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The only people with no problems are either dead or not yet born!

Use things, not people;
Love people, not things.

Arpita has decorated the room so beautiful for celebrations of her younger sister birthday, it made us proud,that bond of both sisters are very good.May God always keep this bond between them.

I remember my childhood days. Whenever my parents planned to go somewhere, I was eagerly waiting for that particular day. Many days before that particular day itself, I would start dreaming about it. And at last when that day came, how excited I was!
It is the same feeling even now. Today is the counselling session for me with Savio sir. I am excited about it. Waiting for the 8 pm of today! The good old childhood excitement comes back to me.

It will be always wise to direct our anger towards the problems, and not people; to focus our energies on answers, and not excuses.

For many years, Enoma has been accessible only by a few people living in and around India. But after Cafe Enoma was launched on, things changed drastically. We get guests coming in to read our messages, thoughts, and posts from over 150 countries. However, with this great coverage comes bigger responsibilities. Our esteemed members must understand that what they share must have some value for the other members and our guests from around the world. It would be a waste to waste this golden opportunity to make a name as a prolific blogger on this sacred space. And as such I as the founder of the great cafe, don't wish to associate with or allow members who use this space irresponsibly. They can easily be guests if they do so. No longer can they enjoy the same space as our disciplined blogging veterans.

I always keep myself low profile. Even though I've reached Millions through my online content since 1999. My friends and students are always wondering how I can get so much done while making it look so easy. The thing is that I love what I do for a living, I also love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others without expecting anything much in return, and most important is that I have kinda mastered the management of earth's most valuable resource - time.

Well, it's a delightfully relaxing evening in this part of the world. The Cafe Enoma which was undervalued by its patrons is suddenly bustling with activity. Little do the patrons know that guests drop in to read their contributions from over 150 countries in the world. Perhaps a little more thought must go into what our privileged members share inside these innumerable pages of content inside the great Cafe Enoma.


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