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My friend left for Pune yesterday. Went saree shopping with her to Nalli yesterday before dropping her to the airport. On the way back there was a traffic jam in both directions because of heavy downpour. Luckily she was at the airport on time and landed in Pune also before time.

I read few pages of Shree Akhand Sahib ji path. When pathi said me to read it,it was the happiest moment for me.

I would always wish to give positive words to all. If my positive words brings positive changes in the lives of others, then I am truly happy.

Being non-judgemental brings happiness in me. I have not mastered this skill 100%, however trying good to be this way.

Sounds yummy Soosamma..can you please post the recipe..Am in need of tested new cake recipies...
Soosamma's 6/8/9:30pm - 9/8/6:42pm

Today two of my swimming buddies and myself are going out for lunch to the restaurant in the clubhouse. As it is just 5 minutes from from my building so no time spent on travelling and and no hurry burry to come back home before the girls are back. Very simple and hassle free outing.

Today I made dates cake and I was very happy about it.

Helping someone makes me happy.

Do what makes you happy. Don't go for others happiness.

It is such a beautiful thought Vinay. Spreading happiness. Making someone else happy definitely gives us much more happiness than being happy ourselves.
Vinay's 27/7/12:57pm - 28/7/4:58pm

I always wonder why the happy things do not last long. The happiness of eating a delicious piece of cake lasts only as long as one chews it in one's mouth. Sometimes one can ruminate the taste a little longer in one's minds. But day-to-day life is filled with both bitter and sweet moments.

My mother has come to my place to stay with us for few days. I am happy to have her company, we had lot of talks to share.

The happiness can't be expressed when I see and hear that the reason for somebody's happiness is me. That again proves that if you want to be happy, make someone happy.

The satisfaction that I feel after a job well done. Especially if someone else that I care about is there by my side to share the moment with me.

Sharing something of great value to me (for free) with someone else less fortunate.

Having a close friend invite us over for dinner and sharing a special moment with each other.

Getting a tourist visa to Europe issued to my family on the very first try. Yippee!

Ordering 3 varieties of Kebabs and other spicy treats for dinner to celebrate something with my loved ones and finishing off the celebrations with some homemade Caramel Custard that's been stored in the fridge to set for a few hours.

Getting the news that my best friend just got a Green Card after many years of trying.

Every individual is so different , especially in the way they emote. My husband does not talk much but he is so good in giving cute surprises to everyone at home. Today i got a small chit on my laptop after he went to work saying 'Thank you. The breakfast (parathas and pineapple juice) you made today was very tasty.' It is not the first time i am getting the chit, but i feel so special getting one every time.

Roger Federer becomes the first man to win eight Wimbleton titles. Being a huge Federer fan, it made my day. What amazes me most about this sports icon is his journey. In his initial days, I remember him as a racquet smashing hothead but now i see him as a very respected role model and youth icon, not just for his amazing game but also for his conduct on and off court.

Seeing such a child outside the door made my day a happy one. Young children look pretty and innocent. That's why our folklore has glorified Lord Krishna as a young, mischievous child.

I saw a chubby child outside the door this morning. As soon as I opened the door, she entered in nonchalantly. She is the newest daughter of our neighbor's brother, whose family have been visiting her from Bangalore.

I got a very pleasant surprise from my little one today. My elder daughter is playing the piano for the last & years. My personal favorites are Rasputin and Rhapsody. After practicing secretly for over two weeks, my little one played Rasputin for me on the guitar today morning. Then we had both playing together. It was so much fun.

Eating hot kanda bhajiyas during the rains makes me feel divine.

A few moments ago utter darkness covered all around. Now it has started raining; heavy rains lash against the panes of the hall window where I am sitting. Sights like this come for free; if you have the mood to enjoy, they do not cost anything.

One of the basic ingredients of everlasting happiness, perhaps, is the steady supply of money. The harsh realities of life are that you have to pay through your nose for everything that you enjoy.

I already had my second breakfast with parotas and batata baji. The taste of the nice breakfast still lingers in my mouth. Good and happy things, however, do not last long. Soon tough realities of life take over.

