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Going to sleep for new morning and collecting energy for another day.

It's a peaceful night in Mumbai, very hot though, but nice at the same time. The cold water shower beckons, and I shall surely be taking a nice long one before I turn in for the night, an early morning outing tomorrow should set the pace for a wonderful weekend, since I've just completed a massive project, and have given myself a couple of days off, so that I can relax and recuperate, I really need it...

Going for walk after having dinner with neighbours family.

Good night everyone, cold winds blowing inside my window are calling me to have beautiful and quite sleep.

Right Prerna, it seems quite interesting when our kids say mom it is your study time, i remember when i was doing postgraduation in 2012, my daughters used to take my tests and gave me marks as i used to give them.
Prerna's 28/7/10:32pm - 28/7/11:06pm

It feels good to help someone, instead of standing as a spectator. It must have been a satisfying experience to act like a host being a guest. And, I am sure everyone present there must have enjoyed each other's company even more after rearranging.

Having children around is like re-living the childhood. Your doughter's will be inspired seeing you studying for sure, Prerna.
Prerna's 28/7/10:32pm - 28/7/11:01pm

Had gone out to a friend's daughter's function. They had made all the arrangements on their terrace. It started raining all of a sudden. Luckily most of guests chipped in and helped move the arrangements back in the house. Within a couple of minutes , it became as though the house was the original venue. I felt proud to be part of such a nice and understanding crowd.

Came back late. But tomorrow is a weekend so it is all cool. Trying to catch up on the backlog of my study time. The girls are both tucked in bed. They were making fun of me while saying goodnight by reminding me that i need to study like i make them do when they have a backlog....ha ha ha...what goes around comes around.

There was a phone call from the President of the Kerala Samajam this afternoon asking me to attend an emergency Executive Committee meeting at 8 pm today. Came from the school only by 6 in the evening, had a cold bath, and wanted to do something on Enoma before I go for the meeting. I don't know how much it is going to be delayed for me to come back.

It is half past eleven, and I am still working on my lap top. When I am working on Cafe Enoma, I do not like to quit, so I am still here. But when I think that my sleep will get disrupted, I feel like going to bed for fear of my headache.

Sir, I heard 1st volume of Twelve dozen roses today and all the four stories are so inspiring and i liked the story of fisherman the most, when after working so hard for so many years,I have to do what i am doing today then why to bother about and do all other things. I also liked the story of making vase, quality should not be compromised at all.
Savio's 21/6/10:11pm - 21/6/11:14pm

Sometimes I wonder why some people are given something invaluable for free but yet due to some unknown reasons they don't make the most of it. I feel a but sad tonight since I've shared a priceless treasure with our online course students yet most of them have not even bothered to download it. I am speaking about the audio book series '12 Dozen Roses'. A treasure that's not your everyday audio book but something special.

A very calm and quiet moments of the night. I could only hear the hushing of the fans over me. Everywhere around is calm and people went off to sleep.

At this part of the night , everywhere so calm no noise. I am on Cafe enoma enjoying my entries and reading.

There are certain nights when you feel so nice and cool that you literally want to go to sleep and not wake up till noon the next day. Today happens to be one such night. I'm already feeling so cool and awesome thanks to the strategically positioned table fans and the triple cold water showers I took every hour since 10pm.

It's 11.38pm on a cool Sunday night. It's raining off and on thanks to which the weather is pleasant and nice. The night is a silent one as most people are at home watching a cricket match because they have nothing better to do. I find it surprising when someone tells me that their hobby is watching cricket on TV when it's such a worthless waste of one's precious time.

I am feeling sleepy, yesterday i had very little sleep therefore going to bed earlier.


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