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The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, and not on things we fear.

To become an outstanding performer, you will be tested by all means. Your success depends on the extent you stand firm and stable in all storms.

All of us have our moments of success, when the tendency would be to feel that we achieved them alone. But when we allow ourselves a closer look, we know, as do others, that someone passed the ball to us.

Focus on commitment, not motivation.
Seek knowledge, not results
Make the journey fun.
Get rid of stagnating thoughts.
Use your imagination.
Stop being nice to yourself.
Get rid of distractions.
Donít rely on others.
Protect yourself from burnout.

Very rightly said, Vinay. Failure is nothing but part of success I feel.
Vinay's 7/8/2:36pm - 9/8/7:01pm

Keys to success: Have a goal, research your ideas, plan for success, expect success and just do it.

Focus + daily improvement + Time = Genius = Success.
Should understand this formula deeply and your life will never be the same.

Success is nothing but a few simple disciplines practised every day;
failure is nothing but a few small mistakes repeated every day.

Success is how high you bounce back after you hit the bottom. So never worry when you hit hard on bottom because the harder you hit, the higher you bounce.

Vision is not enough, it must be combined with ventures. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.

Belief in success is one basic, absolutely essential ingredient in successful people. Believe, really believe that you can succeed and you will.

Make goals and work towards it. One will defenitely succeed if committed.

Success is not a matter of being the best. Success is a matter of handling the worst. So be the best in handling the worst.

Between success and failure, most of the times, all that makes a difference is an attempt; an attempt beyond hope.

Whenever you want to start a new assignment, get the blessing from elders, especially the parents. It gives great confidence to continue the work. With their blessing and our confidence, the assignment cannot fail.

When people really get broken and they do not find any source or any help and it is beyond the control of anything in this world. At that time, really something extra ordinary happens and God will intervene and do a miracle. A live example of such a case is Thayappan. His testimony can be easily found through google. After seeing this, I realised the power of God. Then from their address, I have visited their home in Tambaram. The boy Karthik is now my best friend. He is still alive and in his house. I always love to message such lonely souls and make them happy,

Every day is successful when one lives his/her purpose of life. And being happy along the way adds more flavor to a successful living.

Great successes do not come in one a big leap. It is simply an accumulation of small successes over a long period of time.

Patience and Persistence are the two fortes for success. To reach the place of victory stand, it is not that easy. One will be tested to the core to know the inner strength as how long he/she withstands challenges. At any moment, being patient helps a lot. Also, never to give up the spirit of working....this persistency will definitely help to reach the goal.

Hard work is the key to success.

Often you need to be firm in your resolve and actions. Otherwise, people will take advantage of your weakness by manipulating you.

Set goal and work hard towards it to be success.

Those who work in a team should coordinate their efforts to achieve the common goal. Without good teamwork no goal can be attained.

When you encounter failures after failures in whatever that you undertake to do, it is time to pause and think. Do not get agitated by the failures, instead, calmly do an introspection to find out what makes you fail.

Nowadays, I have seen many children, easily get 90% and above in their SSLC and HSC Exams. Even an average student nowadays gets more than 75%.
In our olden days, 75% is taken as distinction or Outstanding Marks. Maybe the syllabus has changed or the learning pattern, exams have changed. But all change is for good and better status. Our children will also get motivated when they score more than 90% in the exams. But still the competition level has increased. Sad part is, despite getting more than 90% they do not get their desired seats in a preferred college. Should we say this as luck or fate. Whatever, children would like to take as their major subjects, better they analyze well and choose a course where they will use their talents at the same time, get easy employment or self employment. That will be the success of their life.

Success is always a roughshod ride. There are failures, ups, and downs on the way. Be brave and take everything in your easy stride.

Sir, your spirit of learning influence me a lot to work more and more. It also instructs us, not to stop working, always move forwards. The life when perceived good, then all falls into places....likewise continuous learning makes our journey of life more interesting and beautiful. Thanks for being an inspiration.
Savio's 31/5/7:36pm - 5/6/12:56pm

Many of the children in the vicinity have easily cracked the CBSE classes X and XII examinations with flying colors. What I notice is that they have been single-mindedly preparing for the examination.

