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Public Speaking Tips

Keep your language with simple English words. Try to practice with the correct pronunciation of important words. People will keenly observe of how you pronounce certain important words. So, take care and check them, observe how it is correctly pronounced and practice them well before you have to address the public.

While speaking it is very important to know the right pitch and the intonation. The right words to stress upon and the exact time for the pauses. To get the sense of what one is speaking, comes from all these things. Otherwise you may have written the best speech material of all times but if it is not delivered effectively there will be no impact of it at all. It will be flat speaking with no emotions. The politicians certainly know this very well, that's how they get the ears of the people listening to them so attentively.

When you happen to address in a public gathering, try to prepare your speech in advance and rehearse them in front of a mirror to observe your mistakes and correct them when you directly go to the dais.

Before the time of our speech on the stage, it is mandatory to go there to check the stage arrangement, the public announcement system, podium and the seating arrangement for the audience. According to the speaker's need, we may be able to ask the organisers to alter any of these well before the programme. Otherwise, if we reach there just before the speech and see anything not in order, it will be very embarrassing.

Right Kirti mam, once we start speaking on stage in a flow, then chance of messen up things decreases, I remember i was very fond of doing anchoring and participating in various programmes. My teacher took my friend for debate and as i want to participate, i went to her and asked her for giving me also chance of participating, seeing my desire, she permited me. I am glad to tell you that i brought award for our school in that debate which was very proud moment for me.
Kirti's 27/6/12:13pm - 27/6/8:02pm

The best public speaking that I follow is to get settled at the stage or the place you are supposed to speak at before giving your speech. Taking a while before starting your speech gives you time to relax and speak well. You can have a sip of water, take a good look at your audiences, the stage area, try to get everyone's attention before you start speaking and maintain the eye contact with all. Once you start a stable and set speech there are very less probabilities that your are going to mess it up ahead.

Just was seeing this video. AMERICAS GOT TALENT-4 y.o. KAITLYN MAHER-SemiFinal4-AGT-2008.
It is just amazing to see a four year old Kaitlyn who walks so confidently and speaks so beautifully, sings so sweet and faces the judges questions absolutely confident. Clear pronunciation of words. These sort of videos, are motivational to our kids to develop the talents and facing the audience and public and bringing out their god given talents. I used to show such videos to my grand daughter to motivate her.
Another good one is "You raise me up - Celine Tam" Worth to show these videos to our children and encourage them.

One more attraction for kids and children is to hold the mike and make noise, sing or speak out. So, encourage them, with a mike and allow them to hold the mike and motivate them for speaking few sentences, story telling and appreciate them. This boosts them a lot and also they will easily find an opportunity in schools to participate in debates and develop the public speaking skills.

We can develop children from their young age to face the stage by involving them participate in cultural events, dance, drama, skits , reciting poems, jokes, mimicry and so on. Nowadays, kids are very smart and they know many things better than us, when we were in those days. So, find out ways for bringing them to the open world and take out the stage fear.

Right Vinay, only one or two students get the chance to speak, if it would be given to every child then even weak children can improve and can become better person with groomed personality.
Vinay's 19/6/7:07am - 19/6/8:58am

Right from the schooling years, the children should be given practice to speak in front of the audience. One mistake the teachers usually do is that the chance always is given to the ones who are only talented, thus neglecting all the others. How do we find out the talent then?


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