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get lost in nature and you will find yourself

Nature is beautiful today. First thing after I get up , just have a glance of my garden through the windows. It ia pleasant watching.

The trees are still, the Sun is burning more than a fire, the wind is favoring only to chirping of birds, except the murmurs of people saying very hot.....Mother Nature, we are waiting for your good shower. Please do favour our wish.

About a month back the whole place looked almost brownish in colour due to lack of water, and now because of the frequent rains, we see the greenery everywhere. The green nature is always very soothing for our eyes.

Felt good as the climate was breezy with rains .

I agree Gomathi, nature gives us unconditional care, love and shelter.
Gomathi's 27/6/3:55pm - 27/6/7:50pm

No matter what, Mother Nature is always unconditional in giving the best of her to the well being of all. She has no ego, no pride, no self boasting. She just lives her purpose. She is to be worshipped.

The night is still, the gentle breeze is making it slightly cooler, the sounds of dogs barking suggest that tomorrow might be a rainy day since our ancestors used the sixth sense of dogs to predict floods and earthquakes. Of course, only some of us are blessed with a powerful sixth sense these days so it makes sense to pay close attention to what the friendly neighborhood dogs are trying so hard to tell us tonight...

Today evening, I was so stunned at the beauty of the Sky. The clouds with varied structures with colors like blue, grey,! stunning beauty. Could not take my eyes. And the breeze that hit my face, chirping of birds, together with gazing of Sky....I was truly into another world. Mother Nature, you are a great healing therapist, I can bet for sure, no human therapist can conquer you. Nature, you are the best. Love and thanks to you.

Try to plant a few saplings each week, so that you can develop this habit to people around you and very soon, we can see beautiful plants and trees growing.

Small waterfall is insight everywhere. The tunnels are wet, due to rain. The eyes are not getting off from the nature's beauty.

Traveling to pune, on expressway. The entire nature is looking so beautiful that no other word can describe it's beauty. The lush green colour is my favourite colour these days.

Encouraging employees, students to cycle to work or study can be part of the organizations overall "green initiatives" and same time it keeps the people to stay fit and healthy.

Spent the monsoon evening sitting on a bench in the church quadrangle. As the darkness descended on earth the silhouettes of the trees in the vicinity swinging in the light breeze offered a beautiful sight.

Gleeful birds like Bulbul and parakeet were spotted everywhere in Mumbai earlier. But, of late, they are becoming a rarer sight because of indiscriminate hacking of trees.

Trees are the lungs of a city. Nevertheless, in the name of improvements like Metro, the trees are being hacked recklessly. Thought should be given to plant four trees for each one felled.

Just like our lonely planet, there may be other planets similar to ours in this universe. Some of them may be brimming with myriad forms of life, both plants and animals like we have here.

Mother Nature comes alive during the Monsoon season. The whole world around us literally becomes a lot more beautiful and mesmerizing to see than during the rest of the year. The wetness of the rain makes our immediate surroundings cooler while the leaves on the trees look lush green and wonderful. One of the best experiences for me is to take a nice long walk on the beach and feeling the cool breeze upon my face and through my hair as I just relax and enjoy the great nature that God has given us.

The greenery around Mumbai has become livelier after a first few showers in the city. The water springs in the ghat areas have also sprung into action.

Waiting for rain everyday but haven't got .It rained a day or two this season in pune.

Wild mangoes have arrived in the market. I bought some because of their irresistible aroma. They reminded me of the tall mango tree in the backyard of my childhood home that used to swing in the breeze dropping ripe mangoes at every breeze.

It is a great experience to walk on the path made by people walking on the countryside fields. It is anytime better to go cycling or walking on the same path where you can see others footprints creating the way for you.
Dolphi's 7/6/10:08am - 8/6/7:08pm

Watching 'Animal World' on TV is my favorite pastime. I wonder how the photographers shoot the wild animals in such wonderful action.

I like to walk long distances on country paths amidst the lush greenery. Walking on foot along the country paths is more thrilling and maneuverable than driving.

