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Congratulations Prerna to you and both kids.
Prerna's 19/8/9:54pm - 20/8/12:40am

Today was the prize distribution ceremony and cultural programme for the independence sports week. The little one got the first prize for the sack race. The elder one won the first prize for mixed double in badminton. I enjoyed the cultural programme with the little ones in the society dancing and performing so well.

As I got very little sleep last night, I was feeling drowsy throughout the day. It was a working day till 1 o' clock. Then came back home. Had lunch together with my wife. She told me all the events happened during the educational tour. Listened patiently. I am happy that she is relieved of the tension of taking the small children for a tour for the first time and bringing them back very safely. All the parents thanked her.

I was very busy in the school. But when I came back home at 6 pm, I felt the absence of my wife who has gone with the students for an educational tour. I have to be alone today, not just today, till late night tomorrow.

Today we are celebrating the 70th Independence Day!
We got our independence from the East India Company and the British Rule on this day 70 years ago. We love to celebrate it as the symbol of freedom. But, are we truly free of all the other evils even today?

Are we free from the evils of discrimination? Are we free of the greed and the corruption? Are the women and children free to roam around on the streets without fear? Are we free of the diseases spreading every second due to filth, contamination, poor sanitation, pollution and littered streets? Are we free from our social biases and the religious prejudices? Are we free to educate our children, as per their talents and choices? Are we free from the regressive, negative mentality? Is our heart, mind and soul feeling the freedom or we only symbolize it by celebrating a day in August?

I know, it is a special day today. It is a day to be celebrated. But, we should not just celebrate one victory over the evil that we did decades ago. We should have a NEW reason to celebrate each year that we conquer.

A nice day. Early morning we started from our house to go to Pazhani temple. It is about 100 km away from here.
As expected, being Sunday, there was a very big crowd in the temple. The temple can be reached by climbing about 800 very steep steps. Even though rope car and winch were available, we climbed the steps. We could attend the 12 o' clock pooja very nicely. Satisfied with the 'darshan' we had.
Started driving back by about 2:30 and on the way we had lunch. Reached home by about 5 in the evening with paining legs for both me and my wife!

Had a very busy day. There was a Parents-Teachers' Meeting for the tenth standard parents. All the parents were happy, but the only thing was that after the meeting most of them wanted to come and meet me in my office.That took a lot of my time.

Got up at 6a.m., drank water, went for walking half an hour, then did meditation, started doing breakfast and lunch....then went to hospital for a check up for daughter to know if she is suffering from chest congestion.....the doctor's suggestion was to avoid all cold items.....hmmmm.......I don't know, whether she will listen to this, as she is too much fond of all chilled items. Sometimes making children to accept the fact seems difficult. However thinking as how to convince her and make her understand. Now at SDC together having a simple chat with my helper, who always wish me to listen to her.

The parents of Standards XI and XII came to the school to get the Progress Report of their wards. Many of them came to me to discuss their wards. All are happy that their children are doing well - not in academics alone, but in all the other areas as well.
Feeling proud!

Today I have done no work out again, spent my best time with family in playing games and listened to my patient patiently for twenty minutes and made her feel relaxed which is the achievement of my day.

Ha ha ha..... true..... agreeing...thumbs up
Prerna's 7/8/3:20pm - 8/8/4:02pm

I am sorry, that, in days today I am writing about yesterday. But, yesterday being a busy day for me, I couldn't enter anything here.

Yesterday, being the auspicious day 'Rakshabandhan', I visited my family. We had a lot of fun. It was great, spending quality time with each other. Most years my brother would visit me on Rakhi but, this year I wanted to go and visit my family for the celebrations. I don't feel bad that the time just flew by yesterday because it is just the beginning of the festival season. There are a lot more lined up in the months to come. For us, we have double fun and celebrate almost all the festivals, be it Diwali or Christmas or Eid. As we are a family of mixed religions and that brings more happiness and diversity in our lives. Thank you God for all the blessings and watching over us!

Honestly speaking not all the time. The appreciation comes when they have left. If i start appreciating in front of them then the cleaning up will all fall on my head...
Gomathi's 7/8/1:29pm - 7/8/3:20pm

The artistic beauty of the home depends on the beauty of the hearts of the members of the family. In that way, Prerna, you are so lucky. The spirit of seeing things beautiful is an inborn trait and you own it. Enjoy. Cheers.
Prerna's 7/8/12:33pm - 7/8/1:29pm

Today morning went in receiving and making calls to all my brothers and i make it a point to call up my sisters also today being Rakshabandhan. After every weekend, i notice as a homemaker monday morning i am in one cleaning spree. The three kids( biggest being the hubby) make sure literally the house is full of games and art books and sheets and drawing and painting material or some project work with cardboards or shoe boxes. The cleaning up on monday is after the trio are done with their part of cleaning up...ha ha ha...

