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Goodbye Fruit Flies
To get rid of pesky fruit flies, take a small glass fill it 1/2″with Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid, mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever!

No More Mosquitoes
Place a dryer sheet in your pocket. It will keep the mosquitoes away.

Reheating Breads
To warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave with a cup of water. The increased moisture will keep the food moist and help it reheat faster

Whenever you are traveling abroad, there will be many people who want to send something or the other through you to their friends or relatives living in that country. Be very cautious while you agree to carry a package of someone's. Avoid taking eatables or things that you are not sure of. Anything that may be prohibited in the country you are visiting and you are found carrying, you will be penalized for. Very often people try to hand things that are not allowed to be transported to another country including Narcotic substances, they try to do it through someone else so that they don't get caught or arrested of it. But, your life will be messed forever, if you fall prey to these practices.

I wrote the tip after experiencing it a couple of times. Initially afterwards but last time i found out at the counter itself. The funny part is in the process the customer is always overcharged never undercharged.
Kirti's 1/8/5:46pm - 1/8/8:45pm

Exactly Prerna, it happened with me on this Sunday itself. The cashier double punched an item that I had bought and I paid double. I bought one packet of peanuts and the cashier had entered it twice in the bill. I did not realize it while making the payment as there were other items as well. Later on, when I went through the bill I saw that I paid for 2 packs of peanuts and bought just one. That too after reaching home. I felt bad that I wasn't alert enough.

After thinking about it, I thought of going back to the supermarket and telling them that the cashier had double punched an item. The supermarket is at a stones throw from our residence, still it was waste of time going there again. But, I am a regular customer there and I would always feel cheated forever if I didn't go and report the incident. So, I went to their customer care department and told them about my bill. I was apprehensive about the whole thing, whether they would admit their fault or they would just tell me they can't help it, if I am not careful enough. I just told the person sitting at the customer care counter about what had happened and gave him the information of the counter number where I paid. He didn't argue at all with me. He checked my bill and asked me if I wanted cash back or a pack of peanuts. I assume they checked on their CCTV footage immediately and confirmed it. I felt relieved when they acknowledged their mistake. But, I am never letting MYSELF repeat this mistake. This was the first time ever I could not tally my bill and should be the last time.
Prerna's 1/8/5:22pm - 1/8/5:46pm

Always check the bill details and the total amount before paying any bill. I have observed in supermarkets especially, that whenever there is a billing mistake it is always you who have paid more for some reason. It never happens that they charge you less even by mistake.

When the humidity is high, take fluid food more. Stop intaking all masala and chilli items.

The plates from the kitchen chimney can be directly put in the dishwasher. It saves you the time and effort to clean and scrub each plate manually. After the dishwashing the plates come sparkling.

We can add pudina powder and black pepper with roasted cummin seed powder with other ingredients to buttermilk,it add up the taste and flavour to it.
Kirti's 28/7/7:24pm - 28/7/11:28pm

I love to have Butter milk (Chach). It is cooling and very tasty. I simply add the roasted crushed cumin and rock salt. But, adding the other ingredients will make it more interesting and healthier. Thank you Prerna and Vinay for these tips.
Prerna's 28/7/9:40am - 28/7/7:24pm

I agree Vinay. I shall try it and let you know.
Vinay's 28/7/10:36am - 28/7/4:59pm

It will taste better if you add a bit of green chilli and crushed piece of ginger. It is a real thirst quencher.
Prerna's 28/7/9:40am - 28/7/10:36am

If someday you have excess curd. Make buttermilk and add asafoetida, roasted cummin powder and salt. Transfer to a jug and keep having small portions the whole day. It is very good way to keep the body hydrated.

I really like your Tomato puree idea Sheila. I think it will work out more economical.
Sheila's 26/7/12:48pm - 26/7/4:14pm

Now instead of using tomatoes, we can use the tomato puri which will be available in the super market. Alternatively, now the lime price has come down drastically. For Rs.20, we can buy around 10 lime. So, we can use it for our Rasam and sauce instead of tomatoes.

Putting my thoughts into words takes a lot of effort on my part. It is very time consuming if i have to type on the keyboard. I have found a workaround to this. I first write own all my thoughts on paper, make corrections and keep it ready. Then i just type on the keyboard taking reference from the paper.

In our office, we have a display board in the main area, where we can post appreciation labels about our staff for any special or good work done by them. We can also paste such labels in their work stations. Though this does not cost much, but the value it creates for the individual in motivating, is just amazing.

To clean ceramic ware and steel taps, just put a drop of Harpic and rub with scotch brite. Then rinse with clean water. Good for washbasins and taps.

During the night whenever you go out and might have to walk on the street, wear a light colored clothes or at least the top. It is easier for the vehicle drivers to see you in the light colored clothes than the dark ones.

Always keep ice pack inside your freezer compartment. When I fell down yesterday and got badly hurt on my jaws, immediately my mom rushed me with the ice pack from the freezer, which helped me a great extent from blood clots and swellings. Else it would have been a bad time for me. You can get it from amazon and check for ice pack gel. Always leave it in your freezer and use immediately in case of hurts, accidents on the portion where we get hurt. Helps a lot.

Keep some artificial jewels in home for wearing for a party of wedding. Real valuable jewels are for our security purpose in bank lockers.

Keep your valuable jewels and original documents in bank lockers.

Before picking up a product in a shop, think 'whether the product is your need or want'. This way, you can avoid wastage of money on unnecessary things.

Clean the filters of your airconditioners weekly once, to get a cool breeze soon as you switch on.

