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Ha ha ha, it usually happens with guys.

Kirti's 9/8/7:00pm - 12/8/6:04pm

Placed an order with Flipkart for a 900gms mason jar, and a white board for my daughter.

I bought T-shirts for my brother and cousins, to gift them on Rakshabandhan. But, sadly my brother couldn't fit in the Tee I bought for him. The print was so amazing on that T-shirt that I could imagine how good it would look on him but a bit tight for him. I hate to buy clothes for these guys. They keep losing weight and gaining weight every now and then, gain weight and the join gym and once they lose weight they stop going to the gym. Luckily, others were fine.

Went for grocery shopping at Dmart.

No matter how much a woman resists but a sari can be accepted at the end. Good thinking Vinay! From whatever you write, I have always sensed a great bonding and lovely relationship that you and your wife share. You both do good things for each other without even asking or demanding for it. May God always shower his blessings over you two.
Vinay's 3/8/4:31pm - 6/8/1:13pm

My daughter bought an onion chopper from Amazon. One piece we went to Muscat to my daughter in law too. She is so happy with that and saying that her cooking became very simple and easy after getting this. It chops onions, tomatoes, beet root, green leaves and any soft vegetables quickly.

Went for shopping to buy the grocery. Then suddenly decided to go to 'Chennai Silks'. Very good collection of dresses they have. Bought a nice sari for my wife, even though she told not to buy. I am happy because she is happy!

You are right Vinay, in North a also cost of tomatoes are very high, we are getting it at Rs.80 per kg. I reduced using tomato from two to one for making it economical.
Vinay's 30/7/4:06pm - 31/7/4:45pm

It is sad to know that tomatoes and onions both are so costly in the south. We are a bit lucky, here in Mumbai the onion prices are the same as usual, between Rs.15 to Rs. 20/kg. Though the tomatoes are making us cry being about Rs. 100/kg, onions feel soothing for a change in that aspect.
Vinay's 30/7/4:06pm - 30/7/9:36pm

The price of onions and tomatoes has not come down at all. Onions are Rs. 85 a kg and tomatoes Rs. 75 a kg. How can the average and poor people survive in these conditions?

Very true Vinay. The traders cannot hoard tomatoes. If people stand together, we can help to bring down the prices of tomatoes.
Vinay's 26/7/12:19pm - 26/7/12:45pm

Thanks Kirti for joining the No tomatoes week. We will surely see the results of bringing down the prices.
Kirti's 26/7/12:32pm - 26/7/12:44pm

After couriering the Rakhis i got yesterday, i went and did some vegetable and grocery shopping. The price of a kilo of tomato was 116 Rs. I think while buying i will need to count the number of tomatoes i pick up instead of weighing them.

I am in. I will be thinking of those recipes that don't need tomatoes this week. I used up the last two tomatoes last night. So, don't have a single one left now but wouldn't buy it for a week to protest.
Sheila's 25/7/10:48pm - 26/7/12:32pm

The price of tomatoes has shot up to Rs. 110 a kilo. I think we have to follow what Sheila suggested. Just boycott tomatoes for a week at least. Let the tomatoes get rotten than buy it for that huge price.

Purchased a beautiful key holder from Jute cottage.

Japanese follow a tradition of boycotting some commodities for a minimum of one week, when there is a very steep rise in its prices. Now, requests have come from all my friends, for No tomato for a week. Friends, if possible, please try to join this for the next one week from tomorrow so that we can help to reduce the price of tomatoes.

Bought some vegetables today. Almost all the vegetables are very costly. We cannot go anywhere near tomatoes or small (sambar) onions.

I went to the supermarket and saw the glittering, colorful Rakhis. There was a whole counter filled with different, great looking Rakhis. It took me nearly 30 minutes to choose one for my Brother. Then I liked the Rakhis so much that I bought a dozen more for my cousin brothers. I send them by post every year. Max selected one for himself, the fanciest one. Hahaha... He doesn't have a sister but my sister ties him the Rakhi every year, he loves to wear it around his wrist.

Happy ride in your new car Hyundai X Cent, Vinay.
Vinay's 12/7/4:40pm - 18/7/10:46am

Last evening we went out just for a drive, and when we saw the car accessories shop we thought of having a peep inside. We liked a sticker to be used as the body graphics to be stuck on the sides of the car. We bought it. It looks nice (even though it was a bit costly!). We also bought a mobile phone charger to be used in the car.

At last I have got my new car. Hyundai X-Cent, wine red colour. I took delivery of the vehicle in the morning from the showroom. I am happy. I am happy that it became cheaper by about 25,000 rupees after the declaration of the new GST.

