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Hash browns

salt pepper

Grate potatoes squeez the water out add salt pepper and 2 tbls cornflour and mix it.Make thin squares and deep fry it.
Crispy hash browns are ready.

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies


225g plain chocolate, 45% cocoa solids
225g unsalted butter
3 large eggs
225g caster sugar
75g self-raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
175g plain chocolate, chopped into small chunks
1 tsp vanilla extract
For the cheesecake mix :
200g full fat cream cheese
1 tsp custard powder
15g caster sugar
1 medium egg
tsp vanilla extract
60ml double cream


1. Line a brownie tin 22x29cm, 8 " x 11" with baking parchment. Heat your oven to 170C.
2. Break 225g of chocolate into small chunks and place in a heatproof bowl with the butter. Place over a pan of simmering water and heat until melted. Leave to cool.
3. Beat the eggs and sugar together until pale and the mixture has thickened. Add the melted chocolate and butter mixture to the eggs and stir until thoroughly combined. Fold in the flour, salt, chocolate chunks and vanilla extract. Pour into the prepared in.
4. Using an electric whisk on a slow speed, beat the cream cheese with the custard powder, sugar, vanilla extract and cream. Mix until smooth and all the ingredients are combine.
5. Drop spoonfuls of cheesecake mix onto the brownie then using a spatula fold through the brownie to create swirls. Bake for 25-30minutes. Check after this time as ovens vary, it may need a little longer. A little mixture should still stick to a skewer when inserted in the middle of the brownie.
6. Leave to cool completely before cutting

Garlic Bread Hot Dogs

1 baguette
3-4 hot dogs
1/4 c. melted butter
2 tbsp. freshly grated Parmesan
1 Garlic clove, minced
2 tsp. parsley, finely chopped
kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 350.
Trim ends of baguette, then cut remaining baguette into four even pieces. Using the back of a wooden spoon, hollow out baguette.
Slide hot dogs into baguette and place on a parchment-lined baking tray.
Mix melted butter with Parm, garlic, and parsley and season with salt and pepper.
Brush butter mixture onto baguette. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, or until hot dogs are cooked and baguette is golden. Serve.

Made bhurji of tofu with onion and tomato, it is healthy and delicious.
Method of preparation:
Take chopped onion, garlic, ginger, green chilly, tomato and 200grams tofu.
Heat the pan, put two spoons of oil, add cummin seeds, garlic saute it for two minutes, add onion and ginger and saute again till it turn brown, add chopped tomato and green chilly and saute it again for five minutes.
Add turmeric powder, salt, dry mango powder and black pepper according to taste. Put tofu and saute again. Veg is ready to eat with bread or chappati.

Take some curd, add salt, add mint/coriander/green chilly/ginger-garlic paste to the same. Now cut the cube sliced paneer, capsicum, onion, tomato and marinate with the curd. Leave in refridgerator for an hour, then, keep a tawa on the stove, roast all. Home made paneer tikka is ready to eat.

Kerala fish fry. Marinate fish with ginger garlic paste, pepper powder ,redchilly powder ,turmeric and salt. Add a teaspoon of lime juice. Fry it after 30 minutes and serve hot.

This sounds so yummy Sheila.. My mouth is already watering .Will try it soon and send you the review.
Sheila's 2/8/5:32pm - 2/8/10:02pm

Dear friends,
Today wanted to share a tasty receipe, which I like very much. It is easy to make and you can try for today evening snack.
Bread Halwa
Ingredients: 15 slices of bread, 10 cashews, 10 rasins, 200 grams sugar, 200 ml milk. Cardamom 5 pieces. 100 ml oil to fry.
Cut the brown corners of the bread and keep it away for making crumbs. Divide the white portion of the bread into two pieces and keep them. Pour little oil in the pan and fry the bread pieces to light brown and keep it aside. Fry the cashews and raisins in oil and take it out from pan and keep it aside. Keep a flat pan on the stove and pour milk with little of water. Add the sugar in the milk and keep stiring. Once the sugar dissolves, break the fried bread and put them in the milk and stir well. Add the fried cashews and raisins and keep stiring until it turns like a jelly. Add cardamon powder and mix well. The sweet bread Halwa is ready to serve. It tastes yummy.

