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The time to relax is when you really don't have time for it.

It is always happy to just get seated on the living room sofa with no one around me, except me and my Self. The silence is more soothing. Great moment.

The situations that do not have ready solutions disturb our peace of mind. Just worrying about such things does not solve the problem. It is better to relax and take the time to see if there is any solution. No point in worrying about problems that have no solutions.

Sitting in the living room, enjoying the rains with corn on the cob and sipping hot cup of cardamom tea.

My way of relaxing every night after a long tiring day is to sit in the balcony and see the sky. The sea breeze adds to the process of relaxing. This me time helps me unwind completely.
Kirti's 30/6/8:51pm - 1/7/11:59am

Even I love to spend hours sitting on the sofa in the living room at the end of the day and play my favorite TV series on the TV. I love to spend that time all by myself, it feels like unwinding at the end of the day before going to sleep. To start a new day on the next day I like to leave everything of today's behind and by spending sometime on my own in the night before going to sleep I do that.
Gomathi's 30/6/6:31pm - 30/6/8:51pm

It is always relaxing to just sit in my living room sofa still. The happiness is immense. A blissful state, I can say.

After a long tiring day it's finally time to relax. I love to chill out in the bedroom with a large window. It is relaxing to be here, lying down on the bed, the soft violin and flute are playing on the stereo. It is a serene moment for sure. I am spending time with the two loved ones from time to time, I just might get their viral infection too, that will be a bit painful, as won't be able to do much work if that happens. Well no point thinking about the future when the now is so relaxing and comfortable...

Nothing pleasing like we get while we go to bed and listen to the soft instrumental music.

The time to sleep has come closer, it has been a long day so it should be easy to fall asleep. It is always relaxing to lay down on the bed and listen to soft music with the lights switched off. The powerful table fans help me feel nice and cool while I get ready to enter dream land in just a little while. I expect tonight's dreams to be entertaining...

Just think of the blessings and thank God. It gives relaxation and also take some time to meditate.

The ride back home by the cab with the heavy rain falling down outside was a blissful experience. Coming back home and taking a nice long hot water shower was like the icing on the cake. Now it's time for silent meditation while laying down on the soft bed and experiencing the joys of the present moments.

Sitting on the top of the hills, sitting in first gear cafe having honey chilli potato and cold coffee, what a relaxing moment. Enjoying the view.

There is no time bound work to do today. So I am much relaxed and complete my pending assignments at my own pace.

Now the only relaxing thoughts that the monsoon will be normal this year in Mumbai and the other parts of the country. That will bring the much-needed respite from heat to everyone.

I love the instrumental music Sir. I specially search and select from you tube for the soft instrumental music, which calms our mind and soul especially, when we are relaxed and resting for before we go to sleep. You are really blessed Sir that you have wonderful collections of them.
Savio's 5/6/11:04pm - 5/6/11:09pm

It is going to take me 10 minutes to type this particular musings since I am doing it on the tablet while laying down on the bed taking the cool breeze of the 3 fans. I am totally relaxed as I am listening to an old meditation audio book that Kirti created for Osovo but we never shared it with anyone. It is just the sounds of her deep breathing along with the soft instrumental music in the background that is just making me feel like I am in the garden of Eden.

Going for swimming after one week gave me so much relaxation.

When in stress, just sit in a closed room and meditate for 15 minutes and think of the most amazing things .It will relax your mind.

Sitting in the car workshop and spending time on cafe is most relaxing moment for me.

In this unbearable heat if something that relaxes me is the thought of the rains. The mere sound of the thunder makes me happy these days.

Thinking of Yoga itself relaxes me. I love doing Yoga with my son.

When I come across the stress balls, I remember that after my surgery, my hands became like paralysed. Then, doctors gave 3 sizes of balls to do some exercise. I a big basin, my mother used to put hot water put the 3 balls in that and I have to hold the balls and press them, similar to the stress balls. The biggest one is the Smiley ball. It will be easier to handle the biggest ball as the fingers need not bend much. Challenge comes when we go to the smallest ball which will be in a lime size. That time, we really feel the pain in the muscles, but inward, I was getting the healing as the fibres in my muscles was regaining life and this exercise followed everyday for nearly a month, helped me to become normal and my hands and fingers got life again and I joined duty. Now, I am typing with the same fingers so fast. Thanks to God, then to my mom, who helped me in every bit of my weakness and to overcome the problems.

After a sweaty walk in the hot summer's evening, I long to relax with a cool drink. Instead of keeping some aerated cola in the fridge, I prepare my own lemon juice with a sprinkling of 'Rooh Afza' and drink sip by sip lying down on the bed.

