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Unfortunately we don't get that channel here!
Kirti's 14/8/8:12pm - 15/8/5:01pm

I have been watching a new show these days titled 'Trust Me I Am A Doctor'. It is a very informative show. That covers common medical myths and brings out the facts behind those myths. It is good to watch it, as there are too many health misconceptions that prevail. I like this show, it comes on BBC Earth.

There is a programme going on on Star Vijay TV channel. The name of the programme is Big Boss. I think it is also telecast in some channels in Hindi. It is being directed by actor Kamal Hasan. The people have become a bit crazy about it.

The other versions of that show have been extremely successful already. The concept of Big Brother (Bigg Boss) is proven crowd puller. No wonder it has already gained momentum in the South. I like watching the show because of it's format. I learn a lot about Psychology as well from the show. As it shows the contestants, off guard. We see their real emotions and reactions.
Vinay's 28/7/10:44am - 28/7/7:33pm

I am sorry, the channel is Star Vijay.
Vinay's 28/7/10:44am - 28/7/10:46am

The programme on Vijay Super TV channel conducted by the actor Kamalhasan is becoming to be a big hit. The name of the programme is The Big Boss. It is telecast every night from 9 to 10:30. It is something different.

Max and I sit and watch 'Do or Die' together and figure out which option would be the right one to go with. It's kind of fun.

I like the show 'Do or Die' which comes on Discovery Sci. The show discusses a particular scenario or situation where you might be in some kind of danger and gives a few options that are commonly picked by people. And they evaluate each of the options and show us the consequences of all of them and then the right thing to do in those difficult situations.

I am not that much into TV watching nowadays, except for the standard epic serials. I have always great likings for all those epic stories just for the only reason, I could learn life's lessons there.

My TV tuner is not working from three days,technician has take it for repair.


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