Sprouts salad

moong dal sprouts 1 cup (steamed or boiled)
onion 1
tomato 1
cucumber 1/2
pomegranate 1/4 cup
lemon 1/2
roasted peanut a handful
boiled potato 1/2
green chilli
lemon juice

To the sprouts add all the vegetables after finely chopping them. To this add the pomegranate, peanuts, lemon juice, salt and finely chopped coriander and green chilli. A healthy salad is ready.

Here's something taught by my wife:
Cucumber salad
Ingredients: 3 medium cucumbers (thinly sliced), 1/4 onion, 1/3 yogurt, juice of 1 lemon, chopped green chilly, salt, freshly ground black pepper and chopped coriander leaves.
Directions: In a large bowl, mix cucumbers and onions. In another medium bowl mix yogurt, lemon juice, green chilly and whisk until it becomes very smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Pour dressing over cucumbers and onions, and toss until it gets mixed. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Have you ever tried bread poha it is also tasty and fast delicious dish for snack time. Here is recepie for bread poha
Ingredients :
1. One onion
2. One boiled potato
3 three bread slice
4.salt pepper
6.curry leaves
7. One spoon oil
How to prepare.: cut onion, potato and bread into small pieces. Heat the pan and put one spoon of oil to it. Add curry leaves and small mustard seeds to it, add onion and saute it till it turn brown, add potato and bread to it and salt and black pepper according to taste, saute it again, dish is ready to eat with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

My pleasure. Do let me know your review once you try it Kirti.
Kirti's 14/7/5:02pm - 14/7/8:13pm

The recipe seems very easy and yummy Prerna. I have never eaten Suji toast before, it's the first time that I have come across this recipe, must try it. Thanks for sharing it.
Prerna's 14/7/4:26pm - 14/7/5:02pm

Sooji toast.

Add some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum , green chilly , american corn, coriander to half a bowl of curd. Add 2 tablespoons of rava/sooji to this mixture and some salt. Set aside for 15 minutes. Cut bread slices into 2 pieces and spread the curd mixture on it. Toast it on both sides on the tava with some butter till nice and toasted. It is a good tea time snack.

Bombay Toast.
Take a bread duly sliced.
In a bowl, beat one egg to rich lather. Add a glass of milk and two table spoon of sugar and mix them well so that the beaten egg, milk and sugar mix well.
Keep a thava in low heat. Spread Ghee lightly over the thava. Dip a slice of bread inside the beaten mixture and put it on the thava to toast. After a minute, turn the bread in the thava to the other side and keep for a minute. Remove from the thava and serve hot Bombay toasts. Repeat same with the rest of the slices of bread.

This is an easy snack recipe Vinay and sounds tasty. We can enhance the taste and the nutrition by adding in nuts of our choice. Thanks for sharing. I read it today, somehow I missed it earlier.
Vinay's 7/7/12:14pm - 10/7/11:34pm

Yes Gomathi, this will be new as many people would not have tried. The children generally throw out the onions. Onion is anti-septic and good for kids. So, when we grind onions after slightly frying them in oil, it gives a good taste and children will not know about the hidden onion in the omelette.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:29pm - 10/7/11:28pm

Bombay Chapati Sandwich
4 left over chapathis
2 boiled and peeled potato, cut slices
1 capsicum, cut rings
1 cucumber, cut slices
2 tomato, cut slices
1 onion, cut slices
1 small block processed cheese
3-4 tbsp green chutney

Chaat masala- as per taste
Salt - as per taste
Black pepper- as per taste

1 tsp refined oil
1 tbsp butter
Tomato ketchup


Place a chapati on a clean and dry surface.
Spread green chutney and arrange boiled potato slices, capsicum rings over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate processed cheese over it and cover with another chapati.
Again apply green chutney on the chapati on top and arrange cucumber, tomato slices over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate some more cheese and cover with another chapati.
Apply green chutney, arrange onion slices and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
Grate some cheese & cover it with another chapati .
Heat refined oil & butter in a pan.
Place the prepared chapati sandwich on it & cover with a lid for 2 mins or till the top gets crispy.
Flip it over carefully using a plate & let the other side get crispy too.
Cut the chapati sandwich into pieces using a sharp knife.
Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Green Chutney
Blend chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies & ginger, cumin powder, chaat masala, lemon juice and salt with a little water until smooth.

