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As expected the Indian Cricket team had a 3-0 win over the Srilankans. Congratulations Team India.
Let us hope that they continue the good form in the forthcoming one day series that start on the 20th too.

Yes, India is going to win this cricket test too against the Lankans. It certainly is going to be a total white wash (unless the weather God helps them!) winning all the three tests. Well done, Kohli and the other members in Team Blue.

Kudos to the Indian Cricket team for winning the series in Srilanka. They gave the Lankans an innings defeat in the second test.
Now we will hope for a total white wash in the three test series.

Indian Cricket team is doing very well in the second test also against Srilanka. I am again happy that my favourite Rahane scored a beautiful century.
Innings victory this time?

Nice to see that India is doing well in the Colombo test also. The only doubt I have is whether Indians are playing better because India is strong or is it because Srilanka is a weak team at present?

What an incredible win India had against the Srilankans yesterday! Congrats Kohli and his team for winning the first cricket test in Srilanka against them on the home ground.

I completely agree with you, Savio. We have all played Kabaddi during our school days. And I like it more as, it is an Indian sport, originated in India. It needs no props, one can just draw lines on the ground and start playing it. It's a simple form to understand and very exciting to watch.
Savio's 28/7/7:56pm - 28/7/8:43pm

Luckily, for those bored of Cricket and other such long "match fixed" sports, here comes a refreshing and welcome change this Monsoon. I love keeping in touch with this awesome sport which I am very proud of being associated with from childhood.
Kirti's 28/7/7:48pm - 28/7/7:56pm

My favorite sport league is kicking off today, right now, as I speak (type), Pro Kabaddi League. My son and I love to watch it and most times we place bets on the matches. There are four more teams joining this season, so, I am keeping my options open for my favorite team. Will observe the first few matches and decide on one. Or Jaipur Pink Panthers is there my old favorite anyway.

Even though India did not reach the expected high total in the first innings in Srilanka test, they did very well in restricting the Lankan batsmen to a very low score taking 5 big wickets. Indians have to bowl them out soon today. Today's game can be crucial.

India did very well on the first day of the Srilankan test yesterday. Scoring nearly 400 runs a day is something very good in a test match.
Today till lunch, they lost 4 wickets for 104 runs in the span of 27 overs, which is very alarming. There should be consistency in the batting with long partnership.

The Indian Women's Cricket team captain Mithali Raj is chosen as the captain of the ICC Women's World Cup 2017 team by the ICC. Deepthi Sharma also is included in the team. It shows the growth of the Indian Women's Cricket in India.

Very sad that the Indian Women's Cricket team lost in the finals. In spite of that, all Indians will like them for their fighting spirit and reaching the finals of the world cup for the second time.

Tomorrow the Indian Women's cricket team will play the World Cup finals against the host England. England is a strong team, no doubt, and they have their home ground advantage too. But our plus point is that we defeated them in the league match that led us to the finals.

The Indian Women's Cricket team has stormed into the finals of the World cup, beating the favourites Australia. I sincerely hope the same in the finals against England on Sunday. Let India bring laurels to our nation. Good luck to them.

Congrats Roger Federer for achieving yet another grand slam title. A real record indeed. He became the oldest person to win the Wimbledon. Great!

Indian women cricket team managed to reach the semi finals, at last. They are going to play against the mighty Australians. If Indians keep their nerve, definitely they can beat the Aussies to enter the finals.

The selection of the coach for the Indian Cricket team was postponed. That must be because of the differences of opinion among the selection panel. After all they are human beings; how can Ganguly forget and forgive Ravi Sastry who had abused him last time when they selected Anil Kumble as the coach!

It was a happy note that India became the overall champs in the Asian Championship. Dethroning the 17 years champs, China, was tremendous. Even though India came as runners-up for six times, so far they could not make it to the top spot. Congrats India.

India lost in the one-off Twenty-20 match against the West Indies. 190 runs in 20 overs was not sufficient yesterday. Too sad.

