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True Gomathi, it is indeed very serious need of educating moral values from childhood to adult. When time of children come to look after their parents,they make excuses by one or the other reason.
Gomathi's 18/8/12:07pm - 18/8/9:01pm

Thank you Kirti. This is the first time ever in my life time, I am going out of my comfort zone. This idea came last week, first like to give a trial. Of course, it is a new direction in my life which should be fine in future. Just a day in a week for two hours. This will be okay as of now. But to the same place, I cannot go, except for the evening hours, which is impossible for me. Let me take the help of a friend here and look for other.
Kirti's 18/8/6:01pm - 18/8/8:03pm

I admire your courage Gomathi. You are a go-getter! Those who are determined to help others as well as themselves, always succeed.
Gomathi's 18/8/12:07pm - 18/8/6:01pm

Same pinch Prerna...... Ha ha ha......
Prerna's 18/8/12:25pm - 18/8/1:14pm

Tell me Gomathi...Specially the little one will take certain statements and not the context and will use the same in some totally other context which will suit her and embarrass me ....ha ha ha
Gomathi's 18/8/11:38am - 18/8/12:25pm

Today, at about 10a.m., visited an old age home near by, just to give a try to counsel Elders there. I met the cook, she said, they were not in need of any help and asked me to meet the senior citizen who was reading newspaper in the hall. I sensed, I was the unwelcome guest there. That's OK, introduced myself, and asked if I could extend my service here. The answer was 'no'. He was one of the house mate, 86years old. I asked, can I talk with you. Sure..... and I myself took the seat there and asked what had made you to come here. He said, 'I have 3 daughters and 1 son..... all married and well settled....... My wife left some 20 years back...... and after my son's marriage..... I could not bear the treatment of my daughter in law..... Basically I was a bank employee..... Getting pension now..... So I don't want to be a burden to the family..... Left the house, and joined this old age home 8 years back...... The happiness I get here is not there in my place....... and if any medical need, I shall call for an auto, go get checked up in near by hospital and return back'...... The tea time, tea was served at the dining by the helper...... So he asked me to leave, because other house mates are taking rest, please come at 5p.m......some other day. After reaching home, the matter is bothering me..... however as a counselor, I should not get attached to the emotions...... But the state of country and people today is more challenging. Parents takes care of their children so good, but children...... just throw them like garbage. Pity is the state of younger generation. What the education system is teaching all?? Where have the moral values and respect gone??? Hmmmm....... money, laziness, don't care attitude is spoiling all. The society has to be injected with heavy dose of moral values. Else, the toxic way of throwing parents to old age home will increase.

I am careful, cautious and more aware of my words and action. Because the little teen of the house is following the same. I could observe that in recent past. Ha ha ha........ She is like watching me....... However it helps me to be more aware of what to speak, how to speak and act. It is again a self check. Good. But dear daughter, however your mom is also a human being, she cannot be perfect always.... She has her own false..... Please do imitate only the good side of her. Ha ha ha........

Speaking without ego, loving without intention, caring without expectation, praying without selfishness - are the signs of true relations.

Many a times it so happens whatever we ask from God, we not necessarily gets it from him. It is said that whatever happens happens for good. Just need to understand what more good is going to happen, one just needs to trust self and God.

Very true, Vinay. It is difficult to live alone especially when one is older. During our young days we have a lot of friends, social activities, etc. that keeps one's mind always busy. Even if he or she lives alone, he doesn't feel lonely. During the older days the same thing becomes a challenge, not because you can't live alone but because you are so used to of your people around that it is a habit to live with them.

We may not appreciate or realize every single day or moment that how good it feels to be surrounded by our family members but subconsciously we are quite dependent.

Being said all this, your time should fly by, two days will go just like that. Cheer up!
Vinay's 17/8/11:43am - 17/8/1:19pm

It usually happens Vinay. Loneliness is also a part of life, once we try to handle it, then we shall be happy at all times. It is always said easily, but difficult to practice. However the life has to go...... This too shall pass.
Vinay's 17/8/11:43am - 17/8/1:06pm

After living with the family members for such a long time, staying alone even for one day has become very difficult.
We can console others, but can't console ourselves. When my daughter went with her husband a year ago after the wedding brought tears from my eyes. Now, my wife has gone on an educational tour with the school students only for two days, but I feel that I am totally left alone in my house! A sort of helplessness!
I wonder about the aged people who are left alone by their grown up children now. How much they must be suffering!