One of the happy things that I enjoy is relaxing on a rainy day. It is about 10 o'clock in the morning, but it is dark because of the dark clouds. The weather is cool and pleasant. How much I wish the weather always remains like this!

Last night my husband came home late after a very tiring and long day at work. After having dinner he suddenly came up with the idea of going out for a walk. It is so nice after ages to walk together under the stars and enjoy the cool breeze. It helped us to unwind and relax.

When you look yourself up in the mirror and realize that the workout regimen has started showing it's positive effects, is the happiest thing. The hard work paying off gives immense satisfaction and motivation to continue with the plan.

Dolphi, glad to learn from you that how much you are interested and very supportive better half to your wife. A simple understanding from others shoes makes all fine. Keep up the good work. Cheers.
Dolphi's 5/7/10:24am - 5/7/4:38pm

Wow! It sounds great. I hope, I could go back to my childhood and have such parties. Where my mom was devoting her morning baking cookies for my friends and me. You are a super Mom to host these little wonders so well. Enjoy your evening! LOL (lots of love).
Prerna's 5/7/12:29pm - 5/7/1:17pm

Yes. That is so true Kirti. Not just creative, it helps them become social as well. She is having a Num Nom party this evening with her friends at home . This makes the mommy busy in the morning baking cookies for the little VIP guests and their toys..ha ha ha...
Kirti's 4/7/10:15pm - 5/7/12:29pm

Washing the clothes in the bathroom, prior to having a shower, is my favorite pastime. I have to realize its invaluable role as a stress-buster. More the washing load, happier I become.

Mopping the floor was really a breeze. I did the trick by moving the wet cloth over the floor with my feet without bending down, all the while keeping the fans in full swing. That was fun; I washed the cloth at the bathroom wash basin. From the dark and dirty water that it let out I realized that I had cleared much of the floor dust with this trick.

I found that sweeping the floors with the whirling fans off was a big botheration. It wasn't easy to bend my back down up to the floor. So, much of what I did was simply an eyewash. Fortunately, not much dust settled inside the house of late.

I realized in the absence of Nagamma that the housemaids are a great help to many a Mumbaikar household. I volunteered to do much of the work that the housemaid used to do.

Yesterday the happy-faced Nagamma, our long-time housemaid reappeared at the door. She was away for almost a month. She made us believe that she would not stay at her Native village in the Bidar district of Karnataka more than two weeks. So, we did not bother to ask her to get a 'badli' , a replacement.

I can only imagine those 14 days in your house with the anxiousness and the eagerness of the little one, as we have one here as well. He also can't wait to get something once it is declared to him that we have ordered. I am sure she is going to have a lot of fun with her new toys and be cutely creative with them...
Prerna's 4/7/5:13pm - 4/7/10:15pm

We ordered a Num Nom set for my younger one 14 days ago. One needs to witness to believe the excitement at home. The same two question everyday and atleast twice a day "When are we getting the parcel" or "Did the Amazon person deliver the package". We order so often online. But because of the excitement of my younger all of us at home also started waiting for it. Just five minutes before she is back from soon it was delivered today. It was so much to see her singing and dancing and jumping and hugging her toys. Took me back to my childhood days.

I agree Sheila. Its all about the first step. Then everything falls into place and we continue with our routine.
Sheila's 3/7/9:53pm - 4/7/4:50pm

Now the schools seem to have reopened after the summer break. So the children playing downstairs has become a little rarer sight.

The children playing downstairs choose this small covered place to avoid the vehicles and autorickshaws continuously using the building quadrangle below.

It is a happy thing to observe little children playing with absolute abandon in the little space down the stairs. They simply ignore the grownups passing them and going up and down the elevator.

Past one week I was unable to move and sit for long. Today morning also, I was tired. But once I reached office and started to give orientation to the new manager, I got much energy and I forgot all my pains and I felt happy that I did a great job today.

I was just seeing my Enoma site and all of a sudden i had seen, i am getting internet signals, it made me happy.

