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Went for dhol practice in the evening. It is more organised now...we are all in sync to a great extent..there are some who have played for many years..but there are a couple of first timers like me also....It started pouring suddenly in the middle of the practice session..The cute part is ..everybody ran under the building but ran first to save the dhols and other instruments from getting wet...

Good things take time. Great things even more time. But just because it takes a long time to do something great it does not mean you skip steps and try to get to the top via unfair means. Life is easy, life is great, life is beautiful on this wondrous evening in Naigaon. It's a good time for all of us to spent time in analyzing where, why and how of all things connected to our life. And the background music played softly won't do any harm either.

Sometimes the easiest things in life can also be the hardest things to do. Conversely, the hardest things to do might actually be easy to do. We think some things are hard to do. Apart from our thinking there is no justification for something being hard to do. The fact is that life is easy. We make it hard by thinking it's hard to do certain things that enable our present and future to be a lot better than it has been in the past and before now.

After spending good and ample time on Enoma, its time to have tea with some snacks, lets have it and enjoy the evening beautifully.

Thank you for the suggestions, Gomathi. Yes, we must be clear about the priorities of each applicant. It is quite clear that we have fumbled in our admissions this year, for the first time since 2005, almost half our batch of students just don't bother about the course, a couple of them even asked us if they could receive the certificate without giving the exams, if only we knew this when they applied for admission, sadly, all of them lied to us about their time schedule and intentions, so we were clueless about them, anyway, the ironic part for them is that what goes around always comes around, they fooled us, God was watching, is watching, and certainly they will be taught a lesson.
Gomathi's 13/8/7:10am - 13/8/12:29pm

Sir, honestly, I do felt the same. When the true spirit of you is not understood, then it is the problem of us, not you Sir. During the admission time, all applicants wish to do SDC online certified course on our own wish and passion, if this is true, sure we would give our best. Else, we are the losers. Like classroom study, if attendance is taken..... and being absent for a continuous period enables a student without said, he/she be removed from the course. Since online, the added advantage is that, one can access all the 24*7, so the attendance be taken for the whole day. This rule can be added in the admission procedure. And one more thing be added in the admission procedure is asking for first five priorities........this would enable the selection team to know the state of the student that if she/he can give/take the best. Sometimes the whip has to be taken in hand, so, strictly enforcing students to contribute so many hours in a week for the forum study. Just placed my suggestions Sir. Thank you.
Savio's 12/8/6:20pm - 13/8/7:10am

My close friend who has been following every single post and message on Cafe Enoma said to me this evening "Why do you bother about your students so much? Why not just ignore them? If they don't know what they are losing out on then why do you waste your precious time on them?". Well, I told her that quite honestly, I am starting to feel the same way too. It's time I take a step back and ignore the students and clients who don't value what they are receiving on the Enoma platform.

As a trainer with over 20 years experience in day-to-day training, I feel sad when students expect me to spoon feed them. They don't realize that being spoon fed will keep them full and satisfied for a short while, but once that period is done then once again they will need to find food, and at that time I as their trainer I'm certainly not going to be around to feed them, for the truth of the matter is that my job does not include spoon feeding but rather teaching my students how to feed themselves.

There is so much happening these days. Everyone is busy with their lives. Lots to do, so many places to go, festivals, prayers, celebrations, meetings, meetups, birthdays and funerals too. In the midst of it all, the soul might become lonely. After all, we give our time to everything and everyone else but thy soul. On a beautiful evening like this, while one is busy filling up the evening with activities that will bear no consequence few years from now, it's time to resolve to spend time with one's soul, for no bigger sin shall we do than ignoring one's own inner being.

