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I had red sauce pasta with papaya shake.Papaya shake is very healthy for stomach.

Dinner today is broccoli soup with bread pizza. I made caramel pudding for the first time today. The caramel got a little burnt but the taste was ok..

Today was methi parathas and garlic chutney for breakfast. Had it with curd. Filling and healthy.

Today was methi parathas and garlic chutney for breakfast. Had it with curd. Filling and healthy.

Today is adai with coconut chutney for dinner. The girls , since they don't like adai, maybe egg dosa after they eat at least one adai.

Ate delicious cheese pasta with coffee for breakfast. I like eating pasta when it is cooked to perfection, not too soggy but Al dente.

Ha.. Ha ha we also use to take Maggi in dinner with lots of vegetables in it, it is fastest and delicious food to eat. i
Prerna's 11/8/10:34pm - 11/8/11:10pm

As hubby is coming late from work , we had Maggi for dinner today. It was raining in the evening. The hot maggi was absolutely delicious.

Yes Kirti. Its a simple full proof recipe..Not much cleaning up as i finished the baking when the girls were in school...ha ha ha...Will post the recipe soon.
Kirti's 9/8/6:49pm - 9/8/7:44pm

Have fun cleaning up post baking...hahaha
I hope the cinnamon apple cake is worth all the hard work.
Prerna's 9/8/10:07am - 9/8/6:49pm

Ha ha ha..... it is always pleasant to work with little ones....more beautiful is the moment when the cute little acts are acknowledged and appreciated. I can visualize the little one breaking the egg outside the bowl..... ha ha ha..... happy moment.
Prerna's 9/8/10:07am - 9/8/11:42am

Today i am baking a apple cinnamon cake for my little one. The new thing is i am always making the same old vanilla or chocolate cake lately and i should try other options . This opinion is from the little Master Chef expert at home in the field of baking...who only messes up the dough and breaks the eggs outside the bowl when she is my assistant....ha ha ha....

Today being Raksha Bandhan festival, i made sooji halwa and besan laddoo. The girls took that as their mid morning snack to school.

Today afternoon was typical punjabi khana and my favorite..rajma chawal and baingan bharta with boondi raita. Ate a little extra than usual. My mom makes the best rajma chawal in the world. This has always been and still is the one dish i ask her to make when i am with her.

My wife has started cooking the lunch. It is going to be egg curry, some mixed vegetables, pappad and curd along with the rice.

Got up late in the morning, today being Sunday. So had late breakfast. We had 'Ada Dosai' with coconut chutney. This is a very healthy food as it is made out of rice, wheat, ragi, corn flour and different cereals.

I have made black chanas and tofu bhurji with boondi raita in dinner.

Today's lunch was something I always liked. Rice with drumstick-leaves gravy, cauliflower fried, pappad, curd and pickles. We had pappaya and sweet pongal after the lunch.

Today was vanilla banana pancakes with honey for the girls and poha for us for breakfast. I tried to make a new smoothie with pineapple and curd but it turned out to be a flop as the curd and pineapple combination was not as per our taste buds. It was very appealing when i read the recipe in the book though...

Today afternoon the menu was quick and easy lemon rice with potato fry and appalam. I wanted to do something special for the night but was busy so i made dosa and chutney. Girls not very happy. Tomorrow i will make it up to them and make their favorites.

Today's lunch is rice, chapati, kabuli chana , Fish fry and beans thoran with pappad.

Today was idli chutney for breakfast. It is mostly a no cooking day as we are having leftovers from yesterday.

Just had some tea with biscuits after reaching home. Was feeling so tired when i stepped in. But two big glasses of cold water and later the tea did the magic. Am all set .

Ha ha ha..... Same pinch for hä ha ha...... Good night and Sweet dreams.
Kirti's 31/7/7:37pm - 31/7/9:27pm

Ha ha ha... Same pinch Gomathi! I was mentioning the same thing.
Gomathi's 31/7/7:34pm - 31/7/7:37pm

Reading 'same pinch' took me to the childhood, for a moment, in a flash. This is why having daughters is so cool, as a mother you can have a lot more fun, just like the childhood days. I had almost forgotten about same pinch until I came across here today. Thanks for writing it here, Prerna.
Prerna's 31/7/7:15pm - 31/7/7:35pm

Ha ha ha..... Same pinch...... Thanks Prerna for taking back to my school days.... time up..... got to prepare..... Goodnight.
Prerna's 31/7/7:15pm - 31/7/7:34pm

Same pinch. I also have made tomato chutney today for wheat rava upma.
Gomathi's 31/7/6:50pm - 31/7/7:15pm

Had steam cooked groundnut as evening Snack. And the dinner would be idli and tomato chutney.

Dinner tonight is macaroni pasta in white sauce with vegetables for the girls. For my mil, hubby and myself it is wheat rava upma with chutney or curd. There is some leftover custard in the fridge. Thought of that for dessert will help me to eat the upma.(upma not being one of my favorites)

Breakfast today was idiappam and sweet coconut milk. It is so tasty. Learnt to make it from a Malayali friend. Only thing is i always end up overeating and then feeling drowsy....

After a heavy breakfast of peas paratha, lunch is khichadi with curd, papad and pickle. Short cut cooking.

Morning breakfast was pongal and sambhar..... afternoon lunch would be chapati, veg kurma and curd rice.

Today is Friday. So its the traditional drumstick sambar, beans poriyal and valaka fry with rice and rasam for lunch.

Puri Aloo and raita yumm... Great start to the day with delicious brunch, Prerna.
Prerna's 26/7/12:29pm - 26/7/12:37pm

The girls are having a holiday today. So instead of having breakfast and lunch separately we had a brunch of puri aloo and raita.

It is going to be coconut rice for my lunch. I like it very much, so my wife prepared it in the morning. To go along with that, I have carrot and beans vegetables and some fryums (substitute for pappad).

We had extra snacks in the evening with the tea, and so thought of taking light dinner today. We prepared dosa and coconut chutney. As usual a cup of hot milk too.

As both my wife and I had half day as working day, we decided to have a simple meal for lunch. We had rice with sambar, one vegetable and buttermilk. There were potato chips too to go with the rice.

We have decided to have puris with green gram gravy for dinner. And to add to it, there is going to be fruit salad too, which is my favourite.

I had a tea by three o'clock itself. I have to be in the school till half past five till the 12th std students finish their class. The students are given a good drink along with some snacks daily by about 4 o'clock. Along with them I also had Badam milk and samosa. Good it was.

Usually we have tea at home. But felt like drinking coffee as I felt a heaviness on my head. Had a nice coffee prepared by my wife. Had some light snacks along with the coffee.

Both my wife and I had some extra snacks this evening, so decided to have light dinner. We plan to have dosa and sambar and papaya fruit. And milk before going to bed as usual.

Had bajji for evening snack. So dinner will be very simple, like to go with the left overs in the fridge.

As I felt a bit sleepy, I had my extra cup of tea in the school along with my favourite 'Chaska-Maska' biscuits.

I had besan chela with green chutney and cup of tea in breakfast.

And today, the lunch was Chappati and Paneer(home made) butter masala for me and my daughter.....for better-half, rice and horse gram rasam. And for evening snack, got to prepare pop corn and mosambi juice.

We had grilled sandwiches with cold coffee in dinner.

Today we had very light dinner of khichdi with curd, green chutney, and lizzat pappad.


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