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Stress is caused because we are being "here", but wanting to be "there".
Therefore, live HERE, and live NOW.

Meditation is one type of stress busters.

I have been having an aquarium for more than 20 years. There are about 14 golden fish in the tank at present. When I feel a bit sad or lonely, I like to sit near the aquarium to watch the fish. Just keep watching them, and they will come towards you some time, talk to them and forget the worry you have. You will be totally relieved.

'Self Talk' is a great stress buster. It helps us to identify our own plus and minus and gives scope for development.

One of the easiest and quickest way to relax. Cut two thin slices of cucumber taken from the fridge. Close your eyes and place the cold cucumber on them. It is a very good eye mask.

When I am very much stressed, immediately I start to play games and come out of my thoughts relating to the stress. Now, I discovered a new game in my new laptop Mahjong. Really interesting to match making.

For me biggest stress buster is cooking. When i am really stressed it is the best time for me in the kitchen as a cook. It helps me to completely focus on something different completely and not go into the mode of thing about my stress problem again and again.

In case something is bothering you often, it will be better to talk it over to someone whom you have faith in, instead of keeping everything inside you. That becomes a stress and brings in all sorts of trouble. Pour it out to someone who is ready to listen to you and you will be relieved.

Taking frequent breaks during the day in between our activities really helps to come out of monotony and stress. I stop my work in my desk sometimes and stare through the glass window to see the beautiful green leaves from trees and also watching the moving cars in the roads for few minutes and then again start my work. This relieves my eye strain from constantly viewing the computer also removes stress.

I had a long sleep of 10hrs after many days, it is great stress buster for me.

When we have good listeners, we are so much relaxed and happy. In that way, Cafe Enoma is a good listener.......and it is a great stress buster for me. Hours passes in seconds when I am here at CE. Thank you.

Whenever I am a bit stressed about something in my work place, the way I reduce my stress is to talk very openly to my wife who is a patient listener. She consoles me and talks to me something, giving a lot of 'stories' from here and there to reduce my stress level.
She is a very good 'stress reducer'.

Just lying down and listening to the soft instrumental music is a great stress buster. Only yesterday afternoon I tried doing. Had good relief.

Yes it is a type of marma therapy in Ayurveda, with rubbing and pressing at the back of the ear, pressing at the centre point of your head with little pointed thing like pencil, start pressing from the side of your eyes,you will feel palpitation and then slowly bring both the fingers rubbing toward foreheaf till the centre point if your head, it works a lot in headache.
Vinay's 20/6/4:55pm - 22/6/9:27am

I have a headache right now and luckily I read this entry. I am trying it. Let's hope it works.
Vinay's 20/6/4:55pm - 22/6/12:47am

Pets are a miraculous way of busting the stress. Especially, our canine friends get along so well with human beings their role in busting the stress remains unsurpassed.

Just being still at Nature's beauty is a great stress buster. The unconditional giving of Mother Nature nurtures our wholesome being. A good feel within. Thank you Nature.

Someone suggested to me to rub in a circular motion at the back of the ears when we get a headache or when we are stressed. I tried, and it worked.

It is no use talking to the people who are accustomed to beat their own drums loudly. It is best to avoid such people. If there is no alternative, you can keep your ears shut and ignore the talk.

I learn from the regions that persistently visit the windowsill outside that persistent is one way to succeed in your goal. But I am equally persistent in driving the pigeons away. It is to be seen who will ultimately win the battle.

An IIT entrance examination topper recently disclosed his secret of busting the examination stress. He said that drawing cartoons, rather aimlessly, was his way of busting the stress.

Whenever some nameless worry possesses you and bothers you, try quiet meditation. Go to a quiet place, especially conducive for meditation, and divert your mind to pleasant and relaxing thoughts.

It is almost the beginning of the rainy season. Frequent tea breaks in between your work help in getting over ant kind of stress. It is better if you have something to munch along with the hot cup of tea.

Stress is a self-sustaining vicious cycle; stress feeds stress. Instead, divert your mind from stressful thoughts and deal with them later when your mind is calmer.

Nothing is impossible Sheila. Have a get-to-gather, once in 4 alternative place......sure your joy is back. Cheers.
Sheila's 6/6/11:12am - 6/6/11:55am

Even I too love that. Playing cards with family. I am missing them a lot nowadays as we seldom meet together. My brothers and sister.
Rekha's 1/6/5:55pm - 6/6/11:12am

These days every other person holds a flashy smartphone in hand and keeps it glued to the ear all the time, unmindful of the world around. Is it a new age stress-busting tool?

