a job. If a person drives for Rs.2000 per day, Uber gives them incentive of Rs.2000 which is credited to his bank every Wednesday. So, easily he earns Rs.4000 per day minimum. Even if he spends for his fuel, food and maintenance, he can reserve Rs.2000 per day which can be used to clear his EMI for the car and also have some savings. End of 3 years, he is the owner of his car. A decent self-employment for any youth, who is willing to work hard. Navigation is through GPS and locating routes will never be a problem.

hmtday Ways To Make Money
Women who do not go out for work, can still earn a small pocket money from their homes based on their interest and talents. A few tips I give below. Women can make pickles, vathal ( fryums ) from home for their own use and also can do little marketing to their friends and relatives to earn small pocket income.

Few ladies will be more interested on Make up, beauty care etc. They can take up a small one month course on beautician and work for that few hours by keeping a small place in their own home, or alternatively do some bridal make up by directly visiting the brides homes and do some make up and beauty stuff and earn a good money.

hmtday Smartphone Etiquette
Try to keep the ring tone in a moderate volume in your smartphones so that it does not divert the attention of other people. Also speak in soft voices instead of shouting on the mobile phones, which will irritate the rest of the people in office or surroundings.

hmtday Longevity Secrets
Recently a famous cinema star said that the secret of his longevity is that he does not take coffee. He wakes up early morning by 5 am and takes a brisk walk out of his home to in hale fresh oxygen. This was the secret of his being active even after 75 years like a young gentleman.

hmtday Happy Things
Yesterday was the last day for my Area Manager in our office as he was getting transferred to Bangalore. So, invited him along with the new AM for the Pot lunch session. They were amazed with these sort of arrangements. It was a very happy time to show our love and affection to the ones who really stays close to our hearts.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Since I will be retiring shortly, I was planning to give some special gifts for my team and my loved ones in my office. I thought of buying from now on, so that I will not have a burden at the end. I sourced 10 grams silver bars, which will serve as memento for few of my friends. Just bought a sample of two pieces online and it was lovely. Now ordered for couples watches HMT from shop clues for few of them. Will be getting them next week. Hope the quality to be good.

hmtday Beautiful Places
The most beautiful places which I have seen and admired is in the olden days - Lal Bagh in Bangalore. The beautiful big roses, the glass house with varieties of flowers, plants for the flower show on 15th August from different parts of the State. Lovely to see them. It still stays fresh in my memory. I went there for the flower show in 1988. Generally 26th Jan and 15th Aug will be the flower show dates in Bangalore Lal Bagh.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Recently I purchased Eye cool mask from shopping clues online. Very nice product. You can keep this in the freezer compartment. When you feel your eyes straining, just keep the mask on top of your closed eyes for 10 minutes. It cools and relieves the stress and the irritation from your eyes. Nice product. Costs Rs.186 for 4 masks.

hmtday Hygiene Tips
Teach your children on health and hygiene practices to be followed after a shower bath to cut the nails, clean the ears with ear buds.
Weekly once, oil bath is good for children and adults. A tablespoon of oil massaged in the middle of the head and leave it for 15 minutes and then go for a shampoo or shikakai powder wash. Also apply oil in the body and naval every week. This keeps you healthy and cool and also helps in easy blood circulation.

hmtday Smartphone Etiquette
Smart phones have become the center of attraction these days from young to old people. Once we start using the internet facility through the smart phones, we get attention to download many apps. Be very careful in accepting to download the apps. Only if you will use such apps, download them. I can say that smart phones are very convenient to get many things handy. At the same time, we have to restrict ourselves from getting addicted to it. Close all apps and switch off mobile data, when not in use. This saves your battery life. Also helps you to get away from addiction. Use the earphones connected to mobiles, while on conversation to avoid the radiation effect from the smart phones when speaking directly close to your sensitive ears.

hmtday Random Musings
Just was reading through the article Nothing is everything by Savio Sir. Then I am remembering this, which I did before I got married. Our office used to work for five and half days. Saturday being half a day. I used to take my lunch before I start from my office. Then I used to sit in the side corner of a longest route bus. Normal buses will reach home in one hour. This longest route will take two hours or still more as it goes in different round routes and then reaches to my place. I used to observe each houses of how it is constructed, what colors they have used to paint, the aesthetic views of each building. Medium type houses, big bungalows, small houses each type I used to observe. How they have designed the balcony, the portico etc. That time, we did not have internet to search for more detail. Hence, used to wonder about the engineering aspects of the beams and how the portico is balanced without pillars and so on. So, this was my olden days hobby. When I read, that Sir, used to travel in buses to get a view of the marine drive, I thought of sharing this. Once married, every little of such interest is washed out of my mind.

hmtday Weekend Break
Make a good plan for your weekend, one week ahead. Especially when you wanted to visit relatives, friends, fix timing with them and plan your useful spending hours with them, either indoors or outdoors. Nowadays, we seldom meet friends & relatives. So, when we have to meet them, try to make a list of things which they like and take it for them. Try to take few selfies with them from your mobile or camera. This will bring sweet memories after some time.

hmtday Email Etiquette
Acknolwedge any email within a day or two.
Respond to enquiries and problems at the earliest.
Acknowledge client's feelings before giving out a solution.
Always keep a pleasing tone and good manners and respect in the reply mails.

Ask open ended questions if a solution has to be arrived after clarity from the other end.

