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The sudden land-slide has taken the lives of many people in Himachal Pradesh.
May their souls Rest In Peace.

A good Tamil actor, Shanmuga Sundaram, passed away at Chennai this morning. He was 74 and had been ill for about a month.
May his soul rest in peace, and his family members have courage to bear the loss.

May God give peace to all kids who died in Gorakhpur hospital due to insufficiency of oxygen. May God give strength to their family members to bear this loss.

Today is the death anniversary of our Great President Dr. Abdul Kalam. With fond remembrance we pray for him. I remembered the meeting I had with him at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and spending about one and half hours with him when I took 70 students and 7 teachers for an educational tour.

It is tragic how some one's greed can cost so many lives. Flaunting major safety regulations is a trend these days. The Ghatkopar building turned into rubble in the matter of 15 minutes. Many people are still trapped and many have lost their lives. But, I am sure no mass murder charges will be put on BMC and the local politician who have caused this disaster.

Today at Ghatkopar a ground plus three building collapsed. As per news, four people died, including one 3 months infant.

May the soul rest in peace. May God bless the family to withstand the departure.
Soosamma's 13/7/9:42am - 13/7/2:03pm

A 27 year old young pregnant lady passed away in Kerala due to Dengue. My friend's family. Feeling very sad. May her soul rest in peace.

The souls of the victims (Amarnath Yatris) who died last night in the gruesome terror attack should rest in peace. It is a ghastly act by cowards who hide and attack like this and that too at unarmed children, men and women. The terrorist should show some shame and should come out in the open and fight with those who have the guns like them, that will prove them or validate what they stand for not by being cowards, attacking innocent people who cannot even defend themselves.

We had a nice neighbour where we stayed previously. Heard that that lady's mother passed away. I pray that her soul may rest in peace and the family members have enough courage to bear the loss.
My wife and I are going to meet the lady this evening to console her.

Attended funeral of my friends mother. She was a woman of prayer ,love, a guide, a supporter , spiritual guide, an encouragement, a mother for everyone and a great teacher by profession. May her soul rest in peace.

This is the first time I am writing under RIP.....Rest In Peace. Today, is the day of the departure of my dear bro. Every year, I pray God, write up a page in a diary about my feelings and wishes for him, and meditate. This year, I did the same, still writing on the diary is got to be done. Spoke to my mom, just to test her pulse, she is fine. Got to talk to dad. The memories of bro is coming gently into my mind and going back, it is good. I bless him wholeheartedly to have a beautiful life where ever he is. Thank God for making me so acceptable. I RIP with evergreen memories of our childhood days.

One of my close friend's mother passed away yesterday. They are from believer's church and her son in law is a pastor. May her soul rest in peace.

Forest fire is becoming common these days. Mostly I have heard about this in Australia where they cannot put off such fire for days together, it keeps burning. Many animals might have died. Since it is forest not many people. But sad to read this news in Portugal where more than 400 lives gone.
Savio's 19/6/2:48pm - 19/6/2:51pm

Over 62 people have died in a massive forest fire that occurred in Portugal. It is the biggest and most tragic incident in the country during this century. I pray that the souls of those who died in this tragic fire rest in peace. This news comes just days after over 20 people died in a building fire in London, UK. One thing's for sure, I expect everyone to be a lot more careful around fire in the coming times.


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