Yesterday, we were invited over to dinner to friend's place. The happy occasion being the selection of their very creative and talented daughter into NID, Vijayawada. It was a wonderful evening spent with two proud parents.

Great job Vinay, person who take care of happiness of others always remain happy, as it gives satisfaction.
Vinay's 30/6/5:02pm - 30/6/8:07pm

Today when I booked the car, actually I wanted to get the smoke-grey colour which looked very good. But I knew that my wife preferred the wine red colour, so I booked a wine red colour car. Her happiness can be, and is, my happiness!

Magic happens in routine things at home. A very pleasant thing happened today morning. The printer at home was not working for some time. Despite both husband and me trying to get it rectified it simply refused to work and we kept getting all kinds of errors. We finally decided to wait for the technician to turn up. Today we had a colleague of his for breakfast who wanted to take some printouts to work. We gave it a try one last time and VOILA it started printing like it had never conked ever....

Today meet a old friend of mine. Here in Mumbai, again due to some official work, visited high court. As it was all preplanned, today we met and the whole journey from Navi Mumbai to CST was totally unnoticed by us. It was as the old and the happy days were back.

This is right Prerna, happiness increases by seeing the happy faces of everyone surrounding you. It is the real happiness.
Prerna's 28/6/5:41pm - 28/6/7:51pm

On some days one is simply so happy. I think the happiness of the people around rubs onto us. A happy mother-in-law who is so relieved that her physician has reduced her insulin intake. A happy husband who has sorted some long pending technical issue at work. A happy elder daughter who has just finished a new piece of music on her piano and got appreciated for the same by her doting father. A very happy Little Miss Dennis the Menace who has come home with appreciation from her favorite teacher. My world couldn't be happier. Thank you GOD for giving me such a beautiful day.

I am happy to see my dear wife happy. Today she wanted to go to a temple in Coimbatore, so I drove her there after the school hours, attended the special prayers and came back. We had our dinner on the way from a restaurant. My wife was very happy, and hence, I too was.

Today while coming back to home, an old lady asked me for lift whom i use to see many times on the way to my home, i stopped my car and gave her lift, doing so made me very happy.

When I am not disturbed during my prayer, meditation, eating, study and sleep, I am happy.

Eating cornflakes in milk with a spoonful of honey makes me very happy on a rainy day like today.

Today I did some tailoring work for my mom in making some pillow covers and she felt so happy.

Thinking of spending time in Cafe Enoma fills my heart with happiness. It changed me a lot, i am such person who is not fond of reading but Cafe has developed nature of reading in me which is the most happiest part of my life.

True Vinay, driving in the morning hours has it's own charm. I too like driving in the early hours because at this we never struck up in the heavy jams and roads seem peaceful.
Vinay's 19/6/6:45am - 19/6/8:52am

Going for doing some exercises in the morning is a good and happy thing. In the same way, going for a drive in the early morning also is a happy thing.
I realised it this morning. I enjoyed my driving.

Applied mehendi yesterday. I love to. Yesterday was also one the happiest day. All were dancing. Had fun.

I was so exited to see my grand daughter very happy, when I visited her house on her birthday.

I did lot of cleaning in the house.That makes me happy..

Some people may not realize how happy and comfortable their life is. The retired guy who complained to me that being confined within the four walls of the home is like serving solitary imprisonment sentence. Now he has gone with the wife to the States to join his three children there. After some time he will, of course, come back fed up of the life there.

The bright youngsters in our building look very cheerful The SSC Std. X results are out and many of them with flying colors. The girl from the 2nd floor below came up at 10 pm along with her mother ad a box of sweets. She was happy to have passed the examination with 80 percent marks.

Yesterday was the last day for my Area Manager in our office as he was getting transferred to Bangalore. So, invited him along with the new AM for the Pot lunch session. They were amazed with these sort of arrangements. It was a very happy time to show our love and affection to the ones who really stays close to our hearts.

Cooked food for the guests who arrived today. I felt happy doing so.

