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Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful once again as my wife came back after the tour. I missed her totally for two full days.

Its interesting way to work out.I do swimming but not with music, but it is a good idea.
Prerna's 17/8/5:26pm - 17/8/10:20pm

PrernaathmtonAug172017 was like a mini chitrahaar...sometimes only 3-4 lines of the songs sometimes more...all the college favourites from bollywood teri nazar from darr...sometimes when the count was fast it was numbers like..latest..tamma tamma also...while doing squats we were on romantic tumse milke from parinda ...amazing medley and aap ki farmaish...super fun.

Rekha's 17/8/5:09pm - 17/8/5:26pm

What song is it Prerna, will you share with us.
Prerna's 17/8/5:04pm - 17/8/5:09pm

I spent time in the swimming pool by singing some old favorite numbers of mine while exercising. My friend kept tab of the counts and sets. It was so much fun....typical girlie fun...

Had a cup of coffee at an unusual time. Drinking coffee at 4 pm, I have never done. But, after the drink, I feel great. I feel happy and rejuvenated for some reason. I would like to have a cup of coffee everyday or at least when I feel tired at around 4 to feel the same energy as today.

Thinking about what to make for food, instead of thinking how to arrange a meal, is when life is blessed. Planning about where to go for a trip instead of how will I afford to go there, is when life is lavish. Thinking about the activities to do over the weekend instead of the overtime money that I can earn, is when you in the best position in life. Life is beautiful when we know what we have and also know about the pains if we didn't have them. And having all these options yet complaining about life is being ungrateful.

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling; even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it.

You are right Gomathi, it is responsibility of every human being to bring happiness in society, we all should try bring positivity in this world. I too take the oath to give my best to this society.
Gomathi's 1/8/9:17am - 5/8/1:22pm

Hubby came home with 4 pink roses . I think when we do something like having puja at home or invite people home to participate in that he likes it. He likes to have many people at home. He adjusts a lot like today since i had puja, he ate lunch out and called up to check before he started from office if it was ok for him to come home since it was a ladies function. He also helped me manage two cross girls because of making dosa very often last week. I think the roses are his way of saying he is very happy today. I am also very happy.

Life is beautiful if we enjoy everything what we do.

That's the spirit Prerna. Not all wish to travel with their own mind, very glad that you are what you are. There will always be a crowd gossiping others, just ignore, don't take to mind. Enjoy your ride. Cheers.
Prerna's 3/8/9:36am - 3/8/12:11pm

Very rightly said Prerna. The vehicle, nowadays, has become a symbol of status more than something for travelling. People do not see the comfort and convenience, but they will think about what others will think about them.
Gomathi's 1/8/9:17am - 3/8/10:49am

Now a days, in my society atleast the mindset is that as many adult members as many cars. It is more of a status symbol. Coming from Pune , for me commuting is about reaching the other place in the minimum time and most practical it walking, auto, bus, two wheeler, cab, car..anything. I still use my two wheeler for nearby work as it is more practical and quicker. I avoid using it for long distances as it is a highway. I am often asked here why don't i buy a car for myself. It is not about the financial aspect of it. I do take the car sometimes for long distances or with my mother-in-law or the kids. It is just that i have been using the two wheeler for the last 25 years and i love it. Some people in my building think i am stingy or don't have class. I think i am happy and fortunate to have a two wheeler which i really really love riding.

Life is beautiful if we enjoy everything what we do .Enjoy the nature, travelling , meditation are few examples to make life beautiful.

Very pathetic end Sir. May his soul rest in peace. Again and again, life is teaching us, nourish and nurture your Self. Let the false guide be washed out. Let every human being on Earth be taught..... how to nurture one's self..... how to stand firm in all calamities of to see blessings in miseries. I think, it is the responsibility of every human being to contribute to the well being of others. I promise to take the oath, to do my part good. Thank you.
Savio's 31/7/11:43pm - 1/8/9:17am

Very sad to read this event Sir. How a person strives hard and comes to the top. He must have struggled a lot to get this name and fame and money and everything, but still, he lost his precious life. He did not realise the value of life and also about eternity. Alas, whatever he has gained in this world went waste. He will not reach heaven or taste the eternal life as he has taken out his own life which God has given and blessed him. Just as you said, this might have been due to some deep hurts and feelings, which has taken him to this level. As a parent, we have to spend time with our children when they are very young, and plant in their hearts and minds about the god given life and how we have to take it so preciously to shine for His glory and seek his blessings and achieve what is to be done when we are in this world. Many families, do not give such knowledge to their children. When the parents fight in front of the children, it leaves a great scar in their hearts. How very careful, each parent has to take their lives as a role model to their off springs. A great thought on parenting Sir.
Savio's 31/7/11:43pm - 31/7/11:54pm

Life is beautiful. It needs to be really valued. Few days ago, one of my favorite musicians in the world committed suicide due to depression. He hung himself. His name is Chester and he was the Lead Singer of Linkin Park. I felt sad for a long time that day when I got the news on my email. He was just as old as I am. He looked like he had everything in the world - lots of money, a massive home in Los Angeles, and friends that loved him. But, deep inside, there was turmoil, which led to him taking his own life. Just like so many other music superstars have done over the last 3 decades. A noticeable thing between most of these suicides is that they had addictions and regrets. Some of them were molested or raped, had an abused childhood, had divorced parents. This just goes to show how important our childhood is and why the role of a parent is so important. It saddens me to see that most parents don't spend enough time with their children. Perhaps they will regret this only when they are breathing their final seconds and realize that no amount of money, power or fame can save them from dying that way. If only they had loved their kids better, perhaps their ending wouldn't be so miserable.

Life is always beautiful for those who surrenders all to God. Those who surrender their Ego, Competitive Spirit, Name, Fame, Power, Position, Prosperity to the foot of God, have a beautiful life, because they do not own anything that misguides them. Think and act, make your life more beautiful.

We are one lazy family today. Husband is sleeping in the bedroom. Girls are also lazing around on the sofa and listening to music. Mil is meditating. I was also feeling drowsy because of a heavy breakfast so had a cup of ginger tea and am here on Enoma.


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