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Good Vinay, you are doing excellent job by organizing meditation class for children, it will definitely improve their concentration.
Vinay's 18/8/5:01pm - 18/8/9:28pm

Organised 30 minutes meditation class for the students of the public exam classes - 10th,11th and 12th - between 3:30 and 4 pm today.

Meditation is not to run away from the society, but to come back to ourselves and see what is going on and make it better.

Meditation has now become habitual. The 50 percent of the credit goes to my instinct that directs me to do.... and another 50 goes to OSOVO that helps me to motivate myself from inside out. Thanks to my instinct and OSOVO.

Meditation becomes more worthy when husband gave me company. We both was relaxed and happy after doing meditation.Though my mind is not stable, but i know practicing meditation everyday will stable my mind soon.

Today morning I woke up with a headache. I thought that my whole day was spoiled. After brushing my teeth, I thought of really concentrating on my headache. I sat very quietly, closed my eyes and concentrated on my pain. I started forgetting about everything, and I gave some colours and shape for my pain. My concentration was very high that I was able to 'pick' my head ache and throw it away from me. After about 15 minutes, when I opened my eyes, I could not believe myself that my pain had vanished! Drank some tea and took a cold bath. I am very fresh now.

Tomorrow is a working day in the school. I have arranged meditation session for X, XI and XII standard students tomorrow. They will do the meditation with the experts for one hour before they go home for lunch as it is a half-working day.

I skipped meditation since a week. Wish to restart today.

Meditation is a great relaxation method. Especially silent meditation while laying down. It feels good to switch off the lights, turn on the fans, lay down on the soft bed, close thy eyes and just experience the nothingness of this moment. There is nothing more pleasurable than doing some meditation after a long day.

Good Vinay, it is very good that you have organized meditation class for your students, it will be very much beneficial for their bright and healthy future.
Vinay's 16/6/12:50pm - 16/6/3:26pm

Yesterday I arranged an introductory meditation class for the students of Standards X, XI and XII, the classes where they have to write the public exams. It was very useful as I also attended with the students. We will continue the sessions with the experts for three more days, and then we will take over to have the follow up with the students.

I think that I am fortunate enough to have a prayer room in the vicinity. It is a place frequented by many throughout the day. It is kept neat and clean, it has enough chairs to sit nd several swirling fans overhead. It is an absolutely quiet place and is very good for meditation with a blank mind.

Deep breathing, talking to your soul is a best way of medition. It is the best time to do meditation when everyone in house is sleeping and you have your own time.

Life can be incredibly frustrating at times, nothing seems to be going your way, even though we try hard to make things right it seems like there are evil forces pushing us deeper and deeper into a dark hole. It is at such times that sitting or laying down in silence with the eyes closed, being mindful, focusing on our breath while breathing deeply, and just emptying thy mind of all these frustrating feelings and thoughts works like magic in feeling blissfulness.

Meditation will bring sound sleep and relaxation to whole body.

I started meditation few days back. Though I am not able to concentrate fully, I feel I will be able to do after sometime with full concentration .

I started meditation few days back. Though I am not able to concentrate fully, I feel I will be able to do after sometime with full concentration .

Meditation for few minutes relaxed me and takes me away from all the worries and bad thoughts. Moreover meditation attach me to the beautiful souls who always remain with me at every moment.

Meditation for me is deep breathing even when I am busy doing something. I just focus on my breathing and regulate it. I mostly do meditation or exercise my way, because when I do it in my own way I do it regularly.

My meditation does not involve a formal procedure. It simply involves a self talk, this way, I am able to nurture my self good.

I have been guided by my instinct to do meditation to calm down my restless mind. The day since, I am doing meditation early morning, promise for sure, it brings miraculous change in me.

Honestly, meditation has enhanced my life greatly. It helps me to be stable and calm at all times. It gives me refined focus. It helps me to be at now. And helps me to maintain my inner happiness.

Honestly, meditation has enhanced my life greatly. It helps me to be stable and calm at all times. It gives me refined focus. It helps me to be at now. And helps me to maintain my inner happiness.

Keeping all the things out of mind , deep breathing and om sound helps too much in meditation.

A couple of days ago, I went out shopping to the nearby supermarket and bought a lot of stuff, over 70 items in 8 big bags, due to the lifting of these bags I was really exhausted. The moment I entered my home I just went to my bedroom, sat down on the comfortable chair, closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply for 10 minutes. I found that I was feeling completely fresh and rejuvenated after that.

Always believe in God , he always does good for us , what we understand later.

Today was one of the first days in over 3 weeks where I could finally get back to my love for burning natural incense sticks while performing meditation. I was lucky to get a packet of rare masala incense sticks from the nearby supermarket yesterday and this has made all the difference. Now, this evening, our home is smelling of various spices and flowers, a beautiful aroma that is lingering in this space long after I completed my morning and afternoon periods of Meditation. Meditation becomes a lot more fun when we do it along with natural incenses.

I love to visit the meditation room in the top of St. Thomas Mount. This is a place where there is absolute silence. I also feel some holiness in this place. When I go into meditation from here, I feel the presence of God within me.

My experiences of meditation in our suburban home in the big city is already teaching me many new things and leading me to experience totally new levels of Meditation which would have not been possible in the serene surroundings of Naigaon. For instance, I have been learning to meditate with a lot of noise around me. At certain times there is no choice for me but to continue with my daily regimen of meditation despite whatever is going on around me. I'm quickly learning to master meditation with lots of noise in the background. It's helping me focus a lot more than before and I am ever so grateful to God for helping me master yet another technique of meditation by blessing me with a space to live in the big city.

Meditation is a challenging task when the weather is very hot and humid. During such days, the techniques must be altered significantly so that we can continue to enjoy the rich benefits of meditation. Taking a long cold water shower while keeping our eyes closed and focusing on the sounds of the water dropping on our bodies is one such powerful technique which truly helps us enjoy the moment a lot more as well as relaxes our bodies to the optimum.

Before sleep I will meditate for five minutes to have sound sleep.

When I am not able to spare about 20 minutes for the meditation in the morning, I have noticed that I feel uncomfortable the whole day. So, somehow I should complete my meditation in the morning itself.

Waking up early in the morning, before the Sunrise, then doing my daily deep breathing exercises while in a relaxed seating position helps in making the day easier. Many gurus tell us to keep our eyes closed during meditation. I don't. I prefer admiring the natural surroundings during my spells of deep breathing. It allows me to be more mindful during the moment.

True sir deep meditation connects our heart to soul and take us to another world where thoughts are your own and you are rejuvenating your whole body.
Savio's 2/5/12:45am - 2/5/8:44am

Since I'm up late tonight I've spent the last few minutes in deep meditation so that I can get a peaceful sleep till the late morning hours. Deep meditation does help relax my nerves a lot.

Meditation is my favorite pastime. I love meditation. I spend a lot of my leisure time in meditation. Most of the time I practice simple meditation techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and daydreaming but I also love deep meditation techniques that test my focus and concentration while connecting me with my soul.


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