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Boiled sweet corn with lime.

A super quick snack. Boil sweet corn. Once done, take it in a bowl, add little salt, chili powder to taste and squeeze lime in it, generously. And it's done!

Banana Pan Cakes Goan style.

Every morning for our breakfast, we would wake earlier than usual for these exquisite banana pan cakes that were served to us by the bungalow owners during our Goa trips. We would love it so much, that we hated our breakfast at home for a weeks after coming back from the trip. I am sharing the recipe here with everyone. Though the cook didn't share it with me the original recipe not that I asked for but I regretted not asking for it. So, as usual I figured it out as per the flavors and the taste on my own.

For the batter you need,
2 cups - white flour,
4 tbsp - powdered sugar,
1/2 tsp - baking soda,
2-3 eggs,
Milk as per the consistency,

On the side,
And the star of the dish, the bananas 3-4

Mix all the wet ingredients in a deep bowl then add the white flour, sugar and the baking soda (and a pinch of salt). Whisk it well. The consistency of the batter must runny not too thick for this one. Just like dosa. Once the batter is ready, pour it on a non-stick pan and spread it like dosa but a little thicker than the dosa so that it's soft and not crunchy. Cook it both the sides, it takes only a few minutes. Then take them in a plate, in the center of the pan cake slice bananas and roll it. Pour honey on top and enjoy. Children love it and you will feel like a child while you dig in.

Dinner will be my own preparation. I have planned idlis for dinner. Already my wife has prepared onion chutney and sambar, and I can make use of that in her absence.
A few idlis, banana and a glass of warm milk will bring back my energy (to sleep?).

I will make poha with tea for refreshment.

Had my first day drink of lemon, ginger and honey.

Afternoon lunch is Sambhar sadham, papad, and curd pachadi. The recipe is from Malika Badrinath's book on variety rice.

I had a glass of milk with gulkand in dinner, no vegetables or cereals.

Brother wants to eat very light food in breakfast, lets make spicy oats with vegetables in breakfast. Masala rasa idli is also good option to made.

Going to have the dinner in my neighbour's house as they have a pooja there. They have invited about 30 people from around here. The menu was prepared by us yesterday and we also helped in the preparations.

When we eat with our hands, the feel and the taste is really awesome. We South Indians usually prefer to eat in hands. I like the way we are.
Prerna's 3/8/8:56am - 3/8/1:05pm

Yes..we enjoyed a lot as the guests were not example is that they had the rice with their hands..I personally also like to have my rice with the hands..somehow it tastes better than with the spoon..When in a restaurant or formal dinner is another story.
Vinay's 2/8/10:39pm - 3/8/8:56am

Good variety of food. Hope you enjoyed well with your guests.
Prerna's 2/8/3:11pm - 2/8/10:39pm

Today we had bread pizza in dinner. It was very yummy.Thank you my sweet daughter for serving us delicious food.

All tempting Prerna..... wish to have a great feast. Cheers.
Prerna's 2/8/3:11pm - 2/8/3:35pm

Having guests for dinner today. Making mysore dal, paneer butter masala and aloo gobi with boondi raita and chapathi and rice for the main course and onion bhajiyas for the starters. Don't think i will have time make a dessert, so picked up mini cornettos .

Some food stuff was left yesterday, so i gave it to cow in morning who was standing outside my house.

Thank you Kirti, first round of desire of cutlets, paneer pakora and bread pakora is done, all turned very delicious, i firstly half fried all the items and then put them in air fryer, everyone loved the items too much and are very less oily.
Kirti's 31/7/4:31pm - 31/7/4:36pm

Good Luck Rekha, with the preparation of so many items. I hope all the dishes turn out delicious and your family loves it. Enjoy your day!
Rekha's 31/7/9:44am - 31/7/4:31pm

Demand list of daughter for her birthday is cutlets, bread pakora, paneer pakora, shahi paneer, Dal Makhani with fruit icecream.Ha..ha ..ha... i will prepare little little everything and will make her happy.

What a combination of food, vegetables maggie with khichdi, dahi and mango pickle.

It seems to be the season for bitter gourds (the 'karela's). Yet you get no more than three or four karelas for twenty rupees. It is another one of my favorite food items. Sometimes it slips out of my mind what is being cooked for lunch. The very smell of karelas emanating from the kitchen alerts me and my salivary glands of my special favorite.

Today we had two dishes in lunch. My favourite idli sambhar and pumpkin with poori ,curd,onion,green chutney and chach.

Base recipe for soup (carrot/ beetroot/ potato/ zucchini /mushroom)

Any vegetable of your choice 500gm
cornflour 1 tblsp
2-3 pods of garlic
milk 1 cup
butter 2 tsp

Boil the vegetable. Grind to a paste. Heat the butter. Add finely chopped garlic. Saute it. Then add the vegetable paste. Add the milk and salt and water and bring to a boil. Mix the cornflour with water to make a smooth runny paste(say 1/4 cup). Add this cornflour to the soup little by little till you get the right consistency. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. Tasty homemade soup for all season.

It is a favorite with my girls. Pink soup for beetroot, green for zucchini, orange soup for carrot. It is a big hit with garlic bread for kids.

Today, Thursday, is fasting day for my wife. So I prepared some simple chapatis for me to carry to the school for lunch. My wife prepared very nice black chana curry which I like as the combination for the chapatis.

The smoke emanating from these bathrooms of the rural households in the valleys can be seen from nearby highlands. It is a common sight every evening.

