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These days are completely devoted to family, had lot of fun, masti and sharing of beautiful memories all together.

family time it is the most beautiful moments in ones life it is the happy timeit is always remembered it becomes a memory the family spends time together discussing every small things and problems and others listening carefully we usually spend it after dinner it is the golden moments of our familt

Today afternoon all of us played UNO together after a long time. It was so much fun.

Waiting for my brother, he is on the way to Dehradun, we will meet after eight months.He is youngest of all. We will have good time together.

Sorry, not busy need..... but busy bees in the last sentence of the post below.
Gomathi's 2/8/1:51pm - 2/8/1:52pm

Very well said Kirti. When one really wants to spend time with the family, sure he/she will find good time inbetween the busy schedules of him/her. All needed is the heart to be with the loved ones. But that heart is missing in most of the busy need.
Kirti's 1/8/4:57pm - 2/8/1:51pm

I agree with you Vinay, the 'pretext' is right term for those who have all the excuses not to be able to spend time with their family. The reality is that, they don't really want to spend any time with their family. When you really want to do something, you do it anyhow. If your priorities are straight you will have enough time to spare for your family, in spite of all the responsibilities.
Vinay's 1/8/2:49pm - 1/8/4:57pm

In the pretext of earning money to take care of the wife and the children, the husband neglects the quality time with the family members. The children rarely meet the father, as the father will be either sleeping or would have gone for jogging when the child gets ready to come to the school. In the evening, the child does not see the father as the father comes late from the office.
Where is the quality time with the family?

Had a lovely family time with making dinner together. I am thankful to God for making me part of this beautiful family.

It is everyone's dream to spend the old age with the extended family consisting of children and grandchildren. But nothing happens as we wish. So we have to be content with whatever situation in which we find ourselves.

Now, at the fag end of life, family time is somewhat a rarity. Husband and wife alone are the company for each other. The grown up children are rarely accessible, if at all.

Spent quality time with family members, had dinner together, discussed about admission of my elder daughter.Everyday father daughter are searching the colleges and collecting information about those colleges, it's a tough time till she gets admission in her dream line.

We decided that today we will not go out anywhere. We are going to be at home the whole day. Spending some quality time here.

I am really happy that I could take my wife to the places where she wanted to go: The Mookambika Temple and Udupi Temple. We had a nice darshan at both the places in spite of the rain, and got the blessings of the God. More than getting the blessings of the God, I liked the way my wife enjoyed the trip and satisfied with the visit to the temples. Her happiness makes me happy too.

It must be your in laws Vinay. Definitely a loss of a parent can never be compensated to anything.
Even I too miss my father very badly.
Vinay's 19/6/6:43am - 19/6/11:11pm

A family friend of ours still maintains excellent relations with her two married sons. Both the sons and the daughters-in-law join their mom and dad for dinner. The mom is now quite old and cannot do strenuous work. But she takes great interest in cooking delicious food for the children.

Dinner time is good for the family to be together and to discuss the day's events, ups, and downs. However, everything does not happen as we wish, especially when the children are gro up.

Sorry to hear about this, is it the death anniversary of your wife's father or mother because it appears you forgot to mention that.
Vinay's 19/6/6:43am - 19/6/12:17pm

Today is the death anniversary of my wife. I could see the feelings on the face of her. I had to console her by being with her.
I empathise with her.

The grown up children have their own set of mind and their own set of activities. It is not easy to get them to join in some common family time. If they do not do it willingly, I do not like to impose it on them.

The journey begins for my brother in law's wedding, in bus will start playing antakshari and dum shares. All the family members together. A perfect family time to enjoy.

Sunday to celebrate maximum time with family, discussions, playing, movie watching, match watching all together with yummu good.

Spend maximum and quality time with family, it brings so much relaxation and happiness to our life. Family understands you, support you and stand as a pillars for you in every storm.

I too hate such irresponsible mothers. First she should attend the sick child. Any person in an office will surely understand her situation and will give her leave or permission to take care of the kid. A working women must be very cautious in doing her work life balance.
Savio's 14/6/11:40pm - 14/6/11:50pm

One of the most painful moments for a parent, especially the mother, is when their child is sick, injured or hospitalized due to something even more severe. Everything is put on hold during such times and the full focus and attention is given for the child. In recent times, shockingly, however, I have seen some mothers ignoring their kids even when they are sick or in pain just because they have to go to work. They expect a servant to do the mother's job. I have no respect and totally detest a parent who does not have the time to spend with their own child even when they are sick or in pain.