There is no point in worrying about day-to-day ups and downs in life. These have to be taken in an easy stride. Often meditation helps in keeping the mind calm and cool.

Everywhere we see construction workers busy doing some or other pre-monsoon repairs in the neighborhood buildings. They work the whole day while continuously talking among themselves to get over the stress of their jobs.

Playing cards after long with complete family is a big stress buster for me.

Talking to people on phone is an ideal means of stress busting. Long time non-communication can sometimes build up misunderstandings. Simply picking up the phone and dialing the number of your friend or acquaintance does not need any effort, except shaking off your mental lethargy.

Having a fish aquarium at home is an all time stress buster. Whenever we are around fish we tend to stare at the mute specie for some reason. We think one has to shout out loud to draw someone's attention but to the contrary this attraction what we have towards fishes cannot be explained. Fish goes about moving in it's habitat silently and we just enjoy the way it moves.

I see several of the Gulf guys on vacation going out to buy fish in the morning. I admire their expertise in making the shrewd deals with the fisherfolk, as I am a big zero in that art. However, I think, it will be a great stress buster if I master the art and go buying fish every once in a while.

Once out of home I met a few happy faces at the marketplace. One guy patted on my back in a familiar way and it was a surprise to me find this long-lost friend suddenly dropped on a few days' vacation from Kuwait. A little chat with old friends is no doubt a good stress buster.

One of the biggest stress busters known to man (and woman) is the tiny little stress ball that fits so easily in the palm of thy hand. The stress ball is an instant stress reliever that has the added benefit of developing the grip of our hands whenever we use it. There is something magical and truly relaxing about sitting on this armchair and squeezing my smiley stress ball off and on. It has numerous benefits but the main one is relaxation and stress relief.

Reading and exploring on cafe Enoma release all the stress and add new thoughts to my mind.

Our kitchen and the main hall are joined into one making it look like a long playground. My best way of busting the stress is to pace up and down this long hall after every few minutes.

Some people advise that you have to burst out your feelings then and there. Once done that, you feel much of your stress relieved. It does not help to keep your charged feelings bottled in.

We often tend to go for immediate means of stress-busting like smoking or chewing tobacco. But in the long run, we have to pay dearly for such instant solutions. They do not really help in busting the stress, but rather add to the stress.

I am not sure if I have already mentioned this earlier but I just wanted to share that for me the best stress buster is to sit around midnight when all my chores are done and I am completely free and watch the Best TV series ever made the 'Seinfeld'. It is just amazing how they made the show so long ago that covers almost all social phenomena with great ease and absolutely humorous and the best part of it is, it is still relevant after decades.

I generally do not like to sit idle. I do a multiplicity of works during my spare time. If there is nothing else to do, I take my notebook and scribble some random thoughts on it. That is my way of busting the stress.

Sometimes, when I am hurt or upset about something, I never shout back or retaliate. I just come out of the situation and take a long break. My mother used to tell me that any action's effect will be only for 48 hours. So, I keep such matters to cool for 48 hours and never turn back till 48 hours is completed. Within that time, lots of changes happens to the situation and also within me. Then, things become normal.

When I am very much stressed, I would just try to find some Sardarji jokes, read them, then laugh and then come out of my stress.

Yes Kirti. For an active brain, lot of oxygen is required. Good idea and nice tips to bend the head, which helps quick blood flow to the brain and increasing the oxygen levels to brain. Shall practice this and also tell the kids to do this practice.
Kirti's 20/5/5:47pm - 21/5/4:24pm

It unnerves me whenever I hear chaotic cacophony around. I make some excuse to go out to by some household provisions. I meet my casual acquaintances in the street below and get lost in casual conversations of not much importance.

By bending a few times a day the blood flows directly into our head area which helps our brain get enough oxygen. That is the reason why the older generation taught us to touch feet of the elders because it is a very helpful exercise for our brain.

Taking a day off when you feel exhausted even after your weekly offs is no harm. Sometimes the routine becomes monotonous and one can break it by taking a break. That's what a break means.

Multi-tasking is contrary to concentrating single-mindedly on one goal. Multi-tasking makes you deviate from our goal and taxes your energies and makes you tired sooner. Nevertheless, I have found multi-tasking as my way of busting any build up of stress.

