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Yesterday, evening I was listening to a Bollywood 90's track, the song I used to listen when I was young, didn't understood the real meaning of the song then, the song played the wordings like "Mushkil mein hai kaun kissi ka, samjho iss raaz ko, lekar aapna naam kabhi tum khudhko aawaj do." The simple song with a deep meaning. I request all my friends reading this post out there, to listen to this awesome song at least once.

The success of the present day songs is mainly due to the music - the instruments, the rhythm the loud noise etc, where as the previous time, may be the last generation, the songs became hit because of the wordings, the lyrics. Music played only secondary fiddle there.

The song 'RUK JANA NAH I TURNED KAHI HARKE' is my most most favourite song, it inspires me a lot. Whenever, I feel low or things are not following in place, I starting singing this song in my mind. And the magic takes place and I totally with new enthusiasm start working again.

Sleeping with soft music is a great habit. It not only helps us get sound sleep but also impacts our dreams and gives us soothing dreams.
Vinay's 30/6/8:10pm - 30/6/8:37pm

It has become my habit to listen to the songs when I go to sleep at night. My MP3 player has something called the sleep mode, where we can adjust the time when it has to be switched off. I always keep it for one and half hours, and usually it so happens that before the player automatically switches off, I would have slept.
A nice way to go to the slumber.

I heard 1980's melodies.....the lyrics were awesome.....soothes my inner to hold the moment for long.

My husband is music lover. He played very beutiful songs in the morning which fills full house with happiness and enthusiasm.

I gotta admit that without the soft music playing on the stereo right now it would be close to impossible for me to be so relaxed while working on the tablet or computer. There is something magical about listening to the sounds of the violin, piano and flute being played by the masters themselves. It relaxes me for sure but also makes me very happy while I work.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London . This is from the Disney movie Lion King. But this music is so nice and I love to hear this anytime.

I do not know whether you all have heard about John Denver. I used to love his song Country Roads take me home to the place. It will be a very slow song, but we will feel as though we are driving down to a village when we listen to this song.

Just today I was watching the latest live recording of Celine Dion's "How does a moment last forever". Marvelous. Now we can see in youtube.

When my daughters were learning classical music, I used to sit in their classroom and as a result I also started singing some classical songs. I sing rag bhairavi, which is the melodious song sing in the morning.

I am really mesmerized with the Anjali Anjali Instrumental music by Rahaman Khan. Especially the music with the saxophone is simply superb. Enjoy them seeing in Youtube. It is from the movie Duet. Everyone who have seen this , will agree with me.

Mornings are mainly to listen to light music's. No matter what you do. Just keep the music on and enjoy working. .

Bollywood songs are also of a very high quality these days. All the new composers and singers are creating great numbers and they are very soothing for the ears. The singer/composer I like these days is Papon, his songs are just magical. I fall asleep listening to his songs, they are so melodious.

Love the voice of Norah Jones. It feels heavenly when she is on, on the music system. I also like Amy Winehouse songs. I was very sad when I got the news of her suicide. Her kind of music no one can replicate.

I like to hear P. L Deshpande, his stories makes me smile and also laugh, in whatever mood I am.

Its so smoothing to hear the soft music of Kishor Kumar. It makes me feel light.

I wonder what magic Justin Bieber has in his voice. He is easy going, lively and good-looking. I understand that he has become a great singing sensation of our times.

Listening to motivational songs , it fills full energy .

I love the song of Celine Dion....A Mother's prayer.
It is so nice to listen to this again and again, being a Mother's day.. I can feel the love of a mother in this world, which is next to the love of God. Nothing is comparable to this. Thanks Celine for this wonderful Video.

I love singing classical songs.

This afternoon I felt a slight headache. I went to the bedroom, switched on my MP3 player and started to listen to my favourite soft, melodious film songs lying down on my bed. I didn't sleep, but towards evening, I became quite Ok.

Rechargeable speakers are a great boon while listening to music at home. It saves a lot of electricity and money in the long run especially if you love listening to music as much as I do. I am fortunate to have as many as 6 rechargeable portable speakers so I have taken a couple of them to my other home in Mumbai. The best speaker I own is the Zoook Bombastic which gives me 18 hours playing time on a single charge. Perfect for me to listen to for a long day like today.


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