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Watched the TV news about the grand rally being organised by the Marathas in Mumbai. The crowd of people looked very huge really.

I couldn't agree with you more on this subject. China and India are two most populated and major nations of the world and giants of Asia. Both the countries have a great history of non-violence and moral ethics. We aren't like the westerners. First and the second World War are the evidences of the greedy and hungry for power mentality of the western nations.

India and China have nothing to prove to anyone. Both have their unique identities and rich culture. One should not look down to another. Countries prosper when they have friendly neighbors. We would become exactly like the European nations of the early 19th century if we listen to their tunes. They learned their lesson the hard way, and left a moral for all. If India and China go for a war over petty issues will be laughed upon by the rest of the world. And those who may pretend to be the sympathizers, will take full advantage of the situations by selling their weapon inventory which is lying like 'scrap' in their gun factories.
Savio's 3/8/9:24pm - 4/8/12:26am

India and China are in the news these days and for all the wrong reasons. The country that is supposedly friendly and non-violent (India) and the other side which is supposedly business friendly and people conscious (China). Both countries are ruining their reputation on the world stage due to petty ego differences. Instead of working things out behind closed doors, both countries seem to be determined to show that one is more powerful than the other. It is time that both countries realize that violent means is not a solution for anything. Take lessons from the first and second World War. No one won the war. Both sides lost Millions of soldiers and civilians in the process of "trying" to show their domination over the other side. As always, the bureaucrats and political leaders churn up dialogue after dialogue while living in the secure locations in the heart of their countries, never to be at risk of their own life. A sad sad story. I'm proud of being an Indian but not proud at the way these Indian politicians, bureaucrats and media personnel are behaving right now.

The local leader from Ghatkopar owned the ground floor property which was occupied by a Nursing home and now it was being renovated into a hotel apparently. The building being three decades old, it could not sustain the hampering at the foundation and collapsed.

I cannot understand why the Tamilnadu Govt is approaching the central govt to get the exemption for the students of this state from NEET examinations. They also demand some reservation for the students. Is it possible to consider just for one state? Is it not unjust to request so? Or is it indirectly admitting that the educational standard here is lower than other states?

Ram Nath Kovind becomes India's 14th president. Until yesterday he was almost unknown. The opposition's candidate Meira Kumar was better known than Kovind.

Terrorists attack on Amarnath Yatris, around 17persons are injured and seven are died.Government should take strict decision against such terrorists.

India has done well again in the West Indies beating the Cricket team comprehensively in the third one-day match. Congrats India.
I am happy that my favourite Rahane is scoring runs these days.

Even my husband had this problem while he was in the dialysis unit, he has suffocated for want of oxygen, which the nurses did not notice and he collapsed in the unit. Then they put him in ventilate for nearly 10 days with no recovery for the brain.
Rekha's 24/6/4:14pm - 25/6/10:29am

It seems like the central government is on a merciless rampage to make Aadhar Cards mandatory for nearly everything and anything in this country. After making it compulsory to have an AC to open a bank account, now the time has come for every mobile phone number's owner to link their number with their AC failing which their phone number will be deactivated. The chaos for getting an AC is becoming quite an issue in several parts of the country including big cities like Mumbai where a resident does not even know where to go to get their AC done. There is no government website that gives accurate details about AC enrollment centers in the country so people have to go out of their way hunting for such centers on their own. This is causing quite a major security issue because each day news is coming out that fake AC agents are being arrested in various parts of India. Welcome to Incredible India...

What a big negligence in " My Hospital Indore ", yesterday.
17 people died due to cut of oxygen supply, how medical team can do such a careless work.

In a shocking move, TMC leader Mamta Banerjee claims that she has never heard of Ram Nath Kovind in her life before today. Now, this either shows how less she is exposed to national politics or goes to prove that she is just a bit upset that a honest, down to earth and Dalit caste candidate has been nominated for President of the country. You can follow all the news and drama on

Congratulations Mr. Ram Nath Kovind for being nominated as the presidential candidate for the Republic of India. If selected, he will be the 14th president of the country. Not many people outside of Bihar know who this man is so you can learn more about this great man and stay updated on his activities in coming times through our website Our research shows that he might well be the best ever president that India has in recent decades.

India lost against Pakistan in today's match.

It is a great news Soosamma that Kochi is also getting it's Metro and the inauguration is going to be done by none other than our Prime Minister.
Soosamma's 15/6/5:07pm - 16/6/8:32pm

Finally kochi metro inauguration is scheduled for Saturday at the hands of prime minister.

Political news and repeatedly rape news most of the time, don't feel like watching it.

After some days of calm, the Tamilnadu politics started taking a turn for worse. I feel there is going to be trouble for the ruling faction of the AIADMK when they meet on the 14th in the Assembly.

The Education Minister of Tamilnadu keeps on announcing that he is going to change the education system in this state. Next year he plans to change the syllabus of first year Higher Secondary class to bring it at par with the CBSE syllabus. Let's wait and see what happens.

Britain again got attack by terrorists leaving atleast twenty casualties, according to police, a van ploughed into pedestrians at London bridge. It is a terrorists attack before general election.

Ananya vinay wins scripps spelling bee title.She is thirteenth consecutive of winner.Proud of you Ananya.


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