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Beautiful Sheila. It is beautiful in the way of expression from your humble heart. You have mastered the art of story telling. Please do more. Best wishes.
Sheila's 7/8/10:43am - 7/8/1:34pm

*Beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda*:
Explaining the meaning of ĎAssociationí he said:..ďA rain drop from the sky: if it is caught by clean hands, is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in the gutter, its value drops so much that it canít be used even for washing your feet. If it falls on a hot surface, it will evaporate... If it falls on a lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl and finally, if it falls on an oyster, it becomes a pearl...The drop is the same, but its existence & worth depends on whom it is associated with.Ē...Always be associated with people who are good at heart..You will experience your own inner transformation"...
Wishing you all a very beautiful day.

Both guilt and hurt are harmful. We have to liberate ourselves from both.
When we don't forgive others, we suffer from hurt; when we can't forgive ourselves, we suffer from guilt.

If you keep doing the same stuff, you will keep getting the same results. Similarly, if you walk the path everyone walks, you will only reach where everyone reaches.
A breakthrough necessitates break with.
Path-breakers become pathfinders!

The strength of the tree depends on the depth of the roots.
Similarly, to evolve higher in maturity, you need to grow deeper in faith.

Thanks for sharing Sheila. A beautiful story that simply teaches the happiness of helping others. And realized the secret of happiness is helping someone to have a better life. This Moment of mine is beautiful for I have learned a life's lesson. Thank you.
Sheila's 6/8/11:59am - 6/8/2:56pm

Very true Sheila. No amount of money can buy happiness, love, satisfaction. Happiness doesn't come through owning the most luxurious assets but it is in enjoying whatever you have.
Sheila's 6/8/11:59am - 6/8/1:22pm

A beautiful story Sheila. Thank you for sharing. It is very touching, indeed. I will be able to use it in my training sessions for the teachers and students.
It very clearly tells that if you want to be happy, make someone feel happy. If you want to get something, give something to someone.
That's life.
Sheila's 6/8/11:59am - 6/8/12:53pm

Couldn't resist sharing this beautiful story

This story is about a beautiful, expensively dressed lady who complained to her psychiatrist that she felt that her whole life was empty, it had no meaning.

So, the lady went to visit a counselor to seek out happiness.

The counselor called over the old lady who cleaned the office floors.

The counselor then said to the rich lady "I'm going to ask Mary here to tell u how she found happiness. All I want u to do is listen to her."

So the old lady put down her broom and sat on a chair and told her story:

"Well, my husband died of malaria and three months later my only son was killed by a car. I had nobody. I had nothing left. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I never smiled at anyone, I even thought of taking my own life. Then one evening a little kitten followed me home from work. Somehow I felt sorry for that kitten. It was cold outside, so I decided to let the kitten in. I got some milk, and the kitten licked the plate clean. Then it purred and rubbed against my leg and, for the first time in months, I smiled.

Then I stopped to think, if helping a little kitten could make me smile, may be doing something for people could make me happy.

So, the next day I baked some biscuits and took them to a neighbor who was sick in bed.

Every day I tried to do something nice for someone. It made me so happy to see them happy.

Today, I don't know of anybody who sleeps and eats better than I do.
I've found happiness, by giving it to others."

When she heard this, the rich lady cried. She had everything that money could buy, but she had lost the things which money cannot buy.

"The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are; but on how happy others can be because of you..."

Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey.

Happiness is not tomorrow, it is now.

Happiness is not dependency, it is a decision.
Happiness is what you are, not what you have.

Ha ha ha...... beautiful......the cute little Max and his lovable mom..... Kirti, making children happy is an art to be mastered, you are rocking. Cheers.
Kirti's 5/8/8:34pm - 6/8/7:26am

True Sheila i too did the same things in mine and my daughter's childhood. We used to keep the tooth under our pillow to get surprise.
Sheila's 5/8/9:31pm - 5/8/11:09pm

My grandkid Ashley also did the same thing. She was hiding her broken tooth under the pillow and was saying that it will be taken by the tooth fairy in exchange for some gifts. Really, I can remember in our childhood days, my mom used to say that Christmas Father will give presents when we are sleeping and in the night time, she used to keep gifts near our pillows. We really believed all these.
Prerna's 5/8/9:11pm - 5/8/9:31pm

