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Often people think that since i am not reacting to the not so nice things they have to say to me or about me, they can control me. They forget that one can control only the actions or words of another person. The thoughts that run in the other person's mind are completely his or hers. No body in the world can control another person's thoughts.

Perfect Kirti. No words beyond this. The whole system has to be restructured...... from politics to education to health care to cleaning. The monotony has to be stopped. Without a revolution, nothing can be changed as of now, because our system is so so corrupted. God is watching all..... and even people like us are helpless because of the inner fear to stand against those money power people. However, as said by you, the writing may trigger someone around the country to just kick start.
Kirti's 15/8/2:11pm - 15/8/6:48pm

Very true. And eating the apples has to be with caution, as the shining part outside the apple is a kind of wax-coating. I don't think 'this' apple a day will keep the doctor away from us!!
Prerna's 10/8/2:20pm - 15/8/4:58pm

Very nicely put Kirti. What you have mentioned is absolutely true.
And in the present political scenario, no one will be bothered about it unless the youth take it up, just like the Jallikkattu in Chennai.
Kirti's 15/8/2:11pm - 15/8/4:54pm

After 70 deaths everyone started noticing, evaluating, analyzing the flaws of the medical system. The mismanagement in the healthcare system, the responsiveness to such incidences. But, are we not aware of these things happening every single day? Don't we prepare for such days to come?

Today all of a sudden, just because a news channel is exposing, we come to know that we have scarcity of doctors in our country. Is it? Didn't we know that already? We are a country of billion plus people but we have only a few lac doctors to treat patients. And among those few lac of doctors how many are really qualified enough that is also a question mark. Then why do we get shocked by these number of deaths? When we know the state of our healthcare system.

Does the problem only start in the hospital where the treatment is given inefficiently? No. In our country, to become an MBBS doctor a student has to pay hundreds of thousand rupees to just educate himself to be a doctor. There are no seats in the medical colleges ever that can be vacant, if you look for one. And, after this kind of education system we expect good healthcare? When we do not allow the aspirants to become a doctor, how do we expect good doctors in this country? When are the news channels, the government and the public of this country are going to start thinking at the root cause of problems and then try solving them.

Secondly, every single year people die of diseases that could have been prevented by simple hygiene. We do have our current PM who has been stressing a lot on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene but how much has changed? How much is achieved so far? Not enough. We talk about a 'Swacha Bharat' but, people don't respect the cleaners. The street sweepers, the garbage collectors, the sanitation workers are not given any boost to do their jobs. When we know the major cause of so many deaths is filth, why don't we give more importance to the people who keep it clean for us. The Jhaduwalas are also the soldiers of our country, they fight for us. They fight against the contamination, filth, garbage and ultimately the diseases. So, why don't we respect them like soldiers that fight at the borders. They keep us safe too. Why don't they get paid better for the jobs they do. A janitor is paid the least in this country. There is a misconception among us that it is the worst job. But, it is one of the most important jobs too for us to live free of diseases. So, why not acknowledge the role of it. Why not encourage more and more people to go in the field of cleaning. Why not pay them more, as they risk their lives for us by cleaning things that we can't.

I know, I am just talking, talking and talking. But, what I believe is, just by writing these things and being read by some people at least, my message goes out there. There might be some people who will be interested in my beliefs and may see things differently.

Last few days television news channels are flooded the same news almost all day and night, 70 plus deaths of children due to Encephalitis in Gorakhpur. People from the other parts of the country did not know the place called Gorakhpur before this tragic, horrific incident. But, the fact is that every single year more 200 children on an average die in the Gorakhpur during the month of August due to encephalitis.

Encephalitis is a vector borne, air borne disease. It is fatal if it is not treated immediately and effectively.

Have been listening to the same old, rigid discussion cum debates conducted by the elite news channel everyday, claiming to expose the state of affairs on the ground. I wonder why does it take 70 deaths to wake up to reality for everyone?