Use simple words to communicate instead of advanced English words, which will be easier for the other end to read and understand.
End each mail with a Regards or Thanks before your name or signature.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
My AC remote was not working. Only one button was working. That is the 1 hour button. So, past one month, I was managing with the single button. I thought of replacing it this week. New one costs Rs.2000. I sent one of my assistant and he helped me to service the same at a cost of Rs.250/- . I paid his Rs.100 for taking to shop and getting it repaired. So at a cost of Rs.350/- I got this done. Saved Rs.1650 for the day and felt very happy today.

hmtday Ways To Save Money
We have seen people do their fasting for 40 days in a year with religious belief at times. During these fasting days, they do not take non-veg. Some ladies do not put flowers on their head etc. So, there is absolutely some cut in their daily expenses. What they should do is, calculate such daily savings, and collect that money in a wallet or box. Then after the fast, should count the money and see as to how much they saved. This saving can be converted to a gold coin, or a NSC bond or a Savings bond or for any particular purpose, where they cannot afford to reserve such amount. This is purely considered as our savings. We should physically see the savings when we have sacrificed something for certain period. When I cut out a coffee each morning, I used to put a five rupee coin inside a box and at a quarter end, send this coffee money to an orphanage or a deserving family who can use this money to buy a bag of rice or something like that. This is really savings.

hmtday Weather Center
Glory and thanks to God. Today, good rains have started for Chennai. Now also it is raining here. Thanks to Savio Sir, Kirti and all friends who have prayed for the rains to Chennai. God has answered our prayers. Now, even they have cut the electricity.

hmtday Success Tips
Nowadays, I have seen many children, easily get 90% and above in their SSLC and HSC Exams. Even an average student nowadays gets more than 75%.
In our olden days, 75% is taken as distinction or Outstanding Marks. Maybe the syllabus has changed or the learning pattern, exams have changed. But all change is for good and better status. Our children will also get motivated when they score more than 90% in the exams. But still the competition level has increased. Sad part is, despite getting more than 90% they do not get their desired seats in a preferred college. Should we say this as luck or fate. Whatever, children would like to take as their major subjects, better they analyze well and choose a course where they will use their talents at the same time, get easy employment or self employment. That will be the success of their life.

hmtday Movie Times
Very recently they celebrated 20 years completion of the famous movie Titanic. It still stands as No.2 in the world's box office. Celine Dion's " Every night is my dream" a great hit song. The full movie is still afresh to me, as though I have seen it few years back.

hmtday Music Room
Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London . This is from the Disney movie Lion King. But this music is so nice and I love to hear this anytime.

hmtday Open Thoughts
I do not know in which heading this article should go. However, I post it here. Savio Sir, can move this to the correct slot. I am going to write something about a live example of autistic child. My younger sister got her second baby son when she was 32 years. He did not speak until he was three years. Then, we thought that he might be deaf. So, we took him to a deaf school. But my sister said, that he would respond to music. In that case, he does not have the hearing problem. They referred to take audio test. Audio test revealed that he has hearing sense and they ruled out as a problem of autism. He used to be so much hyper and we cannot control him. Then, the diets were altered for him, he had to go to special trainer, who helped with play therapy, speech therapy, eye contact and many other training sessions, also to special prayers and healing meetings. The parents attended to this at the correct age and he started speaking from the age of six. He used to be very intelligent and get first rank in his class. He loves me very much, because I used to be very kind to him. He does not like people, who are harsh to him. Even sometimes, he hates his father because he used to shout at him. Only one draw back with him. He cannot tolerate anyone who overtakes him in sports or studies. He cannot accept his failure or defeat. So we keep counseling him that wining and loosing is part of life. If one person wins the other person has to loose. The same feeling will happen to the other child, when you win and she looses. Like this, I used to counsel him and he will agree for the time being with me. Now, he has gone to his 10th std. He wanted to become English professor. That is his aim. So, we have motivated him to take that as his special subjects and develop his skills with English language proficiency.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
World environment day. Let us plant more saplings and trees to build a green planet. Also let us share with our people about the Go Green initiatives, like cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, recycling of paper products, use paper instead of plastics. Save water. Attend to leaking taps. Use cycles instead of cars or motor bikes for short distance traveling. Promote awareness to keep the city clean. Use slogans, and banners and join hands with NGOs, Scouts and Guides to spread the spirit of keeping the planet earth clean.

hmtday Music Room
I do not know whether you all have heard about John Denver. I used to love his song Country Roads take me home to the place. It will be a very slow song, but we will feel as though we are driving down to a village when we listen to this song.

hmtday Brain Fitness
For fitness of the brain, every morning push your tongue outside and take it to the right side and to the left side. Do this for nearly ten times. This has direct connection to th and activates the brain, the memory cells. Very good to practice for young and old people and also to people suffering from Alzheimer.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Chicken Gravy:
Get half kg of breast piece boneless chicken and cut to small pieces, wash and marinate with ginger garlic paste one spoon, curd one spoon, turmeric half teaspoon, chilli powder two teaspoons, one teaspoon of salt, half lemon sqeezed, one teaspoon of oil and mix it well, keep aside for 15 minutes with the marinated process.
Cut 3 big size onions, 3 tomatoes into small pieces. One bunch of coriander leaves, and curry leaves, karam masala powder one teaspoon, 10 cashewnuts crushed. Chilli and turmeric poweder for the gravy.

Add little oil in a pan and fry the marinated chicken for around 10 mins in low fire and keep aside.

