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A bit hungry. Parents have come, got to do vadai.......all other items are ready. Dad, as usual watching news, almost in all news channel.... Ha ha ha...... Mom, lying down.......after lunch, they are leaving for sister's place.

We reached Pondicherry in the afternoon. Both myself and friend were tired. We just ordered food through room service. After some time plan to go to the French quarters by walk and have coffee. Then spend some time cycling and enjoying the beautiful city before going to the beach for dinner and a stroll...

Headache should not make you sad. But it is another reminder to focus more on self nourishment. When the perspective of life is changed, the life itself changes. So Vinay, headache is a good reminder of your own Self. Start devoting more time for your Self. Cheers.
Vinay's 30/7/3:55pm - 1/8/12:31pm

Very good Vinay, you had taken very sensible issue for your teachers, it is right students going to schools will develop more amazingly, when they will start thinking on developing their skills with guidance of wonderful gurus.
Vinay's 29/7/6:27pm - 31/7/1:53pm

I am sad today. I have been having the headache from the morning. Slightly better now, and thought of engaging myself with Enoma. Let me see whether Enoma can get rid of my headache.

I took a session for the teachers of my school. The session was on HOT (Higher Order Thinking). Explained very well using PPT, and all the teachers were very happy to know about a new concept. I stressed the point that teaching is not just giving and dumping facts and figures into the children, but real teaching should be to make the children think.

Relaxing afternoon with family with lot of talks and laughs.Neighbours too joined us in our relaxing moments.

After coming back from Rohtak and Delhi, today in afternoon, i took good nap and relaxed my whole body.

Jane Austen's sister inherited her writing desk after the lady's death. At the end of the twentieth century, the family bequeathed the famous desk to the British Museum in London.

That is so romantic Rekha. May you both be like this forever.
Rekha's 20/7/5:32pm - 26/7/5:27pm

I am thinking of Jane Austen whose bi-centenary of death falls this year. She looks quite a charming and pretty lady from the picture of hers in the papers. But she died at an early age of 44. Her eyesight was deteriorating during the last one year of her life. Researchers suspect it may have caused due to accidental arsenic poisoning - arsenic was the common ingredient of some medications during those years.

I was thinking that most of the people have an easy life. I was thinking my problems are greater when compared to the problems of others. But, in actuality, that is not the case. Mostly I do not have the opportunity to scrutinize other people's lives a little bit more closely.

Moreover, her daughter working in the Gulf has saddled her with her young, school-going boy to look after. The boy is quite smart, though a little bit naughty adding to the harassments of the old lady. Furthermore, she has to take care of her diabetic husband whose legs amputated.

This investment advisor, now in her sixties, is a haggard lady. Over the years she has acquired a sizeable clientele. Most of the time I see her going around to meet her clients. She doesn't have the earlier swiftness in her pace now.

Went out in the morning to withdraw some money from the ATM. The investment advisor had called earlier reminding about an installment falling due this week. She said that she will drop by this evening but no sign f her yet.

The students of Std 8 were taken to a nearby dairy farm where they had large number of cows and buffaloes. The students learnt a lot about the feeding of the cattle, the milking process, vermi-compost and many other things. I also accompanied them, and everything was new to me too. I learnt quite a lot.

Today afternoon was very romantic, me and my husband spent quality time by singing songs and enjoyed lot in a beautiful weather when cold winds were blowing and adding charm to our afternoon.

The lunch is cooking in the kitchen - it is simple food, but very tasty and filled with a delicious aroma. I got bored with the little reading that I do. These days I scarcely read anything outside of daily newspapers.

Since the movements are restricted I feel a little bit lazy and idle. The 'kaamwali bai' came with a fancy umbrella, did her usual chores around the house in a relaxed manner and with a smile, and gone.

A relaxed afternoon today. Outside it is raining unceasingly and the pleasantly cool weather continues inside. I would not dare to go out unless it is an emergency.

I have been into DAL time management system for the past one week. Really, I can see a great improvement in my lifestyle than before. I am now conscious of my time. I can balance time for all areas of life, though not 100 percent. Meditation, Fitness, Loved ones, Friends, House holds, Enoma, Nap, Reading....... almost all my areas of life is given importance. Promise for sure, the time taken to complete a work is less than before following the DAL system, which clearly indicates, I am thoroughly focussing on my work, one at a time. I am happy and satisfied. Thank you Sir for this wonderful system. I need to plan for the week, which I am not used to. Hope I can do well. Thank you.

I ventured out in the evening with my umbrella in hand. But there was no need of the umbrella as it did not rain. I spent some pleasant time sitting on a bench in the church quadrangle.

It was a pleasant afternoon today. I had nice tea along with vermicelli dish. A couple of times it drizzled, but the weather remained quite cool the whole day.

This is the reason that all of a sudden the thoughts of death assail my mind today. No one knows what is there in the realm beyond. Maybe it is utter emptiness; there may be nothing that connects this world with the other, except our fond memories and imaginations.

It is now one year since the old lady from the opposite flat departed from this world. Her daughter met us earlier in the day today informing that the first death anniversary will be held on the coming Sunday.

Just like the seasonal cycles, the life cycle of people also keeps moving. It moves in one direction and is not irreversible. Age keeps up with everyone, though unnoticeable.