The Sun rise and sets with no boredom of monotony. For it lives it's purpose of life to nurture all living beings on Earth by it's light and heat. If I were asked to have an interview with Sun, my first question will be.... 'Are you not bored of doing the same work every single day?'.r Sure Sun would answer, 'I live my purpose of life every nano moment, I am happy with it'. Likewise, mankind, do not get bored or go fatigue by doing the same work. The Universe is so created with the law that 'Live up your purpose of life'. Let each one's unique talent be discovered and be used good to live our life purpose. Let us do it happily. Cheers.

Sometimes silence seems to be the solution for many problems. Practicing silence is a must. One should know, when to open and close the mouth. Really, silence gives an immense energy to our system. It clears all the agitations of mind. It enables refined thinking. It lays foundation for inner peace. It is the happiness. One has to experience silence to know the hidden treasures of one's soul. Please try.

What I not to be?

My life teaches me many great lessons. In that, what I not to be is a separate unit as such.

What I not to be!
1) To be ego ruled
2) To laugh at others weaknesses
3) To be more attached with things
and people
4) To be selfish
5) To dominate/rule others
6) To argue
7) To curse
8) To be coward
9) To be irresponsible
10) To misuse wealth
11) To be lazy..........

Life is always moving towards betterment..... and when I am clear of what I not to be, then I can live a happy life with what I have to be.

It feels very refreshing today. A new day, with a new feeling. Everyone is back to business. The weather is a bit warm but still okay. Thinking of going out today to run some errands.

Yes Kirti, it seems to be a big question mark of safety and security of the people who live on roads. This was bothering much..... what can I do! was the question of my mind. And more than the thoughts, actions play an important part. And if actions, what kind of actions we can extend to people like those. We are being so blessed, so at times, the guilt in us raises high that we are least contributing to the fellow human beings who are on the platform. However, an individual cannot do all. But believing, when there is a will, there will be a way. My counselling course is making me, to be more conscious of consideration to others. The need to help is growing high...... rest to God.
Kirti's 15/8/1:14pm - 15/8/6:40pm

Today morning I had the flag-hoisting in the school. I just announced on Saturday that today was a holiday, and it was not compulsory to come to the school. But if they were the true patriots of India, I would expect them, I told.
Today the attendance was almost 100 %.

Very true Gomathi, the wealth distribution is the real curse in our country. Some enjoy it in abundance and some don't have enough for the basic needs as well. The sight is the same in most parts of the country. The homeless living on the footpaths, making it their home. I wonder where do they come from and where do they go after being forced to leave? If it would be one single person living like that, would have been easier to understand. But, entire family lives including elderly, children and babies in that state. The helplessness is bad on a common citizen's part, who doesn't know how these problems arise and how will they be sorted.
Gomathi's 14/8/9:41pm - 15/8/1:14pm

Me and dad went out for shopping. Got to leave the vehicle in the parking area and had to walk. While walking, I saw some people sheltered alongside the road. Kids, parents, grandparents were all settled good, like some sleeping, some sitting, some working. Cleanliness is nil. They were not bothered of the passing vehicles or people. I purposely looked at the sight to know their living state. It was pathetic. They were wanderers, had no permanent place of stay and hence they had taken road as their homes. Tomorrow, we are celebrating 70th year of Independence, but people below poverty line is huge. Inequality in distribution of wealth is the curse of Independant India.

Most members of the forum being on a small break due to the holidays, it is quiet on the forum. It is very quiet in the neighborhood as well, may be many people have gone for a quick trip to enjoy the weather. Rain is in full swing again since yesterday. It is truly beautiful right now. I am enjoying the weather from home. Waiting for tomorrow's celebrations to begin.

Very true Vinay, parents always wish their children to visit them. I can nicely sense the immense happiness in them. Wish to visit at least once in every month.
Vinay's 14/8/1:24pm - 14/8/2:55pm

It is nice that you had an opportunity to visit your parents. However aged they are, and how happy you are with your own family, the parents will have an urge to meet their children, especially daughters. They must be slightly happier today.
Gomathi's 14/8/7:05am - 14/8/1:24pm

Came to my parents home yesterday evening. My dad kept on talking with me, and mom too after his turn got over. Staying here for another whole day and returning back to my place tomorrow morning after a visit to temple. One thing that is bothering me is my mom's physical body, it looks so thin...... as diabetic, I got to check where she is going wrong. Opposite is the dad's weight, a 5 Kgs increase....... ha ha ha......... slowly back pain are peeping into him, where weight increase is the only reason for all aches. Got to sit with him for sometime to just listen and understand, shall give my suggestion as to need. Always, taking time to be with parents is really beautiful. Thank God for the opportunity and privilege always. May this process continues, wish the blessings of God to nurture parents in my physical absence. Thank you.