Take another big pan, pour oil and fry the onions till it is golden brown, add the garam masala powder, curry leaves, cashews and fry. Add the tomatoes and fry them till the tomatoes gets cooked. Add the chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and little more oil so that the gravy does not stick to the pan. When once, it is cooked, add the semi-fried marinated chicken to the gravy and cook with two glasses of water. Close the lid of the pan and cook with medium flame. Occasionally stir the chicken gravy and once it is fully cooked, open the lid and allow the excess water to evaporate. Then remove from the flame to make it cool and transfer the chicken gravy to casserole for serving. The yummy chicken gravy can be taken with rice, chappathis or rotis.

hmtday Menu Now
Today I made chicken gravy for the lunch. Very tasty and nice. I shall share the method of prepation in our other window.

hmtday Sleep Tips
Sleep early and wake up early in the morning to keep you bright and fit for the new day.

hmtday Weight Loss Tips
Take every morning in empty stomach, one glass of warm water with a spoon of honey and lemon and mint leaves in it, regularly.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Just now I happened to go through the words created by all the team members. Very interesting to go through them. How many words have come out from this exercises. Really good exercise to write down words after thinking, and not duplicating at the same time. Now, there will be a big data bank of collection of different words. Really nice to read them through. Few words, we would not have come across.

hmtday Music Room
Just today I was watching the latest live recording of Celine Dion's "How does a moment last forever". Marvelous. Now we can see in youtube.

hmtday Health Club
Massage Therapy.
Everyone should get a massage during the course of the week. The spouse can help each other for a soft gentle massage in the feet, calf muscles and under the feet or acupressure points. Soak your legs in a tub filled with warm water, after you return home from a day's hectic work. Relax your feet in the warm water. Then the spouse or parents can help a gentle massage after soaking the legs 10 mins. this will relax our whole body and calms us down.
People like me can go for a pedicure parlor and have a relaxing leg massage once a fortnight or month.
People who have so much of stress and feels a head bang, can go for a head massage. That relieves head ache and also removes stress to a great extent. But everyone needs a massage. So, we give importance for that. Even sometimes, I give a massage to my grand kid to her feet, when she comes home.

hmtday Health Club
Due to summer, children may get heat boils. So, it will be ideal to give them water melon slices to cool them. Water melon juices will be the best.

hmtday HAYFRN
Very hot weather in Chennai today.

hmtday Reframe 483
The chillness from the creek breeze gives an experience of caressing me all day long.

hmtday Question 480
The next character is pleasing manners, respecting people and to be polite and affectionate.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
Most of us must have heard of Alo vera plants. We grow them in pots and it becomes like a shrub. These plants are very good for health. For people who suffer from diabetic, cut a piece of the leaf and inside the leaf we will find a white jelly. Add the white jelly in a jar of butter milk and drink them. It will drastically bring the sugar levels down. Take this drink twice a week and see the improvements.

hmtday Weather Center
The climate in Chennai is still very hot. I can read news that Bangalore, Kerala, some parts of Kolkata, Delhi all of them got good rains. Praying that Chennai will also get some rains. Else the water problem is severe and it is too hot to manage to stay in doors even at evening times.

hmtday Family Time
Generally weekends, I go to my home and spend a lot of quality time with my grand kid and my daughter who are staying next door. Yesterday, we had a nice time. I cooked food for them and we all had our lunch together.

hmtday Life Lessons
Each day we learn something new or something different through our encounters with people, place or through reading, sharing experiences and so on. It is good to keep our minds and heart open, to obtain the goodness from people and leave of their bad habits and not take it to our heart. On the other hand, also, if they are our best friend, we can politely guide them to come out of their bad habits.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
When I come across the stress balls, I remember that after my surgery, my hands became like paralysed. Then, doctors gave 3 sizes of balls to do some exercise. I a big basin, my mother used to put hot water put the 3 balls in that and I have to hold the balls and press them, similar to the stress balls. The biggest one is the Smiley ball. It will be easier to handle the biggest ball as the fingers need not bend much. Challenge comes when we go to the smallest ball which will be in a lime size. That time, we really feel the pain in the muscles, but inward, I was getting the healing as the fibres in my muscles was regaining life and this exercise followed everyday for nearly a month, helped me to become normal and my hands and fingers got life again and I joined duty. Now, I am typing with the same fingers so fast. Thanks to God, then to my mom, who helped me in every bit of my weakness and to overcome the problems.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Before joining Enoma, I used to keep playing the game Rummy circle online, like an addict. Not with money, but in the practice session, which was free. Whenever, I get time, I used to login and play to keep me occupied. I earned nearly 3 lakhs of points in that game. Even if I get half an hour, I used to play that game so madly. But after joining Enoma and in a few months, I started realizing that there is so much for me to learn even at the old age. There are so many topics, which I have not been exposed at all all these years. So, whenever, I have time, I have to search for the new topics and read some articles from that. All these aspects came to me after coming here. Then when I started to learn here in the beginning, after reading, I used to take a break and play some online games in facebook or mindset jolt games. Now, that has also been removed from me, as Savio Sir, brought in many games inside the cafe itself. So, once we come inside here, any monotony in reading, can be easily swapped by changing our interest to fun exercises, words making, sentence reforming, connect next etc. So, all these things removes our monotony and same time, adds value in our thinking power, coming across new words, search in the dictionary for the meanings of such new words etc. So, this is absolutely a lovely place for whoever really drills in all these icons and starts with it. So, I am sure, that even the other students who are here and who will come in the near future will agree with me and it will be a life changing career to them once they fully make use of these facilities and complete the course here.