Sitting and going through the post put by everyone on the forum is very relaxing for me.

Going out for a dinner with wife makes me feel relaxed. That is so if the weather is right and the roads are clear and free of too much traffic congestion.

Sometimes I feel that I am simply whiling away my time doing nothing worthwhile. On such occasions, I pick up my shopping bag and go to the marketplace. There I meet someone or the other who has plenty of time in hand, and we strike upon an idle and relaxing conversation.

I loved to listen to the Ethiopian Christian Instrumental music video with the dove picture from Youtube and just relax my mind. It is just so soothing to see the video with the music and relax.

When you do something for your parents by your heart with empathy, satisfaction and blessings can be seen in their eyes which gives you great relaxation and happiness.

Yesterday I got the new CDs, which were released in the Musi-care concert. Now, it is so relaxing to listen to them in my new home theatre. I thank God for His greatest mercies on me, and giving me so much happiness at this time. A music brings much relaxation to the mind, than any other thing.

Sitting at the window and watching the rains are relaxing. As long as I don't have to go out in the rains I am relaxed.

Getting a nice head massage from my mother makes me super relaxed.

It's another relaxing and beautiful evening in the big city. The cool breeze from the table fans is making me feel highly comfortable as I relax in my armchair working on my laptop. There is a certain silence right now which makes the soft music playing seem a bit louder than what it actually is. It feels so nice to just sit here and share this moment with the many readers who drop in during the late evening hours on Cafe Enoma. A relaxing thought shared with the ones who love to live a relaxing lifestyle just like I do....

After struggling with pain for whole day now little relaxed when mil had sound sleep.

My favorite activity these days is to sit in my comfy armchair in front of the large living room window and look outside at the lush greenery in front of my relaxed eyes. I often listen to some soothing instrumental music such as Buddha Bar, Yanni, Mehdi, Kitaro, etc. Otherwise I sit here while doing some light work on the computer positioned just next to the open window. I love sipping on some freshly made tea too. While I sip on it and stare at the trees I literally feel like I am on the hills of Darjeeling.

Always I relax in my bed, though I do not sleep, I lay down, listen to music with closed eyes and relax.

It's a bit after noon and I find myself relaxing in the living room at my desktop computer. Blessed to be positioned right next to the large living room window, each time I take a little breather and look out I see the green leaves on the multiple trees staring back at me with loving eyes. It's such bliss to be here right now, sharing this sacred space along with Mother Nature and you...

It's most relaxing to have a sofa chair to sit on while working on the computer. It's markedly more comfortable than sitting at a chair and a desk. I can easily work for hours and hours because my back and bottoms are totally relaxed while working on the computer. What's more, the distance between the screen and my eyes makes working for long hours a breeze with no eye strain whatsoever.

Lying on bed and writing on enoma is always relaxing.

Keeping cucumber pieces on eyes and lying under fan gives so much relaxation.

When someone is on temper, try to see the core of the being, because core is full of love and joy.

Practice to see all as a little child of 5 years, this way, would relax you greater.

We take bath everyday. At least once a week, apply good coconut oil on hair, massage nicely, wait for half an hour, and then take bath. If you do not wash your hair using the shampoo, it is good. After the oil bath, you will feel the coolness, and you get the relaxation.

For me the most relaxing thing to do is sit and watch a foreign language movie without anyone around me. No one talking to me or disturbing me.

Doing yoga with full focus on the body movements.

Doing laughter therapy daily before a mirror for about 6 to 7 minutes.

Doing self talk, would help you to get release from the internal stress.

Just gazing at nature's beautiful scenes.

Sitting down in my comfortable armchair near the large bedroom window, feeling the breeze caressing my face, sipping on a hot cup of tea, keeping myself pleasantly occupied with some fun activities on the cafe, makes for a relaxing moment.

I always feel more relaxed when I put my music on playing in my bed room and the AC switched on, with little bit of reading or writing for Enoma. Especially in the night times with no disturbances around.

I took whole day to relax myself after run.Relaxation is done by lying on bed here and there with reading on enoma.

Just relaxing this evening as I am a bit tired after a long drive back home. Enjoying the quietness of Naigaon after witnessing two evenings of noise in the big city. Relishing my 2nd last cup of Cardamon infused Darjeeling Tea right now. Truly enjoying this moment on the cafe.

One of the best ways to relax in an instant is to take a nice long shower. Nothing cools down our entire body like cold running water does. Make sure that you collect the shower water in a tub so that you can use the same water for watering plants or filling up the flush.

Relaxation comes naturally to me as I know about the great importance of the same. Relaxing while working, relaxing while being with others and relaxing during my long periods of Meditation is most important to me.


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