It is a great sight to see tiny hummingbirds hovering in the air and sucking the honey from the flowers of a banana tree in the courtyard.

World environment day. Let us plant more saplings and trees to build a green planet. Also let us share with our people about the Go Green initiatives, like cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, recycling of paper products, use paper instead of plastics. Save water. Attend to leaking taps. Use cycles instead of cars or motor bikes for short distance traveling. Promote awareness to keep the city clean. Use slogans, and banners and join hands with NGOs, Scouts and Guides to spread the spirit of keeping the planet earth clean.

I believe that Mother Nature has equally blessed the entire human race with her bountiful gifts. Some selfish people try to take an extra advantage of it by exploiting Her resources. The entire human race on the whole must learn to respect Mother Nature and not tamper with what She has bestowed on us.

I still remember the trip I made to Kodaikanal a long time ago. Starting from Madurai it takes only a few hours by bus to reach the hill top of Kodaikanal. The climate completely changes from sultry plains to the chilly hilltop.

Recently I caught up with an old friend from my college days. She is a nature lover just like I am. So it was natural for both of us to spend the entire afternoon talking about the positive forces of nature and how they help human beings live better lives. Thanks to this coffee shop meeting with her I could add 3 new positive forces of nature to my most popular lecture on the same topic. The world needs for nature lovers these days and human beings need to be thankful for the gracious abundance of mother nature that God has provided to each of us.

A few months ago the municipal workers trimmed off the overgrown branches f the huge tamarind tree in our building precincts. Now fresh little branches and leaves have grown in place of the old ones, giving the tree its old glory and liveliness.

It is lovely to live by the hillside in spring. Soon after the rains nature comes alive and dances with joy. Suddenly greenery appears all around and little brooks flow down the hill with gentle burbling sounds.

Right Vinay driving on a road with trees all around adds energy and charm to journey. I always love to visit Garhwal via Dhanauti side ,because it is full of greenery all around and very beautiful scenes to take photographs.
Vinay's 2/6/2:51pm - 2/6/3:47pm

Recently I drove to Kerala where one can find greenery all over. It is very sad that in the name of widening the road, they have started cutting down the trees from the sides of the road. It looks very bare sometimes now. How lovely it is to drive along the road where both the sides have big trees that spread the shade on to the road!

It's a beautiful evening today, the sky is orange and pink, extremely bright right now. I guess it will rain heavily in a few hours time. The weather is just amazing for me.

Nature has its own system which runs on a cyclic manner. A little imbalance here or there causes extreme inconvenience to everyone involved. Here again, we wonder why nature does not allow comfortable margins to tide over those light imbalances.

After the heavy breezes and the light drizzles of yesterday morning, the trees in the nearby lane shed most of their old leaves. I saw a civic worker in a yellow jacket sweeping the yellow leaves into a heap.

I just like to sit in the middle of paddy field and like to be sarrounded with beautiful carpet like greenery and cool breeze.

The birds flying around is my immediate contact with nature. Early morning their merry chirping sound falls in my ears and I begin to think that they are always positive about the future.

Chirping sounds of birds in early morning gives very positive feeling and tell us to wake up and enjoy the morning time by doing meditation, yoga, walking anything which gives you inner joy.

Yes Kirti. I once went for a massage treatment for my arms and my skin was so tender that after coming home I noticed my upper arms were fully red with blot clots. Then, we tried to apply ice cube to reduce the blood clots, but since it was spread all over, it did not help me. Then I checked with a Nature doctor friend, and he advised me to apply the direct white jelly from alo vera plant. Next two days, I applied that in the affected areas, within two days, the full patches of blood clots disappeared. Thanks to Alo vera. It is a very good medicine for the skin too.
Kirti's 29/5/10:06pm - 29/5/10:22pm

Yes Sheila, Aloe Vera is a wonder plant. It is best for babies and kids when they have small bruises and cuts you can just apply little bit of the gel from the leaf and it heals faster than any other ointment. I used to use it when Max was small even now I apply it on his bruises. Aloe Vera is also great for skin and hair.
Sheila's 29/5/9:48pm - 29/5/10:06pm

Most of us must have heard of Alo vera plants. We grow them in pots and it becomes like a shrub. These plants are very good for health. For people who suffer from diabetic, cut a piece of the leaf and inside the leaf we will find a white jelly. Add the white jelly in a jar of butter milk and drink them. It will drastically bring the sugar levels down. Take this drink twice a week and see the improvements.

