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There are a lot of Tamil movies being shown in the theatres here. Each one says different opinion about the movies. I can't find out whether there are any good movies, really. So, don't feel like going to the theatre at all.

For those that don't quite know me, let me tell you that I'm a film buff. Though I don't watch films at the theaters much during the past decade. I've watched probably over 1000 movies from all across the world during the past 20 years. Maybe even a few more, since I've not actually made a list of each movie I've watched. During the last 18 months, living in the outskirts of the city with loads of time on our hands, my wife and me (and my son Max at times) have watched hundreds of foreign language movies that we have downloaded from YouTube. My wife loves the Korean movies while I love the French, Japanese, Persian and European movies. In fact, we will both agree that foreign language movies have helped us become better counselors and much better human beings as we have gained lots of knowledge from the different cultures and stories shown in these movies. The BEST part about watching these movies is that we get them for FREE. Not a single rupee spent on getting them. Of course, if we calculate the electricity and internet costs then it might cost us a little but then again we have enjoyed years of entertainment and wisdom thanks to watching all these foreign language movies on YouTube. I would like everyone who reads this message to invest their time in watching movies from different countries. Don't restrict yourself to watching movies only from Hollywood or India. Foreign language movies are Heaven. Quite literally. Since two of my all time favorite movies are 'Children of Heaven' and 'Edge of Heaven'.

It's official. Dunkirk is the best movie that we have watched in the theaters this year. It's a classic war movie but focuses beautifully on the emotions of each character. A movie with no single hero. A real story during the second world war. Shown beautifully on the big screen. The scenes flow minute to minute and you just want it to go on. I've watched thousands of movies in my lifetime, many action movies, and I will rate 'Dunkirk' as one of the top 5 action movies that I have seen. I won't be surprised if it gets nominated for many Oscars and wins a few of them in February next year. Bravo Dunkirk, you showed us why we should never resort to war or violence when peace is much, much better.

This Sunday is our movie time in the evening. Which picture not yet decided.

Sir, ha ha ha.....the master has now become the student for his little son. That is the nature of every parent. Knowingly or Unknowingly, this mall culture has occupied greater part of kids life.....from yesterday, my daughter is asking to take her to mall. And we have decided to go after lunch, asked her, what's the great thing is there to go again and again to the same place.....she says....amma....I am interested to see the latest things that are introduced in the market....just to know the market....hmmmmm, no way, she is reasoning out her wish....ha ha going today after lunch.
Savio's 2/8/10:42pm - 3/8/1:11pm

You have rightly said Sir. People enjoy spending time inside malls in the food courts with air conditioned seats and spending whole day in spending time inside malls instead of outings or long trips. It is economical and comfortable.
Savio's 2/8/10:42pm - 2/8/10:51pm

3D Movies are really amazing to watch on the big screen at these posh PVR cinemas all over the Mumbai suburbs. This Summer, we watched 5 3D movies, the first 5 movies that my 8-year-old son "Max" has watched in the theaters. Since I live a frugal life, we went for the earliest shows each morning, paying less than Rs.100 a ticket each time (still a lot of money in my book), and after that we usually spent the next couple of hours in the mall, window shopping and spending time inside Burger King, Max's favorite place in the big city, not that I like it that much, but I have started to, after all, our smart kids sometimes are the ones who decide things for us. So this Summer vacation in the big city has been about malls, food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, regular outings and movies. At the end of the day, I guess I wouldn't have liked it any other way. It's been like having a foreign vacation while still being right here in our home town.

Once a while you needs that cinema theatre experience, sir. Enjoy your movie time tomorrow sir. All the best.
Savio's 2/8/10:37pm - 2/8/10:41pm

We are going for our next theater movie tomorrow. Perhaps our last this Monsoon. We booked tickets for Dunkirk, the first non-3D movie that I will be watching in a theater (apart from Film Festival screenings) in over 10 years. It's a war movie based on a real story and the trailer has been awesome. So hopefully it will be another great choice that we have made this summer.

Heard good reviews of the movie MOM. It is off the screens near my house. Planning to get a CD and watch it sometime soon.

Today we are going to watch movie "mubarqan" at 10.20pm.