Today being Sunday was very cool and enjoyed .

When I started working on Enoma, some guests came home, and I had to stop my work.
They went back only by about 5 o' clock.
My wife and I had lunch only after that as we were not feeling hungry because of the late breakfast.

Went for the dhol practice in the morning. Came back to make lunch and then some family time playing UNO. The girls have gone for their music class and i am here on Enoma...doing something which when i joined i had no clue would be giving my life an absolutely new direction and perspective.

The two big dhols are being played by 4 men taking turns. There are 6 medium sized dhols and men and women are taking turns for that. I am playing the tasha along with 2 boys and another lady and gentleman. There are other instruments as well. There is a seperate group of ladies and children doing the lezhim. The interesting part is the ladies in the society are taking a lot of initiative and their involvement is almost equal to that of men and kids put together.
Kirti's 5/8/9:09pm - 5/8/9:20pm

Awesome, Prerna! It must be too much fun being part of the Dhol band. Here in Mumbai also, every evening the boys do Dhol practice. It starts a month in advance but, here women and children band is a rare sight. There are groups of girls and boys, who perform 'Lazim' though (a form of Maharashtrian group dance).
Prerna's 5/8/8:42pm - 5/8/9:09pm

Today is very busy and hectic day, still i am able to spend enough time on Enoma, which gives me full energy.

Early evening went and did the basic grocery shopping with hubby. The practice session for the Ganesha festival has started. I am participating in the dhol procession. I am playing the tasha. We are a group of around 20 including adults and children. Good fun. It is celebrated in a very grand manner in the society here. Just came back after the practice.The finger is slightly bruised as am playing after a year. But the good part is the enthusiasm is doubled.

So nice to read Prerna. The way you convey things is simply awesome, it is the talk of the soul. Please do write more, very interesting and informative. Thumbs up.
Prerna's 4/8/9:08pm - 5/8/12:06pm

Today is Varalakshmi Nomba. We pray to Goddess Lakshmi for a long and healthy life for our spouse. Today the day just flew. Morning we decorated our Pooja room with lots of flowers, especially the statue of Goddess Lakshmi, made prasadam of black sesame kolkutta(modak), sundal(boiled and seasoned black chickpeas) and kesari(halwa). Then my mother-in-law and myself did pooja . In the evening we had invited married women to come home and bless and celebrate with us. It is like the haldi kumkum in Maharashtra. This year was slightly more special as in the early evening around 4, around 8 married old ladies came and said a special prayer together which lasted for around an hour. In unison. They were like Ashtalaksmis(eight goddesses) who came home and blessed me. After that many other ladies also came and participated in the function. The whole ambience of the house changed and there was so much of positivity and positive vibes. My mother-in-law was very happy . I do it every year because it makes her happy but every year the special thing is at the end of the day i am equally happy, maybe happier.

After breakfast went to bank and to swargate to buy things required for garden. Then came back by 2.30 pm had lunch and after a short nap had tea. Then did some kitchen work and started Enoma study.

I had a very busy day in my school today. When I came back home it was nearly 6 o' clock. Was very tired. Took bath and refreshed myself.

Daughter was back after her InterSchool Throwball Match. Their team lost. However she was happy because as an individual performer, she gave her best, was given handshake by her P. T. teachers. Glad that she learned, 'give the best of yourself at all times'.

Packed breakfast, lunch, snacks, juice for daughter who has gone for Inter School throwball match. Little tired and sleepy since woke up at to do a simple dal rice(famous native food, which can be done in 15 minutes) for lunch.

One of my friends invited us to his house as they had a special pooja at home, today being an auspicious day. Attended the pooja, had lunch there, went for shopping and came back home.

Will be going to the temple in the mid morning. It it a nice drive on the two wheeler and i like the temple. It has a lot of neem and banana trees.The temple is small but i like going there as i am able to connect with myself and pray in peace there. The puja is very simple and the whole ambience there makes me very calm.

Today had gone with mother-in-law for her shopping. While going we took a cab. We managed in good time to do our purchases. While coming back though we got stuck. Ever other cab we booked refused to come to the outskirts. Finally after almost half an hour of phone calls and bookings we decided to go to the bus terminus and take the AC bus. It was a wonderful on the spot decision. The bus was equally fast and comfortable. One of the passengers seeing how tired my mother-in-law looked gave her his seat. People can be so nice. I often take the bus when i go alone as it is quicker. But today with her with me i was in double minds. But she was so happy that we made it home sooner than if we had taken the cab.

