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Smartphone Etiquette

when so ever you are on a call do not shout and talk as there is no absolute problem with your smarthphone.
it is better to pull youself aside when your on a call

Very thoughtful and important tips Sheila. You are bang on about the updates of the apps. Almost every week some of the apps start prompting us to update the app even when you have done it recently. I don't see any sense in that apart from wasting valuable time and data. We should update our apps when we feel it needs to be upgraded.
Sheila's 8/7/11:13pm - 9/7/12:35am

Download only the required apps. Also, often your smart phone prompts for upgrade of the existing apps. Use your decision wisely and check if you have recently updated, do not update them so often. Sometimes, the patch file corrupts your smart phone efficiency. Read the feed back given at the bottom by other people, who have updated and if they have given a lot of complaints, never risk to update same. Leave it as it is with the previous version and still your phone works.

I agree Dolphi. Technology should always be used so that it helps us not to an extent that we become feeling less like the gadget. What makes man special is our emotional aspect.
Dolphi's 20/6/12:07pm - 6/7/12:00pm

One of the etiquettes which people are openly flaunting is, clicking picture of anyone, anywhere with their personal phones. Mostly men, who pretend to do something on their phone and click pictures of women without taking permission. I believe one should never take someone's photo without their consent.

As Vinay was mentioning earlier how people are using phones while crossing the road. Similar mistakes are made by the drivers of the vehicles and the bike riders. They are often busy on the cell phones while driving which not only risks their lives but also of the pedestrians and others riding along. One should use the phone cautiously which does not hurt anyone. Phones are a mode to keep in touch with people, that's it. Why give it so much undue importance in life.

Last Saturday, two of our XI std students brought the mobile phones to the school. I confiscated the phones and informed the parents immediately. The parents did not bother to come to enquire at all!

The advertisement says not to use the mobile phone while driving. What about while walking on the road? Today, one person who was crossing the road had a very narrow escape from being hit by a bus. He was using the mobile phone while slowly crossing the road, enjoying his conversation. He was really lucky. It would be nice if we pay more attention to our surrounding while walking on the road. Anything can happen.

Very true. When someone is near them also, they are not bothered to face and talk, they meddle with the phone giving an irritation to the other person.
Dolphi's 20/6/12:07pm - 20/6/8:23pm

Some people are always preoccupied with their smartphones even when they are in good company. The smartphone is not a substitute for a happy, face-to-face conversation with your close ones.

Try to keep the ring tone in a moderate volume in your smartphones so that it does not divert the attention of other people. Also speak in soft voices instead of shouting on the mobile phones, which will irritate the rest of the people in office or surroundings.

Smart phones have become the center of attraction these days from young to old people. Once we start using the internet facility through the smart phones, we get attention to download many apps. Be very careful in accepting to download the apps. Only if you will use such apps, download them. I can say that smart phones are very convenient to get many things handy. At the same time, we have to restrict ourselves from getting addicted to it. Close all apps and switch off mobile data, when not in use. This saves your battery life. Also helps you to get away from addiction. Use the earphones connected to mobiles, while on conversation to avoid the radiation effect from the smart phones when speaking directly close to your sensitive ears.


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