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Last 60 Minutes

Checked the Whatsapp and Facebook messages from 8 o' clock. Then I had my dinner - white pongal, coconut chutney and sambar. Just after that started working on Enoma. Here I am now.

I had my breakfast of guavava and two dal parantha without oil,than i get ready for clinic, pray to God for twenty minutes,now having a small look on Enoma posts.

I have been cooking, conversing with my daughter, getting ready to drop her at school, spoke to my better half who is outstation, lit the deepam in pooja room.... just before this minute, at SDC.

I massaged my mils legs and then spending time on Enoma and enhancing my knowledge.

I was reading through the sessions in Enoma for the last sixty minutes.

I was reading through the sessions in Enoma for the last sixty minutes.

Last sixty minutes, I was busy with Cafe Enoma doing good exercises for the brain.

Last 60 mi utes I was on Enoma studies.

I was working on Cafe Enoma for more than one hour.

At 4:45, I drove my wife to the colony where she is going to attend the pooja. Dropped her there and came back home. Watched TV news for some time and went through the newspaper. Took a nice shower and refreshed. Sat closing my eyes for some time for the relaxation. Now here I am on Cafe Enoma.

I massaged mother in law legs, boiled water for my husband for hot fomentation of hand, gave hot milk to mom and then reading Enoma posts.

Today I came back from the school only by 6:30. Rested for some time with some snacks. Took a warm water bath to regain the freshness. Read the news paper for some time, and now here I am on Cafe Enoma.

Made tea, had it with bread butter. Read the experiences of today's day in the days today section. While being on Cafe Enoma, supervising my son's homework.

Was reading about the housing schemes for the poor people. Please spread the awareness to your maids or any other people who are below the poverty line, to register through their aadhar card with Rs.150 for registration charges in any aadhar assistance centre, to get a own house before 2020. Government is giving subsidy and balance amount also with very less rate of interest and EMI will be easily affordable for the BPL Families. Basic criteria is that they do not have a own house, and their monthly salary is less than Rs.12000. Women get better priority for this scheme.

Was giving a listening ear to my mom upto 8 pm. Then I have started my studies of notes and ebooks and now in Cafe Enoma.

Checked three patients, listening shri Sukhmani sahib ji ka path and going through my counselling session.

I was reading the books and posts and listening to audio messages.

Last 60 minutes, I was writing tips under '10000 tips'..... and had a small chat with my helper.

Thirty minutes aerobics with thirty minutes prenatal.

I gave bath to my mil, then arranged the clothes that i washed yesterday, combed my mil's hair.

Ate dinner, arranged the things in the kitchen. Watching TV with my son, while I am here on Cafe Enoma.

Last 60 minutes, I was writing down the 5000tips and had lunch.

Last 60 minutes, I have been cleaning the Kitchen while hearing the audio book "The Central Park"- Volume 8

I have been working on the SDC forum and Cafe Enoma from half past five till now.

Past one hour I didn't do much work. I was sitting and resting doing nothing much but gathering some news on the TV. Got tired of yesterday's outing, that's why trying to rest today.

I was searching the terms on internet given on pychology cafe and then writing about them in my diary.

Last 60 minutes, I have been doing my study at SDC Enoma. Read weekly reads, wrote for Open thoughts and India Chat.

In the last 60 minutes, I was showing my mom some cooking classes through youtube. She is planning something nice for tommorow's lunch for me.

I had green tea and then drive to clinic, on the way heard audio book goal setting, reached clinic, two patients were sitting, checked them and start working on forum.

I came back from swimming pool, had green tea and then travel to clinic with he

Have been spending most of today afternoon writing tips for our epic series '5000 Tips' and during the last hour I created 40 original tips. It's hard work certainly. Going to take a break right now and enjoy high tea.

Gave my daughter a test paper i had prepared as revision for her maths exam tomorrow. Then i read some pages of School Psychology Part 2.

Finished all the cleaning work in the kitchen, boiled water for drinking, ordered things from the shop which are yet to arrive, checked some news online, went through the forum and now I entering the activities here.

After my daughter and betterhalf left, I was cleaning the Kitchen, clothes into Washing machine.....and a short visit into WhatsApp Friends Group.

Earlier we were checking and printing documents which are necessary for counselling, then i lie down, no sleep in eyes so started reading weekly reads.

My brother's family came home today. Hence I spent the last one hour speaking with them. It was a nice time to spend some time for our people when they need our company.

I had gone outside with my wife and another family. We went to a temple, stayed there for some time. I left them there, and went to a studio to take a passport-size photo. After that, came back to the temple, picked my wife and came back home. Reached by 8:45. As soon as my wife prepared the dinner, we had it together. Switched on my lap top, and started doing this.

The last 60 minutes I drank my tea, ate a nice healthy snack along with it, then I listened to a mini audio book that I created, followed by listening to music and spending time on Cafe Enoma.


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