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I read an article about friends in one of the old readers digest.

Summary...we should earn two types of friends definitely in our who will always give the right advice , make sure you win like Lord Krishna. The other who fights for you even when you are Karna.

I have both these friends in my fact the one like Karna also makes sure she gives me a nice dose after the fight is is be verbal now but when i was younger boxes were also part of the package....ha ha ha..

Today being Sree Krishna Jayanthi here, we had a pooja at home in the morning. Made paal paayasam (a sweet dish made out of rice and milk with sugar added to it) to offer to the God.

Finished taking revision for the younger one as she has her exams from monday. The elder one is having half day school. After that since the weather here is so nice today, hubby and me enjoyed tea in the balcony mid morning.

Well said Prerna. It is ease to extend our love to children during the time of success, Alas!....we fail to give our love immediately at the time of failure. Thanks Prerna for the good sharing, it opens my eyes of wisdom again explaining me what is unconditional love! Thank you.
Prerna's 3/8/9:17am - 3/8/12:22pm

I was reading an article in the newspaper about when do we need to love our children more. I loved it. Some key points which i took home from the article....
- We love our children at all times
- We always show our love and appreciation when they do something good, win prizes , do all their work properly. This is the easy love as it comes spontaneously to us.
-Now comes the difficult love. And this is the love even we as adults require. This should come when the child makes a mistake, does not do his work properly or fails in something. The child wants to be held and told that we as parents understand their feelings and hurt and we are with them to help them do better next time. This is unconditional.

I don't do follow this most of the times. But then i am going to try it as i think it will help my bonding with the girls much better. I usually will get angry, then cool down then explain and then find a solution. The love part is missing sometimes. And the anger part i need to discard. Will work for it.

The last few days I find plenty of idle time at my disposal. Reading newspapers from top to bottom keeps me occupied in the morning. I have given up the habit of reading lengthy novels because of the concerns of eye strain. Maybe I have to move over to audiobooks, which I have not tried so far.

As the rains have decided to stop for the time being, I have decided to go out this morning. I have some bank jobs pending, so it is time to get them done and set my mind free. I do not like to keep things pending for no reason.

The pigeons take rest under our hall window sill when it rains. They dirty the glass panel of the window; so it is my duty to drive them away. Now they have become cleverer and sit quietly without making any sound. But their habitual cooing sound does give away their hiding.

The rains have taken brief halts now and then. The incessant rains of last few days have wetted the ground fully well. So the weather is still cool and pleasant.

Wonderful morning with new start of week. Raining outside, happines and cheerness on everyone face giving me full energy to work with smile and gives joy to everyone.Thank you God for giving everything. Thank you for what you have not given.

It seems to be the second summer in this part of the world. It has been terribly hot for the last two days, today being no exception. The heat makes one lethargic, lazy to do the usual work. Very frequent power cuts add to the misery of the people.

Today it appears that the relentless rains of the past few days have taken a break. The day is bright and free from rain since morning. I think it is a good time to go out now and take a survey of the vicinity.

Beautiful morning with new thoughts in wonderful way making energetic everyone.I am enjoying sitting in my lobby watching clouds passing through sky with little drizzling.Trees are smiling, fragrance of Tulsi plant giving so much relaxation.

Right Kirti mam , only mothers can do unexpected works and never show her tiredness , remain happy seeing happy faces of everyone in the family.
Kirti's 9/7/12:53am - 9/7/10:03am

So true Prerna, the words that you mentioned, ''Never really had time to think in those lines". Even though she does not get a second to think about herself, her life, her happiness, her own dreams yet our mothers were satisfied. I guess her goals, dreams, happiness all were devoted to her family and the children. The dreams of the husband became her dream, the dreams of the child becomes her goal to help the child achieve her/his dreams. And that's what makes her truly happy. Only a mother can be so selfless that is why she is called a MOTHER.
Prerna's 8/7/12:33pm - 9/7/12:53am