Sir, i respect your feelings and know you are very disciplined and want same from us, i try my best to remain active, but i will try to give my best and will try to participate more on regular basis.
Savio's 11/8/6:39pm - 11/8/10:14pm

I know very well sir, that I have been not spending as much time I should have on the course forum for a couple of days. I do not want to give any excuse because it doesn't look nice at all. A bit heavy work in the school as we are planning for the Awards Day function by the end of August; quite a lot of planning and arrangements are to be made. I feel sad. Whenever I find time, definitely I will update myself, sir.
Savio's 11/8/7:14pm - 11/8/9:54pm

An evening of lectures and morals perhaps. As I sit here feeling disappointed about the sorry state of affairs on the counseling course forum. So many students at a single time doing the course. Yet not more than two are disciplined enough to maximize the learning opportunities being provided to them. It's sad to see the lack of discipline and interest on part of the students. It's easy to blame the mentor for the failures of the students. Similarly it's easy for the mentor to crack the whip when students are not fulfilling their learning potential. It is sad that the same students who claim to have interest in the course do not show it through their actions on the forum. On the flip side, those very students have all the time in the world to waste their daily time on social apps and watching TV.

Life is always beautiful. So think before you pass judgments based on the weather and other people. Very often, readers send in feedback about my posts which I find amusing. Since their feedback is full of flowery words and phrases without even knowing me in person. They think I am a great person who has achieved so many great things and they wish they were more like me. If such feedback is not funny then I don't know what it. If you want to be great then be as disciplined as I am. I don't advice anyone to copy things from others but if there is one thing you should learn from my personal and professional life then that is to become more disciplined in everything that you do. Be disciplined not just at work, but also inside the home, with loved ones, yourself. And everywhere else. That's when you'll realize that greatness is nothing but a myth and you'll have your own greatness to talk about just like I do.

Discipline is such a funny yet unique thing. Hardly a few have it in the modern world. On this beautiful evening, perhaps it's high time for the ones who lack discipline (and make excuses for this lack of discipline) to wake up and realize something about the Sun that they should learn from. The sun rises and it sets every single day of the year. Not only this, it has been doing this every single year during the past thousands of years. What better example of discipline can I give you on this wondrous day. The sun does not make excuses. It does not give reasons for anything since it never has to. Her work does all the talking. And sure, action does speak louder than words.

There have been many times in my training career where students and competing trainers have asked me to reveal my biggest secrets to them. I'm not one to shy away from sharing so it's pretty easy for me to open up and share my knowledge, wisdom and experiences with my students, clients and visitors without thinking about how much value I am sharing with them for FREE. One of my biggest secrets is that I have discipline. I am assuming that the reason that they ask me this question time and again is because they lack discipline. It's probably the main reason they aren't as happy and successful in their lives.

It is another beautiful evening in general. But a rather disappointing one on our Counseling course forum where the quality of participation and overall discipline of almost all the students has dropped significantly in the last three weeks. The last time this happened I did my best to devote more of my professional time with the undisciplined students to make them participate more. This time round, I don't even think it's worth my time to waste it in cajoling adults into doing something that they obviously lack.

Another beautiful day gone by, another wonderful evening comes our way. It's amazing how quickly this month is passing us by. So much happening in everyone's lives that sometimes we forget what's most important. The media seems to be playing games on our minds with news centered around making us tense, insecure and a tad frustrated. The beauty of nature and her innocence is what keeps us firmly grounded. Though we don't even realize it at most times...

It's raining outside cats and dogs. I took leave from my clinic and enjoying the rain sitting in verandah.

We always keep water in a big saucer in front of our flat in the apartment. The lovely pigeons come to drink that water often. There are hundreds of pigeons here. It is very lovely to watch them.

Most of the people around us are like us. They are very helpful especially in times of need. The also go out of their way to help us.

I had just got a new neighbour when my mother-in-law was admitted last year for severe stomach infection. It was a week before she got discharged. In that time i realised what a helpful neighbour and good friends God had given me.

The girls used to be given the house keys and evening snacks as soon as they were back from school by the neighbour. The friends all made sure that since i was spending most of my time in the hospital and husband was travelling commuting to the hospital which was 20km away was taken care by them. Food and lunch was parcelled for the girls everyday in the morning by them. I just want to say thank you to all.

Today being an auspicious day of an auspicious month, my wife wants to attend a pooja in the evening. It is called the 'Vilakku poojai' meaning the pooja done with the lamps. We got the invitation from the colony where we were living before shifting to the present apartment. It is very nice of those residents to remember us still!

Planning to go for a brusque walk with my friend today evening as i missed my afternoon swimming session. The sea breeze has set in. It will help me to relax.

