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Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of my elder brother. I called him early in the morning to wish him. Yesterday itself I contacted him to ask him about his programme for today. He was planning to go to Kerala, otherwise he would have come here to celebrate his birthday.

Enjoy! Have a wonderful birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine. May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on

Rekha, happy brithday to your dear daughter Harshita. May God bless her with love, peace and happiness for now and ever. Cheers.

Thank you Kirti for your blessings, i will convey your wishes to her which are very precious.
Kirti's 31/7/4:37pm - 31/7/4:47pm

Dear Rekha, please convey our best wishes to Harshita, for her Birthday. May God bless her with wisdom, health, good company of people and lots of happiness...

Thank you Vinay for blessings, i will convey your message to Harshita.She will be blessed to have wishes from you all.
Vinay's 31/7/10:54am - 31/7/1:45pm

Thank you Prerna for your blessings.
Prerna's 31/7/10:28am - 31/7/1:43pm

Rekha, kindly convey my happy birthday wishes to your daughter, Harshitha. May her life be a blessed one with peace and prosperity. I wish her many more happy returns of the day. God bless her.
Rekha's 31/7/9:40am - 31/7/10:54am

Birthday wishes to your daughter Harshita. May she have a wonderful year and many many more to come.
Rekha's 31/7/9:40am - 31/7/10:28am

Today is my younger daughter Harshita's birthday. May God bless her with beautiful life and success in her life.May she get all the happiness of world.May she learn to remain happy in every circumstances.May she become good human being with beautiful heart and respect for elders and love for juniors.

Today we had invitation for birthday party from one of our neighbours. Their granddaughter turned one today. We had dinner party, we enjoyed dinner and then had hot coffee, all the neighbours met after long.

Advance birthday wishes to your daughter, Rekha. She must be very excited to have the celebrations, I think. Please convey my love and best wishes to her.
Rekha's 26/7/7:54pm - 26/7/8:03pm

Thank you Sheila for the nice words. I would love to get it. Here's my address: Dr. Vinay Kumar, Principal, Subbiah Matric Hr Sec School, Kottakaadu, Sirupooluvapatti, Tirupur-641 603. My contact numbers are 9791938920 and 9894074774. Thank you very much Sheila for taking the pains of sending. Do it only if it not inconvenient for you.
Sheila's 18/7/11:15pm - 26/7/8:00pm

My younger daughter has birthday on 31 st July. She is very crazy, everyday reminds us about her birthday from day one of July. We love and respect her feelings.

Nice thought of bringing saplings. Vinay, we have made a document movie video for the students and it is in different languages. If you can send your address with mobile number, I can courier the same to you. You can show them to the students which will spread the awareness on global warming and how we can protect the planet earth.
Vinay's 18/7/7:58pm - 18/7/11:15pm

It is a great idea to announce the birthdays of the students and in return they donate a book for the school library. A sapling is also very nice. The student will always remember this birthday of his and also will have sentiments attached to the fully grown tree in the years to come.
Vinay's 18/7/7:58pm - 18/7/11:13pm

It was the birthday of one of my students. Usually on the birthday we wish that student in the assembly and the student donates a book to the school library. Today, the one who was celebrating his birthday donated a sapling to the school. Something different it was, and immediately I got it planted in a proper place. Very thoughtful of the parents to send the saplings to teach the students the strong message - Grow more trees.

I was feeling really hungry, but for the sake of grace, I partook only a small quantity. So after coming home, which is just two blocks away, I ate again our home-cooked food. This friend often takes my assistance in streamlining his group's website.

The friend ordered biriyani and ice cream for all of us. It was wonderful biriyani accompanied with mango pickle and papads. The Canadian friends relished the stuff but found it too spicy and hot.

A Canadian delegation was present when I visited the friend's home. They were a group of artistes and present small skits, perhaps on religious subjects.

The birthday party of my friend's child went on well. This friend is a pastor and is the coordinator for the entire state for his Evangelistic mission. Maybe the mission is getting good funds from abroad. This friend goes on foreign trips frequently.

I am now getting ready to attend the birthday celebration of the younger daughter of a friend of mine. It is worrying me a little bit that I am not able to keep up the appointed time. I will simply drop in with a small gift and greet the birthday child.

I am not particular about remembering the birthdays or sending the birthday wishes. But my wife remembers a long list of birthdays by rote. Yesterday she wanted to wish her childhood friend, who resides in Andheri and is married to a Muslim guy, of her birthday. But this friend was holidaying in Kashmir with her family.

Their are my hartiest congratulations to your son on his birthday.

I felt happy today when my nephew came over with his wife and had breakfast with us.

Usually I don't like to celebrate my birthday. The reason that I give the students and my friends is that, by birthday, we actually go closer to our death by one year. That means, I am closer to my death by one year. How can I celebrate that?


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