Right Kirti thinking of others perceptions mostly hurt you.
Same thing i explained my daughter morning,a s she was going in depression due to thoughts, what others are thinking about her.
Kirti's 10/8/2:21pm - 11/8/9:31pm

Right Gomathi many persons are unable to express their feelings, it doesn't mean they are not good at heart. May be they have fear of expressing themselves.
Gomathi's 8/8/11:43am - 11/8/9:21pm

Yes Kirti, great time. The human heart always wish to be acknowledged. And many thanks to you for always motivating me.
Kirti's 11/8/3:40pm - 11/8/8:00pm

Music is nice! It seems you had a splendid day yesterday, Gomathi. I read your thoughts last night itself but couldn't reply, fell asleep.

It is nice when you share your happiness here with all of us. I could feel your gladness, I had a smile on my face while reading your thoughts.
Gomathi's 10/8/8:50pm - 11/8/3:40pm

Ha ha ha..... wish it happens soon Sir.
Savio's 11/8/1:51pm - 11/8/3:17pm

Yes, Gomathi, Pander Biryani is awesome. Now that you reminded me about it, we must make it soon.
Gomathi's 10/8/8:30pm - 11/8/1:51pm

Lonely is the place, neither the humble directors nor the courageous students are at this forum right now. The curiosity of my heart that if anyone has liked my post is losing it's integrity as no one is here. I am now the sole wanderer of the enormous site. I am a free bird, liking to explore all corners of SDC. Indeed loneliness is something bothering me very badly. This is another normal pace of life, then why to worry!, instead go handling the same. Okay, I shall agree, why should I worry when my friend Cafe Enoma is with me. Happy I am. Cheers.

I am upstairs doing my study at SDC. Downstairs, daughter is playing music, wow! beautiful moments. Working with background music playing, really awesome feeling. Our biological system just eases all the stress of the day. Our head, legs just shakes to the rhythm of music. Music is life....... a great thanks to Mother Nature who have been the cause of such music to be born. Music addiction is something everyone should welcome.....ha ha ha...... really we forget the world at now......a transformed state, very cool. Hey!! my little teen, thank you for giving a beautiful feel within me. Thumb up..... keep rocking.

I am realizing the importance of journaling our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Sure it gives scope to better ourself good. Before suggesting therapy for our future clients, it is more better to apply the same on us.....ha ha ha..... Am I seem to be indifferent!! On thinking, I thought, I would like to follow NLP technique..... like modelling the best part of my life now...... it seems to be interesting and encouraging. Thanks to SDC, you have made my life more meaningful..... you have added more value to my life. And I am now, more aware of LEOPARDS formula when I am talking to others, beyond counseling, even this formula makes a ordinary chat more meaningful and wise. End of the day, the ultimate duty of a counselor is helping a client to know/realize their own potentiality. Counseling has now become part of my life..... without which, no activity of mine is done. Glad I found my passion. Thank you dear instinct for guiding me into the right path. And heartfelt thanks to SDC for quenching my thirst in the field of counseling.

Actually I thought of doing my study for four hours today..... Hmmmm...... Power shut down..... my 4G data was not helping me..... so decided to talk to my friends..... spoke to two friends..... beautiful sharing, happy moments. Then had panneer briyani(Sir, tried Paneer briyani..... awesome taste.... once you suggested me this)...... After my lunch, spent time reading books...... Today it is all 'me' time. And again a chat with the opposite neighbor...... an one hour of conversation, daughter back from school...... Good chat on dining having snacks..... done my dinner......the power was back..... would like to do my justice at SDC. 'Knowing good things is endless'...... it gives me immense happiness always...... and today was one such day. A beautiful day. Thank God. The bliss still remains in my heart.

Simple words, but worth a million dollar. That is fantastic say Vinay. And I am wondering at the wisdom of the 5th standard boy. He is great.
Vinay's 10/8/4:54pm - 10/8/7:11pm

Very rightly said.
I remember a 5th standard boy writing in my autograph when I was passing out of my 10th standard:
'Be true to yourself, and do not care much about what others tell about you.'
Nice words. I didn't know the exact meaning at that time. Now I do.
Kirti's 10/8/2:21pm - 10/8/4:54pm

We often get affected with what people think of us. We care about the perception or other's opinions about us. Even if that opinion or the perception of people is completely false, we are disheartened, if it is a negative one in nature.