Very nice to rekindle the beautiful ever green memories of the lost dear ones of the family. On reading, my mind just for few seconds took me to the days that I were with my dear bro. Thanks. A good gesture Prerna and family comforting the mom of the lost son, with so much of care and love. May the good bond continues. God bless you and the dear family.
Prerna's 1/8/5:14pm - 2/8/1:46pm

Today again i have come to eye clinic as my eyes are continuously watering without any reason. I am worried for my beautiful eyes. Hope everything will be fine soon.

Today is the death anniversary of my brother-in-law. I had two of my sister-in-laws home today. We spent a lot of time with my mother-in-law. She was telling us a lot of incidents from the past when he was around. We had a small puja at home in his remembrance. I had the chance of meeting him only a couple of times after my marriage as we had moved to Germany but i still remember how my father-in-law and him made me feel so special as a new member to the family

Today morning i got a call from a friend in the next building. She was like "Prerna, I am having cough and cold and fever for the last 4 days. Prasad(her husband) just left to office. Am wanting company as am feeling so bored stuck up at home. Come asap with a flask of ginger tea for both of us." I was at her place within 20 minutes. We had tea together. What i felt so nice about the whole thing was she thought of me and was so comfortable to tell what she wanted. That is how good friends are with each other. You don't need to think twice before calling each other up.

Daughter to school, better half to his company, MIL to hospital..... and myself here at Cafe Enoma. Waiting for the call of MIL, have to go and pick her up from hospital. Evening guests are for dinner. Thinking of what to prepare for dinner.

Sir, 26th July, the most remarkable day of your life. Can guess the happiness of your inner being. It is always said, 'One perceives the world as he/she is'.......and your perception of life is always positive and good.... and hence, the 26th July 2005 was a blessing to you. And great lesson that I learn here is 'see the blessings in all miseries of life'. Though difficult, but an important saying to live with. Heartfelt wishes for 26th July to bring more miracles into your life and others. Thanks for sharing the most auspicious day 26th July.
Savio's 26/7/6:26pm - 27/7/10:46pm

Mrunal, the experience of life is always worth remembering. Sure the wisdom we gain from such experiences keeps us focussed in the righteous path. The story of the couples is sad, but the lessons behind it, is for the lifetime. God is all..... and sure all is well.
Mrunal's 26/7/5:01pm - 27/7/10:38pm

True Vinay...... Sure, you would now have developed to see a problem from all perspective and hope SDC helps you great. Good going. Keep up the good work. Cheers.
Vinay's 27/7/12:51pm - 27/7/10:16pm

Great Vinay, learning here will definitely help you lot in your profession and you will become one of the best principal with the knowledge and learnings of Enoma.
Vinay's 27/7/12:51pm - 27/7/1:43pm

I had asked the parents of two boys to meet me today as I felt that the low scoring of the boys was not due to the fact that they don't understand the lesson. I thought it has something to do with the relationship with their parents. This morning when I talked to the parents, I knew that my guess was correct. Spent some time with the parents, and they felt relieved openly talking to me. Felt very happy that I was able to do something for two families. My counselling sessions at Enoma help me a lot nowadays!

Before coming to the outskirts we lived for some time with my mother-in-law in the heart of the city in Anna Nagar. My better half was born and brought up there. It has been almost 5 years since we moved in here. Initially since we were so used to getting our usual things done there we used to head there almost every weekend to get it done.

Over the years we have found places nearby to get the usual things like grocery, tailoring, bank etc. We are going to Anna Nagar today to close all the unused accounts, deposits for mother-in-law and myself . I think it will help us to be more organised as we have bank accounts nearby now.

Kirti, I was taken to July 26,2005. Just still. Sometimes......sorry most of the times, God and Mother Nature teaches mankind the beautiful lesson, "you are nothing". And this incident of yours clearly reminds us of the beautiful lesson of life. I can understand, how much the incident have been registered so firmly in your subconscious mind. Let the lessons learned be not forgotten. Thanks for giving a wonderful narration about the life real situation and the braveness in you deserves a great applause. Thanks for sharing.
Kirti's 26/7/2:49pm - 27/7/6:20am

My daughters friends are coming home, today evening for Rongoli practice, that is going to be held tomorrow in their school. I have decided to prepare cutlet and mango shake for evening snack..... and millet noodles for dinner.

