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It's been a busy run for me the last couple of weeks. I have not been able to practice mindfulness these days properly. I want to restart it from today. I am sitting next to my son spending time on Cafe Enoma while he is busy doing his homework. Outside, the evening prayer at the mosque is lingering. While I am focused on the sharing here what I can notice, the soft sound of pooja bell is ringing constantly somewhere in the neighborhood. Crows are crowing here and there. The fan above just keeps blowing the air on us relentlessly. I am trying to take deep breaths as I notice my breath being a bit fast. Will type later as I wish to enjoy the moment in mindfulness without thinking anything, but be free, to let free thoughts flow.

Being mindful, is all that can I think of right now. Just being in the now, while I jot down the things that I am sitting and observing. Watching the world go by. Sometimes, I hate to be part of everything that is happening around me. I just like being with me. Not being bothered about anyone or anything makes me relaxed.

I am here at SDC Enoma doing my study, I could here the people's chat, the foot steps of the people going to and fro. I am keen to observe other sounds of here, ha ha ha...... nothing seems to be that clear than the chatting of my fellow human beings...... which again teaches me a lesson that, hospital is also a place to share and care. It has become a picnic spot for many. The 2 restaurants, ice cream parlor, one restaurant of 3 Star quality, Subway, Cafe Coffee Day, Bakery, Just Born Shop....... Hmmmm...... if the hospital provides all these facilities, how will the people deny to come here.....ha ha ha..... My mind is now taken to all the good tasty food items of those restaurants ....and today our lunch is here.

Beautiful Kirti. Everytime your explanation on mindfulness helps me a lot to be aware of the same. Thank you.
Kirti's 9/7/12:40am - 9/7/9:23am

Mindfulness makes us realize the things that we have been gifted with. When we notice each and everything around us we start appreciating those things that are there in our life and for some reason we couldn't see them or notice them so far. When I am mindful I realize the beauty of nature around me and how I live in ignorance when I am not mindful.
Sheila's 8/7/11:11pm - 9/7/12:40am

When I was unable to read or see the computer for these few days, I was just lying down in my bed and practicing meditation and mindfulness therapy, which helped me to relax a lot and I could feel some internal healing within me.

Time for mindfullness. Sitting in the balcony of 7th floor of Saraswati apartments, New Delhi. Relaxing myself and closed the eyes, sounds of fan running inside, vehicles passing through nearby road, cold winds blowing touching my face giving me relaxation.

Watching my breathe, I could hear the noise of the children playing outside...the barking of the dog, utensils at someone's sink, the tick tock of the clock, chirping of the birds, some neighbors is good be at the now.

Looking outside the window and being mindful at this moment when the wind is blowing, the branches of the trees are swaying, the rain is pouring down and the sound of water hitting the concrete down is loud and clear. What a moment it is that God has created only for me. Only a few birds to be seen straying here and there trying to enjoy the rains just like me and rest seems to be sitting silently under the parapets on the window grills.

A hectic day. On and off I came to the course forum and Cafe Enoma whenever I could spend some time. In between I felt very lethargic. I did my mindfulness for about 15 minutes sitting in a quiet room, without any disturbance. I just listened to the sound that I could hear, and after some time, I was on my own. I could feel my breath only. After some time, I felt totally refreshed.

I love doing mindfulness when there is mild music playing in the background, especially instrumental. It is really soothing.

Sitting here in a relaxed position on my armchair in front of my desktop computer right near the large living room window through which a cool breeze is coming through as it rains gently outside. I have my favorite stress ball in the palm of my left hand, an excellent activity to boost my practice of mindfulness, focusing on squeezing it nice and hard while taking a breather between my work tasks online. Being in the now is like giving a nice little gift to yourself and that is why we call this moment the present.

It is the best evening that am living and I realized it because of being mindful. The instrumental music playing on the speaker in the other room, the guitar tunes to be precise are making me move while I am mindful and listening to it keenly. The rain drops can be heard falling on the parapet and on the leaves of the mango tree outside the window. The honks of the cars far off in the background and the auto rickshaws. My son chatting with his father. I can feel my breath as type the entire session right now after focusing on all the things for a while. Next time I want to try typing while I am mindful and test myself if I can do all at once.

I sit in a totally relaxed frame of mind, sipping my cup of fine Darjeeling Tea, I focus on each sip that I take while keeping my ears open to listen to the sounds of the Chinese Flute music playing on the stereo, it's another gorgeous evening, chilly as well since it rained all afternoon and is still drizzling right now. I can smell the earth for the first time this rainy season. The aromas of the wet mud are making me feel wonderful inside. Thank God for the monsoon, thank God for now.

Mindfulness now......being here at Café Enoma writing my thought, I could hear the motion of the fan over my head, the conversation in the neighbor's house, the chatting of the utensils in the opposite house, the horn of a motor bike, mild thunders in the Sky, the noise of the car on the road.......anything ears are deep into research.......yes, again one more car on the community road....the chirping of the birds, the sound of the gates in the opposite house......still more more. I am fine with my mindfulness now. Thank you.

As of now, I am watching my breathe, focusing on my writing in Café Enoma, together I could here the whirling motion of fan, the sound of a motor bike outside, chirping of birds, the alarm somewhere in a distant industry, the noise of the Airplane flying high, the voice of some!!.......what a brilliant way of being with mindfulness meditation. Our senses becomes sharp, our focus is refined. This is my first experience of being in mindfulness. And thanks Kirti for the detailed explanation of the same in "Topic Tower". Yes, no distraction of the world can shatter our inner peace. Awesome way, will follow, and come back with more feedback.

I love practicing Mindfulness. I have been practicing Meditation for many years now. However, my practice in Mindfulness started thanks mainly due to my beloved wife who is always practicing it nearly every minute of the day. She has been teaching me and our 8-year-old son about Mindfulness for the last few years now. Thanks to which we have both seen incredible development in our focus, concentration and brain fitness. Thank You Kirti!


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