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Body Language

The funniest part is, people thinks one, speaks different. Poor face reveals all. So let the mind, heart, body and soul aligns to express yourself.

A keen observation and a sense of reading body language help one to read between the lines and to delve deep into the behind-the-scenes meanings. I bet that is great power in reading other people's minds.

The over-smart people tend to be suspicious of others. Perhaps they do not take the relationship for granted. They tend to take relationships with a pinch of salt.

We find the dumb-witted or the less intelligent people more lovable. Perhaps being lovable and less intelligent is built into our genes.

The social intelligence and the body language of our canine friends have evolved over thousands of years to be the 'man's best friend'. In this process, they split from their and wolves' common ancestor.

What an empathy!....Dolphi, it is an awesome quality to understand the body language of animals. Your simple smile had made the dog's day......keep up the good work. Cheers.
Dolphi's 12/7/10:04pm - 13/7/8:55pm

Whenever I go out in the evenings, and sometimes in the mornings, I meet several acquaintances outside. Some of them beam pleasant smiles by way of greetings and I too respond similarly.

A smile is a forever a beautiful thing. I suppose only human beings are capable of smiling. It is the symmetry of facial muscles that conveys a thousand pleasant things.

As I turned to the nearest alley towards my home I noticed a brown dog sitting by the roadside. Its face looked a bit sad to me. The dog was not noticing anyone in particular. But it sensed that I was observing it and it slightly turned its eyes towards me. They were shining brightly. I gave it a smile and it responded by wagging its tail.

Yawning, coughing, smiling and laughing are contagious, and it is proven by several studies. Coughing without having 'cold and cough' can occur to one if someone around is coughing.
Dolphi's 1/7/5:03pm - 5/7/5:54pm

When someone is speaking to me, yawning in front of him will clearly indicate that I am not at all interested in what he is speaking.

Yawning is also a sign of increasing alertness as verified in the great book "365 Good Health Hints" by Dr. David Pine. So it means that if a person is yawning it also might be a sign that he or she is trying to pay attention and not just the other way round.
Dolphi's 1/7/5:03pm - 1/7/5:37pm

Yawning is a sure sign of boredom and sleepiness. Moreover, yawning seems to be contagious just like laughter.

However, sometimes the boy got annoyed and scolded thoroughly the dog for disturbing his sleep. The dog was peeved and went down sullen-faced to his mistress. Thereafter, the dog was very reluctant to go and wake u the boy on his mistresse's orders and simply made a long face and howled softly to expresshis dissent.

The pt dog of a lady that I have known always took the orders from his mistress obediently and enthusiastically. When the lady, busy in preparing the breakfast in the kitchen, told the dog to wake up her son sleeping upstairs, he would run up the stairs and pull the bedsheet covering the boy and worke him up.

Dogs get along very well with human beings because of their social intelligence, which becomes very much visible in their facial expressions. The wagging of their tails is the sure sign of their friendliness.

The body language seems to be universal to all human beings. An attentive observer can glean a lot of meanings from a person, which are normally not communicated in words.

Talk with grace and politely, it reflects your whole character in one sentence.

A bright smile on the first instance when you see a person, changes the mood and gives a friendly feeling in whatever circumstances they may be.

When I asked my staff to do a shift extra, in the absence of her friend, her body language was quite obvious that she is not willing for it.

During a conversation, it is important to observe the body language of the person to whom you are talking. Body language gives innumerable cues to the person's thought processes, which normally are not expressed in words.

This morning one of the parents came to me to admit his son in standard eleven. All the time he talked to me, he was not at all looking at my eyes, always avoiding his glance from me.
After the formalities were over, I asked him why he was not looking at my face while talking to me, he told me that that's how he wanted to give respect to the 'principal' of the school.
I talked to him for some time and made him understand that it will be nice to talk to someone by looking at the eyes. And also I told him that I will not suspect his respect towards me.

When someone is constantly shaking his/her leg while having a conversation that means the person is not fully attentive to what is being said and the person is thinking about something else altogether.

When the shoulders are kept broad and held up and the back is straight we automatically appear confident. So, one can use this posture when you want to portrait you are confident and bold.

While having a face to face conversation, body language is one of the major aspects. We can easily know how well the conversation is going by the body language of the opposite person. Knowing basic body language and observing the same helps a lot to know when a person you are talking to is genuine or not.

The face is the index of mind. So our confidence level will always be judged by our body language and facial expression. Be mindful to be positive from inside out.

Nowadays, it is really important to have a strong determination, perseverance and a habit of doing the task you have started i.e. If you inhibit all these features in your daily life, then you must know that you have a good body language. Body language is all about your own actions, movements(like the movement of your hand, eyes, etc.), the way you talk, the way you move, the way you present yourself, and the way you behave and treat others tells a lot about you. You yourself are the reflection of the person you try to be, so always try to be a good reflection.


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