Sheila, I have not tried omlette of grinding onions and mixing it with egg...... Will try, taste it and comeback with feedback. Thank you.
Sheila's 9/7/2:33pm - 10/7/12:29pm

Egg Omelette
Four eggs, pepper one teaspoon, pinch of salt and turmeric powder, Onion 2 Nos. curry leaves.
Cut onions and curry leaves into tiny pieces.
In a frying pan, fry the onions and curry leaves till the onion looks transparent and not to become brown.
Then in a mixer jar, grind the cooked onions and make to a paste.
Beat the contents of eggs in a bowl till you get a lather. Add the onion paste, turmeric, salt and pepper and mix them well. In a dosai tawa spread oil and like making dosais, you can make the egg omelette. Children will love to eat this, because, they will not like to eat the onion pieces and this helps to give them as soft omelettes.

Here's a recipe for the 'beaten rice balls'. Take some beaten rice (choora or poha, I think), and add the jaggery powder and grated coconut. Put it in the mixie and make it into power. If needed sprinkle little bit of milk or water. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste by adding more jaggery. Take it out and make it into small balls with your hands. Very tasty evening snack which will be liked both by the children and grown-ups.

Bitter gourd curry.
Bitter gourd is good for health and it acts as a de-worming food. Ingredients required: Bitter gourd 200 gms, oil to fry, chilli and turmeric powder, salt,cocount grated one cup, one onion, one or two tomatoes.
Cut the bitter gourd to slices and leave them in a tray for 20 mins. Wash them and add little salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder and deep fry them in oil until it is brown. In another pan, add little oil and fry the onion till it is brown, then add chopped tomatoes and fry them with little salt and chilli powder. Once the gravy is ready, add the fried bitter gourd slices and mix them to the gravy. Take thick coconut milk and pour them on the gravy and leave in low heat for 2 mins. The delicious bitter gourd gravy is ready. You can allow to cool and store in container and use them even for a week. This can be taken with rice, and chapathis.

Bottle gourd curry:
This is good for health, heart and for weight loss.
Wash and soak a cup of bengal gram over night.
Remove the skin and cut the bottle gourd into tiny pieces. Add this into your pressure cooker along with the soaked bengal gram. Add half teaspoon jeera, half tea spoon turmeric, one teaspoon of chilli powder, little salt. A spoon of oil. Pressure cook these ingredients to 10 mins. Allow the pressure cooker to cool for 10 mins. In a small pan, pour little oil, splutter mustard seed, curry leaves, dry chillies two nos. and pour them into the cooked curry. Add a spoon of ghee for flavor. Delicious to eat with rotis and rice. Healthy too.

A few days ago my wife prepared 'bombyl' fry. It is a kind of small dried fish. It gives out a lot of smell. But frying it with some wet masala can very much reduce the smell and tastes quite good.

Pan rolls:
Kirti, you can try this for your evening. It is so simple.
Just grate a coconut and keep them in a bowl.
Mix maida one cup with little salt and water and make it like a thin dough (to make like dosais).
Keep the dosai tava in the pan, and make a maida dosai. Turn on to the other side till both sides are cooked. Before lifting the dosai, spread the coconut in a strain line in the middle of the dosai and add sprinkle half teaspoon of sugar over the grated coconut. Close both sides of the dosai so as to cover the coconut stuff in the middle line of the dosai. Press with the dosai laddle and take it out for serving. The pan rolls are very tasty to eat and very simple to make for the evenings.

Perfect recipe Dolphi! lol
That way we buy the Faluda mix from Dmart and make it at home. During Ramadan it is one of the most popular drinks. Even the Caramel pudding mix was amazing. It turns out exactly like the authentic caramel pudding with no effort at all.
Dolphi's 14/6/10:20am - 22/6/11:34pm

Yes Kirti, it is very simple and tasty too. We can make like this when we are not able to stand long time in the kitchen.
Kirti's 22/6/8:54pm - 22/6/9:47pm

This recipe sounds very tempting Sheila. I want to try making it, as it seems too simple for me to make. Thanks a ton for sharing it. Right now when I am sick, I feel like eating something delicious and tasty.
Sheila's 22/6/8:34pm - 22/6/8:54pm

French rolls.
Cut some spinach, cabbage and one chilli to small pieces. Fry them with little oil and salt and little amount of chilli powder. Keep aside the cooked substance.
Make small maida chappatis, and dry fry them. Add the cooked veggies into each chappathi and make it a roll and keep in a tawa and press them little so that the rolls get little tight. Serve them hot with tomato sauce for the evenings.

