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Kovalam beach in Kerala near Trivandrum is a lovely place. Previously it used to be very beautiful with the nature at its best, but nowadays it has started losing its charm.
I am planning to take a group of students for an educational tour to Trivandrum, Kovalam, Kanyakumari and Madurai by the end of September after the quarterly examinations.

This backwaters stream is usually quiet. Sometimes some boats move up and down this stream transporting coconuts and other material. The water in the stream ebbs and flows according to the diurnal cycles of the tides.

This small town does not have any means of communication like auto rickshaws in Mumbai. I heard that bikes are available there for pillion rides, but I did not use any. Mostly I walked on foot exploring the beautiful place.

One of the beautiful places that I visited was Goa in December last year. I had the accommodation beside backwaters stream. It was a quiet town with not many people, mostly tourists.

The people from the city are attracted to the beautiful waterfalls around the city. These waterfalls have treacherous charm daring some adventurists to take a plunge, in spite of the dangers lurking in the hidden currents.

After the heavy showers of late, the lakes around Mumbai city are full of water. There are several waterfalls around the city which are beautiful sites to see.

I was sent to visit the temple on a bicycle with a local youngster. The local guy was not as stunned as I was to witness this world's wonder. We did not spend too much time over there. But a brief visit was enough to leave me wonderstruck.

The Meenakshi Amman temple at Madurai in Tamil Nadu is one of the beautiful places that I visited a long time is still firmly entrenched in my mind. The first amazing sight was the towering 'gopuram', so intricately and marvelously sculptured.

Coorg is the picturesque district of Karnataka in the hills (Western Ghats). It is well-known for vast coffee plantations, lush forests and misty hills. Many Coorgi students come to Mangalore to prosecute their college studies.

During my younger days, I was about to go on a trip to Madikeri in the Kodagu (Coorg) district of Karnataka. Somehow I lost the opportunity of visiting a beautiful place not too far from my hometown.

I had visited Goa once. It is very beautiful state in western India. It has coastlines stretching along the Arabian sea. It is famous for beaches. It is attached to Maharashtra in north, Karnataka in the east and south and western part is covered by Arabian sea. It was ranked best place by the eleventh finance commission for its infrastructure and best quality of life in India by National commission. The largest city in Goa is Vasco da Gama and Panaji is it's capital. Every year so many tourists visit Goa for its beaches, culture. It has seven major rivers Sal, Galgibag kumbarjua canal, Zuari, Mandovi, Tereko, Chapora, Talpona. The best time to visit Goa is December.

On the top of the hills, a kind or tall and hard grass grew, amidst which you can just get lost. This grass has no value as the fodder for the cattle. But, when it is dried in the summer, it is of invaluable help in thatching the roofs of village huts.

The jungle around those hills was the home for troops of gray langurs on the trees. You can see a sudden surge of activity among the langurs on the sight of humans. They do not harm humans; but, as a child, I was afraid of them.

The hills around my childhood always fascinated me. The jungle around the hills sported numerous trees bearing wild fruit. We would forage those jungles and eat the wild berries to our hearts' content.

Beautiful places come with a cost by way of money and effort. Those places have to be maintained as such; otherwise, ugliness will take over them in no time. Heave breeze has caused the trees to shed their leaves making the streets dirty and making our beautiful neighborhood unseemly.

I like to be around the hilly places with a lot of greenery. During the rainy season, such places come alive with consummate beauty all around.

Bhutan is a lovely place. I had worked there for ten long years. I was in the Eastern side of the Bhutan, where the nature was at its best. The human had not spoilt the nature.The place where I worked, Kanglung, is a beautiful place.

I had already mentioned Kollur as a beautiful place. Yesterday I came here, and this place looked more beautiful than ever with the monsoon rains at its peak.

Green meadows spring to life after the rains. I have seen such places years ago in the plateaus near my childhood village. It is a bliss to lie down on the soft and wet grass and look at the cloudy skies.

One beautiful place near to my home is the Global Vipasana Pagoda at Gorai next to Esselworld. It is a magnificent Buddhist Pagoda that permeates all-pervasive peace and quietude.

I had already mentioned about one of the beautiful places as Kollur and Udipi. From Kollur, if you travel climbing a hill of the Kudajadri, the scenic beauty is marvellous. I will be there on Sunday.

Right now the most beautiful place would Lonavla. Malshej Ghat is also amazing during the rains. The similarity in both these places are that, they both have tall mountains, greenery all over and waterfall playing hide seek while you drive all along the way.

We have the habit of visiting some temples. One of the temples that we visit at least once a year is Mookambika Temple at Kollur in Karnataka. It is about four hours drive from Mangalore and two hours from Udupi. The way to that temple is through somewhat forest area. I always go to that place to enjoy the scenic beauty. The temple is situated in the forest - the Kudajadri forest.