Happiness consists of staying indoors on a rainy day and have something hot to munch now and they. Just sit on the sofa and do nothing but watch the darkening clouds floating in the sky.

Happiness consists of simple pleasures. I had delectable dosa-chutney with coffee for breakfast this morning. This is one of my special mornings.

Happiness consists of living a steady life and going on the straight path. All our miseries start when we deviate from the straight path.

Finally, the rain god has kept its date with the Mumbai city. It was drizzling intermittently the whole night. There is much improvement in the weather and the overhead fan is blowing a little cooler air.

Today we purchased an OTG. I am so happy about it.

The weather of Mumbai is making me super happy these days. Love the changed weather and the feel in the city. Also, Ramadan is going on so the aromas of tasty food all around making everyone's appetite bigger. It is the great aromas that start coming around 5 o'clock in the evening these days inviting everyone to eat something tasty before dinner.

Every day the skies put up a tantalizing show. The dark clouds hovering above bring the promise of much-awaited rain. The very thoughts of early rains make me happy.

A nice breakfast in the morning makes me happy. My happiness is further enhanced if the hot and strong 'bru' coffee goes along with the breakfast.

I read in the newspapers today that the rains are only a few days away from Mumbai. The Meteorological Department predicts normal rains for India this season.

I am happy to know that my younger sister is coming to Dehradun after 8 years with her husband, daughter and son. We will have family outing and fun after long.

Happy are the chirping birds that are up and ready early morning. They are assured that their day's meal is already kept ready for them. They just have to go and find it.

I feel so happy when I an taking a long cold shower on a hot n humid day. Just feeling the tingling sensation of the cold water falling on my torso is heavenly.

Gardening makes me very happy.

The things that make me happy are, in other words, my hobbies. I enjoy doing them and do not notice the passing time. Traveling to new places makes me happy. I enjoy just the process of packing my belongings, using any means of transport and going and adjusting to a new place. Music makes me happy. I don't know a person who does not enjoy music in general- all have a different taste but all like some kind of music which makes them feel happy.

On Saturday night for the first time the flower of Brahma Kamal that is Saussurea obvallata. And yesterday night two brahma kamal had blossomed. These flowers starts blossoming at 9.30 in night and the flower fully blossoms only at 00.00. Till morning the flower again shuts down. It is said that, Lord Shiva resides in this flower, and hence, small arti is to be done. Its huge in size but its petals very much delicate darling.

Today it is a cloudy day and I feel cheerful at every sign of the imminent rains. When I see out of the window I see dark clouds in the sky, all rushing eastwards but not stopping to give a rainy respite.

The neighborhood area got drenched in the light rain of last night. Though I sweated profusely underneath my vest, it was a pleasure take long strides in the rain-drenched streets this breezy morning.

Peace and happiness go together. If you are lacking innate peace of mind, happiness will remain elusive for you.

I feel happy to feed a starving person.

I feel happy when I memorize my child hood habits.

I feel happy when someone makes a surprise visit to my house.

I feel happy when I see the saplings I planted growing well.

I feel happy when family together goes for picnic.

I feel happy when my husband takes us out for dinner.

I feel happy when I meet my school friends unexpectedly.

I became so happy when I see my husband happy face while surfing clothes for him online.

Not only that, if you want to get happier, you should have experienced some sort of misery too. The rainbow is beautiful during the dark clouds and after the heavy rains.
Dolphi's 1/6/9:48am - 2/6/3:00pm

I feel happy doing window shopping.

I feel happy going for movies at times.

I feel happy when there is some function at home.

I feel happy when I help someone.

I feel happy when I see the innocent face of a child.

I feel happy when I memorize the foolish things I did as a kid.

I feel happy when I see my school where I studied.

I feel happy when I meet my school teachers.

I feel happy seeing the childhood photographs of mine.

I feel happy when I go to my parents house.

I ffel happy going to beech.

I am happy when my husband says todays fish curry is excellent.

I feel happy when I get a gift small or big.

