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Do not always depend on one business income. Have two or three income sources, the fall of one business be compensated by other.

You have to know your skill for starting any buisness, once you identify it and start working on it, one day you will realize , what you have achieved following your dreams and skills.

A great business idea that my wife and me created is "Human Parking". It was to be called by the brand name 'Osovo' but I guess the time to launch this business venture will come along at a future date. As the title goes, Human Parking means human beings paying us for parking themselves in our spaces. That is, they pay us some money to spend time sitting or lying down in a coffee shop cum library like environment. These days, friends and couple have very few places to go where they can spend a few hours together without being literally forced to buy things to eat, watch a movie, etc. Human Parking on Osovo helps solve this major problem in young India, if not the world. Once this business is launched, then people can book an hour of time to park themselves in an outlet of Osovo of their choice. No eats or drinks will be served inside. But the customers are free to have packaged products inside the premises. This way, they can spend hours of their time inside Osovo for just a fraction of the cost it would cost them had they visited a food court, multiplex, pub, restaurant or coffee shop.

A great business idea that I've used with tremendous success is something that anyone can do on the internet. Well almost anyone. All you need to do is to create a blog, post useful and interesting articles on it, then post ads or mention products or services you sell inside those articles. A fine example of this in action is on my Bank Holidays in Mumbai page through which I have received hundreds of students for our classroom and online courses since the last 10 years. All that I did there was to post a banner ad promoting our weekend courses in Mumbai. Using our stat tracker, we could actually measure the great power of such a business. Even though my classes were closed in 2011, I still get over a thousand clicks on my current ads for the Picture Personality Test through the powerful banner ad titled "Do Not Click This". Thanks to the free visitors to, I've had clients come to me for online counseling sessions a few times in the last 6 years. Not bad for a page that takes me less than 15 minutes a year to update.

Sir, your hard work should never go in vain. Whatever was your wish, God will fulfill that. The 5000 tips is really a boon to all readers. Anyone who wanted some good thoughts and learn life lessons, can come to this area and get his requirements. It is like reading the Bible and how God shows to us the correct verses which will be apt to our questions and problems with promises from God and solutions. Same way, I felt while reading through the tips.
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A great business idea is to give something away for free but actually (and discreetly) make some money on it. Years ago, in 2005, I published the second volume of SAMPLE (Sayings, Advice, Messages & Pointers for Life Enrichment). It was a little book which I had printed myself to share with my growing list of clients and students. I wanted to share my knowledge but also needed to make a tiny profit by doing so. After much thinking, I decided to offer the book for free to people outside India by post. That is, they would get my book in their hands at their doorstep for free just as long as they paid the $1.95 postage fee. In those days, the postage fee was the same for sending anything to anyone in America itself so it wasn't such a big deal. I didn't make too much money by doing this but comfortably covered my printing costs by sending more than 200 out of those 1000 books of SAMPLE Volume 2 to visitors to my websites from outside India. What's more, few of them even wanted the 1st volume too. Some more spare change in my pocket for a rainy day. Over the last 18 years of doing business, I've shared many things of great value to me for free. But not once has giving away those free things ever cost me a dime. Access to my latest venture will also be free. However, the sales generated through those tips will probably be thousands of dollars in the years to come. Not bad for a month's work in my spare time!!

Blogging is perhaps one of the most interesting, simplest and easiest businesses to get into. Simple and easy because you can enter the markets with the least investment. Interesting because it's always satisfying to share bits and pieces of one's life and knowledge with the rest of the world. I have made most of my income thanks mainly to blogging. The fantastic part of the blogging biz is that we can do it as a hobby during our spare time. That's what I do till today. Writing messages like these, posting pictures, sharing videos and even audio content is easily possible through modern blogging. Ad revenue, product sales and brand development are some of the main avenues to turn blogging into a lucrative business. As long as you can write, shoot photos, make videos and share your views then you can be a great blogger. All that's needed is patience. Which fortunately some of us have in abundance.

I call it Human Advertising. A simple and low investment business where human beings wear T-Shirts, Jeans, Caps, Hats, Bracelets, etc. which promote the sponsors that pay for advertising on them. It happens all over Mumbai today. And probably in most other major cities of the world. College students are the prime advertisers because they happily wear any piece of clothing for a small price. Ad agencies and participating companies pay the human advertisers anything ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.2000 a day just to wear the sponsor's T-Shirts. This form of business is very common during Ganesh Utsav, Dahi Handi, Marathons, school competitions, etc. Recently OnePlus 5 has been promoting themselves heavily through Human Advertising in Mumbai. Once again, the college kids who are ever willing to work for a pittance are the prime targets. A great business to promote another business you own at a cheap price by giving free T-Shirts to mall stores to sell off at dirt cheap rates. One thing's for sure, this is a very powerful form of advertising a business.


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