Among the beautiful places that I visited or intended to visit is Jog Falls in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Here the Sharavati River plunges approximately 250 meters down (the 2nd highest fall in India) on its course from the Western Ghats to the Arabian Sea.

The Golden temple is the beautiful place in Amritsar. Gurudwara surrounded by water all around and the sounds of shabad kirtan gives lot of relaxation.

Yes indeed Thekkady is a fantastic place. One should not forget the boat ride that we can enjoy there.
Dolphi's 14/6/10:07am - 14/6/10:44pm

The most beautiful places which I have seen and admired is in the olden days - Lal Bagh in Bangalore. The beautiful big roses, the glass house with varieties of flowers, plants for the flower show on 15th August from different parts of the State. Lovely to see them. It still stays fresh in my memory. I went there for the flower show in 1988. Generally 26th Jan and 15th Aug will be the flower show dates in Bangalore Lal Bagh.

Thekkady in Kerala is a beautiful hilly place well known for its wildlife preserve for elephants and tigers. Because of its vast coffee and tea plantations down the slopes of the hills makes it an excellent destination for family vacations.

Dehradun is a place , very close to nature.

If we travel about two hours from Mangalore towards the Mookambikai Temple, we come to a place called Udupi. A beautiful place of temples. There are quite a lot of beautiful ancient temples, the temple of Lord Krishna being the famous one. The architecture of the temples is really worth seeing.

One of the beautiful places in Kerala near to the Tamilnadu border is Malampuzha. It is a dam where they have a nice water theme park. Quite a nice place if one is not visiting that place during the hot summer time.

Today I will be going to one of the most beautiful places in the city - Bandra Bandstand. The good thing is that it is a rainy day though that also means that there will be lots of traffic on the road while on our way to Bandra. The beauty of Bandstand is that there is the Arabian Sea to view from the gorgeously landscaped promenades (both on Bandstand and Carter Road). Also, the highlight of Bandstand is that you can see the Bandra-Worli Sea Link up close. It's a magnificent site.

I like Singapore, Europe and Dubai. In India I like Kochi and pathanamthitta.

Ooty in the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu is a lovely place. I was born there. Very beautiful hill station. Even though the tourists throng that place in the months of April and May, the season that I like the most there is the second season in the months of August and September.

When I was too young, I had a wall paper in my drawing room, which had, coconut trees and sea, I asked my mom, what is this place and when shall we visit there. The answer was its Goa, and will visit there soon. But alas! till date I haven't visited Goa. Just heard about it's beauty and every time my husband visits Goa with his friends brings cashew nuts for me. I too really want to visit Goa once in my life time, as many times my I had to cancel my trip due to some or the other personal reasons.
Savio's 4/6/3:16pm - 4/6/7:52pm

I have never visited Goa. But I have heard so much about this lovely place for holidays. I have seen them in movies, mostly Tamil movies and I really like this place. Hope I will get a time to visit Goa.
Savio's 4/6/3:16pm - 4/6/4:54pm

I love Khandala and other nearby hill stations during the Monsoon and Winter season. The large number of waterfalls all along the hills makes it a paradise on Earth during the rainy season. Very soon, we will be going for our first Monsoon break to Khandala during the weekdays as that is when the hills are empty and it is the best time to enjoy the panoramic views and enjoy the falling rain while sipping on a hot cup of tea and relishing some hot tasty spicy snacks.

Goa is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. In my humble opinion anyway. There are so many lovely beaches where you can take long walks on, relax all day long, enjoy good fresh food at the many shacks lined along the beach roads, and many tourist attractions to visit such as the old churches, temples, waterfalls during the monsoon, etc. The sunsets in this sunshine state of India are the best I have ever seen, even better than Mumbai at times.

One of the most beautiful places in the whole world is my home in Naigaon as it is a place where I come up with beautiful thoughts inside my mind while sitting or laying down in Meditation near the large open bedroom windows that open up to the garden full of flowers and birds below and the green green jungle right up ahead. I am miles away from my home right now, perched in my comfortable armchair in my other family home in Versova, and all I can say is that I miss my other home right now.

We never take note of the diverse beauty in our very own country. Places like Ladakh and Manali in the Himalayas to Darjeeling and the northeast to the Nilgiris in the South are indeed a treat to the eye. It is a pity that the northeast is such an unexplored beauty and is often neglected in terms of places of visit. I doubt if there is another country having a vast mountainous range to a desert to a peninsula in one territorial boundary.

According to me Valparai, a small hilly town in Tamilnadu is a beautiful place. Not many tourists go to this place that is full of tea estates. You will find greenery all over the place with the sloping tea bushes all over. As it is a hilly area, quite often the elephants come into the town and scare the people. (May be because the humans have encroached the forest of the animals!!)


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