You face several dilemmas during the course of your life. Whenever the decisions are difficult, it is best to stick to moderation and not go to extreme ends.

There is no big mystery why some people are marked to succeed in whatever they do; whereas some are perpetually doomed to go through failures after failures. The secret may be lying in the simple, steady and unostentatious way in which they conduct their lives.

No matter how much we know, it's never enough. To be successful, an important quality to have is to be willing to learn something new every single day of your life. For, if you don't want to learn or you think you already know enough then your chances of being highly successful diminish. An example in my own life is that of the counseling field, despite having taken hundreds of sessions over the last 18 years, I still look forward to learning something new in every session that I take. Today itself, I took up one such session during which I realized that had I asked the right questions earlier in the session I would have been able to help my clients a lot more. But learning itself is not enough, once you have learned something more, it is important to apply your learning at the right time.

It is best to mind one's own business in most of the cases. Often there are people who derive pleasure in pulling your legs in a sly manner. But there is no way anyone can derail you from your path if you stand firm on your ground.

Most of the children in the vicinity have a business-like gait and business like walk. During the examination time, they have hardly seen idling themselves around. But during the holidays and after the exams they loiter around enjoying the fun of life. You can tell easily how successful they will be later in life.

I have learned the hard way not to exhaust all the resources at one go. Your hands itch to spend on so many unnecessary things when the resources are aplenty. But keep aside your hard-earned money for the leaner days ahead.

What is your Locus of control? There are those who do things and know their success and failure depends on the efforts they put in. If they succeed they take all the glory and if they fail they accept the failure knowing they may have gone wrong somewhere. And there are those who depend too much on the external factors for their success or failure. They always wish if things were different I could have done better. If the systems were better I could have been successful. They think this way, because they have an external Locus of control. They don't know that they can control their own life. Their internal Locus of control is extremely weak.

In management we study SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is utmost important for any project, company or business. What is SWOT analysis? SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. To be successful in life also we must find out each of these things. By knowing your strengths, weaknesses and assessing the opportunities and the threats that may exist you can make better plans towards your goals. But, SWOT analysis is a continuous process.

Success means different for different individual. To be successful you have to start from knowing what you want. One you know what YOU want, you can work in progress and eventually be successful.

I've been a content writer and online website developer who has powered my way to 400+ Million page views since 1999. I've learned over a thousand and one lessons along the way of becoming one of the most silent yet highly influential people in the content writing business. I have secured Number 1 rankings for many popular keywords during the past 18 odd years. One of the biggest lessons that I've learned along the way is to be ORIGINAL. Copying content is the same as robbing. Researching is absolutely fine but when someone goes about copying content from other sources then it is something that is just not tolerated by all the media concerned. The clients don't like it, readers hate it, Google and Bing kinda blacklist you, and you yourself lose credibility in the eyes of everybody around the place. I've understood and learned that being original in my writings from Day 1 has helped me outshine almost every other content writer out there. Originality matters, not just in the content writing business, but in most areas of our daily lives as well.

Nothing works if left to the vagaries of fate. Maybe it is only in some rare cases that fate joins hands in making the life a roaring success. Nut, in most cases, you have to be the architect of your own fate.

Success comes in small incremental steps and does not come crashing down from the rooftop. Success comes to those who have a lot of patience and put in a steady and progressive effort.

Success comes in small tranches almost unnoticeably. It rarely pours down from heaven crashing down the roof. All that you need is to have a great amount of patience and hope for the better.

It is nice to hope for a sudden windfall of gain being showered upon us out of the blue. Some people have a compulsive habit of buying lottery tickets. Maybe one in thousand makes such windfall gains. But for most of us, we have to reap the results of our labor the hard way.

Always teach children between the age group of 10 to 14 years, to write handwriting in English and Language two pages a day. This helps them to get a neat handwriting.
Good handwriting takes a person to success.