Today i will make khamami dhokla and is sharing my recipe with you all.
Ingredients: one and half katori curd, one katori gram flour, half katori suji , curry leaves, salt, turmeric powder, eno powder, mustard seeds, baking soda.
How to prepare: Add gram flour(besan), semolina(suji) and curd in one bowl and mix it properly and then add one spoon salt , onefourth spoon turmeric powder, pinch of baking soda and mix it again. If required add three four spoons of water and mix well till it becomes semisolid paste and add one packet of eno powder to it and again mix it.
Take a unbreakable borosil bowl, apply oil in this bowl and mixture to it.
Keep the bowl in microwave for 12 to 15 minutes.
Check once with knife,is material is sticking to knife or not , if not dry dhokla is ready.
On the other hand, take a pan, add two spoons of oil, warm it and add one spoon mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilly and saut it and add two glass of water and let it boil.
Add one katori of sugar, one spoon salt and squeeze one lemon into it. Give one boil to it and keep aside.
Add mixture of water to dry dhokla and keep it aside till it cools down.
Khamami dhokla is ready to serve. Serve it with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

One of the favorite foods of Mumbaikars is Faluda, which is served in classy restaurants as well as on roadside stalls. One simple do-it-yourself recipe is available in readymade packets. You just have to add the mix to one liter of hot milk and then chill it before serving; it makes six servings.

Are you worried that there is balance of rice after the lunch? Don't worry. Add minutely chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves and little bit of besin gram along with salt to the rice and mix it in the mixie. Take it out, make it into small balls and deep fry in oil. Very tasty evening snacks will be ready now. Good to have with strong hot tea.

I don't cook much so I'm not sure if I have the knowledge to describe recipes and rate them. If I cook anything, it includes the items that can be cooked easily like omelette. With time, I've learnt to beat the eggs till they achieve the right consistency. The next stage to be careful is when the omelette is to be removed from the pan. Otherwise, the recipe is easy.

Make raw mango chutney. Take one medium sized mango , 2 green chillies,And two three small madras onions and salt . Grind in a mixer and have it with hot rice.

Continued with recepie of rajmah curry. Boil the rajmah and keep aside. Cut the onions , tomatoes, ginger and garlic in small pieces. Heat the pan , put half spoon cummin seeds and Hong, roast at sim flame till it turns red, add mixture of onion, ginger and garlic in it and start sauting it . Saute it till mixture turns brown red. Add tomatoes and saut it again till the mixture comes semi solid. Again add two big spoons of water to it for salute. You have to keep on sauting otherwise it can burn. Add turmeric powder, salt, degi mirch, coriander powder and magic masala and saut it again till it becomes dry. Mixture is ready , grind it in mixture and mix boiled rahmah with one glass of water. Give two three whistles. Rajma curry is ready. Serve it with boiled rice and green chutney.

I am trying to make zero oil food . It looks delicious without oil also. let's make rajma curry without oil.
Soak one katori of rajmah overnight for serving four person.
1. One katori overnight soaked rajma
2. Two medium sized onions
3. Four big tomatoes
4. Ginger
5. Garlic
6. Half spoon Cummins seeds
7. Half spoon turmeric powder
8. Half spoon coriander powder
9. Half spoon degi Mitch
10. One fourth spoon amchoor powder
11. Pinch of asafoetida(hing)
12. Half spoon magic masala

Thank you Sheila, for taking so much trouble in typing the entire Chicken recipe to share with us. The recipe is quite simple to follow. I also make some what like this but not exactly the same recipe. Will try this style as well.
Sheila's 3/6/9:55pm - 3/6/10:20pm

Chicken Gravy:
Get half kg of breast piece boneless chicken and cut to small pieces, wash and marinate with ginger garlic paste one spoon, curd one spoon, turmeric half teaspoon, chilli powder two teaspoons, one teaspoon of salt, half lemon sqeezed, one teaspoon of oil and mix it well, keep aside for 15 minutes with the marinated process.
Cut 3 big size onions, 3 tomatoes into small pieces. One bunch of coriander leaves, and curry leaves, karam masala powder one teaspoon, 10 cashewnuts crushed. Chilli and turmeric poweder for the gravy.

Add little oil in a pan and fry the marinated chicken for around 10 mins in low fire and keep aside.