So cute..Reminds me of my girls Kirti..the elder one always wanted clips and hairbands from her tooth fairy and the younger one marbles. The cute part is the fairy had a time of two nights. So i always had enough time to go to the market and later on me being the over smart mummy stocked the marbles for the little one...These are such innocent days and am so happy to see you also enjoying your motherhood.
Kirti's 5/8/8:34pm - 5/8/9:11pm

Yes Vinay, Masaru Emoto an author and researcher from Japan wrote his book 'The Secret Life of Water'. Which had his theories of water reacting to human emotions. Through the experiments that he would conduct by forming crystals of water, he suggested that water crystallizes differently when we form them with different emotions/feelings. But, his theories have been debunked by scientists. He being a photographer and a researcher believed in the theory of water reacting to human emotions.
Vinay's 26/7/8:34pm - 5/8/8:58pm

Yes, he is indeed very happy to get money every time he loses a tooth. The awesome thing is that he does not expect anything more than those little gold coins in exchange for his broken teeth.
Kirti's 5/8/8:34pm - 5/8/8:51pm

While everyone is busy planning the special occasions, my son was busy last few days, collecting his rewards from the tooth fairy.

He lost two of his baby teeth this week. As soon as he noticed his tooth came out, he rushed to the kitchen sink to wash it. I thought he got scared of his tooth falling out. But, to my surprise, he was excited. He was excited about the money he would receive in return from the Tooth Fairy. He washed it quickly, wrapped it in a paper towel and placed it underneath his pillow.

After that, every few minutes he would go to check if his tooth was converted into gold coin.

He is not aware of the secret, that I quietly replace his tooth with Rs.5 or Rs.10 coins that look golden. As usual, when he was distracted, I did my job. It is fun to play with him this way. He forgets all about the little pain that he gets when loses his tooth. But, I did clear it out with him that the coins are not made of gold. They are normal Rs. 5/Rs.10 coins.

Tomorrow is Friendship's Day and on Monday Rakshabandhan. Two occasions that strengthen bonding are falling together. The next two days are going to be a lot of fun for the youngsters, I am sure. Yesterday, when I went out to the market I could see girls and boys looking for things keenly that they could possibly gift. Girls were buying things for their brothers and boys buying for their sisters. It feels good when these festivals are around.

Today we organised a programme in the school with the help of an organisation from Coimbatore. It was just to 'Thank Water'. The speaker spoke very nicely bringing in scientific proof that water molecules react to our feelings. Therefore, if we love water, and thank it, it will react in such a way that we will start getting plenty of water. The scientific proof was from a scientist from Japan. Very surprising, indeed.

One can easily become famous and be remembered for two things:
the problems he solves or the ones he creates.

We know that because of your passion, there are thousands of people getting the benefits directly and many many more indirectly. The service you do will definitely be rewarded by the God. One thing is sure; we are getting the benefit of your experience, sir. Thank you very much for that.
Savio's 19/7/9:21pm - 25/7/6:51pm

It is really disgracing to see the way the MP's behave in the Parliament. Even for very simple things, they disturb the proceedings of the Houses. How many lakhs and lakhs of people will be watching the programme live, and what will they think about India!

Off late, I've been noticing that people we interact with have become habitual liars. Maybe they are lying to show themselves in a better light with the ones who they lie to. But they don't realize that God is watching every single thing that we do. So you may get away with lying about something off and on but at the end of the day you will be punished by the hands above.

I have started doing Aqua-Aerobics since the last two weeks along with swimming. It is a good variation to the regular swimming.

Good thing is I see a big difference in the flexibility of my body which had become rigid because of the last couple of months of total inactivity.