hmtday Open Thoughts
A blessed Sunday to you all. It is a great time, I have spent in Enoma. When I started off, I was just reading the notes and I also shared my few posts that time. But after a few months, there were lots of changes coming in Enoma and many new things were added with lively platforms to enrich our learning skills with interesting items through Cafe Enoma. Savio Sir and Kirti, must have spent lots of days and hours to develop such a lovely place here for all of us to learn with interest. I cannot see any boredom here. Love to do some fun exercises here, read as many posts given by other team members, our seniors who have written very nice articles on various subjects of psychology. Savio Sir's mentoring, his talents on counseling, his audio books enriched all of us to a great extent. Above all the valuable life's lessons through Osovo. Each and every little thing here is also so much valuable like gems found in a mystery land. I thank and praise my God, to have brought me to this island of treasures, where I can confidently say, that I have grown here in these past eight months and it has become a great companion to me.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Can anyone tell me which online site is best to get a quality sports shoes and backpack. Not too expensive, but better quality. Kindly suggest me. Thank you.

hmtday Open Thoughts
I just used to wonder about Savio Sir and Kirti's talents, patience, keen interest on each individual. How you spend every precious time even at the late night hours and read through all the posts of all the students, without missing anyone or anything. Really devoted to your profession. We are learning so much from both of you. One way that the number of students is less than ten here. Else, I will be wondering as to how you will have time to read through all messages. This motivates me also to read all the messages of all people. Only I have to plan my time here.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Soak a tumbler of green grams ( Pacha payiru in tamil) over night or for few hours, if it is day time. Wash them in a round vessel. Add water to the grams till the level that all the grams are immersed in water or slightly more. Cook the grams in medium flame. You can take a piece of the cooked gram and test that it is fully cooked. Stain the water content in the cooked grams. Add grated coconut and few spoon of sugar to it. The tasty healthy green gram salad is ready to be served. Children and adults love to eat this dish.

hmtday Hysteria
Hysteria is a mental disorder which arises from intense anxiety. The patient loses control over his or her acts and emotions and it is usually accompanied by sudden seizures of unconsciousness with emotional out bursts. It is often due to repressed conflicts within the person.
Causes for hysteria : It may be due to upbringing of the child. If there may be something wrong in the manner in which the parent dealt with the child's emotional issues, there is a chance for the child to get into hysteria effect in its later life. Children who are abused, tortured, mentally, physically or sexually can get into the problem. They may develop different types of phobia pertaining to the factors that has affected them in their younger days. Some people due to their health condition have this disorder. It may even be hereditary. If their parents have this disorder, then the child can get this. Few other things, which would have influenced are death of a loved one, unexpected failure or loss in business, a bitter word or a false allegation made on them. Severe mental trauma or physical hurt. A violent hysteria attach can lead to heart attack, strokes, malfunctioning of the brain, hemorrhage, temporary paralysis.
TREATMENT : People should be treated for this problem. They should meet the psychiatrist, who can help them with medication, good sleeping hours to be followed for them, some breathing exercises, prescribed diet and above all we have to teach them the benefits of meditation and calmness.
In most cases of hysteria, it is desirable for patients to start the treatment by adopting an all-fruit diet for several days, taking three meals a day of juicy fruits such as oranges, apples, grapes, grapefruit, papayas, and pineapples. Fruit and vegetable juices help to detoxify and relax the body completely, thereby relieving of any mental stress that may be experiencing.
This may be followed by an exclusive milk diet for about a month. The milk diet will help to build better blood and nourish the nerves. If the full milk diet is not convenient, a diet of milk and fruits may be adopted. The patient may, thereafter, gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits. A dry fruit and milk diet is one that provides an ample amount of nutrition and sustenance, allowing a further boost of the immune system and helping in staying healthy. A healthy body allows for peace of mind and will thus avoid any implication of hysteria.
Avoid, tea coffee and alcohol.
Self Control and occupying the mind :
The patient should be taught self-control and educated in the right habits of thinking.
Daily meditation and breathing exercises to be practiced by them.
Exercise and outdoor games are also important. They take the mind away from self and induce cheerfulness. Exercise and outdoor games on a frequent basis are well advised for hysteria cure. The body remains fit and blood pressure levels are controlled by the exercise that has been undertaken, thereby ensuring that no panic attacks are suffered.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Since I could not find the topic machine, I am giving it here. I have observed in few people who keep on talking about themselves and also try to dominate everyone every time. This sort of behavior is termed as conversational narcissist. The best way to interact smoothly with a narcissist is as follows :
1. Donít demand much. Donít expect much.
2. Accept that you have to listen.
3. Donít worry about boosting the narcissists ego with your acknowledgements . 4. For swift conversation, resist the temptation of challenging the narcissistís thoughts and desires.
5. Smile and keep quiet a lot.

One more observation in them, is they try to adopt the divide and rule policy. They somehow try to create misunderstandings between the mother and daughter, mother and son. With some relatives etc. So, it is for us to understand such qualities and stay away from such gossips and be alert to situation and do not fall prey to that character.

hmtday Open Thoughts
In child psychology I read this and was interesting.