Sitting in the balcony with a hot cup of tea surrounded by my beautiful plants and flowers. And watching birds returning to their nests. Last few days I had to stop my this practice, as one nest was in my balcony too, and the pegion used to wait for me to go inside my house, so that it can enter her nest. But used to feel happy seeing the same.

The weather is pleasant this evening. I just had tea with some 'upma'. The sky is dark with clouds. The papers say that it is going to rain heavily. I am still debating whether to go out and get drenched in rain or simply relax at home.

Stunning Sir..... A busy July month. The working style of you is really amazing. Taking inspiration from you Sir, to motivate myself towards my purpose of life. Good luck and wish you success in all endeavors.
Savio's 11/7/4:18pm - 11/7/4:37pm

It's another relaxing evening. It's been a busy month thus far for my wife and me with lots of new things being worked upon while we go about fulfilling our life purpose. Most of my readers are wondering what I'm busy with these days so I thought of dropping by and posting a brief update of what's been taking up most of my work and leisure time this month. Firstly, I've created the DAL.ONE time management and goal setting system which also doubles up as an activity and interest tracking system. Even though we launched DAL.ONE yesterday, there are still certain tiny modules which need to be added in. And as any programmer out there knows, these little module changes take days and weeks to program. Secondly, I've been creating mini audio books and audio book series. The epic 'Central Park' series was completed this month. One which I feel very passionately about as the content within it took me over 2 decades to complete. Then, over two dozen mini audio books were finally recorded after years of putting it off due to other work. Some of these mini audio books include the 'Join The Dots System', 'The Biggest Marketing Secret In The World', 'The Magical Seeds Principle', 'The Glass Vases', and more. Thirdly, I've begun work on another epic project, '5000 Tips To Live A Better Life', this massive life instruction guide will help Millions of people from all over the world as these tips are created from the lives of hundreds of others who I've interacted with since I was a little boy. The tips are simple to follow and act as a powerful guide in living a good life. Lastly, there are two movie scripts that I am working on along with a few songs. One movie is about Domain Auctions and the other is on Time Management. I am hopeful to produce and release these movies on YouTube and our popular Facebook pages by the end of this year. So, basically, there's a lot going on in my humble little life. I am not complaining though. It's great to be busy, it gives me more time to relax and meditate between jobs, also makes each day more purposeful. I may be busy but still make time to go through every single post on Cafe Enoma and the other blogs we manage. It's only a matter of time before I'll be back to writing and sharing more thoughts and musings with our loyal readers on Enoma.

A local social worker has invited me to his house for the birthday celebration of his younger daughter. Wife has gone out to buy a gift item for the child and I am waiting for her to return. Otherwise, it is all quiet at home.

It is a relaxing evening today. The rains have stopped temporarily since morning. The clothes washed yesterday are still lying on the drying lines in the balcony.

Went to the installation ceremony of the Rotary Club. I had to speak for 20 minutes and I did speak. I was happy to deliver the speech in front of the big gathering.
The only thing that I did not like was the way they organised the entire programme. Instead of starting at 6:30, the programme was started at 7:25. They did not keep the time at all.
I did not just finish the speech without mentioning about the punctuality of the Rotarians. I thought they should know about it.
Had nice dinner and came back.

Best wishes Vinay. Please share your experiences here. Have a wonderful evening.
Vinay's 4/7/5:06pm - 4/7/5:43pm

Today late evening, I have to attend a meeting in the local Rotary Club and give a talk. It is going to be the Investiture ceremony. I have prepared and planned my speech well.

It's a lovely evening. I am inside my flat listening to all the noises outside. I can hear the loud noises of many children of this apartment playing in the play area and around the car parking area. They are all happy because of the lovely weather and the thought that tomorrow is a holiday.

I am in a place called Udupi in Karnataka. This place is famous for its temples, especially the Krishna temple. Nice cool evening here at present, with showers of rain very frequently. It is nice to see most of the people walking in the rain as if enjoying it. The nature is at its best.

I had just a very short nap this afternoon. The weather is getting cool and pleasant. There are so many things weighing on my mind but, mraculously, I am able to keep it cool and light. I like to do some heavy physical work, but there are few opportunities to exert myself.