Take another big pan, pour oil and fry the onions till it is golden brown, add the garam masala powder, curry leaves, cashews and fry. Add the tomatoes and fry them till the tomatoes gets cooked. Add the chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and little more oil so that the gravy does not stick to the pan. When once, it is cooked, add the semi-fried marinated chicken to the gravy and cook with two glasses of water. Close the lid of the pan and cook with medium flame. Occasionally stir the chicken gravy and once it is fully cooked, open the lid and allow the excess water to evaporate. Then remove from the flame to make it cool and transfer the chicken gravy to casserole for serving. The yummy chicken gravy can be taken with rice, chappathis or rotis.

As a child, I learned the easy way to prepare a good appetizer to go with plain 'kanji' or rice gruel. Just grind some tamarind with green chilies and salt into a tangy paste on grand-pa's stone pestle used for cracking the areca nuts.

Soak a tumbler of green grams ( Pacha payiru in tamil) over night or for few hours, if it is day time. Wash them in a round vessel. Add water to the grams till the level that all the grams are immersed in water or slightly more. Cook the grams in medium flame. You can take a piece of the cooked gram and test that it is fully cooked. Stain the water content in the cooked grams. Add grated coconut and few spoon of sugar to it. The tasty healthy green gram salad is ready to be served. Children and adults love to eat this dish.

I do not keep any recipes in my mind. If ever I get a chance to cook in the kitchen, I do it with enthusiasm. I have to decide what I want to cook and the intuition tells me how to do it. And usually, the final preparation turns out to be reasonably good.

Tuna fish Sandwich

Tuna fish chunks
Brown bread slices
Tomato Ketchup
Sandwich spread optional

Finely chop all the above items apart from the tuna and the lettuce. Mix them all with the sandwich spread in a bowl. Spread them onto the the bread slices and put a layer of tuna chunks and lettuce leaves. You do not need seasonings if using the sandwich spread and relish your healthy bites with fresh tomato sauce.

Mango Pachadi.
Get two big long shaped mangoes. Peel their green skins and discard. Cut the mangoes into small cube like pieces. Put them in a deep vessel, add a tumbler of water 200 ml. Add a cup of sugar. Still well. Keep the vessel in medium flame and cook till the mango pieces cooks well and it can be smashed. Add, a very little pinch of salt. If required, we can use colours or we need not add. Keep the cooked mangoes to cool and mash them. This becomes like a jelly. You can store them in a container and serve them along with iddlies, rice. A very tasty mango pachadi.

Made kabli chana with adding some amlas to it gives so tempting colour of chana.

Sweet Pongal:
This is a nice dish can be prepared for the breakfast or for the evening. Ingredients required: One tumbler 200 ml size of raw rice. One third of the same cup of moong dal. One cup of jaggery. Cardamon, cashews, rasins, ghee to taste and a pinch of salt.
Wash the rice, dal together in a shallow vessel, which can go inside your pressure cooker. Place the pressure cooker, add few cups of water in the base, then immerse the vessel containing the rice, dal mixed together. Add 3 cups of water to the rice, add a pinch of salt, add one teaspoon of oil in the water so that the rice gets well cooked. Close the cooker and cook the rice for 12 minutes for few whistles. Then put off the fire. Take one glass of water in a vessel and add the jaggery and stir in low heat, the jaggery will dissolve and starts to boil. Let it boil till it becomes little thicker. After the cooker is cooled down, remove the lid and take out the vessel with the dal and rice cooked. Keep the vessel directly in the stove in low flame. Filter the boiled jaggery water on the cooked rice/dal. and stir them, till the pongal gets thickened. In a small kadai, fry the cashews, raisins in low heat and light brown color and pour on the pongal. The cardomon powder to be added when you add the jaggery to the cooked rice. The tasty sweet pongal is ready to serve hot.

Sweet Paniyaram
For preparing this, we should have a paniyaram pan with seven holes, which is available in
Ingredients : Two cups of wheat flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar, pinch of salt to taste, two bananas, half teaspoon fennel seeds powder or 3 pieces of cardamom powdered.
Place the wheat powder in a bowl, add sugar and salt and the fennel seeds powder, little water to mix them well, add the mashed bananas to the mixture. The mixture should be in the semi-solid status like a dosai paste. Keep the paniaram pan in low heat in the stove, add oil on each holes of the paniaram pan. Then, fill 3/4th of the hole with the mixed wheat paste. Use a fork or knife, to turn the paniaram to the other side to get cooked. When both the sides turn brown, remove from the pan with the help of fork and serve them hot. This can be used for an evening snack on holidays.