It is somewhat a lazy afternoon today. I wanted to go out to buy some provisions for home. This way I can meet some friends and acquaintances in the street or in the church courtyard. But, because of the non-stop rain, I plan to cut short the trip.

It's a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze blowing outside. The sun is playing hide and seek behind the clouds, and there is no sign of any rain today too.

This singular quietude of the surroundings indicates that the incessant rains have dampened the spirit of the people. They like to remain indoors and eat hot-hot bajias or pakodas.

It is Sunday today and the noontime has just begun. It is all quiet all around; no sound of auto-rickshaws plying recklessly in the nearby street and no loud sound of children playing the building quadrangle downstairs.

I am very careful about my umbrella; it hurts me if I lose the umbrella for nothing during these rainy days. People very often lose umbrellas during the rainy days because of carelessness. They leave it outside the stores and forget to take them back. When they come back to retrieve the umbrella, there will be no sign of it.

There is some respite from incessant rain since morning. It is time for me to get out of the house as I am sorely missing the touch with the neighborhood and its people. Surely, I should not forget to carry the umbrella with me.

Today is a beautiful day with no rain and the sun hidden behind the clouds. It is a bit humid, though. I always call this as 'cricket weather' as this weather suits to play cricket.

Sitting in the house of my younger sister, my appointment with doctor is postponed to tomorrow as she is busy in some important meeting. Enjoying the food and talks with her, my niece and nephew.

During the rains electronics, pcs and laptops do give a lot of trouble. Maybe the moisture all around and in the switches and wires cause things to collapse.
Dolphi's 30/6/12:48pm - 30/6/1:12pm

I thought of going out to buy some household provisions. During this morning outings, I meet several of my acquaintances from the neighborhood. But because of the incessant rains since morning I dare not go out; the provisions can wait.

Just a couple of days' rains disrupt the operations in Mumbai. The roads and the train tracks get flooded and the whole transportation system in the city gets into disarray.

It has been thundering and lightning for the past few days. It was also raining intermittently. Finally, the rains have made their arrival in full swing. I was enjoying the weather very much. But the lightning may have affected the motherboard of my laptop and it could not start.

Suddenly I find myself idle with nothing to do. My laptop gave way all of a sudden. All thatIcan do now is to write down my random thoughts on my hand-sized, hard-bound notebook.

The monsoon season is the most welcome one for me; the weather is cool and pleasant. The view outside my hall window uplifts the soul. The lunch is cooking and wonderful smell emanates from the kitchen.

It's a beautiful and peaceful afternoon. I am laying down on the bed doing some light work while chatting with my loved ones and listening to the music playing on the stereo. Today evening we have a couple of friends coming over for tea so I will complete my evening work right now and take a brief nap before they come home. The month of July is almost upon us, the heaviest rains happen then, we are expected to head to the nearby hill stations for a brief holiday soon, it should be loads of fun, after all who doesn't love the green hills and the rains...

In Dehradun also, it was very pleasant weather or i can say very romantic weather, enjoying the weather we had a good conversation between daughters and parents, quite interesting. The most loving part of my conversation was that i shared stories of Savio Sir, The Monsoon principle, The Hidden clock with them, which gave me inner joy sharing these principles with my family.
Vinay's 28/6/2:14pm - 28/6/7:20pm

Very beautiful weather, it is neither hot nor cold. The sun is hiding behind the dark clouds. Cool breeze blowing a bit heavily all around. An ideal time to spend on the bed, reading a good book, having a strong hot tea and some fried cashew nuts by the side to put into the mouth.
All these are dreams as I am in my school doing my usual work!

Today is a hot day here. Some of the classrooms, when I went for the rounds, I found the students drowsy. This weather really brings a sleepy mood. Those who have the habit of having a nap in the noon, cannot resist this now.

Since the weather is fine with intermittent drizzles, it would be a nice and a relaxing afternoon today. However, when everything seems alright and everything promises to be bright, something inadvertent can suddenly crop up and spoil the day.

This afternoon is quite pleasant. Just had a cup of hot tea. These days I prepare the evening tea and gradually I am improving in the art. Also had crispy chaklis with the tea. That gives a pleasant pause to my afternoon routine of activities.

Time management

A normal day for a homemaker like me is very routine. Routine to an extent that every activity is done on most days at approximately the same time. By routine i don't mean boring. The time pattern has over the years become very much an important part influencing my personality. Even a slight deviation in it due to unexpected reasons gets me worked up. I think that though we may try to keep with with time, there may be unexpected delays due to different reasons. Most of these reasons are not in our control. I am now training myself not to get worked up if somethings don't happen as per schedule but plan measures so that it does not affect my temperament and the next course of acitivities.

After serving lunch to everyone spent excellent time in cafe Enoma, now i will have small nap and relax my whole body for rest of the day works.

It is always a pleasure to have the entire afternoon to myself, nothing much to do but sleep and relax, it's the ideal life for sure, anyone who argues with this lifestyle surely knows something that I don't, people are always in such a hurry, running from pillar to post to go God knows where, if only they'd stop and listen to the sounds of the afternoon breeze, if only they'd realize that life is so beautiful and with each passing moment they've lost yet another minute...


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