1. I am not OK, You are OK
2. I am not OK, You are not OK
3. I am OK, You are not OK
4. I am OK, You are OK.

Of the above four life positions, the fourth one alone is healthy and happy. The first one is depressive, the second one is gloomy, and the third one is aggressive. Children who grow up with the life position of ĎI am OK, You are OKí spread cheerfulness and optimism wherever they go and are generally successful since they find it easier to accept other people. So, it is important for all of us to teach kids about the " I am OK, you are OK." concept from their younger age.

hmtday Donee Sentence
Mukti is a donee getting donations to provide artificial limbs to poor and needy.

hmtday Question 465
1. To have a thorough knowledge of the working areas, keeping updated with technology and with the software skills.
2. Problem solving ability.
3. Effective and good communication skills, and willingness to participate in any representations and be a good role model.

hmtday Disappoint Sentence
Stella could not disappoint her brother's wish to buy a bike.

hmtday Negotiable Sentence
Real Estate business is under competition and prices are negotiable with the builders.

hmtday Obesity Sentence
Obesity if unattended will lead to many health problems.

hmtday Reframe 87
The present moment is so precious to anyone and we should practice to live in the now and not miss that, instead of thinking about the future which is yet to happen.

hmtday Reframe 270
When you practice meditation, you will realize the value of silence which will be worth its weight in gold.

hmtday Reframe 116
When you do not have the worry about money, you can feel immense power within you.

hmtday HAYFRN
A very nice day. Feeling fresh and energetic. Reading and learning.

hmtday Soup Quote
Soups are warm semi-solid drink, which is to be taken before a meal or a dinner. This serves as a good appetizer. Sweet corn soup, tomato soup are some common veg. soups. I love to taste the Lungfung soup. This is a non-veg soup, very tasty. Prepared with minced chicken, egg white, carrots, beans etc. You can easily get them in any multi cuisine restaurants.

hmtday Proverb 20
Exactly true. Good opportunities will come to us only once a way. It is upto us to stay alert and grab such good opportunities, when them come towards us. So, everyone should stay tuned in their minds, equip themselves to get such a chance and in no circumstance, leave such good chance coming towards them for silly reasons. No one should think, that it will come back again and leave it in the first instant when it comes through.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Recently I have purchased good quality of dresses for my daughter and son-in-law - Jeans, T Shirt and ladies dresses through online LimeRoad. The material is of good quality and also at reasonable prices. Once we complete a successful purchase, they give cash back LR credits, which we can adjust in our next order.

hmtday Stress Busters
Sometimes, when I am hurt or upset about something, I never shout back or retaliate. I just come out of the situation and take a long break. My mother used to tell me that any action's effect will be only for 48 hours. So, I keep such matters to cool for 48 hours and never turn back till 48 hours is completed. Within that time, lots of changes happens to the situation and also within me. Then, things become normal.

hmtday Stress Busters
When I am very much stressed, I would just try to find some Sardarji jokes, read them, then laugh and then come out of my stress.

hmtday Happy Things
I will always be very happy to see this video in Youtube. The name of the video is Gods Love Letter To You. The first picture will be a pink rose. It will be so heart touching to see and listen to the video in absolute silence. We can feel the real God speaking to us. I felt so happy when I heard this for the first time. Then, whenever, I am disturbed, I listen to this video and I feel so happy and energetic. Even if you have not come across the same, you can try for once in youtube. Just amazing.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
I loved to listen to the Ethiopian Christian Instrumental music video with the dove picture from Youtube and just relax my mind. It is just so soothing to see the video with the music and relax.

hmtday Music Room
I am really mesmerized with the Anjali Anjali Instrumental music by Rahaman Khan. Especially the music with the saxophone is simply superb. Enjoy them seeing in Youtube. It is from the movie Duet. Everyone who have seen this , will agree with me.

hmtday Happy Things
When I suddenly remember about someone after a very long time and I happened to speak about them to my friends or relatives, within a few days the person whom I was talking about will really come to me. In few instances, the person will be coming from abroad. Recently too this happened. One of our staff resigned and went to Muscat few years back and I was talking about him to my friend. Then suddenly he came to see me after 2 days. I do not know about what type of coincidence this is or whether it is like a telepathy. But I am sure that there is some sort of gravitation. I really feel happy about such an incident.

hmtday Open Thoughts
One of my friend visited me this Saturday. They saw my grand kid and said that she is junior Mark, because she resembled more of her father. Then she immediately said, "I don't smoke like my father, I don't drink fizzy drinks". Then she started saying, smoking affects the lungs, it will become black and even spoil the liver. I was so astonished to hear this. She is just six years old and how strongly certain things are registered in the minds of the children. So, parents have to be very alert in front of the present generation. Even a small mistake if we commit, it registers strongly in their minds.

hmtday Happy Things
When I see my grand kid speaking a very fluent English, I am so excited and happy. She talks to me as though she is a very grown up girl. Very happy to see kids with such an amount of knowledge on any matters.

hmtday Happy Things
When I enter my home and see the house, spick and span. Everything in its place and all the rooms, kitchen in a neat condition, I really feel happy and I forget my whole day's stress.

hmtday Happy Things
I always love and feel happy to take a long drive.
Especially the toll roads, where we have to pay the toll and then non-stop keep driving. Just open the windows and let the breeze in. Nice time of such driving. This makes me so happy.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Mango Pachadi.
Get two big long shaped mangoes. Peel their green skins and discard. Cut the mangoes into small cube like pieces. Put them in a deep vessel, add a tumbler of water 200 ml. Add a cup of sugar. Still well. Keep the vessel in medium flame and cook till the mango pieces cooks well and it can be smashed. Add, a very little pinch of salt. If required, we can use colours or we need not add. Keep the cooked mangoes to cool and mash them. This becomes like a jelly. You can store them in a container and serve them along with iddlies, rice. A very tasty mango pachadi.

hmtday Happy Things
My nephew got 475 marks out of 500 in his SSLC Exams which made all of us happy.

hmtday Success Tips
Always teach children between the age group of 10 to 14 years, to write handwriting in English and Language two pages a day. This helps them to get a neat handwriting.
Good handwriting takes a person to success.

hmtday Life Lessons
I am learning many life lessons from Osovo. Many good values are shared there and only when I spend reading them alone and in leisure, many things speak from that to our hearts. It is worth reading them again and again including the replies from friends and even our own replies. It is like refreshing our minds.