Why should they charge as high as Rs.196 what was Rs. 100? Even if they would charge the taxes it should be Rs.158, 28% of GST and 30% of state entertainment tax. All these people are out to loot the common public with some excuse or the other. They pretended to protest against the taxes which would increase the rates of the tickets and now they have raised it without justifying it. Public has a right to know what is the break up of the ticket. As per the news reports the state govt. has agreed not to impose the entertainment tax till they come up with a new plan for the tax. So, how are the ticket prices have gone up by almost 100%?
Vinay's 7/7/12:22pm - 7/7/2:50pm

That is why, I have watched only 3 movies in a theater in the last 10 years. I prefer watching them at home in the comforts of my bedroom, where I can lay down, enjoy it as per my schedule, cannot enjoy a movie like I can while watching in the privacy of my home.
Vinay's 7/7/12:22pm - 7/7/12:24pm

The cinema theatre owners and the Tamilnadu govt have somewhat arrived at a decision where the owners agreed to start the show from today, and the govt agreeing to constitute a committee comprising of both the parties to look into the tax imposed on the movie. Even otherwise, the ticket rates have gone up like anything. What ticket we got for Rs.100, will cost you Rs.196 from today!

All the cinema theatres in Tamilnadu are going to close from Monday to protest against the tax that is imposed on them by the state government, other than the GST. So if anyone wants to go for a movie to the theatre, make it today, and we don't know when the strike is going to end.

Wanted to watch 'Transformers 5' that is releasing tomorrow. But, while booking the tickets we came to know that it was only for adults not for under age. It is unfortunate that we can't watch it with our son now. He is a big fan of the series 'Transformers Prime' and it would have been great watching it on the big screen with 3D glasses.

Yesterday, we all watched 3 Hindi movies one after the other without even planning in advance. It was great though doing something we did not schedule. The best thing was that my son Max loved watching these Hindi movies so much that he plans to do it every now and then. The only pain is that when you watch these movies on cable TV, the regular commercial ad interruptions are really annoying and waste a lot of time.

We went and watched 'The Cars' part 3 yesterday with our son. We were amazed to see the number of children came to watch the movie. About 75-80% of the audience were children at the theater. It was a different experience watching a film with so many kids and their reactions to the scenes. They would freely clap and laugh when they liked a scene in the movie. And of course the movie was worth watching.

Went to watch the matinee show of Cars 3 in 3D at Cinepolis near my place. It was my son's gift to me for Father's Day, tickets booked from his own bank account, how sweet. The movie was totally awesome. I am not a big fan of watching movies in the theater due to the high ticket costs and food cum drink expenses inside the complex but lately I've been making up for all those lost years by watching three 3D movies in the theaters. All of them on the insistence of my little boy. Thank you Max. For being a great son and exposing me to 3D Cinema for the first time in my life. Next on the cards is the next movie in the Transformers series. Another 3D movie. I don't think I can watch a movie in the theater that is not in 3D, it would look too boring, might as well watch it at home. We might even watch the Transformers movie in 4D if we are lucky as it's expected to come at the Cinemax theater in Versova which apparently is very close to my home.

Planning for a late night movie today.

After her marriage, and after a long lapse of time, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made a comeback to the movies in 'Jazbaa' in 2015. Recently she said that she was prepared to act in Marathi movies.

Sara Ali Khan, the pretty, growing up the daughter of celebrities Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh is making her debut appearance in the new movie 'Kedarnath'. She was seen with the director of the movie seeking the blessings at the famous temple.

Got a chance and time to see Bahubali 2 this evening. But I made sure that before going to the theatre, I saw the glimpse of the part 1 so that I will not miss out anything in the second part.
I liked the movie, even though there is not much in it other than quite a lot of graphics.

Today was my movie day. Watched Hindi Medium movie with my mom. 11th hour decision made me happy, to see my mom smile.

Watched Wonder Woman today, a very well made movie. Woman in lead story with powerful scenes and a lot of action performed by the lead character.

Very recently they celebrated 20 years completion of the famous movie Titanic. It still stands as No.2 in the world's box office. Celine Dion's " Every night is my dream" a great hit song. The full movie is still afresh to me, as though I have seen it few years back.

Ever since I've been on a business vacation in Versova, our other family home, I've had very little time to watch my vast movie collection at home. However, for the first time since my marriage perhaps, I went along with my wife and son to watch the 3D movie 'Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales'. It was shockingly enjoyable and really life-like as I sat there wearing my 3D Goggles watching every little scene for the entire 2-hour duration. Thank you Max for insisting that I come along to watch this awesome movie on the big screen as this movie watched on a TV set would never be as enjoyable and lively as it was in the theater.

Even though there was enough talking about the movie Bahubali 2, but I did not get a chance to see it so far. May be I am planning to go to see the movie within a day or two.