My cousin's daughter who got admission to Engineering several years ago mentioned that Engineering is easy if you keep up with the class lessons regularly and steadily. She finished her studies in a jiffy, did her Master's in the States and is now well settled in the States.

Adjustment to change is a highly important success secret. The faster we adapt and accept change, the better it is for us. Most people get affected badly when change comes in. They don't know what to do at such times. They become hassled and even totally helpless at times. But at the same time there are few who welcome change and even make the most of those changes so that they actually benefit from it and make life better. In my own life I've always loved making changes myself, even without it happening through external forces, by doing so I am directly taking full control of my life and the future by working within my limitations and injecting certain things that make my life better. During the year, I focus on 4 different careers, sometimes a couple more, which means I must devote more time to the one I must focus most on, so to do well and be happy with these purposeful changes in my schedule I welcome them in a big way. I celebrate the change as if it was my birthday. When I focus more of my time and efforts on the other career, it's not like I neglect the others, they just get less importance in my schedule.

One who conquers one's mind conquers the world. This is especially true in the stock market trading scenario. Do not be driven by the emotions of greed and panic. Sit still when the markets do not bow down to your terms. The markets usually have such devilish tricks that they often succeed in ctaching you on the wrong foot.

Believe that you can be successful, in fact don't just believe, say it with confidence to everyone you meet, long ago, in 1999, I told everyone that I was the best public speaking trainer in India, at that time I wasn't even making any money as a trainer, I had no students, yet I was totally confident about being the best speech trainer, over the next few years, everyone from our students to the press, called me the best public speaking trainer, it was pure belief in myself that helped me fill up classrooms and live a fabulous lifestyle based on my work as a trainer.

Sir, we wish your long story long for the very reason, we are most inspired by your writings and real life incidents. "Do not fear" is the idea of this posting. Happy to be here at SDC, for we are being trained not only for to be a good counsellor, but also, a good human being. Thanks for all. Wish to read more success stories of yours.
Savio's 17/5/11:47pm - 18/5/5:52am

I love my city, the beautiful Mumbai! I love to glorify it every single day in some way or the other and your idea of having a fan page on facebook to show our affection for our city was so appealing that I just loved it. Even though we do not earn a penny doing this job, we love to do it just because of our obligation towards our city. Lacs of people each year come to this great city for opportunities, to fulfill their dreams, to make a living, etc. Everyone wants to take things from this generous city but how many actually pay back something in any form? Beauty of Mumbai is not only in it's landmarks and monument, sky scrapers and structures but it is in it's spirit. Even though our page shows only the physical beauty of Mumbai there is much more beauty in Mumbai than just what we can share on a fan page, it is mere symbolic. Anyone who shows a little concern for the people around, when they see someone in trouble just stop and see what is wrong and helping the person in trouble would be more than enough to pay back to the city to maintain it's dignity. The house for millions of people doesn't run by itself we have to do our bit to keep it running well so that everyone living in this home are safe and sleep peacefully.
Savio's 17/5/10:22pm - 18/5/12:32am

Sir, having learnt many things through Enoma, can you tell us about this web link building, etc. I do not have even a bit of knowledge about the website building, PRs which you have mentioned here. It will be a great learning to all of us here, if you can help us with the knowledge on this matter. This will also be helpful to our future. Thank you Sir.
Savio's 17/5/10:22pm - 17/5/11:54pm

Never be afraid. Ever. Almost a decade ago, I decided to organize a Film Festival which we named 'Pumelo Independent Film Festival'. Having absolutely no experience in this arena, apart from my love for independent films, I spent hours of my time researching other film festivals through the internet. Fortunately. I had attended dozens of film festivals and film screenings during those years so the experience of being an attendee helped a lot. Along with a dozen enthuastic students of our mass communication course I went ahead with finalizing the dates for our film festival. Since we were amateurs in the industry, it was important to make a strong entry into the market to get noticed. This was achieved by being unafraid to reach out to film makers from all over the world to submit their movies for screening. Thanks to our fearless work we successfully received over 200 entries from over 50 countries. The next step was to get movie makers and film stars to endorse or support our film festival. Few of my students were hesitant to approach big movie stars for their support through video clips. They told me that no big star will give their support to us for free. I told them to just go and meet them, tell them what we have already achieved via film entries, then just demand for their clip. Once again, our fearless approach helped us receive the video clips of Boman Irani, Anupam Kher, Cyrus Broacha, Harshad Warsi and more than 50 other celebrities. Long story short, the Pumelo Film Festival was a resounding success thanks to our fearless approach and not being afraid to go out there and do it.