Before coming down to the main issue, I would like to mention something about the state of media in this country. There are 4 to 5 major networks or the media houses carrying out news channels in several languages. I happen to watch the best of them being the main English news channels. But, every time there is a debate, discussion conducted on these channels on different topics, one thing remains the same and that it the panelists. No matter which topic is discussed the same 15-20 panelist are there to choose from for these channels. When I watch these channels, I forget that we are a country of 1.25 billion people. As, I see the same faces each and every day, discussing range of topics whether, politics, finance, health, education, religion, weather or even rocket science. And these are the people who are claiming to expose the reality! They must change their ways of covering and showcasing news in the first place. To see the change.

The girls finished their formative assessment 2 today. It has been about preparing tests for class 5 and class 7 for me the whole of last week. I am also looking forward to this long weekend as much as the girls.

I have noticed the quality of fruits deteriorating very much these days. The bananas are fresh and robust the first day but the next day, the skin is same but the inside is all soggy, the guavas also the skin is very soft and not firm. The shopkeeper wants to sell only organic fruits and vegetables which is triple the cost. How organically the products are grown is also questionable.

Sometimes in life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey. Therefore enjoy the 'present' and do not worry about the uncertain future.

FAIL = First Attempt In learning.

Fantastic Vinay. Just reading the sentences again and again. So worth reading and by hearting the same. Thank you.
Vinay's 8/8/9:04pm - 9/8/12:02pm

It is a habit to be proud of Prerna. I have a similar habit. My son follows the same. Sometimes, I find myself funny, when I am considered as if I do not know how things work around at places. Whenever I go shopping for clothes, I tend to keep the clothes back in the exact same position where they belong. Even if it takes few minutes for me to do that. I see something from the hanger line and if I do not like it, I place it back as it was.

But, there are the attendants at the store or the staff who are assigned to do that job, they keep telling me, you can just leave it here and we will keep it. But, I keep doing what I do. Ha ha ha... Some of them look at me, as if I don't know how things work in a shop or I am there in a store for the first time. Ha ha ha... I lough at myself inside but don't give up on my habits, that I believe, is a good one. I hate when I go to a section and they are all jumbled up with all different sizes of clothes and it's difficult for me to locate what I what. Being organized is good!
Prerna's 8/8/9:39am - 8/8/10:31pm

A Guru being an embodiment of discipline, knowledge and integrity, expects nothing from his students except their growth. He is certainly worthy of unquestionable faith, deep reverence and complete obedience.

Very true Prerna. When we cultivate the habits to our children from their childhood and younger days, it long lasts and they will always follow such good practices even when they grow up. I have observed some students are very meticulous in keeping their things neat, careful and give more care. Such good habits will long last in their lives and they will stand as a very good role model to their family and to others. We can teach young children and students about the Japanese 5S techniques. Once they learn that, it will stay in their hearts forever.
Prerna's 8/8/9:39am - 8/8/10:20am

Yesterday, a very interesting incident happened when i took the girls to their music class. As i entered the waiting room, i saw newspapers scattered on the center table. By habit, i picked them up and arranged and kept them in a pile. I also mumbled something like people should know how to fold and keep the newspaper after reading. There were 2 other ladies there. One of them asked me,"How do u manage at home with your growing up daughters." and gave a sarcastic smile to the other lady present. I just smiled .Most of the times when something sarcastic or unexpected comes up we are stumped and out of answers. I came home and now i have an answer for her. I keep telling my daughters to keep their things in place after using it. It is easier when one is looking for it later on if the things have a fixed place and less time and effort is lost in searching. They are still kids..sometimes they do not ..that's ok...most of the times they manage to do..that is my reward. It is a good habit that i feel proud about cultivating in my girls which will help them in the future.

Contentment does not mean that you should not be ambitious.
It means that you will cherish what you have without any regrets.

Today being the Friendship Day, it will be nice to think about all our old friends with whom we did not have any connection for years. We can try to find out their whereabouts and if possible, to contact them. It will be surprise for them, but imagine the happiness we will have.