I hear the movie 'Hindi Medium' is giving 'Half Girlfriend' a run for its money. This new release, an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's movie by the same name, has entered into my list of 'must see' movies.

Watched the Pirates of Caribbean on Friday. Awesome as expected. Plus it was in 3D which made the experience way, way better. The movie was full of action, fun and aarrhhh Pirates. All the children present in the theater had great fun, adults too.

Just happened to watch a Malayalam movie in one of the channels on TV. The name was "Amar, Akbar, Anthony". What looked like a boring movie in the beginning, turned out to be a fantastic one at the end with a beautiful message against child abuse. Felt happy to watch it.

Watching Sultan again and again. It is very good and motivating movie which gives us lesson to fight against ourself. It tells no one can defeat us , it is only our inner strength which results in winning or loss.

I have read some good reviews about the movie "Hindi Medium', so it is on my wishlist of the movies to see sometime soon. I feel relaxed and a little bit excited while going to see a good movie with wife at a multiplex and munch some food at the food court.

Looking forward to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' latest sequel release this week. Mostly will go for the first show. As it is one my son's and mine favorite. I hope we can secure the tickets for the same.

I hear 'Hindi Medium' starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar is a very entertaining movie. I have made a mental note to see this move at one of the multiplexes at a nearby mall soon. It also stars Deepak Dobriyal, my favorite new avatar of a comedian.

Last week we as family saw the movie Bahubali. I enjoyed it.

This Afternoon, I was watching the movie 'Bahubali' while relaxing in the living room, listening to music and doing some light work. I found it to be highly amusing as the action sequences were poorly shot and edited. I could immediately see from which English movie the action sequences were conceived and copied from. I find it funny how so many people over here are saying it is a well made movie when the story itself is utterly boring. It's a careless illogical mix of Gladiator, 300, Apocalypto, etc just to name a few of the movies where they have stolen scenes from and created their own version of those scenes. Even the camera angles have been copied directly from Lord Of The Rings series and other movies. I find it disappointing to learn that this so-called great Indian movie is just a shabby copy of many of the movies that I love watching myself. I wonder when Indian movie makers will focus more on originality rather than stealing copyrighted material and then remaking it and passing it off as their own. It was a waste of my time watching this movie. Fortunately, my 8-year-old son switched off the movie before it ended. He found it boring as well.

During these days so many new movies are getting released. Each one makes about one hundred crore rupees at the box office during the first few weeks. I have not seen any movie in the theater during the last three months.

An extraordinary collection of movies is now ready for viewing on our new TV. It took me over a week to go through our entire collection, copy movies onto the computer, convert them into the MP4 format, and then transfer them onto external hard disks for easy viewing anytime on our TV. Today afternoon I watched "The Pursuit of Happyness". It's a classic movie which shows us how a single father can make it big despite the odds. I love this movie and don't mind watching it a few times more if ever I get the time to do so.

These days, I'm busy with organizing our home movie collection since we spend a lot of our recreational time watching them. It makes sense to have a ready list of all the movies we have and to know on what exactly they are located. Also, since movies are now being watched in MP4 format on our TVs we must also go through the old DVDs and check which movies we would like to watch again or add to our growing MP4 collection. It's been a lot of fun just doing these tasks over the last many days. Hopefully it shall all be done and we can continue watching movies once more.

I watch movies a lot these days. Mostly movies that I have downloaded from YouTube. If I find that a movie is not as interesting as I'd like then I fast forward the movie so that I can see it quickly without wasting my valuable time. This technique works best with foreign language movies and any other movie with subtitles so I can read the subtitles and know what is going on even when I am watching the movie at a higher speed.

Everyone tells me and my wife to see Bahubali 2. So we decided to watch it at last. But we thought that we should see the first part first. So today we watched that movie using our DVD player. Good movie. Now we are ready to watch the 2nd part.

I am eager to watch the movie Bahubali 2 even though I am not crazy about movies. Everyone says it is an excellent movie. But to watch that movie, I think I should watch the first part of Bahubali!

Watched the movie "Patch Adams" just yesterday. I have seen it a couple of times before. It's the story of a doctor who uses laughter as his main weapon of medical treatment. A really funny movie on the whole but there are a couple of sad moments as well. A family entertainer that teaches us the value of having fun in life everyday.

My love for watching movies has revived during the past year. I've seen over a hundred movies during my free time. All watched at home, on the TV, movies that I downloaded from YouTube or have converted into MP4 format from my DVD collection. It's always interesting to watch good old movies that teach us so many valuable life lessons while entertaining us at the same time.


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