At last Virat Kohli and his men won the series in West Indies. The fifth one-day match was a cake walk for the Indians. I cannot understand why they lost to the same team in the previous match.
I am happy that my favourite, Rahane was able to contribute in all the matches, and very rightly got the Man of the Series award.
The mistake they did in England was not including him in the playing eleven.

Today it is a very hot day in Tirupur. The sun is shining brightly, and there are no clouds at all in the sky. There is no chance of any rain, I guess.

I am sad that Indian Cricket team lost to the West Indies by a narrow margin yesterday. Unfortunately there is no telecast of the match, so even though I was very eager, could not see the match on TV.
Happy that Indian women beat Pakistan in the world cup match. At least some compensation!

It's going to be India versus West Indies in the men's Cricket and India versus Pakistan in the women's Cricket today. Good luck to both the teams.

Looking forward to the sports events that are lined up from July. My favorite Kabaddi League will start at the end of July for a month then there is under 17 Football World Cup held in Goa, in the month of October. And as of now the Wimbledon is there to give us some treat.

One more new match today for the Indian cricket team. I don't know whether they will play in a relaxed mood thinking that they got rid of Anil Kumble, or with guilt in their mind for losing the ICC finals and chasing Kumble away.

Whatever happens, happens for good Dolphi. That is this phrase is accurate.
Dolphi's 20/6/12:10pm - 22/6/12:33am

I have just heard a rumor from a reliable source that there is going to be an intensive CBI investigation into the allegations of possible match fixing during the finals of the recently concluded Champions Trophy in England. I am hopeful that the cricketers involved in this shameful and unpatriotic match fixing are thrown in prison for the rest of their lives. They are a disgrace to the country and the sport. I feel ashamed to say that I am an Indian when I come to know how much money these players have taken to lose against Pakistan.

Ok, so Indian cricket team could not bring laurels to our country. So what? Just look at the hockey team. The same day Indian cricket team got thrashing from the Pakistani counterparts, Indian hockey team gave a humiliating defeat to the Pakistani hockey team. Mera Bharath Mahan!

Suddenly, our TV broke down on the eve of India-Pakistan cricket match. Perhaps it was good that we were spared from watching India's humiliating defeat.

Right Vinay, same thoughts came in our mind also seeing the poor performance of Indian cricket time in every field bowling, batting, fielding everywhere.They played as they don't want to win.
Vinay's 19/6/7:15am - 19/6/9:04am

Poor performance by the Indian team yesterday. It is ok if we fail in any one of the departments, but yesterday we failed in all the departments of the game - fielding, bowling, batting, and planning strategy.
It was as if the match was fixed!

Though not that much passionate about cricket, when my better half watches and the audio falls into my is ok to be like this than stressing myself for every ball on seeing.

Congrats India for marching to the finals of the ICC Champions Cricket tournament.
If India has the same temperament, there is no reason why we will not win the finals against the arch rivals Pakistan. Moreover, the psychological advantage of defeating them in the opening encounter should add confidence to Indian team.

Congrats Indian Cricket team for pushing yourself into the semi finals place. Today they played very well and was a team effort really.
Hope they do well both in the semifinals and finals. We would like to see Indians winning this tournament next Sunday.

Today is the crucial India-Pakistan cricket match in the ICC Trophy tournament. There was an interruption due to rain some time back, and I am happy that the match has resumed. Hope India does well today also.

Very disappointed that the match is interrupted due to rain. Indians started cautiously and steadily. Hope the weather God will allow the Indians to win the game today.
Savio's 4/6/2:57pm - 4/6/3:58pm

All eyes are on Birmingham today, an India vs Pakistan match, what a scene, thousands arrived 2 hours early to get in line and be the first to get into the stadium, the weather is looking good, it seems like it's going to be a great day for India with a very fit and talented team thrashing the Pakistan unit in the game that's just about to start.

All the Indians are eagerly waiting for June 4th. India is going to have a "war" with Pakistan - of course on the cricket field in the ICC Champions Trophy match.


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