Bombay Toast.
Take milk 200 ml. add two tablespoon of sugar. Beat one egg and add the milk with sugar to the beaten egg. Keep the bread slices in a plate. Keep a thava in a low fire, spread half teaspoon of ghee in the thava. Dip the bread slice into the beaten egg/milk and place it on the thava for a minute, then turn the bread slice so that the other end will also get toasted in the heat. Apply little ghee in the sides if required. Then place it in a casserole and serve hot. All kids and adults will like it.

Easy and light food, we can made it in five minutes is poha. Cut small pieces of onion, green chilly and curry leaves.Take 20grams of peanuts and roast it.
Soak 100gms of poha in water for fractions of second and keep it aside. Take one spoon of oil and one spoon Cummings seeds , one tsf salt, one fourth spoon of degi mirch, one fourth spoon of mango powder,one lemon
Heat oil , put Cummings seed, curry leaves and grated onion and green chilly. Saut it for two minutes,add poha, salt ,degi mirch and mango powder and mix it all. Put roasted peanuts in it and serve it.

Malai Laddu
1/2 cup condensed milk
250 gms. paneer (cottage cheese)
2-3 drops kewra essence
1/4 tsp. yellow colour.
Preparation :
1.Mash paneer.
2.Add condensed milk and cook on slow flame, stirring continously.
3.Cook till thick and sides leave.
4.Add essence and remove from flame.
5.Mix well. 6.Pour on plate.
7.Cool. Make ladoos.
8.Sprinkle powdered elaichi and decorate.

I loved eating this dish when I was a teenager in college. It was available at most restaurants at a reasonable price in those days. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It brings back memories and I will certainly take my son to Blue Park restaurant near my home to eat this dish once again. I might also try to make it someday soon. The Koftas melt in the mouth due to the cheesy potato mixture. The nuts make it even more tempting to eat. The curry goes well with Rumali Roti.
Sheila's 13/5/8:31pm - 13/5/8:34pm

Malai Kofta:
A very tasty dish. You can try to make this on a Sunday or holiday. Ingredients required :
50 gms. khoya 50 gms. paneer 5 medium potatoes
20 gms. cashewnuts 20 gms. raisins 4-5 green chillies chopped fine. 1/2 tsp. ginger grated 1 tsp. coriander chopped 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds ,salt to taste.
Boil the potatoes, peel and smash them.
Mix together all the ingredients except raisins and cashews.Take a ping-pong ball sized dough in hand.
Flatten. Place 2-3 cashews and raisins in the centre and shape into a ball. Repeat for remaining dough. Keep aside.

Gravy ingredients:
125 gms. cream 75 gms. khoya or paneer
150 ml. milk 50 gms. cashewnuts 3 tsp. white pepper powder. 2 1/2 tsp. sugar 2 tsp. grated ginger
1/4 tsp. nutmeg powder 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. garlic crushed 1" cinnamon 6 cloves 6 cardamoms ,salt to taste , 3 tbsp. ghee.
Method for gravy:
Roast the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves together. Dry grind and keep aside. Wet grind all the other ingredients, except ghee, to a paste.
Heat ghee in a skillet, add powdered spices and fry for 2-3 seconds. Add paste and fry further for 5-7 minutes stirring well. Add 2 cups water and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
Warm the koftas either in the oven or on the tava.
Optional: You can deep fry the koftas also.
To serve place warm koftas in a casserole.
Either pour boiling hot gravy on the koftas or pour and bake in hot oven of 5 minutes. Garnish with grated cheese and chopped coriander. Serve hot with naan or parathas.

I saw the easy recipe of preparing egg bhurji on the TV this afternoon. It is simple and intuitive. I grasped it at a glance - it involves frying finely minced ingredients (onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves etc.) in oil on slow fire and adding whisked egs, salt, and masala to it.

Tasty quick onion chutney:
Dry fry urudu dal one table spoon and keep aside.
Chop onions and fry them with little oil and chilli powder and salt. Then grind all the ingredients. If required you can add one chopped tomato. But that gives a different taste. Very nice chutney for morning breakfast.