Ha ha ha.......brilliant stress reliever, eating ice cream. Will not sue for the guilt.....ha ha ha
Kirti's 2/5/1:20pm - 17/5/7:28am

Getting the things done at the earliest without any fuss makes you feel less stressed. I have an upcoming trip to Rajasthan in September. I immediately checked the IRCTC website and decided on the most convenient dates for the travel bookings. I coordinated these dates with some others who will be joining me on the trip. Once done and finalized I feel easy in mind.

Doing some household chores in between my work on the laptop helps me busting the accumulating stress. So it is not just relaxing, but diversifying your activities also serves as a stress buster.

Very rightly said. Pets can be a source for making our stress to come down. As I live in a flat in an apartment where pets are not allowed, I am not able to keep a dog as my pet here. I love dogs, but I am not able to have one here. Instead, I turn my attention to the small aquarium that I have been having for years. Just keep looking at those lovely fishes and the stress in you automatically comes down.
Dolphi's 14/5/12:31pm - 14/5/1:33pm

It is very true that stress comes from disappointment. And disappointment from expectations. That means our wants and expectations should be minimised to reduce the disappointments and stress.
Dolphi's 12/5/10:08pm - 14/5/1:29pm

I often think of pets as good stress busters. I wish I had a guinea pig at home as a pet. The neighborhood lady told me that they usually keep the pet open in their home at day time and keep it in the cage only at nighttime. Guinea pig is a quiet pet, understands human language, follows the etiquette taught to it but consumes a lot of foliage worth about rupees two hundred per day.

You nailed the problem Dolphi. Stress is nothing but wants which we desire for. If only we could be more satisfied and contented with everything we already have we would be less stressed. But it's the very nature of humans to be irrationally demanding...
Dolphi's 12/5/10:08pm - 12/5/11:34pm

Mostly stress is an unnecessary acquisition. The root cause of all stress is the perennial pressure of wants. What if we simply refuse to get moved by the endless chain of wants?

In the evening I went to the prayer hall in the vicinity. I sat there on a chair under the swirling fan with an empty mind. Seeing the extreme devotion of the people there I realize that everyone in this world has problems and needs Almighty God's intervention to ease those problems.

Reading light and funny books are great. PG Wodehouse books are suppose to be the best in this category. I am yet read his books but my family members have been huge fans of his humour.

Watching my favorite TV series 'Seinfeld' takes away my stress instantly. The humor is very intelligent and the social issues covered in the show make it one of a kind show. It is relevant even today, after 15 years of it being over.

Sometimes, when I feel a little bit stressed out, I prefer to take a walk up and down along the tree-lined adjoining street.

I take a break once in a while and pace up and down the long hall. It loosens the taut muscles of my limbs because of continued sitting, and also serves as a healthy stress-buster.

I did not know it at first, but now I am beginning to realize that the participation in Cafe Enoma activities is also one of the ways of busting the stress.

Concentrate on things that you like such as listening to soothing music or writing down your random thoughts when you feel extremely stressed out.

Drinking warm water at regular intervals during the day keeps not just our voice but even our entire system in good shape for the entire day. It's a simple stress relief technique that you really must try.

Are you stressed? What caused you the stress? Talk to your dearest one. I am sure, half of the stress will vanish.

Go to the refrigerator, open the freezer door and remove the excess chocolate ice-cream, take it and grab a spoon don't bother about getting bowl just sit back on the sofa and dig in. Eat as much as you can directly from the ice-cream box. And you are stress free. Don't sue me about the guilt you may feel later about your weight and tummy.

After a long day of physical work and running around, when we are home finally take some warm water in the bucket with salt in it and enjoy keeping your feet in it for some time. That relaxes anyone for sure. Very old but the most effective way of relieving physical and mental stress.

Running with music keep away all the stress.

Are you stressed? Lie down, close your eyes and listen to your favourite music in a very low volume. I don't think there is better medicine than this.

An easy way to avoid unwanted stress is to follow prescribed guidelines and rules properly. We invite stress and trouble when we break the rules out of ignorance or other silly reasons.

Listening to soft music such as Chinese Flute, Piano, Violin, Sitar and the Cello really helps reduce our stress in the long run. I have the daily habit of listening to soft instrumental music which really helps me relax and enjoy each moment a lot more.


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