Fantastic Sir. Your writings is like a waterfall, the flow is smooth and continuous, leaves the readers to think and act. Glad, I had the privilege to read many of your OSOVO postings last year. I can hear the hidden rhythm in the flow of words from your soul. Sure, it nurtures the Soul's of all readers. Blessed are those. Best wishes for all your upcoming projects, wish you a great success. Good luck and Cheers.
Savio's 19/7/9:21pm - 19/7/10:15pm

It's nice to have renewed my promise to focus on Content Writing and Blogging on the web. Last year, around the same time, I started Osovo, to share short posts connected with my life experiences, knowledge in various fields and to share random musings like this one. A year later, I have completed what I started out to do as far as writing was concerned, creating more than 5000 posts, however, there was another part to be added which did not happen, the addition of audio books on sale on the homepage of Osovo, a year later, towards the end of July 2017, the audio books will be on sale, the first batch of many I'm sure, the happiness that Osovo gave me could be seen by all my loved ones during the last year, they realized perhaps more than me that content writing and sharing these random musings was something I was born to do. This year in July, due to the immense satisfaction that I experience by sharing such mammoth projects with you and other readers, I launched which is nearing completion. On that site there will be 5000 tips for a better life shared with the visitors and readers expected to drop in from over 200 countries. Apart from that, there are expected to be many more blogs and sections created on which there will be 1000's of pages of content shared on topics that I know about or simply love writing about. Apart from this, my tireless efforts invested in training counselors along with our other course directors and my keen interest in movie making, song writing, domain investing and blogging keeps me busy. Just today afternoon, I received a long text message from my sister asking me why I am doing so many things when I can easily afford to take a long break from work and relax all day long. I told her, as usual, that I love content writing, counseling, teaching, and blogging. It doesn't matter if these jobs don't give me any money right now. What matters is that I love doing it. And I do love writing, sharing, mentoring readers and clients through my thoughts, and just spreading the knowledge I have on life, meditation, relaxation and success with visitors coming in from all over the world. When I see others having a great opportunity to write and share their thoughts and make excuses for not being able to do so, I feel lucky that I am blessed by God with a comfortable life and an understanding wife, both of which give me the total freedom to do things I love without any expectation of money or fame coming my way anytime soon.

Today I have planned for a relaxing day, as I was so much stressed at my work and my home for the past few weeks in arranging matters. Now, I am feeling more relaxed and free from stress and this gives me more strength and energy and courage to face this week and go ahead with my daily routines from tomorrow.

Read a quote today "Enjoy every moment of life. Don't save it. There is no system to get a refund on an unused system." How true. We must try to make every moment we breathe very special. Time does not wait for anyone. Let us make the most of what God has given us..NOW. Be it any idea, thought, action..anything at all. Live life Now. NOW will become THEN in a blink of the eye.

It is a great news in deed. Our media chooses not to focus on something like this though. I got to know about it, here from you but not through the news channels.
Prerna's 16/7/6:11pm - 16/7/8:00pm

Good news for India. Yesterday US passed a defence bill of $651 - billion to boost defence cooperation with India. This will help curb the Chinese activities against our country to a great extent.

Very well said Kirti. The beautiful Kashmir is now becoming graveyard. The political games are well played at the Divine place with no botheration of the innocent souls. Let go should not be the attitude of Indian Government any more. When one part of our body is ill, the pain is to the whole body. Better late than never. People of Kashmir, wake up to fight for your rights. Hear your Soul's voice to guide you.
Kirti's 11/7/3:38pm - 13/7/5:38am

I hate being tagged! People put tags around people. We ourselves tag our self. He is too shy, she is very nice, he is rude, quiet, bad, good, smart, retarded, funny, weird, etc, etc. And what happens once these tags are put on you and people start behaving with you as per that, because they create a figure of you around those tags. Ultimately it catches on to you. You start guarding the good tags and start fearing the bad tags. For example, when people perceive you as a nice person, you start becoming nicer and nicer, there is no harm in being nice but at times you get lost in being nice. On the other hand when you tag yourself as a shy person, you automatically become shy. You fear speaking up because you have got a mental block that tells you, I am shy. Tags limit our personality. We must avoid them and live as we like living not as per the tags given.