Picnic Iddlis: When you make iddlis, cut them into rectangular pieces. Fry with little oil and chilli powder or iddli powder and then, fill in the lunch boxes. It is easy to eat them while traveling and the oil will not spill in the bags.

Most dishes I prepare using the same basic method. Which is, to chop an onion, fry it in some oil, add in a pinch of Hing, some ginger-garlic paste, then throw in the main ingredient, be it dal, channa, kidney beans, etc. Then add water, chopped tomatoes, the dry masala powders such as chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, coriander powder, then seal the container and cook till the whistle blows twice for pressure cooker cooking or for around 20 minutes on a medium flame. Yesterday, I prepared corn masala the same way and it turned out awesome.

Have you heard about the stem of banana. This is a very good diet of fibre food. Also very good to remove the kidney stones in a natural way.
It is very easy to prepare and eat it raw. Just cut the stem into small pieces, wash them, slightly remove the thread like substance, by stirring it with a fork. Then drain the water and put the cut pieces in a bowl. Add a cup of yogurt (curd) inside the cut stem. Then add a little pinch of salt. Mix the ingredients and serve in the bowl. The banana stem raitha is ready. If we eat like this twice a week, our body will get trimmed and we it also helps to bring out the stones through the urinary tract.

Yesterday I prepared idli for dinner. I love idli so I prepared more. Today morning I prepared idli fry for breakfast. It's very easy and is ready in 10 minutes or so, provided idli is ready. Ingredients- idli -8-10 pieces, Cody leaf(kadipatta), 1-2 chilli, 1 table spoon oil, salt and red chilli powder. Cut the idlis in small pieces not very small, take a frying pan add oil in it, after it is heated add black mustard seeds, turmeric powder and hing, then add Cody leaf and chillies , add the pieces of idli in it, stir it well and then add salt if needed (please note if the idli batter is contains salt then add very little or don't add as more salt is good for high blood pressure patients) then add red chilli powder to it and the idli fry is ready. Serve it hot as it tastes yummy. Can add dinely chopped coriander leaves.

Yesterday I had a dinner of idli sambar and chatni. As I love idli I prepare more in quantity. So today for breakfast I prepared idli fry. It it very very simple and easy in 10 minutes if you have idli ready. Ingredients- idli (approx 8-10 pieces) Cody leaf ( kadi patta

Take five spoons of oats , one glass of water , five spoons of soya nuggets and boil it, add half spoon of salt and pinch of black pepper . It takes ten minutes to get ready. Serve it with green chutney and curd.

Very healthy and yummy Rekha. Chia seeds are best for this season anyway.
Rekha's 3/5/10:58pm - 4/5/2:49pm

We get ready mix vada powder. In case if we were not prepared to serve for our unexpected guests, we can use this. Just chop one onion, one green chilli and mix in this powder with little water to make as some small balls. All other ingredients are already mixed in the powder. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes. Keep a kadai with oil, just fry the small balls in the oil and serve hot with ketchup to the guests in the next 5 minutes.

Take two apples , one glass of water ,one tea spoon honey ,one tea spoon chia seeds and one tea spoon flaxseed . Grind them and have healthy tummy filling drink.

Last week I tried mix veggies and turned out very tasty. Slice an onion, 4 diced potatoes (small pieces), 1 capsicum diced, 2 big tomatoes again diced. In a deep pan put a little oil then add mustard seeds one tea spoon and let it crackle, you can throw in some curry leaves and hing. Then fry the sliced onions for a couple of minutes and add one table spoon ginger garlic paste. Now you can add the diced potatoes, fry it for a while then add in the tomatoes. Now you can add the salt and turmeric. And add some water and let it cook till the potatoes are soft and can be smashed. The water should not be too much as we don't want to make a gravy we just want to make the potatoes soft and the dish is not too dry. At the end add the capsicum and cook only for a minute. The capsicum tastes better when it's a bit crunchy. This recipe is nothing great but goes well with rice and dal.

Thanks Kirti for sharing, will do. Any good receipe with paneer, mushroom, vegetables....would like to know, please do share when free. Thank you.
Kirti's 1/5/2:58pm - 1/5/3:06pm

Chicken stew recipe, super healthy. Just chop capsicum, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, onions and boneless chicken pieces into small dices. Take a pressure cooker, put one spoon oil and add the onions first for a minute then add all the veggies and the chicken as well as some green peas. Add some salt and pepper powder. If you like keeping chicken stalk made from the bones of the chicken can add to this or plain water and give a whistle. The taste from all the veggies are amazing without any other spices interfering.