There is a lot to learn from a rainy evening like today. It's remarkable how we are enjoying the first heavy rainfall this monsoon while in another part of the world people are celebrating the first day of Summer. It's life at her best for each and every one of us. The Ramadan fasting period its nearing its end. Thank God. The tantalising smells all over this building are making me hungry at odd hours. The stomach growls whenever the aromas of a spicy curry or a tandoori kebab enter my window. I'm off to have a bite of something.

It's been raining heavily for the last hour. The surroundings have come alive, the leaves on the trees are the greenest green, the sounds of the raindrops are wickedly relaxing. It's gonna be a great evening alright. I fondly remember my childhood days at April Showers right now. I've spoken about those wonderful memories in my mini audio book 'The Monsoon Principle'. The smell of a spicy curry enters my bedroom window now. Someone preparing a late lunch or an early dinner. The sad part is that I might be getting a throat infection from my beloved wife as the doctor says it's contagious. U might have to shy sway from the cafe as well. Who know the virus might affect some of our loyal patrons too...

Very lovely evening today. The wind is blowing very strongly making a lot of noise.

It's a beautiful Sunday evening, the roads are quite empty right now, maybe most people are busy watching something on TV or spending quality time with their loved ones, the latter reason is just a joke because we all know how much quality time today's parents and youngsters actually spend with each other. The sad part is that most people are busy watching a cricket match which is more or less fixed but yet they will watch it hoping that this time it's not fixed...

As a part of the evening routine, I will shortly go to have a shower. I combine this activity with washing the clothes. Generally, I wash my clothes myself and do not like to dump them in the washing machine.

Was quite busy. Could not log in to enoma in the afternoon onwards.

Some days evenings are so still, the mind can just rest in silence, clean the thoughts, empty thy brain, and focus on the stillness that exists all around. It's not raining right now, an evening where there is nothing to do but relax by the window, staring at the trees as it gets dark, sipping on the fine cup of tea that has been served to me a while ago, it's easy to be mindfulness right now, as the evening opens up her arms to be as I relax in a lazy mood...

It is the blessed evening today. The weather is not too hot. Since the rainy season has started almost in full swing, it is not advisable to venture out without an umbrella.

Healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

A lovely evening here. And moreover, we got a chance to go to a movie -Bahubali 2. When we came out, there was a very nasty traffic jam right in front of the theatre, so we were delayed a bit.

Lovely evening, with an overcast sky, but no rain.
I am alone at home, as my wife has gone to Coimbatore officially. It's a bit boring, but spending time on Cafe Enoma can be fun, watching the Cricket occasionally to update myself with the latest score.

Sir, the curious eyes never misses your post. Those eyes knows, there will be some hidden message of you, somewhere around Cafe Enoma, for the well being of students. Those who knows this secret will never overlook your messages.
Savio's 5/6/6:41pm - 5/6/10:52pm

Oh!! Nice to know Sir. Who else can be the best teachers for children except for their parents! And Max is so lucky to be educated under 2 great masters. Wish him great life. I am not that aware of home schooling, but heard about it. And this posting of yours, is again giving me courage to be myself against the mobbing crowd of the society. Thank you Sir.
Savio's 5/6/9:57pm - 5/6/10:46pm

Nice to know about this Sir. Lovely time for him with you and Kirti as his teachers and doing great in his studies and all curricular activities. Above all he is very safe from the hot sun and other pollution. He will have a lot of time to manage himself and do his best.
Savio's 5/6/9:57pm - 5/6/10:02pm

Max has been homeschooling with Kirti and me since his senior KG days. So we are his teachers during the last 3 to 4 years. He does his homework for just a couple of hours, after that he is free to play, talk to us, read, watch TV, get on the computer and play his offline games, etc. There are many advantages and a few disadvantages of home schooling. Since God guided us into following this path for his educational needs we cannot argue or complain. He loves it, we love having him safe with us at home, and we all have a lot of quality time together which is sadly not possible in other families where children go to school all day long and parents work like dogs from morn till dark.
Sheila's 5/6/8:31pm - 5/6/9:57pm


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