Really you are one in a million to be saved Sir. Especially on a grand day of your opening, you had to face such turmoils, which has strengthened you and saved you from all dangers and disasters. This is a strong proof that the Lord's hand is with you, protecting you, guarding you and guiding you to do great things. I am very happy to read the history of SDC and also it has happened on a historic remembered date of Mumbai history.
Savio's 26/7/6:26pm - 26/7/11:39pm

It was a horrible day, Mrunal. Took many lives. Many people were caught unprepared, surprised by what had happened. There are times or situations in life when all your options are over and you just have to surrender. Just like the husband had to do. I can't even imagine what he must be going through, standing there helpless, hopeless with his only company. It is the worst feeling that you can have. They both were there next to each other but nothing could be done to save his wife.
Mrunal's 26/7/5:01pm - 26/7/6:39pm

Today is 26th July. The most important day in my classroom and online training business. For it was on this day in the year 2005 (yes the same day and year as the great floods in Mumbai) that I was to have a major party in the evening to celebrate the opening of Savio DSilva Classes (the SDC in SDC Enoma today).

Prior to 2005, all my classroom earnings were part of my 'much larger' internet business. There was no separate business entity for Savio DSilva Classes though we had trained over 2000 students before 2005 through rental classrooms, school halls, corporate seminars, etc.

It was a historical moment for all of Mumbai on that eventful rainy day in July. For me, my sixth sense had already guided me to the safety of my home by 2pm. I would normally eat my lunch outside the office at a nearby restaurant. But, on that day, I had to pick up several things for the evening launch party so returned home to have lunch and take a brief nap before I would return to the office in the evening.

Interestingly, and ironically, I selected 26th July as the launch date for my business entity as the location of my classes was in a unit that was unlucky or jinxed for many earlier businesses who were located in the same unit. In all, there were 14 other businesses (mostly coaching classes) who had rented and left this particulat unit number 112 inside Shopper's Point, opposite Andheri West Station.

So, as a budding Numerologist, I calculated the best day to start my coaching classes. And the date happened to be 26th July of that year. Who knew what a bad day it would be for the whole of Mumbai that day.

The fortunate thing for me was that I saved over Rs.20,000 which I would have otherwise spent on the Launch Party that evening. There were 40+ people expected to grace the occasion. The cost for their dinner at the nearby 'Golden Gate' restaurant was expected to be in the range of 15-20 thousand rupees.

The jinxed launch date proved to be very lucky for me. Savio DSilva Classes was the first business that survived and thrived inside unit number 112 of Shopper's Point. My classes stayed there till the place was sold off to Mahesh Tutorials, which thanks to my business breaking the jinx, is there till today.

So, my memories of 26th July 2005 is a very good one. I spent my entire evening at home along with my mother. We were completely safe while so many Millions of people were stranded or in a bad situation. In fact, the next day, I went outside to scout the area and learned that our area in Versova was one of the only areas which was not at all affected by the floods. It comes as no surprise. Since our flat number is 26!

Savio DSilva Classes has reached thousands of people with our awesome Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Fluency, Basic French, Basic German and Basic Spanish courses since 26th July, 2005.

It was on the same day, 26th July, that our online courses in Counseling were started on our website in those days. The course page moved to around 6 years later, where it resides till today.

This is how beautiful life is. For most people in Mumbai, 26th July was a Black Day, but for me, it wasn't. I thank God for saving me and my loved ones on that fateful day in our great city's history.

Today, on 25th July, 2005, Mumbai had started its rain, or say non stop rain for next three days. I was studying and also practicing with an Advocate, as his junior.
Navi Mumbai is very well planned city. So, the number of potholes are less.
On 25th evening, one of our client with his wife who were staying in Juinagar, had gone to a place to visit in Vashi. The couple had kept their 4 months baby at the wife's mother's place. So the baby was safe. The husband was requesting his wife that they will stay back at the place, where they had visited.
But the wife was not getting convinced as she was all cared only about her 4 months son. So, the couple started to walk in the rain at around 7.30 pm. As it was all dark out side, many people were of the opinion that they will reach home at least by 10.00 pm.
The couple started there journey, but due to water logging, the couple and the other people kept walking. But, all of a sudden, the wife's leg was caught in something, may some drainage system, she was not able to disconnect herself from that. Her husband stood there holding her hand the entire night.
He could feel that his wife is getting heavy, but he stood there, in rain, in every situation he could, knowing the fact that his wife is 'NO MORE' . The next day, with some help, he managed to take her home.
A mother is a mother, no matter what comes her way, she will try her best to reach her child.
Its 12 years now, but I can never forget the face of that client who was crying in front of us, while narrating what he had faced. While preparing the documents, even my eyes were in tears, thinking about the baby.

What a memory Kirti. I can imagine how you are still able to remember so much so clearly. It must have been such a difficult time for all. We must definitely thank God for his blessings especially in such situations.
Kirti's 26/7/2:49pm - 26/7/4:28pm


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