Sitting down and imagining the waterfalls of Malshej Ghat. Malshej ghat is just a few hours drive from Mumbai, the MTDC resort is right on top of the mountain. Along the way you can enjoy the waterfalls during the mid monsoon. The old snaps are reminding me of the great trips we had in the past.

I remember the trip that I undertook to Kodaikanal a long time ago. The way up the hill through sharp curves, leaving the dizzy ravines below was breathtaking. Suddenly you find yourself above the clouds in a chilly weather once you reach the top after a dew hours.

Now also, it is heavily raining and the sound of the wind, when the windows are closed, is horrifying.

In the morning time, there is sun smiling at us, in the afternoon, sun is just showing his anger, sometimes I feel my plants tell me, please take us inside our house, but in the evening the manner, sun says us goodbye for the day, it just starts pouring. And not just pouring, the moon who is now a days invisible says hi by thunderstorm, and lightening.

It's a blissfully delightful weekend evening right now. The sun is about to go down under thereby turning our side of the world into night. The distant sounds of the waves is somehow making its way into my ears as I prepare my 3rd cup of fine Darjeeling Tea inside this humble kitchen. There is a gentle breeze blowing through the kitchen windows, one of the main reasons why I spend a lot of time in this particular room of this humble Versova home.

It my dream to have house on the hills where I can hear the voice of falls and can see beautiful scenes all around. Only imagination of having such house gives me so happiness.

Some places like Ooty in the Nilgiri Hills appear to be perpetually stuck up in spring. The weather remains pleasantly cool round the year and the evergreen forests thrive in such a highland climate.

The leaves and the branches of the trees around swing merrily in anticipation of the rains coming soon. They have got some sixth sense, I suppose, to know that the rains are just a week away.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in this world, such as snow-clad mountain tops, vast plantations on mountain slopes. I like to be in such places but physical and financial limitations restrict the accomplishment most of my fond wishes.

The world is beautiful because it is abundantly blessed with nature - plants and animals. But human beings in their short-sightedness destroy nature recklessly for their immediate gains.

A couple of years ago I spent one night at a retreat house in Dahanu. Not far from the bustling megacity but very close to nature, I still remember the scents and the sounds of the place.

Why is it getting too tough, as the nature is punishing her children by thunder storm, heavy rain. It is making the power cut off and also no water. If we are cutting the trees and hurting the nature, so can the nature do. The important part is mother nature has more patience than we human beings, we are just very much impatient if the tata sky goes off due to the bad weather and if the internet disconnects due to the power failure. In these three days, I was just wondering that how the nature must be handling her imbalance. I got the answer now.

The morning was cool and breezy. Some areas around the city might have already got sprinkles of rain. The tree-lined street nearby seemed to welcome me. The branches of the trees were merrily swinging in the air. They were full of joy in anticipation of the rain.

It started raining here from yesterday late evening till entire night. It was rain with storm and lightening, because of which many tress in the city collapsed, and in my area, the tree collapsed on the electric pol, due to which I don't have power from yesterday evening, and the things are stuck as it is in house. The work is on, but taking long- long time to get the power back. Hopefully, will get the power back as early as possible, as all the food stuffs in the fridge are getting spoiled.

Seasons roll fast and time flies - it is nature's way to break the monotony of life. It is a kind of cyclic mechanism, nothing short of a miracle. Nothing remains constant everything keeps changing in a cyclic manner.

I recently read about the Thekkady hill station in Kerala. Herds of elephants roam there in the verdurous mountain slopes and come down to bask in the cool waters of the Periyar Lake.

