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If we take breakfast at 9a.m., then fruits can be taken at 11a.m......and the lunch can be taken at 12:30p.m. and after. Here the nutrients of the fruits are completely used. Likewise..... fruits can be substituted for other unhealthy snacks...... but be aware, Let the snack be just fruits. Do not combine any other food stuff with it.
Gomathi's 13/8/7:22am - 13/8/7:27am

I have read somewhere that fruits should be taken inbetween meals, just as, only fruits. When fruits are taken with meal, the fruits which gets digested in half an hour, waits for the other food stuffs to get digested. In the mean time, digested fruits starts decaying, where the air bubbles are formed, and when the body absorbs the nutrients from those digested food, the gas is also absorbed and the blood carries the gas molecules all over the body, and hence gastric ache is felt in different parts of the body. So it is always wise to take fruits separately. If one likes to take before food, then take it before half an hour or one hour.
Kirti's 13/8/12:01am - 13/8/7:22am

Thank you, Vinay for putting this tip. I always like eating fruits before a meal but it is not a common practice. As it is an old habit of people to eat fruits after lunch/dinner. Thus, I would wonder, if I was doing the right thing. Whether I was getting maximum benefits by eating them before food. But, your post makes me assured.
Vinay's 12/8/3:52pm - 13/8/12:01am

All fruits can be combined in a fruit salad. Fruits are hydrating and should never be had along with water, milk or any other liquid.

Avoid eating a fruit after a heavy meal. When fruits are eaten after a meal, they pass through a heavy meal leading to a delay in the intestinal absorption. This is where the mal-absorption takes place as the food consumed gets decayed before reaching the intestines. Hence fruits should be avoided post meal.

The cooking time of the defrosted food items also reduces.
Kirti's 11/8/6:39pm - 11/8/9:11pm

Whenever we eat foods, that are from the refrigerator, we must keep it out for some time, for it to come down to the room temperature and then make it hot or boil it. By doing this, it makes sure that the food is not gone bad already. Many times, foods go bad even after constantly being in the fridge, due to bacteria built up in it.

Eating two types of fruits daily is the best diet along with the normal daily nutrition. Eating seasonal fruits is also extremely important. Banana being the most popular one can be coupled with one more fruit whether seasonal or anything that's available is just enough for this quota of two fruits a day.

I sometimes make this smoothie at home. It is tasty and healthy and very filling.

2 tomatoes
2 apples
2 carrots
grapes a handful(optional)
1 lemon squeezed

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend with around 1 cup water till u get a smooth juice consistency.

With guests at home, couldn't d do any physical exercise. Planning to wear the shoes and go for a fast walk of 45 minutes once the sun goes down a little.

For those who do not like to have milk for some reason, curd is a good substitute. It has all the values of milk and is a probiotic food.

In the Club here in Hiranandani, the cultural team is organizing a week long sports event for independence day. I went and enrolled the younger one for sack race, the older one for three legged race and all of us will participate in the cyclathon. I think it will be a fun.

During the rains it is extremely important to stay dry and warm at all times to avoid seasonal flu. Taking vitamin C through fruits also helps to keep the immunity strong.

Very well said Dolphi, these two things simply signify the happiness and the satisfaction of a person. Having a good appetite and good sleep at night, no amount of money can buy.
Dolphi's 18/7/8:54am - 18/7/12:57pm

So take care to live without stress or tension. The best way to avoid stress is to breathe deeply until the stress subdues. Have a positive attitude towards life o reduce stress.

Good sleep and good appetite is the secret of living a healthy life. But good sleep and good appetite are the results of a stress-free life.

Some older ladies use the backyard of our building to pace up and down. It gives them privacy and saves them from the hurdles of moving vehicles. However, I have not seen men using this space for daily walks. Perhaps they prefer to walk on the crowded streets.

Brisk walking for about 20 minutes every day is beneficial for health. It does not need much effort or a strong determination. One just needs to make it a habit.