I feel happy looking at the mango tree with mangoes in my garden.

when I go to garden I feel happy seeing the roses in my garden.

My daughters are trying new dishes in our kitchen, which are making me happy and arising thoughts in my mind that yes, they are now grown up and are ready to face this world.

Happiness and misery go side by side; in fact, they are the two sides of the same coin. You will not experience happiness unless you have undergone its miserable counterpart.

Today, while in break from forum, I played ball with my mom, sounds funny, but we really enjoyed it. It was one of the happiest movement in my life.

Sessions of mindfulness makes me content and happy.

Some people are not over-emotional. They become happy with little tings in life. If some sad things happen in their lives, they too are not deep or long-lasting. Such people are very resilient and usually remain cheerful most of the time.

Yesterday again the Rain God made another brief visit at night. We hurried to take off the clothes put to dry on the lines outside the window. But, again the rain was short-lived; it ended as abruptly as it began.

This morning we had surprise showers in our area. But this happy drizzle was only short-lived. It encouraged me to pick p my shopping bag and move out. The streets outside were still wet and everyone seemed to be in a pleasant mood.

To read Menu Box, to learn good recipes from expert Cooks.

Reading Savio Sir's writings. I am thoroughly enjoy reading and always wonder, how it is possible for Sir to be highly energetic, positive, content, happy through out the day. He had already let known his secrets in OSOVO.....but again then, without practice, nothing is impossible. I am taking small small steps.

Congratulations Rekha! Please convey it to your daughter as well. It must be a joyful time for all of you in your family. May God bless her with a great future.
Rekha's 28/5/4:58pm - 29/5/12:17am

Wish your daughter good luck all through her future ventures. A pride mom. Convey my congrats to your daughter. Goodnight.

Rekha's 28/5/4:58pm - 28/5/9:31pm

My daughter passed with 87 percent marks in twelth class, I am so happy.

The government has announced that the school in Tamilnadu should reopen after the summer vacation only on the 7th of June, instead of the 1st as declared earlier.

It lifts my mood up when I see dark clouds floating in the sky since morning. But the weather is taking fun in fooling us. Though the rains seem to be so tantalizingly close, they are yet in no hurry to make a downpour.

Today was a happy day for me. After a long time, I met my cousin and her daughter Sachi. The thought of being with Sachi itself made me happy.

I get up early morning when everything is calm and quiet. That is the time to meditate on happy things, especially about the bright new day that has just dawned like a blank slate to be freshly scrawled upon.

Watching cooking shows is one of my happy pastimes. They are the favorite shows of my wife. So, sitting here in the hall with the laptop on my lap, I too happen to watch them.

My mother coming to stay with after a long time, but to be honest, I am missing my father, as he too was going to join this trio but due to his dental treatment he cancelled. But, then too I am happy.

After a hard day's work facing the harsh elements of weather, it is indeed a great blessing to have a good night's sleep.

While the scorching heat of the summer makes life unbearable, I am happy to hear the distant sounds f the thunders. Those sounds appear to be the harbingers of the blessed rain.

The day was warm in spite of the breezy morning. Looking out of my hall window I could see stray, white, cotton ball-like clouds floating in the sky. My whole body was drenched with sweat when I returned fro my usual errands outside the home. But I was happy to have a shower, after which I felt very fresh.

Exactly Kirti. The reaction will be exactly opposite when it is messy.
Kirti's 22/5/10:02pm - 22/5/10:07pm

This happens with me also Sheila, when I come back home and see the house all neat and clean. And if the house is messy then the feelings are exact opposite.
Sheila's 22/5/12:37pm - 22/5/10:02pm

I will always be very happy to see this video in Youtube. The name of the video is Gods Love Letter To You. The first picture will be a pink rose. It will be so heart touching to see and listen to the video in absolute silence. We can feel the real God speaking to us. I felt so happy when I heard this for the first time. Then, whenever, I am disturbed, I listen to this video and I feel so happy and energetic. Even if you have not come across the same, you can try for once in youtube. Just amazing.