Must remember to keep copying whatever we type on the computer every 2-3 minutes and once done typing must copy it again before pressing the submit button. This is an important practice because many times the internet connection resets and by the time we are done typing our message and when we have forgotten to copy the typed material gets lost if the internet connection had gone in the middle and we lose all that content that we typed taking so much time.

The easiest way to keep copying is to press ctrl A and ctrl C that's it.

One of my students who has become a doctor told me this: To get rid of migraine, eat an apple in the morning adding a bit of salt in it. Make it a habit and there will be a definite change in the frequency of the nasty headache.

The ordinary toothpaste can be used for cleaning the glass items. Apply a bit toothpaste on the mirror and wipe it neatly with a piece of cloth. The mirror will get back the shine it had before.

Don't argue, just listen, your time will come when you can share your feelings without hesitation.

Using a spoon of malai in every vegetable add up taste to it.

My wife did not experience the right taste of the 'Faluda' that s being served in Mumbai restaurants as the one served in a particular restaurant in Udupi. So she bought the faluda mix that was on 'buy-one-get-one-free' offer. I brought a liter of buffalo milk for the purpose. The buffalo milk has a quaint smell, so the next time we will try it with the Amul's packaged cow milk.

People often have clogged drainage trouble in their houses and its a nightmare getting the pipes unclogged, sometimes expensive too as the plumbers love to rob you for the smallest jobs. The simplest solution to this problem is to use Drainex/Drainfix/Drainit any of the small pouches available in the market to unclog the pipes. You must use it at least one a month or twice even if your drainage is not clogged you should pour those packets monthly to keep the pipes unclogged at all times.

Drink warm lemon water in the morning. It is very good for health. It improves immunity and prevents cancer.

When we buy extra bread and wanted to use two days later, just store them in the freezer. Keep the bread outside just 30 minutes before using them, the bread will become soft and ready to use. The prevents bread from fungus.

Must always have back ups of all the files on the mobile phone or laptop as anytime virus attacks can happen & you can lose all your data.

During the summer bananas over ripe very fast and then the taste isn't that pleasant to eat it directly. I make banana shake or use those bananas for pancakes, by doing this you don't even realize that the bananas were over ripe.

Dissolve a pinch of potassium per-magnate, in a glass of water and pour this mixture in your well water and also in your overhead water tank. This kills all germs and insects in the water and purifies for use.

For chicken pox affected people, when the boil dries, apply the potassium per-magnate solution on the boils so that there will not be any mark or impression in the skin after the boil peels and dries.

Put naphthalene balls in your wash basins, sink, bathroom corners. This helps to avoid insects and cockroaches. Pour little kerosene in the flush / closets during night time. This keeps away cockroaches.

The same we can do with rice. When we put some cloves in the rice container no ants and other insects infest in the rice.
Sheila's 9/5/10:21pm - 9/5/10:31pm

Wow! this is a great tip. Thanks for sharing it here Sheila!
Sheila's 9/5/10:22pm - 9/5/10:28pm

When we keep rock salt in a open container, sometimes it melts and becomes watery. To prevent this, make a small ball of tamarind and put inside the rock salt bowl. The salt will stay dry.

Add some cloves inside the sugar jar, to avoid ants entering the sugar.

Instead of keeping the unpleasant and difficult tasks to the last, finish them first and be done with them.

Drink lukewarm water daily to improve digestion.

While watching the TV, do not keep the remote in your hands. If you have it with you, you will be tempted to change the channels quite often. Suppose you keep it very far from you, you will not change the channels and also, in case you want to change the channel, you will at least walk up to the TV. At least that much exercise.

In case, you are going only to buy weekly vegetables and fruits then you can take small clothe bags with you, in which u take the veggies and directly keep the same in fridge.

Do carry a clothe bag in your vehicle, purse or pocket, if unexpectedly go for marketing then you have one, no need to pay for plastic bags nor additional clothe bag. In this case you save money and also by avoiding plastic bags you give a helping hand by preventing pollution of our dear nature.

Always eat curd rice while leaving the house in afternoon. It will keep your body cool.

Drink cold milk in night before sleeping, it will help you to get rid of acidity and also you will have a sound sleep. Also if you wake up in night and feel hungry, do the same thing.

Whenever you can't go out for your daily walks do it at home. But do not skip it altogether just because there was no way you could go out. Something is better than nothing. There are several stretching moves that you can do at home easily. And for the walking part try spot walking or spot jogging. During the monsoon it is difficult for everyone to keep up with the daily walks.

Download movies from YouTube to save a lot of money and time in the long run. There are literally thousands of movies available for free download. All you need is a free browser plugin to download the movies. Another tip, save these downloaded movies to an external hard disk so that you have hundreds of movies on a single disk. After watching these movies, delete the ones you don't like to free up space.

Keep your front door closed in the evenings and night when there is no net door, some reptiles may crawl into the house. Beware.

Do not add too much water to cook vegetables.

Cut lemon into two halves and leave them inside the egg tray of the refrigerator. This will help the fridge with good smell and removes any bad odur from inside the refrigerator.

When you get bunch of roses or live flower bouquet, with little long stems, then, put them in a flower pot with water immersing till half the size of the stem. Add a teaspoon of sugar in the water. This will keep the flowers fresh for more than 5 days.

Drink the finest quality tea and coffee that you can afford. Also, make sure that you boil your drinking water and milk properly as most times we ignore such little things which cost us dearly later.

Paint your own home. Yes, you read it right. Painting your own home is not only fun and a wonderful activity to do along with loved ones but it also saves a lot of money. Few days ago, we saved over 15,000 rupees by painting our living room, bedroom and corridors ourselves. There are many videos to view on YouTube from where you can learn how to paint and do many other things yourself inside and around the home.


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