Sometimes one of my clients or students asks me what I do with my time all day. They are curious as to how a guy like me makes my living and how I live my day-to-day life since they have heard or read my audio books and posts on time management, meditation, relaxation, etc. I often tell them the same thing that I am sharing in this random message. I do whatever I enjoy doing. I love to relax, I love to meditate, and I love to spend time with people that I care about and those that I can learn something useful from. So most of my time is spent in meditation, relaxation, daydreaming, doing some light work and doing other things with or without my loved ones that make me really happy.

I've lived in several homes for most of my life. So when I tell my friends in the city that my home in Naigaon is the best one I've lived in, they think I'm lying about it. But I'm not. Life in Naigaon is nice and quiet, surrounded by nature, though even our home in Versova is surrounded by nature, and there the rooms are ultra comfortable, despite the frequent electricity cuts during the Monsoon, we chose this month to go back there since there are 6 bank holidays in August, and during those weeks where there is a holiday then there are no electricity cuts. Hopefully, nothing much has changed in the last 3 months. Anyway, it's just a month's stay there, then we come back to the city for another two months before we consider what to do next with our lives. My wife's friends think I am strange because I truly live my life day to day, without making big plans for the future, it's funny that most of them don't even own a decent home, let alone two, so they should really think hard before commenting on the life of someone who lives a rather comfortable, relaxed lifestyle without being part of the rat race.

Our time in the city is coming to an end this weekend. We will be heading back to our second home in Naigaon on Monday night. It was a great stay for all of us in the big city during the last 100 days. We will be having a nice long month's vacation there. Enjoying the heavy rains, relaxing in our much larger home in the outskirts of the city, experiencing nature all around in the gardens below and the jungles across our bedroom windows. Of course, the monsoon season brings out the deadly snakes over there. Last year, there were a couple caught just below our home. Hopefully this year, with the added iron nets installed around our building, the snakes should not make an unwelcome entry into our homes. As most of our cafe patrons know, Naigaon is where I've lived for the last 18 months, it's only been recently that we moved back to our other home in the city so that we could make the best of both worlds while also maintaining this home and the other one too.

Sorry, again my auto correction makes all. Not addition, but addiction. Also comfortable is written as con......please excuse for the repeated mistakes.....will double check before posting.
Gomathi's 2/8/3:09pm - 2/8/3:14pm

Kirti, being simple is a way of life. And the simple life becomes complicated when man fails to curb temptations. Years passed, rapid economic growth have made life so comfortable. Comfortable life is not the problem, but the addition of mankind to such confoetable life is the ultimate problem that is endangering the extended life span. Better late than never, before the world passes this phase, it is need of every individual to realize the difference between the needs and wants.
Kirti's 2/8/1:31pm - 2/8/3:09pm

I read a quote by Martin Scorsese, "There's no such thing as simple. Simple is hard."

I often realized it myself, that being simple is the hardest thing in today's world. It isn't easy to be simple.

We have made everything so complicated, that just going back to simplicity seems the toughest thing. The man made world is become more powerful than the God's created world. Right from the time a newborn is born in the world we have all the rules and social traps that we wrap around the newborn with. God has not given any instructions to do so, we do it out of our own compulsions.

Even if someone tries to break away from the complexities of the man made world, he will be treated as an outcast. He is termed abnormal, mad, mentally disturbed, etc.

How did this happen? Why have we become the way we are? Why so complicated?

Sir, the transformation of SDC Enoma from August 1,2016(the day I entered the divine site) to August 1,2017 is phenomenal. The lessons learned here will remain a guide for a better life. The experiences are to be saved for future reference. On the whole, SDC truly transforms students to more better state of life. And my heartfelt thanks to Savio Sir, Ms.Kirti and SDC Team for all the knowledge, support, guidance and wishes. Thank you.
Savio's 31/7/10:45pm - 2/8/1:20pm

Well said Sir, shed off the weight of the past from the shoulders, live the present moment.
Savio's 31/7/10:45pm - 2/8/12:10pm

The colours given to the forum and Enoma are really very good sir. The colours are very soothing for our eyes. Really good ones.
Savio's 31/7/10:45pm - 2/8/11:58am

Whatever it is we need courage. We need courage to stand up and speak. More than that, we need courage to sit and listen.