I am not sure, if it is the right reaction to the perceptions. It feels right if we think the opposite way, that is, when people think great of us. It gives us motivation, the same way, when they think negative about us, it feels sad. But, the perception can't be reality in all cases. When you think you are not at all like people think of you, you must not get worried. The truth will surface one day or the other. You just have to keep doing what you do. No one changes their opinion about you by trying to convince them by buttering them. It is formed based on what they think, and it will if they want it. Not because you want it.

When something is not in your control, why waste time on it? Why care about what is the perception of others about you? If the reality is solid, the perceptions can't shake it.

Very thoughtful, Gomathi. I believe the same, that we must keep dragging our society back to honesty and humanity. Even though the majority may not be supportive always, but each individual who believes in an honest and earnest living should do his/her bit.

When you are right, you don't need people to believe in you or follow you. You follow your heart and you believe in yourself, that is enough to sustain your integrity.
Gomathi's 8/8/11:51am - 8/8/1:36pm

Dishonesty has now become the way of life for majority of population. Business or personal life, failure will be the end result for all those being dishonest. People often forget the fact that 'God is watching'...... and hence inhuman acts prevails all over. So what responsibility other fellow human beings have on this! Yes, to educate the lost moral values through various medias, mediums and forms. Let us take oath to contribute at least a little of our best for the well being of the world community.

I am just wondering at why people hesitate to express their heart's say! Saying anything politely is always acceptable. Please do not dig your heart in grave. Feel free to express yourself as and when needed. Without real 'you', how could it be possible for others to have an honest sharing with you. No twin personalities. Let the inside of you be the outside. Never try to deceive you and others by acting of what you are not! Wake up, live your self. Cheers.

Today morning, when I was doing yoga, I realized how each cell of our body is so designed to perform it's duty all 24*7 without fatigue. Cheers to our biological system as a whole. Just wondering, Are we showing gratitude to our physical/mental/spiritual sysyem by our good thoughts, words and actions? No, we are always in the forgetfulness of our own system of life, without which, our life would not be possible. So let us extend our gratitude to all parts of our body from top to bottom. A simple thanks giving will definitely cheer up our system to more healthier state. Let us first thank our biological system before extending thanks to others.

Vinay you can tell the tomatoes story to your students. This will help them reconcile with their enemies and love each other.
Vinay's 5/8/6:45pm - 7/8/2:32pm

Where we are today is a result of the choices we made yesterday. Let's make the best choice today so that we might have the best tomorrow.

Yesterday, there was a AGM in our community. I was one of the Office Bearers. Honestly, I had not done justice to the post. So in meeting, I said, 'I am quitting from the post of OB, for the reason that I could not do justice for the post'. I am relieved now, it seems to be bothering me last few months. Now, I am happy.

Do not get bored looking at the same horizon thinking that horizon is always the same.
What we require are new eyes to see the same existing horizon.

Boredom and monotony is because we think life is repetitive, but life in its very design cannot repeat itself. Life is always new.
So life need not change, but our outlook towards life needs to change.

Great iniative Vinay. Sure all students and teachers would be really relieved of their mental pressure. Wise act. Appreciate.
Vinay's 5/8/6:45pm - 6/8/7:37am

No workout today, only work , study and family time. Sometimes you don't want to do any exercise, but automatically you get the works, which fulfill your daily routines.

We celebrated August 2nd as the 'Day of Forgiveness' in our school. I was very happy that many students came out to talk about their past mistakes they did on someone else. Many of them remembered the forgiveness they got from someone. Overall it was a good experience - for the students, teachers and more than anyone, me!
Savio's 3/8/9:50pm - 5/8/6:45pm

The first week of August is flying by so quickly. There's a lot happening in everyone's lives. The Cafe Enoma is one of the few places which is still the same. I come in often to sip on a cup of tea and read through the many entries being posted.

Teenage is a period where children explore themselves and others. They try to find their own answers for all the problems before them. They think they are the super power. Listening and Understanding becomes difficult at this age, for they are being continuously triggered by growth hormones/peers/society/family. Almost instability is the state of their being. So beloved parents of the teenage children, stop advising, stop too much bothering...... Instead find the ways to be friend with your children by observing and understanding their words and actions. May you be persistent in winning their hearts by your unconditional love, effective listening skill, understanding the heart's core, living a life of example.

