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india is always incredible it has many tourist attractions and it has heaven on earth kashmir but it is also
incredible in its value there is unity in diversity there are celebration

Good piece of information, Vinay. Indian railways is pretty busy and truly the most popular mode of transportation for the common man for long distances. In the last couple of years there are a lot of improvements taking place and modern wheels are being added frequently. I am hoping in 2-3 years it will be world class system of India. I would like to thank the current Railway Ministry and the Railway's Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu though, he has really been working hard to make the railways an excellent mode.
Vinay's 5/8/11:49am - 5/8/12:25pm

The Indian Railways runs as many as 19,000 trains every day. Some 12,000 trains are for passengers and 7,000 for freight. There are 7,083 railway stations in India.
Really Incredible India!

The people of varied religions/cultural background, varied food habits, varied languages, varied lifestyles are well nurtured under one roof "INDIA". And I am one such proud Indian enjoying the spirit of citizenship.

Thanks to honorable Minister of External Affairs and the central government of our great country, making or renewing a passport has become a breeze to do. I remember how difficult making my passport was 20 years ago, it took over 2 months to get it at my doorstep. Then 10 years ago, it took me 45 days to get a new passport. When I renewed it 2 years ago, it got done in less than 1 week. And today, my son, got his passport in less than 4 days. We applied for it on Sunday Morning, went to the passport office on Monday, received an intimation on our phone that it was printed by 6pm the same evening. Then, today, afternoon at 2.30pm we got his passport. This is the incredible India that we are so fortunate to be living in. Passports aren't the only things that are speedier, even visas, Aadhar cards, etc are much easier to apply for and get. Thank you Sushma Swaraj and Narendra Modi for making my family's life a lot easier than it was during previous years and decades.

The way Israel and the Prime Minister of Israel have hosted our Prime Minister is heartfelt. The first ever visit of an Indian Prime Minister to Israel after independence is regretted as this kind of warmth and love we have been ignoring and missing for 70 years now. Never mind better late than sorry. So, here another incredible relationship between two independent democracies. Cheers to both the incredible countries.

Me too! I love our National Anthem. It describes everything so well and it has the simplicity in it that is what I admire the most.
Sheila's 3/7/10:05pm - 4/7/11:14pm

India is blessed with various forms of natural resources more than many other countries. If we make proper use of those resources, we can come into the top ten richest countries of the world.

I love the national anthem of our country. It is a pleasure to listen to National anthem and the vandae Matharam recently composed by Rahman Khan.

The incredible Indian cricket teams are going to play today.
The men's team will take on the West Indies and the women's team will play Pakistan. I wish both our teams the very best of luck. Play well, and make us proud!

I am always proud to be an Indian, for the culture and heritage. The Indian Scriptures are truly phenomenal. These Scriptures are our life's guide. India will always guide the world in spiritual path.....and this makes India to stand unique in the world forum. Jai Hind.

The incredible Indian cricket team is going to play the next one day match against the Windies today. Hope they win this match too. Virat Kohli will go all out to win this to prove a thing that it was because of Anil Kumble that we lost in England.

I heard some loud howling this afternoon far off some where in the background. I could not understand or hear anything clearly. I tried hard to listen to what was that noise was about. After paying closer attention I realized it was some sort of sloganeering, Yes, sloganeering! I said to myself who is protesting in this peaceful high profile area. People here are mostly elderly and extremely quite, especially during the silent hours of the afternoon. But, today is an unusual afternoon. I sat again and started working on my laptop when I heard the sloganeering very clearly and I again started wondering what are they saying. I got up swiftly and rushed to the window and saw many many and many men holding placards in their hands and walking in a rally. The minute I got the glimpse of one of the placards all my guessing was over. The placard showed 'No ISISI'. I realized in a jiffy that all our Muslim neighbors were out there on the streets of our area today to show and tell everyone they hate ISIS and they are against ISIS. My eyes welled up for a moment for the fact that they were marching in the middle of the afternoon, shouting their slogans, men followed by women in their Burkhas with placards in their hands on a somewhat sunny day. And it was emotional for me because I know they all observing Ramadan. They all are fasting that too without water. This can only happen in India. This is my Incredible India!

With GST being implemented in almost all the states now I hope our economy will gain a stable momentum. It is a step towards Incredible economy of India where taxes will be paid by all the eligible (for service and goods) tax payers in a systematic way, where it does not burden particular people but is divided equally. Though GST is still a mystery for most of the common people or those who don't know how it works. Once the concept is working there in the market, people will figure it out with some confusion in the beginning.

Yesterday India played against Pakistan in the final match of ICC Champions Trophy. Even though we lost the match very badly, there is a consolation that Indian hockey team won against Pakistan in the hockey match.
Good compensation.
Incredible India!

India is a kaleidoscopic country with a multiplicity of people and multiple cultures. They all add color and grandeur to the Incredible India.

It was incredible India winning very convincingly against South Africa today in the ICC Champions Trophy cricket match.
Congrats 'Blue India'. We are proud of you.

India is indeed incredible as it probably the only country in the entire world where just 3% of the population pays income tax but yet there is so much of abundance and growth in nearly every state of the country. Truly an incredible thing to run a country where the highest number of tax evaders live.

The rich tradition and culture of our country cannot be equalled by any other country in the world. That's why many foreigners try to follow our culture and tradition.
It's incredible India!

So many people, so many religions, so many castes and so many languages. It's really unity in diversity. Whenever there is any natural disaster somewhere in the country, the helping hands that reach that place from all over the country is really amazing. Really incredible India!

The culture, the customs, the rituals, the traditions, the Vedas, the philosophy and so many more things that contribute to our nation to be truly incredible.

India is incredible because the people of this country are incredible. It is not less than a wonder for 1.3 billion people to live in 32,87,240 day and night together.


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