Living within the four walls of a flat in a big city deprives one of much of the nature contact. I pine for regular nature contact that is possible by living in a village but see no escape yet.

I love to see the peacock dance in the forest with its feathers spread fully, when it sees the thick clouds moving across and also when it is delighted.
It is a marvelous sight to see such creations of God combined with its feelings with nature. Same way, when the sun rises, the sun flower which has bowed down all through the night lifts up and opens its petals welcoming the sun. It is good to watch keenly on these nature's movements and reactions and its feelings.

Sometimes I happen to see elephants walking on the crowded streets of the suburbs. They are guided by 'mahouts' and it is amazing to see how such giant creatures take orders from tiny humans.

Dolphi, stunned at the way you being an animal lover. Every stray dogs, cats, helpless animals have your humble sight.
Dolphi's 14/5/12:12pm - 17/5/10:43pm

Had visited Cubban park today, the trees there are 150 years old. Away from the horns of vehicles, the birds were chirping and sounding like melodious music. It was a relaxation day for me. I just hope if it was possible to stay there for one night.

I have observed one fat cat moving royally within our building premises. It is owned by nobody but is favorite among the watchmen relaxing under the bulky tamarind tree near the gate.

God has created everything so nicely,we should love his creatures and protect them from getting harmed.

The breeze was blowing gently when I returned from a walk around. The branches of the trees lined along the nearby street seemed swinging happily hoping for an early onset of the monsoon rains.

It is nice to have a home with a vegetable garden in the backyard. It gives one the chance to observe the little seedlings grow into luscious plants and start yielding fruit.

Very sad to know about this incident! The national park management should take care of the animals inside better to avoid such mishaps.
Dolphi's 14/5/12:12pm - 14/5/6:39pm

When you plant a sapling to grow one tree, always think that it is not just going to be a tree. It is going to become home for many birds and their families, a place of rest for many animals which comes to that tree on a hot summer day. Also will serve as a place of comfort for the travellers who come to that area. So plant as many trees as possible and your service to the society will be greatly honored by Almighty and will be praised by the users.

Yesterday (Saturday) a pregnant deer, being chased by stray dogs, fell into a pit and succumbed to its injuries at the outskirts of the National Park near Mulund. It is a rare incident, though of much concern to nature lovers.

Despite hot weather conditions, I ventured out in the morning in order to buy household provisions. It was already drizzling, so I carried my umbrella - the first time this season. I noticed that not many were scared like me of this slight drizzle.

It's lovely to see the Gulmohar trees these days. It looks like a red umbrella, a velvety one in fact. We have a few around our society which makes the view amazing and soothes everyone's eyes. The Bougainvillea plants are always blooming here which are adding to the beauty of our surroundings.

The lady from another wing of our building complex was carrying her pet guinea pig almost like a baby. The pet was clinging to her chest closely. This pet has a voracious appetite and wants to eat green leaves all the time.

I often come across the word 'Mother nature'. Most people consider nature as their 'Mother' but I don't see the love and concern for the mother much. People continue to harm the environment, do nothing for their so called 'Mother nature' and yet expect everything in return.

But the term 'Mother' is rightly used, no doubt. Just like a mother never gives up on her children and gives unconditionally the same way our 'Mother nature' gives us unconditionally without feeling sad that we don't really treat her like someone of our own. And don't thank her for all the wonderful things that she provides us. We just take, take, take and take some more.

I was waiting for the recycle bin culture to start in India for a long long time. Finally it has started, its been a few months already that we have been segregating waste at home and it feels amazing to do that. I used to keep all the dry waste hoarded in my house because I would feel guilty of throwing it along with the regular waste. Now, I am relieved. But, for some reason here in Mumbai our city home I am noticing that the society is not following the system. It is effective at my other house at Naigaon. Bound by the habit I still divide the waste and dispose here but not sure if the end is doing the job well.

The other day my niece narrated to me her experience of visiting Kerala Backwaters near Cochin city. I am so impressed that I want to visit the place some day.