It was once called the heaven on Earth, Kashmere by some and now it is called Kashmir. A place which was famous for it's special woolens, shawls, food, clothing and lifestyle. The beauty and nature of the place was so mesmerizing that people termed it Heaven on Earth. The house boats, the warm hospitality, innocent people and abundance of mother nature with unlimited nuts and fruits. All this used to make Kashmir a thriving tourist location. The gift of God that this place has is very rare to be seen. Even today the best woolens are the Cashmeres, the name given by the western folk, is the most desirable and expensive winter wear. Pashmina shawls, who would not want to flaunt around the neck? Being the home for such beautiful things, today Kashmir is soaked in blood! The future is not good if things continue to be the way they are and have been there. The souls of the dead will haunt Kashmir. The bloodshed whether of the innocent people, the security forces or the terrorist and the rebels is scaring the beauty of Kashmir which may become so blemished that would never revert back to it's former form.

Once called the Heaven now in literal means has turned into heaven or hell whatever you may call it for the dead souls. The people of Kashmir must wake up for the sake of the future and save it. There is no Kashmeriat that is been seen or left in Kashmir. The all it has become is a graveyard of the piles of dead bodies that are staking up daily in big numbers.

I pray for Kashmeriat to come back to life again. The innocent people of Kashmir to see the friend and enemy clearly and decide who they have to fight with and finish off. I hope they get rid of the evils that are sitting on the other side of the border and contaminating their minds. Those who are fueling these thoughts and actions are not burning in it, the ones who are burning are the people this side 'the Kashmiris'.

A beautiful start to a wonderful week. It poured last night in Chennai bringing us a much needed respite from the humidity. Woke up to a very breezy and pleasant morning. Enjoyed a hot cup of tea in the balcony watching the sunrise. Am all geared up for the coming week after a relaxing weekend.

Very nice Sir, i really required dal system as i was not able to complete all my areas in week time, with dal i may be able to complete my weekly goals.
Savio's 8/7/7:46pm - 8/7/10:53pm

Very nice efforts from you Sir, to give a sample planning session of weekly and daily goals, then break them into micro levels within each day, do some planning and try to follow and achieve them with ease and comfort. Once this practice is given to students, I am sure, they will do it regularly and have a successful future and make the best use in Time Management. It is like writing a diary before the time and after the time.
Savio's 8/7/7:46pm - 8/7/10:26pm

I think DAL system will be of great help to me in planning my weekly goals, major goals.........and to have a constant check over the achievement of the goals. Very curious to have one such system to monitor my daily routines, which clearly states, when there is an effective monitoring system, sure our performance will be more good. Thank you Sir, for all the unconditional support and guidance always.
Savio's 8/7/7:46pm - 8/7/10:21pm

A revolutionary way to manage our time and achieve our goals is about to be presented to some of our students and elite members on Cafe Enoma tomorrow morning. This new system called DAL.One is a comprehensive system to keep track of how we spend our time and identify ways to be a lot more effective. Apart from this a section for setting Micro Goals has been confirmed wherein users can set micro goals for each day and mark it as complete once it has been achieved. This powerful system on DAL.One makes our life more purpose with immediate effect. Another two areas, one to plan our weekly schedule quickly and another to set our major goals in life. In totality, DAL.One is a wonderful and total system for time management, goal setting and continuous evaluation.

Very true Sir. I always see things from a common man perspective. And I do learn good lessons from the helper of me. She has got great wisdom, only on conversing, I can really understand how much in depth knowledge that she has got on varied things. So all have equal potentiality.....some are well marketed, others are just seated in the comfort zone not wishing to raise up high.
Savio's 5/7/4:57pm - 5/7/8:48pm

I was reading through some messages and came across a beautiful one from a teacher. It went something like: Educate your children to be happy not rich, so they know the value of things not the price. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes even though we are in a position to buy or get somethings for our children we refuse as parents. Only then do the children understand what really do they want and makes them happy and choose accordingly before asking.

There is so much to learn from the lives and experiences of others around us. Even someone that fails teaches us something of great value. For had he not failed then we would not have known what a failure truly is. I love spending considerable time in learning about the lives of great people and the common man. Because I have realized that we cannot only study the great ones and ignore the rest. It's only when we learn from the lives of both that we place ourselves in the best position to succeed and live a wonderful life.

Life is a lot more meaningful and beautiful when there is some purposeful work to be done during the day. Off late, I am at my best both mentally and emotionally due to having a lot of purposeful work to be done in few of my most loved careers at the same time. I finally recreated my mini audio book titled 'Little Charles' which shares the story of a 2nd standard student who was laughed at by the entire class (including the teacher) when he shared his essay on what he would like to be when he grew up. It's a true story by the way. It will be shared with our elite members and students of both our courses very soon.