In South Indian rural households the bathroom is a separate attachment to the homes. Buckets of well-water is filled into the large copper vessel. The water is heated with the palm tree leaves and other waste.

Mayalu (Malabar Spinach) is usually found in every South Indian household. It grows luxuriously in the backyard, usually behind the bathroom where the waste water is fully utilized.

Leafy vegetables are my favorite food items. Mayalu (or the Malabar Spinach) is the most favorite one. The way it is prepared in our home fills the kitchen and the hall with the delicious aroma.

Paneer(cottage cheese) tikka

Slice small square cubes of paneer around half a cm in thickness. Similarly slice deseeded tomatoes, capsicum and onion.

For the marinade
Take hung curd . Add some roasted jeera powder, chilli and coriander paste to it.

Mix all the vegetables and paneer in the marinade and keep aside for an hour.

Take some grill sticks and alternately pierce the marinated vegetables and paneer in it. Grill on a griller by turning the sticks from time to time till the vegetables are all grilled properly.

Serve with mint chutney.

For about one week we have not been using the small onion (what we call it as sambar onion) as the price of it has shot up to Rs. 92 a kilo. According to the shopkeepers, there is no chance of the price coming down immediately, it seems. We have to be contended with the big onions which do not taste as good as the small ones.

Had a nice big samosa with a strong cup of tea just now. Very refreshing it was, even though the weather is still very hot here.

Delicious smell emanates from the kitchen; it is a sure sign that some good lunch is getting prepared. My appetite is triggered and hunger builds up, although I had a hefty breakfast of parathas and some leftover baji from yesterday.


1 onion
1 carrot
100 gm american corn
1 capsicum
100 gm mushroom
100 gm broccoli
100 gm cauliflower
white pasta sauce
100 gm mozzarella cheese
Pasta like penne , macaroni, fussili (not spagetti)

Chop all the vegetables finely. Saute them in butter and let them cook. Boil the pasta, say 2 cups. To the white sauce add all the cooked vegetables , pasta, oregano, chilli flakes and salt. Transfer to a baking dish and grate some mozzarella cheese on it.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degree centigrade
for 8-10 min. Tastes amazing with toasted bread, especially buttered and sliced baguette.

Mayonnaise sandwich

Take 4 tblsp of mayonnaise. Add to this 1 tblsp of tomato ketchup and 1/4 tsp of mustard sauce. Add some finely chopped onion, tomato, cabbage and capsicum to this. Add some salt as per taste. Spread some of this mixture in between two bread slices . Do the same for the remaining mixture. Healthy sandwiches are ready.

Custard Ice-cream

Make custard the usual way (say 4 cups). Take 250 ml of thick fresh cream. Whisk it till soft peaks are formed. Fold the custard slowly into the cream (2 tblsp at a time). Put this into an airtight container and freeze till it sets. Yummy home-made ice-cream .

Black Chana Cutlets

Sometimes we have leftover black chana curry. First seperate the curry and the chana. Knead the curry with wheat flour into a dough to make chapathis. Crush the boiled chana(say 1 cup). Add 2-3 slices of crumbled bread, 1 large boiled potato,some finely chopped onion, coriander, green chilli, garam masala, chat masala, salt and roasted jeera powder. Make cutlets. Shallow fry in oil.

We used to get plenty drumsticks on the backyard tree of our childhood home. Our neighbors used to pluck the drumstick pods from this tree for free. I never imagined that we have to pay dearly for these very drumsticks in a city.

I had nice breakfast this morning. It consisted of parotas of nice flavor along with the leftover sambar of drumsticks of yesterday. I relish the drumsticks sambar very much.

Went out for lunch with two of my friends to bbq nation. It was a good change as we chatted and laughed a lot. The food was a bit spicy so i made it up by eating a little extra dessert. A perfect example of stomach full is equal to heart full.

That seems to be a different combo.....thanks Kirti, will try and come back with feedback of my little one..... Ha ha ha
Kirti's 10/7/4:23pm - 14/7/5:42am

Thank you Prerna, sure, will try. Noted down.
Prerna's 10/7/4:07pm - 14/7/5:41am

Today I had a very nice lunch. Peas pullav and vegetable kurma, potato fry.

You can also try chickpeas(Kabuli channa) malasa. Boiled chickpeas sautéed with sliced onions, ginger garlic paste, other regular spices and the seasonings.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:34pm - 10/7/4:23pm

It is unusual combination but we ate it, the hot fried puris with sunny side up fried eggs. I know it breaks all the Indian food combos but we often get fed up of eating bread for the breakfast with eggs. So, Max wanted some changes in the form of the bread. I also try rotis and parathas with eggs for breakfast.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:34pm - 10/7/4:14pm

You could also try masala puri. Curd and chutney goes well with it and it tastes good just by itself. Recipe for masala puri: Add a little besan, maize flour(optional) ,1 tsp rava(optional) , coriander, chilli , ajwain and some dry masalas to the wheat flour before kneading. Then fry like a normal puri.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:34pm - 10/7/4:07pm

Oh! Thank you Vinay......will do.
Vinay's 10/7/3:39pm - 10/7/4:06pm

You can try dal fried or even tomato chutney. Both will be good combination for puris.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:34pm - 10/7/3:39pm

Not Rating....... Eating is the right Word.......for the below post.
Gomathi's 10/7/12:35pm - 10/7/12:37pm

Healthy Rating Habit........ Would like to follow. Thanks for the reminder Kirti.
Kirti's 4/7/10:26pm - 10/7/12:35pm


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