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Holding grudges affects your productivity of brain. So resolve the issue before you as early as possible.

One thing i always look forward to in the newspaper is the SUDOKU. Over the years i have started timing myself for different difficulty levels. It is good fun.

Playing chess is a good exercise for our brain. You have to concentrate on each move of yours and your opponent, remember all the moves and plan what should be the next move. It needs concentration, memory, planning, decision making, time management and executing.

Brain fitness is very much dependent on physical fitness. Recent research shows that regular physical exercises contribute a lot in keeping the brain fit, just as they keep the body in trim shape.

Daily play some memory games, puzzle games for 10 minutes, to keep your brain more active.

There is a game called Spell-o-Fun that gives a lot of inputs to our thinking of the English language. You have to keep making words using the letter blocks you have, along with the blocks placed by your opponents. The bigger word you make the more points you get. A good game to improve the vocabulary.

That's an awesome request Vinay. Keep doing many more like this. Best wishes.
Vinay's 7/7/12:03pm - 7/7/12:42pm

Tomorrow is Saturday, a holiday for the students in my school. But I have asked all the teachers to attend the school for half day. I have arranged a Meditation session for the teachers and some breathing exercises, as I arranged for the public exam students last week. I am sure the ever-tensed teachers will appreciate it and will enjoy doing it. My desire is that they continue doing it, instead of doing it just the name sake tomorrow.

Surya Namaskar is one of the fool proof Yoga asana that help brain fitness. When we practice Surya Namaskar during the early morning at sunrise time with empty stomach is the best time. All twelve asanas of Surya Namaskar are very beneficial for brain and physical fitness.

Right Sheila marble game brainvita is very interesting game, similarly we play game with stones to enter in cave formed by our hands, who saved more stones is the winner.
Sheila's 28/6/1:46pm - 28/6/6:50pm

One good thing that the Tamilnadu government did last year was to introduce the game of chess in all the schools compulsorily. They insist that the children should play chess to develop their brain power and ability to concentrate well and more over improve the memory power.

My mom used to play the marble games Brainvita. She loves to keep them in order by hoping one marble over the other and taking it out. Whoever gets only one marble left out in the holder is considered to be Outstanding, two marbles with excellent, three marbles remaining as very good and four marbles remaining as good. Even children try out these games. There is some logic behind this game. But when we miss out the sequence, we fumble at times. Good brain developing game for all ages.

Keep your mind light and easy. Do not carry unnecessary baggage from the past. Forgetting all irrelevant and unnecessary things is the brain's way of keeping itself healthy and fit.

Press and tap gently on top of your head few times, then press on the middle of your chest and tap few times. Repeat this exercise for 7 minutes in the morning and evening for good health of the brain.

Just like the physical fitness, the brain fitness also needs to be considered while assessing a person's overall fitness. The brain is the substratum of the mind; so brain fitness indicates a person's mental fitness.

A great initiative Vinay, in today's competitive education system, students need a channel to vent their stress. At the young age they are under tremendous stress due to the expectations from all sides. I hope they understand the value of meditation and gain maximum from practicing it. Yoga day being around the corner will also add to their enthusiasm.
Vinay's 12/6/3:48pm - 12/6/5:31pm

This Thursday, I am introducing meditation and breathing exercises for the students of 10th, 11th and 12th standards. I feel that those students are totally under stress because of the demand and pressure from their parents, society, teachers and themselves with regard to the marks they have to score. I very strongly believe that these exercises will not only release their tension, it will also make their brain fit to receive what has to be received.

For fitness of the brain, every morning push your tongue outside and take it to the right side and to the left side. Do this for nearly ten times. This has direct connection to th and activates the brain, the memory cells. Very good to practice for young and old people and also to people suffering from Alzheimer.

Heard Savio Sir's Audio on 'Brain Fitness'.....amazing tips, I even said to my daughter, niece and nephew about all. Surprisingly, after hearing the audio, though I was little discomfort with my physical system, I was still fresh....may be listening to such great audio have induced my brain to good. Thank You Sir. Haven't realized the importance of audio books so far, but after listening to it, I was so happy that I could do it at least now. My leisure time would now go with hearing your audio books Sir. Thank you.

Many times during my personality development classes, students would ask me what was my biggest secret to having such a great memory. And the biggest tip I would give them is to get a good night's sleep. For nothing gives us more focus and concentration than a brain that is fully rested every night and totally fresh all of the following day.


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