The foremost priority of a career or vocational guidance counselor is to guide the client or student coming to them with choosing the right career. In adults, there are other roles that a career counselor plays. In both instances, a career counselor will never go wrong when they apply the Rainbow Formula and analyze their client's replies in order to guide them in their career. The Rainbow Formula has been kept a secret until now. I've used it successfully with hundreds of my students over the years. Especially during the classroom courses in Public Speaking and Personality Development where it was offered free along with the course.

I have begun working on two massive projects, the first is the audio books, second is on and recreating formulas cum systems that will help our counseling students counsel their clients better. I am hopeful that my renewed Time Management System and the Rainbow Formula (for career counseling purposes) will be ready by the end of the month. One thing's for sure, July is always a busy month for me and I won't have it any other way since more work, means more meditation and relaxation too.

Yaay...its party time..I love celebrations.
Gomathi's 4/7/11:40am - 4/7/9:38pm

Spent all of my morning and afternoon at the scan centre. the scan would report as to whether i needed to go for a surgery. I think the attitude of people rubs onto us. I was very cool till the sonographer said she needs more time to contemplate. Then she said that she would consult her senior as it was complicated. I was not so relaxed after that as she seemed very hassled. Anyways , waited and met the duty doctor after that with the reports. She is from the old school and brushed aside all my concerns just by first listening to my history, comforting me and then giving me the good news that all is well and with a little treatment i should be all good very soon. What a relief.

Sir, July 26th/2017, Savior DSilva Classes is completing 12 successful years. May the voyage of success continues. May the journey of SDC in tutoring students in the noble profession counselling continues. Heartfelt wishes. Good luck and Cheers. Would like to see SDC attaining a Banyan growth in coming years. I referred SDC to a Banyan tree, because it grooms to groom others, in more simpler terms, growing good and helping others(students) to grow good. Thank you for all the unconditional support and guidance.
Savio's 1/7/10:29pm - 4/7/11:40am

Today is our founder Larsen's birthday. Hence, blood donation camp is in almost all offices across India. Here in our office, we have called the VHS team to co-ordinate for collection of blood. Around 150 donors expected. We are having some early bird prizes for first few donors. Blood donation is a very good gesture and whatever we have given saves the life.

I used to wonder about the energy levels of my father in law who is 82 years and still very active. He wakes up at 5 am in the morning. Then around 8 am he leaves the house, walks for sometime and takes bus to go for collection of offerings to a religious organization from the regular donars. Monthly he collects around 50K and deposits to the organization FMPB. This he does out of devotion and voluntary service.

A set time to do certain things does help at some times and does not help at other times. There is a way to be disciplined even without being rigid about specific timings and places to do certain things. For example, focusing on my digital painting hobby does not require a set time to do just as long as I do it for 30 odd minutes whenever I feel like doing it 3 times a week. Similarly, chatting on does not require me to have a fixed time to do it at. I can visit the site anytime to participate in a chat.

Recently, an opportunity has opened up for us at Enoma wherein we will create learning activities for kids in the age group 4 to 10 years old. Also, the relaunch of our audio books on Osovo is on schedule towards the end of July, mostly 26th July, the same day that I had registered Savio DSilva Classes as a company in 2005. Things are going well on the course forum, we are getting many forms being filled for our online courses but thus far not a single one as per our expected student standards. Hopefully things change this month so that we can recruit new students to join our little but powerful team. There will be 15 counseling sessions this month, around 7 taken by me and 8 between students once again. So overall it should be a busy and interesting quarter in July to September.

I agree with you Savio Sir. In the last 8 years I have managed to apply for passport renewal for the girls and myself, endorsed the girls' names on the ration card, got voter id as well as aadhar for the whole family. A big smile, relaxed mindset and some time at hand according to me is the key to getting your work done in any government office. It just works and every time at that.
Savio's 29/6/1:33pm - 30/6/9:24pm

There is so much to be grateful for. Today, I went early in the morning to apply for my Aadhar Card, I was standing in the line, happened to start talking to the others, everyone was so friendly, shared my visiting card with few of them, I've seen the same friendly demeanor almost everywhere that I've been going in the city, something has definitely changed in the last few years here, either I look very warm and friendly or the people of Mumbai are a lot happier under the Modi government. Whatever the reason, it's nice to know this great city is becoming safe and friendly once again...