Do not follow the crowd. Each one of them is blessed with the sixth sense, the power of thinking and reasoning. With such power, one can think and act wise. WE may not be right always, but for that, we should simply not go blind with others say. And children of today are loosing the ability to think, and they are wholly dependant on the internet for all the Information they are in need of. Sometimes, a simple thinking is enough to resolve an issue
.. to find a solution for the problem. So encourage children to think on their own, of course, they can take the help of Internet, but not wholly dependant on it.

It is very difficult to find people who can completely understand you, share the same wavelength with you. But, when I come here and read some of the things mentioned by everyone, I feel good. Here we are not hoping to be understood, we are given a medium to confide everything that's there inside and as a bonus we get some similar views on what we write. And indeed it is satisfying for our hearts that someone validates what we think or do or feel.

It's a relaxing Saturday today. Sitting here reading all the things shared by the wise members of the forum is adding to my relaxation. I like it this way. No negativity, no stress, sheer experience sharing.

WE are so so blessed, when the basic necessities food/shelter/and clothing are available. Still we are greatly blessed for the good family of us. Of all, the height of blessing is the ableness of our physical and mental body. What else more we want on this planet Earth apart from these blessings. So let us not complain life, because life is always humble to us. Stop complaining and start giving the best of ourselves to the well being of the world community.

Sir, the honesty in you deserves a great applause. Not all, ask for apologies for the past mistakes. And you are unique in the way to ask for an apology for the mistake done in the past. Being true to our conscious is the foremost thing to be taken care by oneself. And you are truly awesome.
Savio's 3/8/9:50pm - 5/8/12:23pm

Mastering the application of LEOPARDS formula in a counselling session is the thing to be focussed. Also, the subject knowledge is a added privilege to handle a session good. On exploring my interests, I am much influenced by CBT and NLP. Because in CBT, the negative distorted thought is cleared and positive thought is registered...... in NLP, modelling the successful periods of our own Self or others during the time of downfall. These two therapies influenced me, because I am at ease understanding these two concepts, and injecting positivism is my nature. However, these two therapy cannot be applied for all issues..... still then, I would like to do more research on these two topics.

Let's be honest right now. I've done a lot of good things in my life. But I've also done some not so good things. Last week, I bumped into a childhood friend. We chatted for 10 odd minutes before we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up soon. Before we left our own separate ways, I apologized to him for having done something nasty on his birthday more than 26 years ago. The thing is when we were kids living on Relief Road, Santa Cruz, I was one of the popular ones in our group of friends. Me and another guy. His name is Kunal. On this friend's birthday, let's call him Chetan, our entire group of friends, around 15 of us, were supposed to go to Chetan's house for a big birthday party that he was throwing, rather his mom was throwing and invited us all for, the thing is Chetan wasn't such a good friend to us, we really didn't care much about him, so when he and his mom came down the earlier evening and personally invited each of us to his birthday party we found something fishy about it all, Kunal and me being the group leaders thought that his mom and he were just inviting all of us for the party so that Chetan could get a big gift from all of us or a few gifts. So the next day, we decided that we would boycott his birthday party and just pretend we forget all about it. However, it wasn't so easy to boycott the party, his mother came down in the evening around 7pm and personally requested all of us to come since she had made lots of snacks and ordered a big cake for her son's birthday, hearing the news about the tasty treats, Kunal and me decided to take all our gang members along for this big party. After enjoying plenty of good food, icecream, cola, and cake, we started getting worried about what to give Chetan as a gift. Since we had no gift ready, we ended up doing something very cheap, we asked another friend to go get an empty envelope from his house, then we inserted a 1 rupee coin into the envelope, and said Happy Birthday Chetan on the front side, we handed over the envelope to Chetan just before we left his house that night. Chetan and his mother were really hurt with the cheap gift we gave them. She personally came and met my sister and told her how highly she regarded me as Chetan's friend and how she was shocked at this cheap gift we gave him. Chetan on the other hand ignored us after that day. We didn't think too much about this incident. But as I grew older I felt guilty about what I had done. We could easily have left that night without giving Chetan a gift. They wouldn't mind it one bit. But we chose to do something really cheap. So when I met Chetan last week I apologized for that incident. Not surprisingly, he remembered that birthday gift very well. And he was hoping all these years that one day one of the two of us would say sorry. I felt really relieved that day after he accepted my apology. At least I've managed to put this not so good memory behind me once and for all. Thanks for your forgiveness Chetan and Sorry once again.