Real success never comes easy. It might take a very long time to achieve the kind of success that you can be truly proud of. Due to this long wait, only those with incredible Patience can be successful. Most people give up or quit due to impatience and being hasty. It is said in a holy book that all good things come to those who wait. How true this is. In my experience, being patient has really helped me reach targets that I've seen many others fail at just because they lacked patience. It is well said that there is no difference between human beings, all are equal, the only thing that is unique in the few that are successful is their determination to succeed and their constant patience.

Spend time in introspection and planning. Even an hour a day is more than enough at most times. And, over the weekends, spending a few hours on this one activity will almost guarantee success for you in due course of time. For me, my long periods of meditation everyday has taught me many things which I probably would never have thought about had I not spent time in introspection. For example, a few years ago, in late 2011, I figured out a way to build the PR (Page Rank) of domains from PR0 to PR3 and PR4 through a unique link building technique which I thought about during long periods of introspection and meditation. As a result of implementing this PR building technique I managed to build over 1000 websites to PR3 and PR4 which we could easily sell to link building companies for a neat profit. Another example of introspection and planning helping me become a bit more successful is with our fan page on FB called Beautiful Mumbai. I thought about this idea of giving back to my great city by creating a photo gallery online which showcases the beauty of Mumbai. This was in the first week of May, two years ago, a week later 'Beautiful Mumbai' was born. Soon, I realized that many others loved what we were doing and we gathered over 130,000 fans along the way who regularly view, like and sometimes share our beautiful pictures of Mumbai.

Sir, you are an inspiration by all means. I do like to follow Kyoto Bamboo Principle......but haven't learned about the Pareto would be helpful if it is posted again. Thank you.
Savio's 17/5/8:22pm - 17/5/10:19pm

Brilliant Sir. What we have learned is only a handful. Every moment, every situation, every experience, people around us, nature, God, living and non-living things around us......teaches something or other. More the spirit of learning, more is the freedom of our Self. Sir, your learning habit has made you grow this successful, great to know. Thank you.
Savio's 17/5/9:29pm - 17/5/10:09pm

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Be alert, be present, be mindful, live in the now. I attribute a lot of my success to just what I have mentioned above. A simple example of this quality that I have developed in me is of Cafe Enoma itself. During each day, I drop into the cafe a few times, sometimes many times, and each time I come here I don't come to contribute with some content but to read and see what others are doing or have done. I have noticed that I am the only one among all the two dozen members who has this quality. It is purely due to keeping my eyes and ears open to everything that I am able to achieve a lot more in lesser time. In simpler words, I am more effective than any other member on the cafe and disciplined during every month of the year mainly due to being here in the now and being aware of everything going on around me.

Perfect Sir. A great lesson learned right this moment. Thank you. A successful man is one who is being humble at all times. But to master such quality, one has to stop judging others and analyzing life......and Sir, you did it. Your life is a lesson to be learned. Thank you for all.
Savio's 17/5/9:47pm - 17/5/10:00pm

Be humble. Despite being a highly successful Public Speaking trainer and Counselor, I have never let success go to my head. Infact, I am so down to earth and humble with my clients and students that most of them assume that I don't do well in life due to the vast amounts of time I spend with them during the year. There have been some students who have tried to take advantage of my humility and soft nature. Despite this, I have never shown off or got back at them for treating me with lesser respect than they should have given someone as highly experienced, learned, and successful as me. I have always been humble in my dealing with my students and clients. I believe this is one the biggest reasons for my success in life. By the way, please don't confuse being humble with disciplined marketing of one's self. There is a big difference between the two and I've kinda worked hard at mastering both.