When I suddenly remember about someone after a very long time and I happened to speak about them to my friends or relatives, within a few days the person whom I was talking about will really come to me. In few instances, the person will be coming from abroad. Recently too this happened. One of our staff resigned and went to Muscat few years back and I was talking about him to my friend. Then suddenly he came to see me after 2 days. I do not know about what type of coincidence this is or whether it is like a telepathy. But I am sure that there is some sort of gravitation. I really feel happy about such an incident.

When I see my grand kid speaking a very fluent English, I am so excited and happy. She talks to me as though she is a very grown up girl. Very happy to see kids with such an amount of knowledge on any matters.

When I enter my home and see the house, spick and span. Everything in its place and all the rooms, kitchen in a neat condition, I really feel happy and I forget my whole day's stress.

I always love and feel happy to take a long drive.
Especially the toll roads, where we have to pay the toll and then non-stop keep driving. Just open the windows and let the breeze in. Nice time of such driving. This makes me so happy.

My nephew got 475 marks out of 500 in his SSLC Exams which made all of us happy.

Dosa chutney is my favorite dish for breakfast. Today it is Sunday and the children are at home, so wife prepared the delicious dosa-chutney. I was happy to have a sumptuous breakfast this morning.

Went for a walk yesterday evening. Purposely I took the road where there were no people or traffic. It was nice to walk alone singing some film songs to myself, forgetting about everything. Came back happily.

Wanted to get some extra sleep this morning, so thought of getting up late. At 9 o' clock, my wife brought a nice tea to wake me up. Drank the tea, lying down on the bed. It was nice experience. Felt happy.

When I meet old friends or folk from the older times and see that they are happy in their lives I feel very happy about them.

I feel proud and very happy when I see my son doing well in an activity.

Sometimes I find day-trading in the stock market an excitement filled activity. Jump on board when the action is rife and get off as quickly as possible, making whatever small kill that you can. Enter only high volume trades and square off all trades before the end of the day. Never forget to keep stop losses.

We received very heavy rain last evening till about midnight. When it started raining, there was loud shouting from outside. Eager to know what it was, we went out downstairs to see the inmates of the apartment playing in the rain. Dancing, shouting, singing... We also joined the group. The reminiscences of the childhood! The happiness was curtailed by loud thunder and lightning when we all ran indoors.

The teachers work hard through out the academic year and the litmus test is the public exams. So when the results of standard ten were announced by the government today, and when we came to know that our students have brought laurels to the school, I felt very happy. The reward for the hard toil! And of course, the great appreciation from the very good management too.

My daughter got married last year and is happily staying with her husband in Bahrain. She makes it a point to call us every day at night. At least once a week she comes on Skype along with my son-in-law. I feel very happy to see them and talk to them as they are thousands of miles away from us.

The start of the trading day gives me some excitement. These days the stock markets are full of action. I spend time analyzing the previous day's trades and keep some likely hits at the beginning of the trading day. It is like the experience of watching the tall, wild mango tree being swayed by the wind and ripe mangoes falling down one by one.

Whenever I buy a new dress for my daughter or granddaughter, I feel more happy for that. It is about choosing the different colors, the pattern of stitching, the models etc. I love to select the best model for my daughter which will suit her physical structure.

The beginning of the trading day gives me some excitement. I watch the stock markets closely and track the movements of the stocks of my interest. The markets are crucially placed now; despite the big swings in the overall indices that prime stocks do not seem to nudge much either way.

Going for shopping today makes me happy.

After a long time, today morning I could see the dark cloudy weather and also few drizzling started on the way to my office, which made me so happy.

I love to travel and explore the contris. Waiting for December for a foreign trip. It makes me very happy.

I am feeling cheerful today after reading the news that the monsoon will hit the mainland India two days earlier. It will hit Kerala coast by May 30th and will reach Mumbai by about June 10.

The shop beside the 'chana bhandar' is a dingy one. Yet it does brisk business being a part of the main market near the church. The other day I saw a litter of kitten newly given birth by the mother cat. It was a lovely sight of new hopefuls just arrived in this hospitable world.