Agreed with you Mrunal. Almost all students will feel the same when they come here to learn and spend their precious time reading and listening. I am sure that most of them will feel the same life changing in them after coming over here.
Mrunal's 28/6/11:08pm - 28/6/11:16pm

I agree to you Sheila mam. I like to be Cafe Enoma when, I have no one to bother nor do talk with me. I prefer to be in Cafe Enoma when I am alone. Cafe Enoma is like practicing meditation for me, and no disturbance is entertained in my meditation time.
Sheila's 28/6/10:53pm - 28/6/11:08pm

Cafe Enoma is a place where we would like to spend all our free and leisure times Sir. When we have full concentration to read the articles, posts and things from here, it gives so much of meaning to our lives. Our valuable time spent here even an hour or two, is of rich resource building our character and bringing out changes within ourselves apart from learning psychology subjects, counseling and related matters. When we do read certain things in a hurry while we are disturbed by our surroundings, sometimes, we miss out the real fruits coming out from this forum. That is why, I prefer a calm and quiet time, totally undisturbed by surroundings to spend time in Enoma, Osovo and the audio times. Thanks Savio Sir, to have taken us to a place of divinity and peace giving resource.
Savio's 28/6/10:37pm - 28/6/10:53pm

It is funny how things can be at times. Just an hour ago, the cafe was empty, only me and two others sitting down at our tables sipping on some tea, now, an hour later, 7 other members are inside the cafe, all busy with drinking tea or engaging in some activity or the other. Life is well and truly unpredictable. We don't know when and how things can change for any one of us. That is why it's so important to focus more time and efforts into the meaningful things during the day.

Off late, I've been spending most of my free time enjoying the Monsoon season along with my loved ones, relaxing indoors and working on my audio book career on Osovo. My latest offering 'Central Park' is somewhat different from anything that I have ever done before. I believe that it is a hard hitting work of art that will entice each listener into taking up meditation and relaxation on a daily basis while also sharing plenty of wisdom on a variety of topics connected with life. Like any other work of art, the listener might not appreciate it on the first listen, many might not even understand why it was created, however, those listeners that listen to all the 10 volumes of Central Park will gain a lot of wisdom and information that they can put to good use in their everyday life.

I was having a conversation with my swimming buddy and she happened to ask about my favorite comfort food. The answer i gave her was very simple..Dal Chawal. On further contemplating on my answer i was thinking...Most questions in or about our life also have very simple answers. We just have to think and omit the relatively complex ones.

You are not the Only one Prerna, to miss out on the best stuff. We have a few vegetarians on the forum who lose out on the divine food rightly described by your family. Hahaha...
Prerna's 26/6/8:41pm - 26/6/9:02pm

Eid Mubarak to all. Wished all my friends celebrating this festival today. Had a very tasty lunch of mutton biryani and sweets. Being a vegetarian ,i miss out on something really divine is what i gather from hubby and daughters every year. But having a sweet tooth i make up by having everyone's share of sweets.

SALE SALE everywhere...I think it is nothing but playing with the consumer's mentality. A shrewd way to get rid of last seasons leftovers by various online shopping stores as well as various department stores.