Vinay, still now, you have not revealed the secret of "which car you are going to buy?"........ha ha ha.....
Vinay's 11/7/10:02pm - 11/7/10:09pm

I am going to take delivery of my new car tomorrow; tomorrow being an auspicious day. I will just take it, go for a round with my wife, do the pooja and take it back to the showroom. Then I will take it after the registration is done with the RTO. I am not going for a fancy registration number as it has become very costly here.

Bought wheat flakes today. It was stacked up in the cereal aisle at the supermarket. Thought of buying a packet and trying it out, as wheat is full of fiber so it should be a healthy snack. Tried a bowl full of it with milk and honey, it is very tasty and super crunchy. As of now, I like it better than cornflakes.

Yesterday after my checkup i went to decathlon showroom and purchased cycling padded shorts with t-shirt and gloves.

Congrats on the brand new car, Vinay, wish you many many years of fun rides and good times.
Vinay's 30/6/4:54pm - 30/6/6:52pm

It happened at last! I have booked my new car. I chose Hyundai X-Cent, a beautiful wine red sedan car. I gave the advance today and the car will be delivered in two week's time. I am happy today.

Right sir, shopping through paytm is always rewardful.
Savio's 29/6/3:32pm - 29/6/11:38pm

I bought new kurti from my neighbours shop in pink and white colour at very cheap rate. It is looking beautiful.

Always look on PayTM for the prices and brand of things you find elsewhere, you will receive great cash back offers on PTM which are not available anywhere else saving thousands of rupees in the process.
Sheila's 26/6/11:32pm - 29/6/3:32pm

Yesterday I went to three different show rooms to decide about my new car, and I short listed two last night. This morning, after discussing with my wife, we have decided to go for one particular one.
May be I will share about it once I book my new vehicle for sharing my happiness.

Today I ordered for some curtains through Lime road online shopping cart. They seems to be reasonable and products are good.

Yes Sheila, Shopclues is my favorite online shopping site. They aren't as big as Amazon or Flipkart but their service has been very good and our experience with them too. They sell the same things but at reasonable rates compared to others. And for small and cheaper items they are pretty good.
Sheila's 19/6/1:58pm - 19/6/3:13pm

Try in Shop clues Kirti. The product is very good. Buy two sets for your family.
Kirti's 19/6/1:50pm - 19/6/1:58pm

It's a great thing to have, the eye masks. Whenever I see one I want to own one but at end I forget about it. I must order one soon. Since we all use computers, it is helpful to recondition our eyes regularly.
Sheila's 11/6/11:05pm - 19/6/1:50pm

Good Vinay, according to me shopping in the off season is the best time to purchase, at that time we can think properly on our requirements and can save money also as we get off season discounts also.


Vinay's 19/6/7:09am - 19/6/9:01am

Very thoughtful of you Sheila. Everyone will not have that willingness to do this. Hats off to you. Your colleagues and subordinates are lucky to have you in their office.
Sheila's 14/6/11:19pm - 19/6/7:17am

Since I have been using my present car for the last seven years, I am planning to buy a new one. I visited some of the car showrooms and have short listed my choice. I thought I will go for any one of these: Honda Jazz, Brio, Hyundai Xcent, Nissan Micra or Maruthi Baleno. I noticed that all these are highly rated cars.

I bought an instant water heater for one of my bathrooms. It is a very compact one with beautiful colour. Because it is summer season, I managed to get it in the off season competitive price.

Today is my grand daughter's 7th birthday. I purchased a small cute ear ring for her. She loves stones, so I have purchased it with white stones. Her mom has already told her and she is so exited that she is going to get diamonds. Instead of buying toys, and dress, I decided to buy small piece of gold ornament or a gold coin from this year onwards for her birthday.

Since I will be retiring shortly, I was planning to give some special gifts for my team and my loved ones in my office. I thought of buying from now on, so that I will not have a burden at the end. I sourced 10 grams silver bars, which will serve as memento for few of my friends. Just bought a sample of two pieces online and it was lovely. Now ordered for couples watches HMT from shop clues for few of them. Will be getting them next week. Hope the quality to be good.

Many many happy returns of the day for you and your wife, Vinay. It's beautiful you brought special gifts for her. Every woman like surprise and special gifts given by their husband.
Vinay's 14/6/11:01pm - 14/6/11:19pm

Nice to know about your wife's birthday Vinay. Convey my best wishes to her for a bright and blessed year ahead. Good that you have bought the best gifts for her. Saree and handbag. Any lady will love them. I am sure that she was happy on seeing your surprise gifts. God bless you both. Have a nice day.
Vinay's 14/6/11:01pm - 14/6/11:12pm

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Vinay Kumar. Hope it was a fabulous day for both of you.
Vinay's 14/6/11:01pm - 14/6/11:08pm

Today was my wife's birthday. So just at the end of the school hours, I took her surprisingly to a nice shop and forced her to take two saris. Very nice pure cotton saris that look very pretty. I also presented her a small fancy hand bag.