Never ever give up on your goals. Don't quit. Ever. Chase your dreams till they come true or till the day you breathe your last, whichever comes first. It was in the year 1997 that I had first decided that I wanted to enter the Public Speaking coaching business. At that time, I was both studying in college and working part-time as a teacher in a renowned educational institute in Mumbai. I decided to start getting into the field full-time as soon as I could. But in the next 3 years, I faced obstacle after obstacle along the way despite doing my best to keep this particular dream of being a Public Speaking trainer alive. Finally, in January 2000, when I was dead broke and had tried almost everything in the book, I decided nothing was working so it was best to take a break and go on a vacation to Goa. It was during this vacation that I met a British tourist who helped me get my career goals on the right track once again. She spent hours of her valuable time helping me plan my way forward and encouraged me to try a fresh approach to entering the business. Long story short, I came back from my vacation and hit the Public Speaking training market head on. As a result of the careful planning and disciplined implementation of those plans, I successfully trained thousands of people in Public Speaking in my little classrooms. I just never gave up even when I was lost, confused and dead broke. I found an angel in Goa to guide me and that made all the difference.

Over the past 4 decades of my life, I've spent countless minutes learning from the lives of others. You can say that it is in my blood to learn something new, different or more every single day that I am alive. As a result, I've easily made friends wherever I go, I can strike up a conversation with another tourist while on holiday in Thailand, I am learning from movies that I watch, I learn public speaking and counseling skills from every student that I train, most importantly I make notes of everything that I have observed, listened to and learned. I would say that whatever little success I have achieved is mainly due to my never ending quest to learn, learn, learn and then learn some more.

They say that luck plays a major role in a human being's success or failure. Often, people say that he or she is successful due to a string of good luck. Very often, my students who get to know me say the same thing about me. They think that I am either lucky or have inherited a large fortune hence I can live such a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle. But the truth is that I have made my own luck by grabbing every single opportunity that came along. A little example of this is when I created the world's largest ghost story website more than a decade ago. It all started off with a small story I had written called 'The White Lady'. I had published this story on my personal website in the year 2002. Within 3 years, this single story turned into over 10,000 ghost stories submitted by visitors to my website from over 150 countries in the world. Long story short, had I not seen the immense demand and popularity of ghost stories online during those days, I would never have focused my free time on developing that site. A few years later, I was contacted by a leading horror story website to either sell all the ghost stories to them or hand over the entire website. I ended up choosing the former and sold off all the submitted stories for a neat profit. Now, this had nothing to do with luck.

A human being can be successful despite not having the basic five senses. There are ample examples of humans who have been extremely successful in their respective fields without having eyesight or hearing or the ability to speak. But there is not a single example in the history of the world where a person was or is successful without having the sixth sense. Our intuition is the most powerful sense within us. Those who develop it through daily meditation and prolonged periods of mindfulness are always successful in life.

Success does not require hard work. The most successful sports players, musicians, artists, film makers, etc do not work hard. They follow a disciplined daily schedule, that's all. For even a big fat fool like me knows that Federer and Tiger would die of a heart attack if they played their respective games for more than 8 hours a day. Successful folks are highly disciplined. They rest a lot more than they work and they relax more than 4 hours a day on an average.

As a corporate trainer and guest lecturer who has trained over 25,000 people, I've learned that the disciplined application of the Pareto Principle and the Kyoto Bamboo Principle are the two elements that helped me tremendously in my training career. For 80% of the results we achieve always comes from less than 20% of the efforts put into it and a little progress each day always adds up to big results.

As a highly successful domain investor and seller, I've learned something new each day just by immersing myself into disciplined reading of domain blogs and forums. Hardly a day of my life has gone by without me investing at least half an hour on learning about the domain industry. As a result my company has bought and sold over 4000 domains in the last 7 years.

Handling change positively is very crucial. Going along with the new developments which are for good and making modifications as per them and bringing the new approach in life can help those who don't succeed even after trying very hard.