The last 90 minutes before it's the first of August, a new month, a new day, a new life, perhaps, awaits us. The colors of the Cafe Enoma reflect the delightful feelings of the fall season that starts during late August and lasts till the onset of Winter. A good time to shed off the weight of the past from our shoulders and walk into the present moment fully focused only on the now.

Many congratulations Sir and all the best for this new beginning of Osovo on Facebook.
Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 28/7/9:16am

Sir, another mile stone in the success history of SDC Enoma. Wish you all goodluck to conquer the world by your new avathar OSOVO fb. Promise for sure, OSOVO fb will serve as a reference book of life for the majority people. May the success voyage continues. Cheers.
Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 27/7/10:03pm

Hearty congrats Sir to launch Osovo on Face book. It is a good effort to bring to the audience at FB so that many will be reading your valuable posts and it will transform their lives. Great efforts Sir. God bless you.
Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 27/7/9:48pm

Keep growing sir. Let there be many more come from Cafe Enoma to benefit thousands and thousands.
Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 27/7/9:07pm

Congratulations Sir, may your each and every new steps take you to new heights of success. You always keep on adding meaning to many life's.
Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 27/7/6:47pm

Congratulations Sir, may your every step off success leads to heights of sky. You always keep on adding meaning to many life's.

Savio's 27/7/6:04pm - 27/7/6:46pm

We finally managed to secure the very catchy brand name "Osovo" on Facebook yesterday. We just got the link & as well. After a year's wait, finally, we can directly start posting our vast collection of original Quotes and Tips on our Osovo fan page on Facebook. There is still a lot to do before that though. Must design a nice cover and profile photo using the Osovo logo. Either way, yesterday, the 26th July, once again, becomes a pivotal date in my personal and professional life. Eagerly looking forward towards building the Osovo brand on Facebook in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Happy Anniversary Enoma and SDC. I would like to congratulate and thank the people behind the success of these, Savio sir, Kirti and all the others. But for you, we would not have grown so much. We realise the value of SDC. Thank you sir for all the efforts.
Savio's 26/7/9:51pm - 27/7/2:42pm

Happy anniversary to Enoma and SDC. It is a great day to be rejoiced by all of us here. Past and present students. We thank God to have given this sacred place of learning and also to bless the founder of SDC - Director Savio Sir. May God bless you abundantly and bless SDC and take it to greatest heights in the days and years to come. May God bless each one who comes and goes from this institution. May God shower upon His choicest blessings on you Savio Sir, Kirti madam and Max. The wonderous work you have contributed so far to the society and still giving is amazing in the sight of God and mankind. Praying to keep you safe with good health, wealth, wisdom, prosperity ever. Amen.
Savio's 26/7/9:51pm - 26/7/10:19pm

I resist the urge to waste even a few hours in an activity that does not enhance the quality of my life in a significant way. Lately, my relatives and siblings wonder why I have been investing most of my free time in doing things that help me increase my business acumen. Well, they don't realize that the things that I am doing increase my business skills and knowledge so perhaps that is the main reason why they think I am wasting a lot of my time in research work and meetups. Today, being the anniversary of SDC, I spoke to my near and dear ones and explained things to do a lot better than I could earlier. Thankfully, they agree with what I am doing now. Even if they didn't, it wouldn't matter, I would still do what I want to do. But having their support does make a difference to my everyday interactions with them.

It's always exciting to be part of something big. Throughout my humble existence on Earth, I've done my utmost best to make the most of opportunities that came along my way. I grab especially those opportunities which don't take up too much of my time and greatly enhance my quality of life. For example, teaching others Basic French was just a hobby for me but interacting with adults from different parts of the country and from varied backgrounds helped me in learning a lot more from them than what I taught them during those weekend classes.

I sometimes wonder why people I know behave in the way they do when they are seemingly cornered or stressed out due to certain events that occurred in their everyday life. If only they had some patience then they would dealt with things and reacted to them in a much better way. Either way, it's their choice how they live their daily life. But when their reactions cause difficulty to others around then it's no longer wise to allow them to share space with you in your daily life. Life is too short to let others have a say in your day!!


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