hmtday Life Lessons
A good planning of making a financial budget is also very important to plan our finances. I always see my mom, making her monthly budget in her handbook every time. Though she is very old, still she does not change her practice. And in her budget list, the first importance will be for offering. So, I could understand that she gives first priority to God and then to other matters. A great learning from her.

hmtday Reframe 17
The man was starving for four days and unable to get on his feet.

hmtday Teeth Quote
Brush teeth twice a day. Drink lot of milk, to improve the calcium levels and good dental care. Meet the dentist twice a year and check for any decay or just go for a cleaning to improve the condition of your teeth hygiene.

hmtday Shopping Cart
Today I have ordered few dresses from Lime Road, on line shopping bazaar. The rates seems to be reasonable and also the quality of the materials. They also give a cash back credit to our account after each purchase, which we can use while paying in the next purchase. So, this is a form of Sales promotional offer from the supplier.

hmtday Time Is Precious
Time, electricity, water are few of the resources, which once lost cannot be retrieved. Especially the time. Each second will be running out for all of us. Every second is part of a minute, every minute to an hour, every hour to a day and so on. We may be rich or poor, but for everyone time is common. Everyone gets 24 hours a day. So, we have to plan each day, with sufficient sleeping hours, resting hours, traveling time, working time, playing time, family time, friends time, entertainment time, study time, planning time, executing time, eating time and so on. So, when we schedule our activities to the nearest hours timinings, note them in a diary and seriously follow them, then we will be the person who has respected time and made the best use of it.

hmtday Reframe 289
Strike when the iron is hot and master this skill.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Sweet Pongal:
This is a nice dish can be prepared for the breakfast or for the evening. Ingredients required: One tumbler 200 ml size of raw rice. One third of the same cup of moong dal. One cup of jaggery. Cardamon, cashews, rasins, ghee to taste and a pinch of salt.
Wash the rice, dal together in a shallow vessel, which can go inside your pressure cooker. Place the pressure cooker, add few cups of water in the base, then immerse the vessel containing the rice, dal mixed together. Add 3 cups of water to the rice, add a pinch of salt, add one teaspoon of oil in the water so that the rice gets well cooked. Close the cooker and cook the rice for 12 minutes for few whistles. Then put off the fire. Take one glass of water in a vessel and add the jaggery and stir in low heat, the jaggery will dissolve and starts to boil. Let it boil till it becomes little thicker. After the cooker is cooled down, remove the lid and take out the vessel with the dal and rice cooked. Keep the vessel directly in the stove in low flame. Filter the boiled jaggery water on the cooked rice/dal. and stir them, till the pongal gets thickened. In a small kadai, fry the cashews, raisins in low heat and light brown color and pour on the pongal. The cardomon powder to be added when you add the jaggery to the cooked rice. The tasty sweet pongal is ready to serve hot.

hmtday Happy Things
Whenever I buy a new dress for my daughter or granddaughter, I feel more happy for that. It is about choosing the different colors, the pattern of stitching, the models etc. I love to select the best model for my daughter which will suit her physical structure.

hmtday Life Lessons
Each day is a learning process from the day we were as kids till the age we turn to very old people. It is ideal to write down some of the best learnings, in our diaries within few days else we will tend to forget them in our busiest activities. Diary writing is a very good habit. Though it is olden culture, still its value is well appreciated by all.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
I love to see the peacock dance in the forest with its feathers spread fully, when it sees the thick clouds moving across and also when it is delighted.
It is a marvelous sight to see such creations of God combined with its feelings with nature. Same way, when the sun rises, the sun flower which has bowed down all through the night lifts up and opens its petals welcoming the sun. It is good to watch keenly on these nature's movements and reactions and its feelings.

hmtday Open Thoughts
It was very nice to listen once again today, to Savio Sir's audio on the 200 qualities and habits of a good counselor. The new students can also download and listen to them. It will be very useful for their work.

hmtday Grocery Quote
Grocery is the household essentials which is required for the regular home maintenance, cooking ingredients and other important things which we plan to buy for the family requirement each month from a departmental stores, super market, grocery shop and now it is also online.

hmtday Office Quote
Be your best, do your best,
Remember each day, is precious,
You can do wonders, if you have a mind.
Opportunity never comes often,
Sense them, grab them and work on them,
to prove you are the best.

hmtday Reframe 450
To live a meaningful life, we have to be focused with goals and a purpose for life.

hmtday Question 475
I admire Indira Gandhi as she was a very dynamic and a brave woman Prime Minister.

hmtday Happy Things
After a long time, today morning I could see the dark cloudy weather and also few drizzling started on the way to my office, which made me so happy.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Sweet Paniyaram
For preparing this, we should have a paniyaram pan with seven holes, which is available in
Ingredients : Two cups of wheat flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar, pinch of salt to taste, two bananas, half teaspoon fennel seeds powder or 3 pieces of cardamom powdered.
Place the wheat powder in a bowl, add sugar and salt and the fennel seeds powder, little water to mix them well, add the mashed bananas to the mixture. The mixture should be in the semi-solid status like a dosai paste. Keep the paniaram pan in low heat in the stove, add oil on each holes of the paniaram pan. Then, fill 3/4th of the hole with the mixed wheat paste. Use a fork or knife, to turn the paniaram to the other side to get cooked. When both the sides turn brown, remove from the pan with the help of fork and serve them hot. This can be used for an evening snack on holidays.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Bombay Toast.
Take milk 200 ml. add two tablespoon of sugar. Beat one egg and add the milk with sugar to the beaten egg. Keep the bread slices in a plate. Keep a thava in a low fire, spread half teaspoon of ghee in the thava. Dip the bread slice into the beaten egg/milk and place it on the thava for a minute, then turn the bread slice so that the other end will also get toasted in the heat. Apply little ghee in the sides if required. Then place it in a casserole and serve hot. All kids and adults will like it.