In those years following our classroom closure, our online counseling courses were still running smoothly. We managed to register a new company and keep that part of the educational business running. Even though the online counseling courses never made us any money, I wanted to keep training counselors of the future as long as I could. So this is what we did. Every Monsoon and Winter, I would once again do something little to kick start my audio book business on Osovo but I did not succeed even once. It may seem like I'm giving excuses for my business failures but this is not the case. It's not an excuse. I just failed time after time, again and again. Every year, I added a few audio books to my name, sharing it with hundreds of students who kept in touch with me, even posting them on file sharing sites online with tremendous success for a few of them, but nothing more ever happened with even a single one of them. When I share this story about my business and life with others today they wander how I managed to live through this all, with so many obstacles and hardships, something or the other happening time after time, how did I manage to live such a comfortable and relaxed life. Well, this is an altogether different thing I tell them. Just like I am telling you today. It has been my purpose to be happy and live a relaxed life, no matter what. If there's been one student who has actually followed my best teachings inside the classrooms and my multiple posts then that one student is me. I love my life, always have, I love to relax, do whatever I like to do, and I keep on believing, never giving up on anything, despite others saying that I can't do it, I still believe that I can, I guess that is why the dream of Osovo is finally becoming a reality. No doubt there will be new and unique obstacles that will come along, no doubt there will be plenty of skeptics, no doubt it will be tough to sit here and create awesome work for generations to come, but someone's got to do it, and I know that someone is none other than me....

Just a couple of months after being kicked off Google searches another blow was to come our way. I say "our way" because during those years, Kirti was already part of the business and doing whatever she could in the office. Despite being a young mom and having a small child to look after. So, I did have some help in my business. Earlier times, my mom would help out at home by taking calls and making all my meals. Helping out however she could. After my marriage, my wife took up this role and also started going to the office too. Back to my story. So, in June 2011, we got another shocker. The two shops which we had purchased with all my savings had to be closed down as the builder of the shopping center where it was did not have the permission to build shops in the basement and unfortunately our two shops were in the basement. We were not the only ones there of course. There were more than 60 other shops who had to leave. We were returned our money by the builder without any interest paid on it. Here we were without even a classroom to conduct our courses now. I was stressed out, panicking, didn't know what to do anymore, so I did something that I did the first time something similar happened in my business, I decided to go on a long holiday. This time, it was to Thailand along with my wife and kid. June 2011 was to be the last month that I took classroom courses in Mumbai. Though I sometimes feel I might give it another shot once more. Infact I did in the year 2013 by taking up a small space to run my classes again but it just didn't work out and we shut shop after incurring a sizable loss for the first time in my business.

All the 100 odd students who got a copy of 12 Dozen Roses that Summer loved it. They wanted more of my audio books and I badly wanted to give it to my loving and supportive students. However, just a week later, Google changed its algorithms on the internet and my website rankings dropped like crazy. In those years, from 2000 to 2011, I purely depended on PR and online searches to sign up students for my courses. I never spent a single rupee on advertising. This is the truth till today for my public speaking and personality development courses at SDC and Enoma. I never spent a single rupee for advertising but I was still managing to register 300 to 500 students a year without it. I was obviously doing something right. But on April 11th, 2011, everything changed. Google DE-indexed, giving us the reason that we were using disallowed techniques to market our courses. I had already cut down heavily on PR work for my courses since it was getting more and more difficult to go out and take up guest lectures like I did when I was single and had a scooter to travel almost anywhere on a moment's notice. Now, Google kicked us out of well Google. We weren't being found anymore. It seems funny whenever I say this to anyone but it's absolutely true. If you typed SDC or Enoma you wouldn't find us because we were no longer in the Google database. Even though our website was still well and truly ONLINE!!

With debts cleared, best friends moved on with their lives, not meeting each other, just keeping in touch for the sake of good old times or whatever, who knows. But, now, Osovo is reborn once again. And, fortunately, they don't get in on the action because they decided to call it quits the moment things got tough. Which is why I started these musings stating how everyone has always felt that an online business in audio books and / or public speaking and personality development training would never work. Well, it has worked. Infact, it's already working. It's been more than 3 years since I started the first ever online course in Public Speaking and Personality Development in India on We certainly aren't pulling in too many students yet but we have been getting 30 or more students signing up for my online courses each year. Not bad for an online course. Meanwhile, my audio book dreams hit obstacle after obstacle. Every time I felt that I would have a good clean run, there would be something or someone who would step in the way of my future in that business. I fondly remember the creation of my best ever audio book (till date anyway) 'The Positive Forces Of Nature'. I recorded this 3-hour classic during the finals of Wimbledon while it was raining heavily outside my bedroom window. The sounds of the rains are inside the audio book since it was going on continuously while I recorded it. It was 2009 when I recorded it. What seems like a long time ago. Because it is. You would imagine that I would have sold thousands of audio books by now. Well, unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way for me. Just a few weeks later, something new came up and I had to stop recording new audio material for Osovo. continued to be in the dark during all those years. A couple of years later, I gave my audio book career another shot, I recorded a fabulous series, 12 Dozen Roses, actually it was not just an audio but a video series as well. This series of 144 stories (or roses) had a great run during my classes. It was to be the last few lectures on public speaking and personality development that I would ever take. Who knew?