Ever since my MIL has got a good report from her physician regarding her diabetes, I see a very motivated person. She has doubled her walks and is doing it with a lot of interest than compulsion. Her aim now is to reduce her blood sugar levels to an extent that the doctor starts prescribing tablets instead of injections.

Kirti, yesterday when I was reading my weekly reads of SDC, I came to know "Clams are supposed to have great iron content", you can have it to enhance your iron level.
Kirti's 29/6/2:03pm - 29/6/3:21pm

I have been prescribed iron capsules by my gynec because as per her diagnosis I am anemic. I was upset with the fact that I was anemic but after the discussions going on here I feel better that many more people are anemic these days. Thank you Rekha for listing out the foods that can help me get my RBC up.
Rekha's 28/6/7:44pm - 29/6/2:03pm

Thank you Rekha. It feels wonderful to start something i love so much.
Rekha's 28/6/7:44pm - 29/6/11:57am

True Sir, even here at Coimbatore the spread of viral fever is great......last 2 days, better half is sick, he got the infection from his workplace where almost all his helpers got infected. Taking good care.
Savio's 20/6/11:53am - 28/6/10:02pm

Take care Prerna, don't ignore your health, it is good that you are fitness loving person. Hope you will able to do all your loving activities soon, till that time you can meditate and do yoga to rejunevate your body physically and mentally.
Prerna's 23/6/11:18am - 28/6/7:48pm

I agree Vinay so many person are suffering from anaemia which leads to laziness, lethargicness and sometimes anaemia induce junkie occurs. Beetroot, black chanas , palak are also good for increasing iron in the body.
Vinay's 28/6/2:48pm - 28/6/7:44pm

It will be very nice if you can boil the neem leaves, ginger, thulsi etc in water and make it a bit sweet by adding either sugar or jaggery. Bring the boiling water to reduce to a glass and drink it when it is warm. This drink will help the people who are affected by viral fever, cold or cough if you take it three or four times a day for about three or four days.
Savio's 20/6/11:53am - 28/6/2:57pm

Many people are anaemic and go to the doctors to get special tonic and other medicines. The easy way to have more iron in your body is to eat a piece of jaggery (gud in Hindi, vellam in Tamil and chakkara in Malayalam) every day. It is full of iron. Also drinking the pomegranate juice will help increase the blood in your body.

Due to medical reasons have not been hitting the gym for the last three months. For a fitness loving person like me it was a tough time. After getting a green signal from the gynaecologist, started swimming last week. Am feeling so happy.

Seems like everyone is affected by a viral fever these days. The drastic and sudden changes in the weather has no doubt a major role to play in this. Drinking lots of boiled water while it is still warm helps in avoiding other problems such as dehydration. Plenty of rest is a must, don't do any work at all, delay everything, your health is more important, don't spend time watching TV or listening to music either, as your eyes and ears will be affected, possibly leading to headaches, too many suggestions given by me, not a doctor, I must remember that I must be careful too as so many people around me have viral fever right now...

Now a days so many people are aware of their health and are doing various activities for their health, with all it is important that they should do all the exercises once under the guidance of coach to know proper techniques.

Do the seven minutes exercise daily from the ceragem I which is available in the you tube for a healthy and easy exercise. Do breathing exercise early morning as soon as you wake up and after you finish your prayers.

Wow, it's great. I too love swimming, but i am not very good swimmer, trying my best to become good swimmer, i also wants to swim in a big pool, hopefully will get chance as soon as possible.
Dolphi's 15/6/9:45am - 16/6/1:57pm

Now I go for evening walks in the greenery-filled, deserted streets nearby. Beyond that, I do not have much exercise, except pacing down the spacious hall of our home.

The best way to maintain good health is to walk every day. I was a good swimmer at one time and used to go for swimming every day in the Olympics-sized swimming pool maintained by our multinational company in the Gulf. Now I do not have any such facility.

take 4 glasses of water first thing in the morning. It prevents many major illness.