There is a Chickoo tree which I can see from my living room window and it bears too many Chickoos every year. It's an amazing view when the Chickoos hang there. Only few months from now and I will enjoy the view as the Chickoo season hits.

Counting days for the monsoon. This year's monsoon is expected to be better that the last few years. The financial section is already celebrating the predictions. I hope each and every corner of our country gets enough water to store for the remaining year.

To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

After the rain that we experienced in the last couple of days in the evenings, the plants and the grass look greener than before. It is as if they are getting a new life.

The street adjoining our residential complex has trees lined up all along forming a shaded canopy. I like strolling in this verdurous area but have to be careful to walk on the edge of the footpath because of the reckless traffic.

Mother Nature, you are the Goddess, you are the vehicle, without you, life has no meaning. You take the form of physical body in all beings of life, and the God/life itself joins you to make a complete system.

Mother Nature, you sometimes scare us with earth quakes, flood, storms, volcano eruptions, thunder/lightening.......but the fear is gone when we realize, such is the way of you to set right this corrupted world.

Similar are the fisherfolk and vegetable vendors, mostly women, who throng to the colony from their native Vasai. Age takes the toll on them slowly but surely. Over the years, as I watch, the older and the redundant ones are replaced by younger and livelier ones.

I love to sit under a mango tree in this season and admire its beauty with lots of mangoes in it. Around 5 kms away from my house, there is a beautiful mango groove. I can see all varieties of mangoes, some fruits will be only 2 feet height from the ground level. Full of ripe mangoes. The sight itself is so pleasant. I admire such blessings in our place. Imaging similar status of apples from apple trees in Himachal Pradesh. How lovely and God created all these nature foods for us, humans. Thanking God for his creations.

The sun has hidden behind some dark clouds, and I can hear the thunder at the distant. It is not very hot, but the feeling is that we are going to get rain late in the evening like last evening.

The tall tamarind tree in the quadrangle of our building offered to shade to the watchmen reposing leisurely below and shelter to the lively birds chirping on the tree branches above.

Natural music pleases me plenty. The sounds of the breeze blowing through our home during the day, the birds chirping in the trees, the rustling of the leaves, etc. It's remarkably soothing to experience the multiple voices of Mother Nature on show 24x7 near our homes.

It suddenly started raining here heavily. Nice to see the rain. Hope it brings down the heat a bit. Feeling sad that I am not able to go out to play in the rain!

Animals get their first lessons by being playful. For humans too it is the natural way to enjoy life and learn.

Mother nature, you are phenomenal, no words can describe your unconditional love you give to all. I nurture my self by just thinking the way you are. Life becomes more meaningful on seeing you. Thank you for all privilege and comfort.

Enjoying the beautiful nature of Karnataka. The mountains, the trees, farms. And also the construction of roads and fly overs.

The summer is at its peak, the sun shining very brightly and the people running for shades all over. In almost all the houses, their ACs are switched on to get relief from the scorching heat.

Sitting on a wall and watching birds flying is happiest moment.

I always like to lie down on soft, green by a placidly flowing brook in the countryside and tend to a flock of sheep. Oh, how pleasant and peaceful that kind of life would be!

I love the beauty of mountains. A tall mountain, with a background of clouds in the sky. I will imagine myself at the top of the mountain, touching the blue sky. The waterfalls flowing from one side of a hill, gives a pleasant sight. The old man standing with a binocular showing the water that flows at a huge distance from the mountain. It is thrilling to watch them through the googles and see as though it is quite nearer to us. The lovely song of the birds, the chill breeze we get from the morning times in such a place is so serene to our mind and soul.

The seasons roll in a regular cycle. That is a great blessing because we can expect a rainy relief pretty soon after this extremely hot weather.

I have always enjoyed journeying along the western coast on Konkan Railway. The beauty of the nature around remains permanently etched in my mind.

Surprising it is a bit cool this morning. They have predicted a hot weather, but nice to see the dark clouds in the sky.


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