hmtday Useful Tips
When we buy extra bread and wanted to use two days later, just store them in the freezer. Keep the bread outside just 30 minutes before using them, the bread will become soft and ready to use. The prevents bread from fungus.

hmtday Reframe 332
Emotionally and spiritually we are together in Enoma irrespective of physically being a
even thousand miles away .

hmtday Reframe 467
Practice to write on different topics and you will see how you have sharpened your skills.

hmtday Effective Sentence
Effective listening skills is a must for good counselor.

hmtday Appearance Quote
The first impression is the best impression. So, take care in dressing sense according to the occasion and the place and try to be a Roman when you are in Rome. That is the proverb to be followed. Many people judge from the personality at the first instance. Only later, they learn about their qualities and respect them.

hmtday Question 479
After 2010, I was put to face book by my children to come out of my depression due to loss of my husband. Then I was playing Cafe world, popular game and many women across the globe became freinds, but still few of them are continuing their friendship with me. God blessed me with quite a number of good and sincere friends through online. But fake ones are also in online. We will soon find out who is genuine and who is fake. Immediately, we have to unfriend or block the fake ones.

hmtday Question 480
I like my character for being compassionate. This is the character Jesus practiced and taught us. So, I love this character.

hmtday Question 489
Rice, wheat products, meat, vegetables and fresh fruits.

hmtday Reframe 361
Do not gossip about anyone and avoid talking negative of people.

hmtday Reframe 25
When we are stressed, we can bring back to our mind, our old sweet memories.

hmtday Reframe 60
The audience became impatient and bored about the very long presentation.

hmtday Gardening Quote
I love my garden, which invites me with cool sight, the green background always pleases me. I love to smell the best perfumes from the flowers which bloomed and also it not only charms me, but a lot of bees around to taste its nectar. I couldn't explain its marvelous colours, pink, purple, white, blue, red, yellow all sorts of colours and with diffent shades in each color, attracts my eyes and brings inner joy to me.

hmtday HAYFRN
I am feeling very relaxed. Taken good rest and sleep today.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
When you plant a sapling to grow one tree, always think that it is not just going to be a tree. It is going to become home for many birds and their families, a place of rest for many animals which comes to that tree on a hot summer day. Also will serve as a place of comfort for the travellers who come to that area. So plant as many trees as possible and your service to the society will be greatly honored by Almighty and will be praised by the users.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Acoustic schwannoma:
This is a tumor on the nerve which connects the brain and the ear. It arises in the 8th nerve bundle and grows within the tissues. I had this problem and doctor identified this, when I underwent a MRI scan in the year 2001 for a different problem. Then the doctor opened up my back portion of the skull and removed this tumor very carefully. Then they sent it for biopsy and said it was benign tumor. I regained hearing in my right ear after 2 months of the surgery and it was very mild than my left ear. After 12 years, I again did an MRI to check whether there was growth in the same place. Then, they saw a 0.5mm tumor in the same place. At that time, they got the cyberknife equipment and without opening the skull, they sent rays to burn the small size tumor. After this, I totally lost my hearing in 2013 in my right ear. Kindly read through my true testimonies I and II when you find time which I shared to our Enoma posts when I joined here. Doctors said that if the tumor had slighly come in the 6th or 7th nerve instead of 8th nerve, I would have lost my eyesight or even got paralysed. Blessing in disguise, I lost only my hearing and God saved me from all big dangers.

hmtday Open Thoughts
We learn many things relating to medical disorders also in our counseling lessons, so it will be ideal to share here our experiences what we would have learnt from our friends, families or even our own medical problems. This will give us some more details on few things which we have not come across and it might be useful in our future, if at all someone comes with similar problems.

hmtday Exit Sentence
In all flights they have emergency exits two at front and two at rear with arrow line indicators leading to them.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Malai Laddu
1/2 cup condensed milk
250 gms. paneer (cottage cheese)
2-3 drops kewra essence
1/4 tsp. yellow colour.
Preparation :
1.Mash paneer.
2.Add condensed milk and cook on slow flame, stirring continously.
3.Cook till thick and sides leave.
4.Add essence and remove from flame.
5.Mix well. 6.Pour on plate.
7.Cool. Make ladoos.
8.Sprinkle powdered elaichi and decorate.

hmtday Easy Recipes
Malai Kofta:
A very tasty dish. You can try to make this on a Sunday or holiday. Ingredients required :
50 gms. khoya 50 gms. paneer 5 medium potatoes
20 gms. cashewnuts 20 gms. raisins 4-5 green chillies chopped fine. 1/2 tsp. ginger grated 1 tsp. coriander chopped 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds ,salt to taste.
Boil the potatoes, peel and smash them.
Mix together all the ingredients except raisins and cashews.Take a ping-pong ball sized dough in hand.
Flatten. Place 2-3 cashews and raisins in the centre and shape into a ball. Repeat for remaining dough. Keep aside.

