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How Are You Feeling Right Now

Very hot weather in Chennai today.

I am feeling relaxed and blessed.

I am feeling energetic now.

I am feeling blessed.

A very nice day. Feeling fresh and energetic. Reading and learning.

I am feeling ralaxed now.

I am not feeling all right as I have been having a headache right from the morning. But since quite a lot to be done, I came to the school and now started feeling the headache more.

I am feeling great today. Being a holiday, got up very late and had a nice breakfast.

I am feeling great today.

Today the government declared the results of the tenth standard public exams. My students have done extremely well. It was a busy schedule for me in the school today with the students, and the parents coming for the admissions. A hectic day, I had.
Feeling a bit tired actually.

I feel very great now. I had a hectic day in the school, and when I came back, after having a shower when I had my tea with snacks, I was refreshed totally.

I am feeling a bit exhausted due to the tight schedule in the school nowadays. A bit hectic work.

I am feeling very relaxed. Taken good rest and sleep today.

I am feeling very happy today because of the results of the 12th standard that was declared today. One of my students got 1191 marks out of 1200 and stands second in the district. Feeling proud of her.

I am feeling a bit uneasy as I have a nasty headache. Could not avoid coming to the school as the 12th standard results are going to be declared tomorrow.

I am feeling good except for the fact that because of the heat I am feeling a bit tired.

I am feeling calm and relaxed right now.

I am feeling sleepy now.

I am feeling very sad.

I am feeling happy.

I am feeling happy after attending yoga session.

I am feeling happy.

Right now I am feeling a bit better after spending the last fifteen minutes on Cafe Enoma.

Right now I am feeling so good as it was a nice day spending time with my BFF. Coming on the cafe is the icing on the cake.

I am feeling quite good. I was a bit busy in the school this morning as the annual examinations have started. We had a meeting in the afternoon and came back home a bit late. Nice feeling to come back home.

Really a very beautiful and blessed day. I spent a lot of time in enriching my knowledge, with my special music being played in my background and working in Enoma. Thank you Enoma, for giving me such a lovely place, to keep me fully engrossed and occupied and spending my time more valuable. Thanks to Savio Sir, and all team for your kindness and support to me and helping me grow here. Now signing off with good tidings and thanking God for all the blessings He has granted to all of us.

Feeling blessed today, to see a new financial year 2017. This will be my last financial year in my organization. God gave me a chance to serve in this place for nearly 37 years and only with his grace and mercies, I was able to achieve this. I will be the happiest person when I complete my full service and retire on 1st Oct'2017. Requesting all your prayers for me.

Feeling very fresh and light. The dinner was tasty and wholesome. Weather is nice and cool right now luckily.

I am feeling good as I had a nice day today. I had gone out with my friends and had lunch with them, chit chatted, etc. So it was a good day.

Feeling very good and active right now. Have been busy socializing with a lot of old friends recently. It is always nice to get in touch with old friends and know about their lives and things that have changed while they were away.

I am not at all feeling all right. Two days in the hospital with viral fever, severe body pain, cold, cough and headache. Today I am back home. Even now I am not fully recovered; feeling very tired.

Feeling cool right now, the weather is much better now. The afternoon was very very hot today. Felt bad after hearing one our students is not keeping well. Pray to God that he becomes healthy and fit soon.

I am feeling really relaxed even though it is a rather hot day once again today. It's nice to sit here and listen to an inspiring audio book while enjoying the nature around my home from time to time.

Right now, I'm feeling awesome, it's been a great evening, very relaxing, the soothing music playing in the background has helped me plenty, the light yet purposeful work online has made me feel happier...

Right now, I am feeling really relaxed. It's been a nice Tuesday, no complaints at all. Looking forward to high tea with the family and another relaxing evening.

My mind is now day dreaming with 'I am at nature's home'. Pleasant is my 'now' feeling.

Right the moment, glad I am listening to my mom's saying. Very glad to see the smile on her face when I am listening good.

Feeling awesome as always! It's been a good spell of work, meditation, and relaxation this evening. Now it's time to just enjoy reading through the thoughts, sentences, etc. on Cafe Enoma and contribute a bit more myself.

Feeling very good and satisfied after a good half an hour of exercise with my son followed by nice tea. Weather is better now compare to the afternoon. Looking forward to read different things on the forum now.

I am feeling great today. I had a two-day trip to Kerala to attend a wedding function and another engagement function. Met a lot of my relatives. The driving to Kerala and back - 5 hours each - was enjoyed by me. I am back home now, and decided not to go to the school as the time is already 2:30.

I have always had high regards for genuine people. I like being in one genuine person's company instead of being surrounded by ten unreal people.

Feeling great today. Sunday is alays nice to be with family. Had a fellowship lunch with children. Thanks to God for His great mercies.

Just feeling awesome, doing things slowly and enjoying the time here on Cafe Enoma. Have a company or two on the forum. Everyone is busy doing something, very quiet and nice.

Its a peaceful Sunday, feeling relaxed and contented. Will participate in open discussion topics today as I feel like writing a few things on social issues.

Such a pure thought Sheila, I feel the same way as you do. We all should try to shine out in all our endeavors not just do it for the heck of doing.

I am feeling a bit of cool now. I prayed to God that everyone will enjoy to learn more here and be the best examples to the society in the future.

Feeling relaxed, I generally feel very good on Saturday nights maybe because I can feel everyone around me very calm and relaxed as they long for weekends. Just going through all the entries on the forum.

I am feeling great now. I am enjoying my Saturday and Sunday, after a long time. I drove to Kerala with my wife and mother to attend a wedding today and an engagement function tomorrow. We are visiting a famous temple this evening. I am feeling very happy.

Good morning everyone here and feeling happy to get a new weekend.


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