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Yes ..Kirti is definitely a place you will love visiting. I have been there 4 times and i feel like i can go again.
Kirti's 16/8/10:27pm - 17/8/9:13am

Wow, Prerna! You visited Auroville, I feel envious! I have been wishing to visit Auroville for the last three years now. And I know, I will visit it soon. It is one of the places in my travel list. I have seen a few shows on it and I find it my kind of place to visit. Whatever I have read about it and seen on the television is admiring.
Prerna's 16/8/12:38pm - 16/8/10:27pm

Trip to Pondicherry was very enjoyable. Visited Auroville also. The walk to Matri Dome in the amazing green cover with thousands of butterflies and listening to the birds chirping was the best part of this trip. Visited some French Cafes in the white town. Had some really tasty baguette and desserts. Being a long weekend, it was very crowded. But luckily we were able to avoid that as we started very early to Auroville.

Tomorrow me and my family are planning to go the IMG worlds it is an indoor amusement park with all sizes of roller coaster and many other rides.I am excited as well as a little nervous thinking about how things will go.

We are planning to go to Pazhani temple tomorrow. Will start early in the morning. It is about 100 kilometres from here. After the darshan, I hope to come back in the evening itself if everything goes all right. Tomorrow being Sunday, I expect a big crowd in the temple.

Have a nice and wonderful trip, enjoy lot Prerna.
Prerna's 11/8/10:40pm - 11/8/11:03pm

My childhood friend is coming tomorrow and we are taking a 2 day trip to Pondicherry. Packing all done. Am so excited. It is one of my favorite places in India as i have beautiful memories from the last two trips with family....yippie..

Next weekend is going to be very long weekend. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Monday being the Sree Krishna Jayanthi, is a holiday. Tuesday, even though it is a holiday on account of Independence Day, I have to go to the school in the morning for the flag hoisting.
We are planning for the trip on Sunday and Monday. Not yet decided where to go, but will go for sure.

When you are physically or mentally not well, avoid driving alone. If you want to go somewhere, it will be better to arrange a driver. It is very dangerous to drive when you are tensed.

Right Sheila during drive eyes should be on road with full concentration but i feel this is the best time to talk with yourself.
Sheila's 5/8/10:28pm - 6/8/8:29am

Whenever we happen to drive, we have to give full attention of our mind on the roads, the signals, the traffic and be very alert from the time we start to the time we reach our destination. In between, our minds should never ever have any other thoughts or tension. If we feel tensed, we should stop driving.

Travel thought makes me happy. Next month I am going to Kerala. The thought of it is fantastic.

I am having my childhood friend over from Aug 12 to Aug 15. She is coming alone as she has some work in Pondicherry. We are planning to have an all ladies trip to Pondicherry on the 12th and 13th of August. Hubby has agreed to take care of the girls in my absence. I am sure they will have a lot of fun with the Hitler of the house away..ha ha ha.... I love the white town and the cafes in Pondicherry. The walk by the beach is amazing.

Buy one air pillow and keep them whenever you travel overnight by trains or buses. This gives you good head rest support and makes you sleep and relax and take your overnight travel comfortable.

Since August 15th is Independence day, I have planned to visit Bangalore with my family, as they will have flower shows. Wanted to take the best photographs during the flower show. I have planned my travel now itself. Hope and pray God that everything will go well and we could enjoy a short break at that time, enjoying the beauty of nature.

Always try to plan your travel well in advance. Book the journey tickets and ensure confirmed seats and if possible the required type of berth. Have a small travel kit ready with you always with essential medicines, soap, tooth paste , brush , comb, powder and a small mirror, shaving set, prayer book, handy diary.

I love travelling alone. The concept of travelling for me is spending time with self. It makes me clear about some decisions to make.

Thank you Kirti mam for your good wishes, i will get all the tests done whatever my doctor will suggest me, SDC Enoma and whole team is there to keep me and mind relax.
Kirti's 29/6/8:29pm - 29/6/11:30pm

Thank you Gomathi, i will enjoy my trip too i.e why i kept this trip of three days. I will meet my friends and sisters in Delhi, after check up will go for shopping also.
Gomathi's 29/6/8:15pm - 29/6/11:23pm

Hope everything goes well for you Rekha, we are all here wishing you the best. Go ahead and get it done.
Rekha's 29/6/7:27pm - 29/6/8:29pm

Rekha, no upset, just go with the flow of life, you will be very fine. Have a wonderful trip. Cheers.
Rekha's 29/6/7:27pm - 29/6/8:15pm

I have to travel by train today night.I am going to Delhi for my routine checkup at fortis hospital, Gurgaon. I am praying, she may not ask for pet CT, i don't like this test now.

Today evening I had to rush to Coimbatore which is about 60 km from my place. We started after the school hours. The drive was a really nice one with a perfect weather and the cool breeze blowing outside. I enjoyed my drive.
Came back after the work there by about 9:30 pm after having the dinner on the way.

We are going to get a long weekend this time, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (being Ramzan). We are planning to go to Mangalore, Udupi and Kollur in Karnataka. I heard that it is raining there, but we had already planned to go there.

Planning to go to Bangalore to visit my friend. The thought of meeting her makes me happy.

Travelling is thrill for me. Love to go for picnics.

Booked ticket for kerala trip in September. Just waiting for it. Counting the days everyday.

Tomorrow we are planning to travel to a place called Pollachi which is about 70 km away from here. There is a famous temple called Maasaniamman Temple, where the idol of the goddess is very huge. We are planning to visit the temple tomorrow.

Planning for travelling to Kerala in September.


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