The best part about being alive at this moment in our world's history is the awesome lifestyle at our fingertips at such an affordable price. It's easy to live a comfortable and relaxed life without burning a hole in your pocket. The worst part about being alive right now is the fact that the common person's voice is not heard. We, the world's population are taken for granted by our political leaders, armies, bureaucrats and other cogs of the system. But being the optimistic one, I choose to focus on the best part about being alive right now. And leave the worst part for the discerning readers to worry about...

Thank you Prerna. Yesterday afternoon when the P.T. teacher called to inform me about the time that the daughter should get ready....I again asked, mam, please take care.....ha ha ha.....she said, do not worry, sure we would take care good. Though my little teen is not that much favor with my words, I told her, think from the shoes of a mom, you will know/realize the same of mine. She just left calm.....ha ha ha.
Prerna's 2/8/9:59pm - 3/8/12:39pm

Awesome comparison Kirti. So true, still my heart is not better half is telling, you can please go with her if you are allowed to. Hmmmm.....I said 'no'.....not at all times I can accompany her and that seems to be over acting/reacting too and it may seem on the periphery that I am doubting daughter's inner strength. Always my prayers will be there, rest to God....this would be my preaching forever.
Kirti's 3/8/12:38am - 3/8/12:33pm

I can completely understand your anxiousness, Gomathi. As I experience the same at several occasions, being a mother is the hardest thing when your child is away from you and you can't do anything to shield her.

Sometimes, others around, can't understand why a mother gets restless or extremely worried, when her child is away and supposed to be handled by someone else. For me, it is very simple to make them understand. If I ask the same people to give their car to someone they know very little for a day. The answer would be no! Because they can't trust someone with their car for a day. Even though it's just an object, can be replaced, can be bought again. Then the same people better not tell me, why you get so worried?
Gomathi's 2/8/3:59pm - 3/8/12:38am

Very true Vinay, words are the same, BUT the meanings change completely. Just like, zero before a number and after a number.
Vinay's 2/8/2:11pm - 3/8/12:22am

And that's called a MOTHER.
Here in my house, my wife has written a beautiful poem thinking about our only daughter who got married and has gone with her husband to Bahrain last year. I could understand the feelings of my wife very clearly in the poem.
Prerna's 2/8/9:59pm - 2/8/10:47pm

Good luck to your daughter Gomathi. Your fear is totally justified and so is you asking the PT teacher a lot of question. I would call it as your concern and care for your daughter...
Gomathi's 2/8/3:59pm - 2/8/9:59pm

We have been enjoying Kabaddi matches every evening in our house. I love this sport. But, feel sad when one of the teams lose badly. All their efforts are wasted. Last three days 'Telugu Titans' have been losing in their home court. It has been disheartening for the fans who come every day to watch their favorite team. But, the enthusiasm is not shaken of the audiences.

Daughter is having her inter-school throwball match this friday in other school, which is away by 60kms. The players are leaving at 7a.m. in the morning, and returns back as per the success rate. However, a whole 10 hours of the day is spent in a different atmosphere. The usual inner fear of the mom makes me to ask several questions to the P.T. teacher ensuring the safety. Ha ha ha...... That's My habit, I just can't go without confirming. These Sports training teaches students a lot of will power, acceptance, courage, let go, focus, winning stratergies and coping up with failures. Indeed, it enhances the mental strength and physical power. When merits overweighs demerits, then naturally the vote is 'for'. Rest to God. Good luck dear daughter. My wish to you is not to win, but learn to win. Cheers.

I usually invite discussion with my daughter. Sometimes, we both shout at high pitch justifying each one's side. End of the day, the one who is right wins. There is a mutual give and take. At very few occassions, my parent ego takes time to accept, however, I am okay sometime after, sorry, very okay. When I am right, the little teen, just argues with all strength and leaves the place calmly, ha ha ha..... then after, she comes with the acceptance..... Hope her time away in silence make her realize the right thing. Anyway, the mom and daughter is having a warrior conversation often, hope all for good. Because the silence of teen is so scaring than the outspoken ones. Others may not agree my statement, but I am firm to register the same.

MIL and FIL left for native this morning. As said before, I was successful in applying LEOPARDS formula with MIL, who was taken to be a client....ha ha ha..... Please excuse. Realizing, nothing works out so good than the first part of the formula, i.e., LEOP........ when this part is done good, naturally, the next part ARDS falls good. Listening is a skill to be mastered, through listening, the knowledge gained is quite awesome. And empathy always comforts the speaker to reveal more of themselves. The crowning aspect is understanding, the more we listen, the more we unterstand. I would like to apply the same in every conversation of me with others. Indeed I wish to master counselling skills.


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