A very simple and quick chicken starter. Slice some chicken from the whole boneless chicken breast. The slices should be thin that can cook in 7 to 10 mins. Add salt, pepper powder, finely chopped garlic and olive oil to the chicken slices, mix it well. Then take a frying pan or a griddle, pour very little oil and place these chicken slices in the pan. Cook it from both the sides evenly which takes only 10 mins or so and towards the end add a table spoon of vinegar or lime juice just before closing the fire. When you try making this recipe is super simple and very tasty.

If you have lots of curd in your home, you can make a tasty Lassi. Add 2 cups of curd in your mixer jar, add a tablespoon of sugar to it and few ice cubes. Whip them nicely and pour out in a big glass. Add two or three drops of Rose essence for topping. A very rich, creamy, smelly Lassi is ready. Good drink for summer.

When we use vegetables, few vegetables will be remaining on the last day before we go to get fresh ones. Try making aviyal with the remaining vegs. Small sample I give below: One brinjal, one potato, one small piece of yam chopped, one drumstick. Cut these vegs into small pieces, wash them and cook them in medium heat. Grind two pieces of coconut, one green chilli with turmeric powder and half teaspoon jeera and add to the cooking vegs in the pan. Add little salt to it. Once this is cooked, remove from the fire and keep aside. In a dry pan, add little coconut oil, mustard to splutter and curry leaves. Then pour this fried oil to your cooked veg. curry. Your avviyal is ready. If required, people can add two table spoon of curd to it before eating. That will give a different taste to the dish.

It is the best recipe for tea Savio. Nothing tastes better than a well made masala tea.
Savio's 29/4/4:48pm - 1/5/1:32pm

Ukad recipe seems very easy with fewer ingredients, thanks for sharing it with everyone, Mrunal. Would love to give it a try as I have never had it before and whatever involves curd or buttermilk makes me interested because I like buttermilk and curd a lot.
Mrunal's 30/4/1:39pm - 1/5/1:30pm

When we have remaining iddlis in our home, we can make a easy Mysore uppma dish. Just chop one onion, one green chilli. In a kadai, first add little oil, then mustard seeds, then bengal gram and urudu dal, one tea spoon each fry them along with the chopped onion and chilli, curry leaves. Once it is brown, add the chopped iddlis along with them. Sprinkle little salt. It will be tasty to eat for the evening snack.

Mysore Uppma.

Sir, mouth watering by your wonderful description. Will give a try. Thank you.
Savio's 1/5/12:46pm - 1/5/1:16pm

One of the most soothing fruits to eat especially during the Summer is the Watermelon. To make a simple recipe out of it, chill the watermelon in the fridge, then remove it and cut it into big dices, then pour some honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice over it, then enjoy eating it with a fruit fork. Divinely delicious and healthy.

Today I prepared Ukad for breakfast as mentioned in our Menu box, it is the quick dish which can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. The ingredients required for this are easily available in our house. 1. Sour curd, 2. rice flour, 3. ginger(smashed), 4. cody leaf ( kadi patta -quantity 8-9 leaves), 5. chilies, 6. salt, 7. sugar. Take the sour curd in a vessel, make buttermilk of the same, add the rice flour in it. In a frying pan add little oil or ghee, after the oil or ghee is heated add black mustard seeds, then add asafoetida (hing), the leaves of cody (kadi patta), then add ginger and chilies. After that add the mixture of curd and rice flour in to it, add salt and sugar accordingly. Heat the same with lid on it for maximum 5 to 6 minutes. Please note- sour curd is an important ingredient in this recipe and also adding turmeric powder is optional. Serve it hot, take a spoon of oil if required (the oil should not be heated at all) and add coriander leaves chopped finely on top.

To make a better tea, you can add in a couple of cardamoms, a few slices of ginger, a cinnamon stick and a bit of lemon juice while brewing the tea leaves, then add in the milk, some fresh cream and honey. Strain the tea, stir well and serve hot. Remove the cinnamon, cardamon, and ginger to reuse it a couple more times.

I love Bujou. It's a family secret recipe wherein we fry diced potatoes, chopped onions and tomatoes, then when cooked we add in beaten eggs, grated cheese at the end, goes well with bread slices or Roti. Tastes absolutely delicious. Healthy too.


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