Now, onto Osovo, the brand, the enterprises that never was, my audio book company. Years passed by, we got married, friendly meetings reduced, and all three of us went on with our own separate lives. With the birth and rise of social media, it became somewhat easier to keep in touch with each other once in a blue moon. Wishing each other 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy Diwali', etc was common during these recent years. Around 6 years ago, when I got a large sum of money due to a business investment paying off, I remembered the promise that I made to my first best friend (the one I used to drink with during the last century) and so I called him up to meet at a place nearby. I gave him his part of the business investment back saying that I had promised to return it to him. It was something that I always had in the back of my mind ever since we closed the Osovo Enterprises. Our 3rd investor, my second best friend, had already got his money back as he bought a high end computer from my first best friend without paying him for it. So ultimately, my first partner and best friend lost double his money in Osovo. I always blamed myself for his loss and wanted to repay him for a long time. But something or the other stopped me from doing so. Till, as I mentioned, I had a great return in my business and decided to pay him back his part of the investment and get the records straight for good. I had a feeling that he was going around telling some of our common friends that I was the one to blame for Osovo failing. And I wasn't wrong about this feeling.

My second best friend in those days was a complete loser, if I am allowed to call him that. He was always roaming around after work hours with some of his 'equally' loser friends, visiting bars, getting drunk, and so on. Many times, my other best friend and me would invite him over for drinks during the evenings. Unfortunately, he wouldn't come alone, he would get his gang of 4 losers along. What's worse is that this gang of losers would always seem to have less money on them. They always seemed to be penniless. Actually penniless. I remember a time when I took his wallet to check if he had money and there was actually not a single rupee in it. So, being "best friends" and all, we would end up paying for their drinks and eats almost 9 out of 10 times. As it goes in friendships and in life, we soon start avoiding such friends, you know, the ones who never have any cash on them. We did our best to maintain the friendship but somehow this angle of having to pay for his drinks and eats never quite got sorted out. The joke and the weird part of the matter is that this gang of losers actually had a lot of money in reality. They were all rich. They were all working and they were all getting a good salary from the places they worked at. One of them was even making a lot more than me. He had a cable company, you know, an entire area where all the people had to pay him Rs.250 to Rs.300 a month for their cable TV subscription. Yet, somehow whenever he came to meet us, his wallet and pockets happened to be empty. My best friend and me had a theory that they hid their cash in their socks before meeting up with us.

My best friend got a bike for himself, then a few years later he bought a car, suddenly he was the one asking (or literally begging) me to come in his car for a drive and then go to have drinks later. I was not brought up to take favors from others, nor used to using my friends, so I would always tell him that I will come on my scooter and you can come by your car and we will go our separate ways after we are done. Perhaps this was to him like me hitting him below the belt. It wasn't, it was just me being a good friend and not using him. Also, I didn't want our friendship to be based on such favors. Me dropping him home when we was drunk wasn't a favor for me, it was just me being a good friend to him. I wanted him to reach home safely. As such, his family members will know what I say here to be the absolute truth. Anyway, things started getting out of hand, my ego rising due to making loads of money in my two businesses coupled with his ego for whatever reasons. At the end of the day, we just managed to maintain our friendships till we got married. Thereafter, it was all down to courtesy calls and once in a year meetups. Now, let's come back to my other best friend before I revisit the reason for me starting off this marathon of messages on Cafe Enoma...

You must be wondering what happened back then when me and my best friend were heavy drinkers during those final 6 years of the last century. Well, it just continued, he kept calling or messaging me, and we would meet up for drinking, then if he was drunk or it was too late or both, then I would drop him back home on my scooter. You would think that such a friend would be highly grateful to me for being such an awesome friend to him during those days. Well, actually the opposite started to happen....


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