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Email Etiquette

Do have a clear subject line.
Don't forget your signature.
Do use a professional salutation.
Don't use humor.
Don't assume the recipient knows what you are talking about.

Always start the e.mail with proper salutations. It can either be... 'Dear, Respected....'. And end with thank you. Even there may not be any need to write thank you...... even then, end an e.mail with thank you, it is thanking the receiver for his/her patient reading of the mail till the end.

Email etiquette is same as the general etiquette in a civilized and polite society. It pays to be courteous in all your emails. It serves no purpose in being curt and rude even though you mean to cut off the contact. There are other ways to put your message clearly to the other party.

Emails are generally used to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Now it has become an advertising mode for businesses, which becomes an avoidable intrusion into private correspondence.

Some people are habituated to send spams compulsively. That does not get them any extra attention. Moreover, it is not a polite thing to do. It is good that most email services recognize the spams and divert them to a separate folder enabling the users to delete them enmass.

A few years ago I joined a local office. The main duty of the personal assistant working there was to open the boss's email and delete a slew of unwanted emails. Only a dozen something was finally chosen out of the hundreds of scams and scums.

Barging others with a flood of group emails is surely not a good email etiquette. Some people tolerate such habit and do not mind wasting their valuable time in deleting those forced messages. But some others react wildly to such rude intrusions.

It would not cost you anything by being polite in your emails. Whenever you have to express your displeasure over anything, do it firmly and business-like without making it personal.

Be short and sweet. Let your mails be simple and convey what is required to be conveyed. No beating around the bush. Be specific and polite.

Very true Vinay, there are some people who write the entire email in capital letters, I wonder where did they complete their schooling from? Some just do it to get some extra attention. Using the upper case letters and lower case letters correctly while typing an email is very important. When we send an email or a message to a person we should write in a way that there are no chances of it being misinterpreted.
Vinay's 11/6/9:28pm - 14/6/6:12pm

Our social dealings need to follow certain norms so that they ensure smooth interactions without ruffled feathers. Similar is the case with emails. We need to follow certain norms for emails. These have evolved over a period of time; some of them have been well documented.

When we send a mail to someone, it will be better not to type in capital letters. The capital letters are the indication of SHOUTING.

Acknolwedge any email within a day or two.
Respond to enquiries and problems at the earliest.
Acknowledge client's feelings before giving out a solution.
Always keep a pleasing tone and good manners and respect in the reply mails.

Ask open ended questions if a solution has to be arrived after clarity from the other end.

Use simple words to communicate instead of advanced English words, which will be easier for the other end to read and understand.
End each mail with a Regards or Thanks before your name or signature.

Any type of e-mail should address the receiver with humble, respectful words. This is the main etiquette of writing an e-mail.


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