It is a relaxing day for the whole family. There isn't much work to do. I will go and have a shower before proceeding out for provisions shopping. The provisions need to be replenished every day so that the family cart runs smooth.

Evening is our family time everyday.

Today India Pakistan match will again bring all the family members in one room for long hours. Father and daughters have bet against winning team. They decided to order pizza for winning team of house. Ha ha ha...let's see who will win.

It's time to give bath to mom,so i am going will come back soon on cafe ater making her fresh.

Nowadays, both my wife and I just wait for the late night calls from my daughter and son-in-law. We don't sleep till we get the call from them from Bahrain. We get good sleep after the chat.

My aged mother was with me for more than 4 months. We had a jolly good time, even though my wife struggled to take good care of her. Last week I left my mother back in my elder brother's place. I feel an emptiness at home now, without the presence of my mother. My wife tells me that she too feels the same!

Generally weekends, I go to my home and spend a lot of quality time with my grand kid and my daughter who are staying next door. Yesterday, we had a nice time. I cooked food for them and we all had our lunch together.

Today we will have family party to celebrate the success of elder daughter.Ajay will make masala maggi and I will prepare idly sambhar and daughters will make coffee shake.

I love the time when I sit with my son and make him do his homework. It is a task but it is also one of the most important family time a parent should have with children.

Yesterday was my nephew's wedding anniversary. We had a good family time after a long time.just enjoyed it.

Last night was reading Tales of Tenali Raman with my nephew Arnav. Was reading one paragraph alternately. Remembered childhood days, the same bonding as I used to share with my mom.

Yesterday played cricket with my 8 year old nephew, who has come to stay at my place for the first time. Really having fun with him.

Today was only family time , from early morning with mother in law and in evening , busy in making different dishes for daughter as she has to go back to Chandigarh .To avoid outside food sweetu is taking homemade items.

In the present trend and generation, the children has to be brought up with more love and care than threatening them or beating them or using harsh words. Hence, parents have to take ample care to be friendly with children. They should love to meet the parents and share with them without hiding anything or keeping any secrets. Even if they make some mistakes, it should be politely told to them and correct them. Always appreciate them even if they do a small thing.

When you read some jokes or good humor articles, note them in your writing pad and share them in your family time, to bring out humor and laughter.

Nice aroma of cooking emanates from the kitchen and fills the hall. It surges my appetite and makes me eagerly wait for my lunch to be served on the table.

How nice to get a week end to spend with the family! I had lunch with my wife and mother together. A nice feeling it was.

My mother always says , have patience. This is the key to keep every relation healthy.

The best of my family time is while all my in-laws are at my place and I make my father-in-law to prepare something and we girls (my MIL, sister-in-law (jethani) and me) sit and enjoy the food.

The last long weekend, we had decided to go to Mysore, but cancelled the plan. So all three days we were at home. I was busy in my studies and he was busy with his favorite GST. We spend our evenings with a walk in the garden and also attended a exhibition, one day my cousin and his family visited us with my two beautiful nieces. I really wish we get to spend many long weekends like this one. Without spending more money and spending more time with each other.

It is worth to plan our family time and especially small outings with our family during weekends, give us some togetherness. From adults to kids, feels happy at that time. It is good going out and visiting our relatives, friends, some time for socializing instead of always glued to our homes. We get the feel of fresh air, some nice driving, then kids also feel happy to be outdoors and teach them of how we do shopping, then speaking to people outside our homes. They learn a lot from us as they are very good observers.

Its so important to spend a quality time with our family. Having a family, is such a blessing. On weekends or long weekends, I totally forget that I have television set in my house which I love to watch if doing nothing. Me and my husband, we both are talkative persons, we loving talking and sharing thoughts on pity issues like, when will this pigeon fly, why didn't it fly and all. But it is the time that we just talk to each other keeping all our worries aside. We make sure any topic that may bring a mini-war between us is not to be approached at all.

I went to kerala and had a good family time.

Since it is summer vacation for the students and teachers in the school, we have just the school office till 1 pm. That means, I have the chance of having lunch at home together with my wife and mother. How nice to have the meals together!


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