Gravy ingredients:
125 gms. cream 75 gms. khoya or paneer
150 ml. milk 50 gms. cashewnuts 3 tsp. white pepper powder. 2 1/2 tsp. sugar 2 tsp. grated ginger
1/4 tsp. nutmeg powder 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. garlic crushed 1" cinnamon 6 cloves 6 cardamoms ,salt to taste , 3 tbsp. ghee.
Method for gravy:
Roast the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves together. Dry grind and keep aside. Wet grind all the other ingredients, except ghee, to a paste.
Heat ghee in a skillet, add powdered spices and fry for 2-3 seconds. Add paste and fry further for 5-7 minutes stirring well. Add 2 cups water and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
Warm the koftas either in the oven or on the tava.
Optional: You can deep fry the koftas also.
To serve place warm koftas in a casserole.
Either pour boiling hot gravy on the koftas or pour and bake in hot oven of 5 minutes. Garnish with grated cheese and chopped coriander. Serve hot with naan or parathas.

hmtday Open Thoughts
It was a gospel music concert. I was there till 10.30pm . Then I came home and luckily the concert was live in youtube and I joined it from home in the night prayer 12 mid night.. Then, I was listening to the music. What a miracle happened. My right ear is deaf for nearly 5 years after my cyberknife treatment. When I plugged my ear phones, in my laptop and listened to the music, suddenly my left ear phone dropped. What a surprise and joy and miracle, I felt God opened my right ears, I have started hearing mild in my right ears. No words to thank my dear Lord. I used to think, becoming a counselor, listening is my important part. I used to tell God, Lord only with one ear, I have to do my work. Now, God opened my second ear. Millions of thanks to Jesus my Lord. Happy to share this good news to my beloved team here Savio Sir, Kirti and all other friends. I hope you will all be happy with this live testimony and miracle happened to me this early morning.

hmtday Relaxing Thoughts
Yesterday I got the new CDs, which were released in the Musi-care concert. Now, it is so relaxing to listen to them in my new home theatre. I thank God for His greatest mercies on me, and giving me so much happiness at this time. A music brings much relaxation to the mind, than any other thing.

hmtday Open Thoughts
I was blessed today to go to my favorite music concert, which is conducted every year during second Friday of May month, by musi-care. They are a charitable institution, where they do lot of help and charity to the poor and needy. The speciality of the concert is it starts from dawn to dusk. 12 hours non-stop singing and praises to glorify God. To my amazement just now came home and noticed that they are live now. Exactly at 12 midnight they will all join together with candles and special prayer will be done for each Indian citizen, the unity and peace of the nation. This is the 17th year, they are continuously doing this. Lots of blind and poor people were honored and they were extended with help. Very happy to see such an activity and good people doing this service.

hmtday Open Thoughts
Today is my son's second wedding anniversary. Both of them are now in Muscat and I miss them. May be if God's will I may visit them this Christmas.
Tomorrow is my daughter's ninth wedding anniversary. She stays next to my house and I meet them every weekend. I can still remember them as kids and seeing how days and years have rolled by. God was so good to me. Even though, I have suffered a lot in my life, He is always with me and lifting me up when I fall. I always remember the story of Man and God, which I have shared to our Enoma long back. Good to read them again, if you are able to find them in the Enoma posts. Thanks to Savio Sir and all over here, where I forget my loneliness and God makes me happy to be here with all of you. Please pray for me and my children too on this special days. Thanks to all.

hmtday Vegetable Quote
All green vegetables are good for health. Each day, add greens to your diet and see the difference in your healthy living.

hmtday Health Club
Nowadays, many of people who go for work, start early in the morning and reach home late nights. That too they travel by car or taxi or closed vehicles and are not exposed to sunlight. Such, people will have to check out the D3 level while they go for medical check up. Because, D3 deficiency may weaken their bone density and strength. They can also take the D3 powder supplement and mix in water and take the drink weekly once after consulting their doctor. Old people like my age, may even start out with osteoporosis problem. The bones may become soft and pores develop in the bones, and it becomes brittle and weak. Such, people will have to take the relevant tests and take Shilcal or calcium tablets, then monthly once with the Tayo 60K in consultation with their physician. This helps to strengthen the bones. If old people are not taking enough calcium, then even if they fall somewhere, there is high risk of fracture. Hence, please take care of your health at the right time. Do not delay to see your family physician.

hmtday Health Club
We should be much more concerned with our postures. This is one of the important aspect, where many people do not think seriously about. How, we walk, how we sit, how we lie down, how we sleep, especially for people who are continuously working on computers, we have to see the power point and other lessons from you tube about the ergonomics of computer use. They will teach us of how to hold the mouse, what position, we have to adjust the monitor and the distance we have to maintain, how comfortable, we should sit and the position to sit etc. If we strictly follow the instructions, we can get rid of the back pain, stress on the vertebral column and other ailments.

hmtday Weather Center
It was surprising to see a drastic change in the weather, in most of the parts of our country. East is getting good rains, lots of clouds at many places. Even, Chennai had thunder yesterday, though not much of rain, but the climate chilled out in the night. Hope and pray that we all get good rains and come out of the water problem in many parts of the country.

hmtday Life Lessons
I have now learnt that we should teach our children the value about money, right from their childhood. We should not buy whatever they wanted, just to make them happy. We should teach them to analyse if it is really required and it will help them or will be useful to them. Is it worth, spending the hard earned money on some luxuries or less important things. It may be bit unpleasant for the child at the beginning. But in the long run, when the child practices these sort of analysis, right from the childhood, it will go a long way in their life to make wise decisions and be careful in spending and to take care of the hard earned money and save them for the appropriate and worthwhile investments.

hmtday Nature Thoughts
To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

hmtday Hobby Lobby
Carroms, chess, board games etc. are good hobbies, which has now taken back. Parents should involve with children and show interest in all these indoor games. Then, they will learn to play and come out of the electronic gadget addiction.

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