Today's my shopping was all for gardening. Pots, plants ,seeds,manure etc. I like gardening.

Umbrellas have suddenly appeared in the market out of nowhere. One salesman was selling the colorful umbrellas on a pushcart at Rs. 295 apiece. It is a reasonable price considering the season and many housewives thronged around the cart.

Went to the military canteen and purchased few items like toiletries, food stuff and a blender.

Recently I purchased Eye cool mask from shopping clues online. Very nice product. You can keep this in the freezer compartment. When you feel your eyes straining, just keep the mask on top of your closed eyes for 10 minutes. It cools and relieves the stress and the irritation from your eyes. Nice product. Costs Rs.186 for 4 masks.

We bought a nice big refrigerator to replace the small one we had so far. This one is Samsung, and is a good one. We can use the freezer part both as a freezer and also as an ordinary fridge. Very useful.

Added to the shopping cart today is a book by name Power of Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy.

Today myself with my daughters went for purchasing an OTG oven. So tomorrow's breakfast is going to be different from doss and idli.

Today I went out and purchased some grocery.

Purchased 5 different color roses, one hibiscus plant, one bougainvillea and a show plant.

Yesterday I went to MG road and purchased a dress material and three blouse pieces.

Purchased lot many things today. Specially, my best friend a novel. One jute bag from Jute cottage, one of my favorite shop.

Got 4 huge Watermelons for just Rs.112 from the nearby D Mart. Each of these 3+ Kilo melons cost us just Rs.28 when the same weight and size are available outside at the fruit vendor for Rs.100 each. Will be going back today evening or tomorrow to buy few more as we just ate quarter of the first one and it tastes so sweet. Great savings on money and an increase in our health. Thank you D Mart.

After a long time I am going for shopping to my favourite location , pune camp or MG road.A friend also is coming with me and today's climate is too good after a long time.

Today had visited commercial street, with my mother and cousin. Purchased a two dresses.

I went to shopping mall to buy different grocery material and came back with bucket full of kitchen accessories. My daughter purchased jeans with kurti for regular wear.

Thanks Kirti. It is just for the rough daily use. Shall check in amazon. Thanks so much.
Kirti's 28/5/12:20am - 28/5/9:41am

You can wait for other's replies as well.
Kirti's 28/5/12:23am - 28/5/12:28am

About the backpacks, haven't really bought in long time but a really good quality backpack comes for maximum Rs700/ at a store. Sorry but do not know if Flipkart or Amazon sell good ones.
Sheila's 28/5/12:07am - 28/5/12:23am

Hi Sheila, for a really good quality professional sports shoes you should go for the branded ones like, Nike/Adidas even Sketchers is good, these may cost between 2k-3k. If you wait till Independence day sale you can get them on a discounted rate whether online or offline at the brand stores. But if you just want sports shoes then you can buy non branded from Amazon. They have a lot of choice and very reasonable starts from Rs400/-
Sheila's 28/5/12:07am - 28/5/12:20am

Can anyone tell me which online site is best to get a quality sports shoes and backpack. Not too expensive, but better quality. Kindly suggest me. Thank you.

Today bought two pencil box for my two little niece, as their school is going to start from 1st June.

Finally, bought new codeless phone on Saturday, as the old one was not working properly.

Recently I have purchased good quality of dresses for my daughter and son-in-law - Jeans, T Shirt and ladies dresses through online LimeRoad. The material is of good quality and also at reasonable prices. Once we complete a successful purchase, they give cash back LR credits, which we can adjust in our next order.

Ordered two 1 liter packs of Paper Boat's Guava Chili and Apple juice respectively. It arrived within 24 hours at my place, nice and cool, kept it in the freezer for half an hour for quick cooling, then opened it and enjoyed a glass of real Guava and Apple juice without any preservatives. Price was just about right, 74 rupees per 1 liter pack, hopefully more variants come into the market by them as they seem to be doing an excellent job making real fruit juices. Takes as back to our childhood days as both juices taste pulpy and fresh just like the way my mother would make it by hand squeezing technique during my childhood days.

Today I have ordered few dresses from Lime Road, on line shopping bazaar. The rates seems to be reasonable and also the quality of the materials. They also give a cash back credit to our account after each purchase, which we can use while paying in the next purchase. So, this is a form of Sales promotional offer from the supplier.

Yesterday bought new swimming cap and swimming goggles. As my old goggles had got scratched.