Adapting to the scenario and accepting the reality faster helps one succeed in life.

Constantly working on our knowledge specially the current knowledge is very important to be successful in life.

Hard labor alone does not guarantee success in life. The donkeys also work hard. It depends on how you do the things by applying your mind. It has been rightly said that 'easy des it'.

Nurturing our inner being.

Surrending our joy & sorrow to God.

Being with the purpose of life.

Not wasting energy on unwanted things.

Being calm and stable at all times.

Knowledge is a reservoir that is not built within a single day. Every day learn some new things. A simple thing such as adding a new word to your vocabulary can one day turn you into a master of words.

The bajiwala's nephew is now learning the ropes on how to become a successful vegetable vendor in a big city. The tell-tale secrets of bajiwala's secrets of success are his humility and sterling honesty.

The most important thing is to keep the most important things as the most important things. People who manage to do this well for a prolonged period of time, with great dedication towards these important things, are guaranteed success in each of their endeavors. There is nothing quite like rigid discipline to get you straight to the top of the mountain. It's easy to be disciplined. Do the most important things every single day. Take little steps forward every single day. No excuses, no complaints, just enjoy doing it.

As a diminutive teenager, it was my life's ambition to earn laurels as a high-jumper. Simply having an ambition is not enough; you have to continue doing steady practice to achieve your goal.

Be stable.

Fear not for obstacles.

Accept your failures.

Let focus be your priority.

Stop analysing life.

It is wise to go with the flow of life.

Appreciate every moment of life as God's blessings.

Surrender your name & fame to God.

Accept accept others as they are.

Do not compare with others.

Resilience is another factor that paves the way to success. Nothing works straight and smooth in this life. You have to adapt constantly to the ever-changing circumstances of life.

I have mentioned it before, but my observations of ordinary people confirm the fact that perseverance and the tenacity of purpose are the surefire ways to succeed in life.

Don't compete just for awards, titles and money. Instead focus fully on doing your best with the available resources and time on hand. Those that do their best in doing things that they love and enjoy are always successful since success cannot be measured with how much money or fame one makes but can only be understood in terms of how happy one is with one's current lifestyle and surroundings.

Do something each day that gets you closer and closer to your major goals. It's amusing to find most of the people expecting God or some lucky hand to help them become successful when they don't do anything themselves to achieve their goals. As a trainer, I often come across students who expect to graduate my online courses without investing enough time in studies and active participation. Sometimes I wonder how these students even survive in the real world when they don't do anything to move forward towards fulfillment of their life purpose.

Be original, be yourself, copying what others do, all the time, does not help. Even if you achieve some success through copying the work of others, that brand of success is simply not satisfying. On the other hand, even if you don't achieve success for a long time by being yourself, you actually enjoy the entire journey since as many great ones have said "Life is a journey, not a destination". Quit copying others, it's easy to see through it, you eventually get caught, and the success you do achieve does not even make you truly happy.

Don't force yourself to do something just for the sake of doing it or because everyone else seems to be doing it. Success lies in doing things for your own benefit, your own sake, not because of what others are saying or doing. Everyday, as a trainer and counselor, I see students and clients doing things just because they feel they must do it to be part of the club. Well, unfortunately, you waste a lot of time in doing such things. It's always better to do something only if you enjoy doing it. Forced participation is never a good thing and experts like me can easily see through it in a heartbeat.

Keep reading as much as possible. That is one of the ways to gain knowledge, and grow.

There is much to be gained if we follow the oft-repeated old adage, 'Slow and steady wins the race.' Surely, consistency is the key to success.

Learn from mistakes. Do not repeat mistakes. Take notes of things to do each day. Do a thorough planning of activities for each day, if possible plan them before sleep the previous day so that we can be focused on our activities when we start the day. Always start the day first with prayers and thanks to God and seek His divine blessings and wisdom, mercy and grace. Night last before sleeping, spend few minutes to thank God for his grace.

Try try try key word to success.

To stand by your heart's say.


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