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Before computers, telephone lines, televisions and mobile phones connected us, we shared the same air, the same oceans, the same mountains and rivers.
We were always connected then too.

The world is in our palm with a simple smart phone. Mankind is making the impossible things possible as far as technology is concerned. Dear technology, why do you fail to create love and peace???? A challenge to you, if you are really smart, please do the good job of creating love, unity and peace in human community by your new findings. If you are successful with my challenge, then I bow down to you. Good luck.

Very true Viany, using the left ear for the cell phone is supposed to cause less damage to our internal organs. Also, keeping phone away from the body is very important, must not be kept it in the pockets all the time.
Vinay's 15/7/11:37pm - 26/7/12:28pm

Tax payers, please fill up your IT returns. The last date for filing IT returns is 31st July 2017. Hence, please plan and do this in a day or two. It is now very simple to file your IT returns through online portal. A simple sheet is given, your Form AS26 is also captured when any taxes are paid / deducted during the financial year 16-17 from your institutions and banks. The total tax remitted under your Pan card number reflects in the statement and it is easy to get the details for E filing.

The scientifically correct way of answering a call on a mobile phone is by using the phone in your left year. If the battery charge is very less, it is always advisable not to use the phone as the radiation is much higher than the normal time.

Made my schedule for today on last night, it was quick and now I went to check if I have been on track with the schedule. So far so good. I would be glad, if by the end of the day I manage to do all those things that I planned last night precisely. Although there were very light things that I listed out to do today. Just wanted to start slow and later after falling in line with the scheduling daily would like to make things more challenging and add in more things that could be helpful to do.

A few of my last year's students came to me to inform that they have taken a short film. I saw that on YouTube. It has come very well. They have given me the link too:
The name of thefilm: Bane.35

After some time, my wife will start preparing dinner for us. I plan to listen to some of the audio books of Savio sir. I would like to listen to those when everything is quiet and when I can relax. I took out my stereo head phones to connect to my lap top in which I have stored all the audio books.

Technology helps me closely monitor the activity of each student on our online training program. We get a LIVE report of which student is on which page of our site and what they are likely to be doing on that page. Advanced technologies like mouse tracking help us learn the behavior of students while reading through important posts, course lessons, etc. It is much easier to analyze this data of students and prepare a better learning platform to enhance their growth during their course tenure with us. The sad part is that most of the time there are a couple of students who have made up their mind not to move forward in their learning. They just want to do enough to stay afloat and get a certificate from us. I can only feel sad for them since it's purely and totally their loss when they don't adapt and improve their performance...

Right said Gomathi, technology has helped us a lot to work at ease from one place with full efficiency. Lot of time is saved due to it. It connects us throughout world with no minutes. We can see various places, our love ones with the advancement of technology.
Gomathi's 18/6/8:22pm - 19/6/4:12pm

In earlier days, we had to take air travel for any important meetings from Chennai to Mumbai. These days due to advancement of technology, we are able to connect through Video conferencing mode, more than four locations at a time. We connect from Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and conduct our important meetings and conferences for two hours or even half a day session, without incurring any travel cost and also saving our valuable time.

Technology facilitates communication from any part of the world to another. This century is really blessed to see this technology boon. Thanks to technology for helping me to do my work at ease.

Perfectly said Sir. One way, the advanced technology helps us in saving time to do some regular activities. But at the same time, it makes us lazy, and also inactive and has adverse results on our health. In those days, we used to grind the iddli / dosai paste in a grinding stone, which will take more than 90 minutes to grind the urdu dal and rice. One way, it was time consuming but it really gave a good exercise for the body and was stimulating our pancreas, so no one became diabetic. Now, the grinder came. Sometime ready made dosai pastes available in shops, which makes us so lazy and we prone to leave our internal organs to stay still, which leads to complications at a later date.
Savio's 4/6/11:26am - 15/6/1:00pm

Good news Sir. Easy to design and get it printed at economical rates. Thanks for the information Sir.
Savio's 15/6/12:35pm - 15/6/12:53pm

Recently I have been creating designs for our visiting cards using a combination of free software such as Irfan View, GIMP, and more. It is nice to save money and create eye catching designs for our cards right from the comforts of our own home. Uploading the complete design and ordering the cards has also become so easy. We usually get the cards within 2 days from Vista Print. What's more, we are not cutting down trees as we print all our cards on recycled paper.

I am overjoyed that Microsoft's Bing is going to start rewarding its users for using it instead of Google. I have been using Bing and Google for many years now. Given a choice between the two, I'd choose Bing 8 times out of 10 over Google. Bing is clean, ad free, quick and gives the best results. Bing is what Google used to be during the early years. Now it's full of manipulated search results and cunningly disguised ads.

The 'AI - Artificial Intelligence', the invention of mankind, is going to transform all human system to robotic system. And that is the day where all hearts of mankind are gone feelings, no empathy, no understanding, no courtesy, no gratitude. God, please stop human brain from exploring, evolving and creating the system of life to so unnatural way.

Technology plays such a vital role in our daily lives these days. Simple things like a wireless mouse and keyboard make working and playing games on the computer so much easier and enjoyable. A large monitor screen and a full HD TV makes entertaining ourselves and the guests a lot more fun. Things like the smartphone and the tablet make it so much easier to browse the internet while relaxing on the bed or in the armchair by the window. However, it is mainly due to these very conveniences of technology that obesity, stress and laziness of the world's population has drastically increased in recent times. So it's always wise to use technology only when it enhances the quality of our lives and makes life more comfortable. Excessive use and dependence must be avoided at all costs.


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