Massage Therapy.
Everyone should get a massage during the course of the week. The spouse can help each other for a soft gentle massage in the feet, calf muscles and under the feet or acupressure points. Soak your legs in a tub filled with warm water, after you return home from a day's hectic work. Relax your feet in the warm water. Then the spouse or parents can help a gentle massage after soaking the legs 10 mins. this will relax our whole body and calms us down.
People like me can go for a pedicure parlor and have a relaxing leg massage once a fortnight or month.
People who have so much of stress and feels a head bang, can go for a head massage. That relieves head ache and also removes stress to a great extent. But everyone needs a massage. So, we give importance for that. Even sometimes, I give a massage to my grand kid to her feet, when she comes home.

Due to summer, children may get heat boils. So, it will be ideal to give them water melon slices to cool them. Water melon juices will be the best.

Taking care of our bones is very important today. Due to the lifestyle today almost every Indian is suffering from deficit of vitamin D3, which comes from direct sun exposure. Adults and children following the routine cycle day in and day out miss out on the morning sun bathing and those who are mostly at home find it very difficult to go out in the early hours of the day due to the tight schedule like the house wives. What should be done to get enough of sun? Well we all know we have to start seeing it more often every day instead of avoiding it.

Nowadays, many of people who go for work, start early in the morning and reach home late nights. That too they travel by car or taxi or closed vehicles and are not exposed to sunlight. Such, people will have to check out the D3 level while they go for medical check up. Because, D3 deficiency may weaken their bone density and strength. They can also take the D3 powder supplement and mix in water and take the drink weekly once after consulting their doctor. Old people like my age, may even start out with osteoporosis problem. The bones may become soft and pores develop in the bones, and it becomes brittle and weak. Such, people will have to take the relevant tests and take Shilcal or calcium tablets, then monthly once with the Tayo 60K in consultation with their physician. This helps to strengthen the bones. If old people are not taking enough calcium, then even if they fall somewhere, there is high risk of fracture. Hence, please take care of your health at the right time. Do not delay to see your family physician.

We should be much more concerned with our postures. This is one of the important aspect, where many people do not think seriously about. How, we walk, how we sit, how we lie down, how we sleep, especially for people who are continuously working on computers, we have to see the power point and other lessons from you tube about the ergonomics of computer use. They will teach us of how to hold the mouse, what position, we have to adjust the monitor and the distance we have to maintain, how comfortable, we should sit and the position to sit etc. If we strictly follow the instructions, we can get rid of the back pain, stress on the vertebral column and other ailments.

Woman after age of 35 must eat calcium and vitamin-D to postpone osteoporosis.

Now it summer holidays and children will be on vacation at homes. Please buy a bag of Oranges (Moosambi). Daily give the children 2 glasses of this orange juice for 40 days. Even adults can also take this continuously for 40 days. It builds a good immunity and children will not get cold fever, when they go to schools.

This is one of the ideal fruit for good health. Daily cut 2 gooseberries into small pieces add half tea spoon jeera powder and then boil them in water. Cool the water with the goose berry pieces. Then, pour the water with the pieces to your water bottles and drink them for the whole day. It gives good energy, improves immune system, strengthen bones and also helps in reducing weight.

Always take up the medical check up once a year.
If we are diabetic patients, then we have to check our sugar levels every month. The three months average of blood sugar test can be done every quarter to see the improvements or vice versa.

Stay healthy and fit for long years. Cheers always.

From the age of 40, keep a practice to go for a Master health check up atleast once in a year or within 18 months. This will help you to with the updates of the changes happening in your body, the health condition. Then, it will be easy to follow up and maintain our health with the prescribed parameters. Even, if we are not within the parameter, we can take immediate remedial steps and treatment and doctor advise.

Please give your children good education so that they will be well equipped to earn better and even get jobs abroad and go and settle down there. To do that, please see to it that you maintain your good health. Because once you are healthy, your children will live in peace and will get a good job wherever they get and stay there without worrying about the parents.

Health is one of the important topic of concern to all. Especially, when people are getting old a few advises.


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