I agree Kirti. Our mothers are supermoms. The best part is in so many years i have never heard the words 'tired, bored' from her. Once i actually asked her the same. The reply was simple 'Never really had time to think in those lines. There was always something interesting which was waiting to be done by me.'
Kirti's 7/7/9:44pm - 8/7/12:33pm

The morning rush is always very difficult to manage but once done then the whole day you can be free. My mom used to manage the same way for almost two decades. She had the same schedule every single day apart from Sundays and and certain Saturdays and holidays when we got. She managed three children going to the school and my dad who was extremely punctual and strict with his discipline. She would have to finish her cooking, packing lunch boxes for everyone and also help my younger brother get ready for school by 8 am. We all would try to do our own work but the maximum pressure would be on her because everyone was depended on her to do the remaining house work. Having the same schedule every single day is very difficult but the hard work pays off later.
Vinay's 7/7/4:33pm - 7/7/9:44pm

The mornings in my house are always busy on working days. As my wife and I have to start by quarter past eight from the house, we have to complete the cooking of the breakfast and lunch, and then have the breakfast too. We pack the lunch to carry with us to have it in the noon.
That means, we have to struggle to complete the work well before the time. I do help my wife in preparation of the food by cutting the vegetables etc; otherwise, the work will not be completed.

A bright new day, with people busy around seems to be more energetic and warm. When all things go in the right direction, we feel ourselves good and cheerful to start the new day. Praying that same situation is for all people and thanking God for this lovely day and His grace and blessings to continue.

Today morning very very busy , some guests are coming to home, preparing food for them.I like all of them too much.

Awesome weather, i can not stop myself to walk around. Took my car, drove upto Fri and had walk inside the Fri.

Today I had to drive to Coimbatore early in the morning. After a long time, I was driving in the morning. Such a lovely weather. How nice it was driving at that time. I enjoyed my driving thoroughly.

It's a slow and relaxing morning filled with purpose and comfort. The sounds of the birds hailing from the trees that adorn the landscape in front of my living room window makes me happy as I relax in my armchair and do some light work on Cafe Enoma. It's always nice to live my life on my own terms, doing exactly what I like to do whenever I want to do it...

The early bird catches the worm! How true this proverb is and in so many ways too. However, just waking up early does not mean a thing when you don't have something purposeful to do during those early hours. Only a human with purpose is the one who can make the most of early opportunities.

A very beautiful and bright day. Lots of things to be done in the office today. Tomorrow is a farewell cum welcome to the Area Manager. A PPT has to be done. Before that, few readings in Enoma and going through the new posts of the rest of the team.
Savio's 6/6/10:44am - 6/6/11:07am

I've always observed that when I wake up with a definite purpose each Morning then I am more than likely to be a lot more productive and purposeful during the entire day. Having purpose written all across your face does have a magical effect on our entire system.

It's another busy morning this side of town. Everyone's doing something, many are hurrying to get to work, some are just waking up, getting ready to face another new day, rise and shine, it's the morning hours, the best time for you and me, peak brain functioning time, we are truly awakened right now...

Yes sir, it is best way to start fresh and beautiful morning. I too wake up in the dawn and listened to ' Sukhmani Sahib ji, then did some yoga and made sandwiches for daughter who left the home at 8 a.m. for her entrance exam of jipmer. After that I my mother in law waked up and i take her to washroom and helped her in doing all her early morning activities and then served her morning tea and i had little tea for her company. In between whenever i get time to see cafe Enoma, i go through it and participate wherever i can. For rest of person i made aloo ka paranthas with butter and kesar badam milk.
Savio's 4/6/11:18am - 4/6/11:44am

The morning is the best and most productive time of the day for me. I usually manage to do most of my important work and Meditation before it's Afternoon. Even today, despite it being a Sunday, I was up nice and early, at dawn, then meditated for a couple of hours, after which I had a nice long shower, a delightful practice of mindfulness, then prepared Breakfast for my 8-year-old son 'Max' as my wife left for a day's break to our other home in Naigaon along with her sister and a couple of her close friends.


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