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Fashion Sense

One piece dress worn in a sensible looks very pretty and beautiful.

Wear the costumes that suits one's personality. A lot trial and error has to be done.

I like to be in my formal dress always. Whenever I go out I try to be in my formals. That has become my habit.

A fashion sense has to be identified with the color combination first. We can make a small transparent girl or boy picture and keep colorful cloth at the backend for the shirt portion and pant portion and see how it looks or matches when we buy dresses to match a shirt or pant. Same way, for a tops and skirt for ladies. Check the color matching, before we buy them. That will be a good dress sense.

Very well said Dolphi, there is an universal beauty. Each one has his/her own beauty. One is beautiful the way he/she is.
Dolphi's 16/7/10:09am - 16/7/1:04pm

However, the young boys and girls who moved to the city and suddenly acquired fashionable airs and talked with a foreign accent seemed unnatural. The fashion sense should come naturally in tune with the rhythms of the body and the mind.

The backward society teased the young boys and girls who did things with the aplomb of a fashionista. So did the backward village society did not appreciate the well-modulated voices.

Being fashionable was not much appreciated in the culture that I grew up. However, I now realize that there is universal beauty in doing whatever we do and in appearing fashionable.

Fashion sense to me is what one can carry off and is comfortable to wear. Any cloth which is stitched well will make one look smart. Also it is important to dress as per the occasion.

These days people are very much fashion conscious. They dress well, though not in a gaudy manner, and carry themselves very well. It is a pleasure to see people who conduct themselves fashionably in every aspect of their lives.

This hairstyle is the summer hairstyle when you hate the heat of the hair on the back side of the neck and you need hair to cover your cradle cap to protect your head from the sun. Though you are right some people just don't look good in certain hair cut but they don't realize it and try to carry it anyway.
Vinay's 25/6/6:00pm - 30/6/8:56pm

Before marriage, I was so curious to learn about the latest trends. But after marriage, just let go becomes the habit. May be, the curiosity fades as to the growing years of age.

The fashionable hair cut of some of the youngsters makes me irritated. It is almost like clean shave at the sides with a lot of hair right at the top of their head. It is almost like the mushroom cut that the small girls have. This particular hair style reminds me of the pineapple with the leaves at the top of it.

Haryanvi dress ghaghra choli is a beautiful dress for females. It is quite heavy to wear. I used to wear it during my school days when we performed dance on haryanvi songs.

Western wear became popular for Indians these days. Girls wear skirts and tops. I feel ladies will soon forget to wear sarees.

Indian wear, saree is a beautiful dress. It is a piece of long cloth tied all around the body in a beautiful way. Ladies looks graceful in it.

I hate people nowadays with fancy hairstyles. It is not only that it doesn't look good, but most of the style doesn't suit the persons at all.

Somehow I don't like the dress sense of the present generation. What with the very low-hip pants and short shirt, they look very bad, and create a wrong impression on the people who look at them.


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