I bought one kilo apples and one big watermelon for tomorrow's dish.

Today done with grocery shopping in D mart, my favorite mart.

The refrigerator that we are using at present is a 240 litre Godrej one. We find it a bit small for our family and we are planning to get a slightly bigger one today. We are going for the shopping this evening. I hope I will get a good one for a fair price, within my budget.

A flower vase and dry flowers.

Purchased a sauce pot.

I went to Reliance store in evening and purchased Kiwis and delicious watermelon.

I managed to get some good tapioca that has come from Kerala. I bought some, and hope it is going to be good.

Yesterday, purchased a cricket bat for my nephew.

When you are buying goods through online shopping mode, especially expensive goods, please read through the customer's review and analyze the feed back before making your order. Also compare the prices from different suppliers, the delivery schedule and Return policies.

That's right Sheila. In North India it doesn't even cost much because it's grown in abundance. Though it should be taken little at a time as it is supposed to be heaty. One to two table spoons a day is good to have.
Sheila's 9/5/10:19pm - 9/5/10:27pm

Kirti, I have also heard that flax seeds are very good for health. Especially for people like me, who do not take fish, this has Omega 3 in it. A packet costs just Rs.60 and affordable. I grind them into powder and keep in a container in the refrigerator. I use this powder along with the iddli chilli powder and add little oil and take along with iddli, dosas. Real healthy diet. Every one should practice to take this. Available in grocery shops and in Medical shops.
Kirti's 9/5/10:13pm - 9/5/10:19pm

Bought some flax seeds today. Want to make granola bars with it. Flax seeds are super foods. It is extremely good for health due to it's richness in omega3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidant properties. My grandmom used to make small ladoos for us using variety of nuts, flax seeds and jaggery when we were small and all of us would fight to get more than one. It would be so chaotic during the summer vacation at my Grandma's place because all the children would land there for holidays. She would manage to make14 grandchildren of hers happy at that age, amazing!

Bought a new wireless mouse worth Rs.249 for the computer. Makes it a lot easier to work and play games without the irritating wire around. Uses a couple of small batteries but they tend to last for 6 to 8 months so it's not a bad investment. A wireless keyboard is next on the cards.

Few days back I downloaded a new app. Bigbasket. This was very helpful to me in the weekend to get vegetables, fruits, important home items and door delivery of same. I paid Rs.30 for delivery since bill was less than 1000 Rs. Above 1000 it is free delivery. Fresh mints, corriander and the quantity was also compared to market it was better. I also got Rs.100 referral bonus as I used my daughter's referral code to install the apps.

Went to DMart to do a lot of shopping. Bought everything from slippers to rice, cheese to biscuits, flour to milk, and icecream to coffee mugs. Our total bill was less than 5000 rupees which was good considering we bought over 70 items.

I purchaed an emergency lamp Wipro make from Amazon, for my brother in law today for their new home. It will be a very useful gift for their new home.

Today morning I went to the fish market and I was very confused about which fish to buy. At last I bought something which I like. It was a bit costly. Nowadays fish cost very costly.

Yes Vinay, in fact the water tastes sweet from the pot and it is very satisfying after drinking the water from the pot.
Vinay's 6/5/7:51pm - 6/5/9:14pm

When I went out today, I bought a mud pot with a tap to keep water in. It acts as 'refrigerator' and the water becomes cool and tastes good too.

Very recently we found an app which we have to download in our mobile through google play store. It is bigbasket. Here we can order many things like vegetables, fruits, non-veg. Then they deliver everything to our door step with no extra cost. Morever the cost is much cheaper when compared to market price.

Recently I bought a 'recron' pillow. It's a special material filled in the pillow which makes the pillow extra soft and more comfortable while using it.

I purchased few typical kerala set saris during my recent visit to kerala.

I bought some nice fried jack fruit. (You may call it as jack fruit chips, as it is almost like the banana chips) Very yummy it is.

Recently when I went to Kerala, I bought a four-fold umbrella. It looks very cute, can be folded into a small thing, and can put it in lady's hand bag. Very useful.

Yes Sheila, Amazon pantry is very reasonable and the next day delivery makes it very convenient. Earlier they would only offer certain products like Coffee and tuna cans but now we can get almost everything.
Sheila's 1/5/2:34pm - 1/5/9:10pm

Yesterday visited khadi exhibition. Bought a dress for me and a small pot of mud to keep curd in it.

Whenever anyone wants to buy a watch with longstanding daily use, you can go in for Fast track metal watches. My son gifted five years back and it works well. I wear it almost all time, after two years I changed the battery. Then every year I just change the battery alone. Worth buying. It will cost around Rs.2200. Life long worth of it. Can be thought while we gift to our loved ones.


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