The happy moment of the heavy downpour of rain that I witnessed about a year ago in the months of May-June is still fresh in my memory. It caught me off guard without an umbrella. Like so many other ill-prepared people I had to take shelter at one of the shops in the marketplace.

I still remember the cuddly guinea pig, wrapped in a cotton sheet, that the neighborhood lady was carrying in her arms in our building quadrangle. When the pet opened its one eye and glanced at me I felt the thrill of the contact with the wildlife, though domesticated.

Day before yesterday coach made video of my swimming, I felt very happy. I tried free style, breast stroke, backwater and dog paddling.I tried underwater swimming too.

After sumptuous non-veg food for the last few days, we had pure vegetarian food at home. I relished the Mangalorean-style lentils preparation with the addition of a generous amount of grated coconut.

Fooling around in the family group on social media. I am very happy when all of us cousins have fun in our family group on whatsapp. We are all of similar age so we have the same wavelength.

The smell of the first rain.

To write my heart's murmur.

To be with my heart's say, this way I am convinced that I walk in the righteous path.

To be courteous to lend my ears to ignorant/innocent talk of children.

To help children to realize their need.

Always striving to live a better life. And the process itself a happy thing for me, because of the feel that I am moving forward in the path of excellence.

Reading books on Self Developement. It brings more of inner joy.

The happiest thing that I encounter every day is the children playing cheerfully in the quadrangle downstairs. They do not have a care in this world and do not worry about tomorrow.

Biting into an extra juicy and sweet Alphonso Mango and being told that another one shall be served shortly.

Today I had prawns chilli-fried for dinner. Though I am not so fond of hot chilies, this prawn dish tasted wonderfully well.

I love to have guests at my home, making different dishes and serving them and to get praise for all preparations gave me inner joy.

Voices of devotional mantras bring happiness and relaxation in life.

Sitting under shadows of tree , chirping sounds of birds and rising sun from east is making my life charming.

Talking to God makes me happy.

Start doing whatever you have planned , because no one is going to start it for you.

Swimming always makes me happy.

One happy thing in life is to have a pretty and a friendly dog as a friend. A well-off family, who once lived downstairs, had a ugly-looking black dog who was a biting dog as well.

To see the core of everyone.

Acknowledging openly when someone is right.

Admiring the child's innocence acts.

Listening to others heart's say.

The only happy thing that I anticipate very eagerly in this searing heat of May beginning is the start of cool flashes of rains.

I am so happy today, to have taken my daughter and my grand daughter for a drive and we went to our relatives house for a prayer meeting and a family get together. My grand kid was so happy and she enjoyed the outing. This brings in more happiness to me.

I went out to do grocery shopping this morning. The weather was hot and humid and I sweated profusely. As soon as I reached home I had a cold shower. After the shower, I felt fresh and happy. Reclining on the bed I sipped some cold lime juice.

When as a trainer I see a student doing well in life after completing a course with me.

When it rains heavily, go out in the rain and play like a small child.

I like to watch children playing in the quadrangle of our building downstairs. They seem to be in a world of their own and rarely notice if they are being watched.

Travelling to Mumbai for 3 days by bus. Will reach to tomorrow. Was feeling exhausted by the feeling of travelling in bus, but I am sort of enjoying it.

Travelling with husband in bus for long distance. He has no other option but listen to my continously talk.

Solving problems of others makes me happy.

After taking treatment of infertility when patient gets pregnant that makes me happy.

Spending time with my family makes me happy.

Little smile on my husband face makes me happy.

The lady from the adjacent wing of our building complex was walking her dog in the quadrangle. It is a friendly dog, but her primary task is to sniff a new person. Thereafter it remembers the person and responds very well.

When the cold sea breeze starts blowing through the windows on a hot summer's night.

Doing something that we love wholeheartedly. For example, right now, I'm engrossed in organizing our home movie collection and it's so much fun to do it.

Happy is he in his heart, who sees the smile in the face of the poor. We feel so much happy to give than to receive.


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