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Ways To Make Money

Before investing money in something.....first have thorough knowledge in the field you wish to invest, get experts advise, do a market research, make a draft of all, work honestly and smartly, allow self interest to merge with common interest, give the best, meditate more.

Making money seems to be like eating a piece of cake to some people, but to the overwhelming majority of people it is an endless, hard struggle.

Utilize the extra free time apart from the regular work, to earn more money .

Thank you Sir for this very valuable information. Even my daughter Sheeba is a very good writer. She loves photography. She wanted to buy a very expensive camera and take good quality pictures and post them. But I am not sure, how she can give it to the world. If such free blogs allows her, it will be a great opening for her to establish. Thanks for this great information Sir. I shall check them out. If you can guide anything for Sheeba to start her photography line, I would be more thankful.
Savio's 15/6/11:47am - 15/6/1:10pm

Even if they learn to stitch the basic cuttings of salwar, they earn Rs.150 per piece. For adding a saree falls, they charge Rs.60 per saree. A blouse stitching costs Rs.150 per piece. So, easily a person who learns stitching of the regular requirements of people, he can easily stitch and earn minimum Rs.500 per day from a corner of his home or in a tiny shop. Nowadays, there is so much of scope and ways for making a way to earn money. Only they should have the drive to work and be brisk each day to work and earn a living. Where there is will, there is a way.
Savio's 15/6/11:48am - 15/6/12:02pm

Thank you sir for the information. I want to check it out and taste what it is. Let me also see what I can do with it.
Savio's 15/6/11:47am - 15/6/11:59am

Yes, I have my brother-in-law's best friend who is a tailor and he makes lots of money through just a tiny shop at very low rent. He stitches and sells more than 3 dresses in a day. Good profit. Though he has worked hard all his life to make this income.
Sheila's 15/6/11:25am - 15/6/11:48am

There are many websites which give you a free blog even today. Companies like Quali Space give free hosting for one year. There are many others as well. You can type on Google and Bing "free blog" and check who all are currently there who offer a free blog. Do your research on them and sign up. The most important thing is content building. If you don't build quality and original content then you really cannot hope to make any money out of this exercise. I've always had my own websites and hosting for the last 17 years since I have been very sure about what I wanted to on each of these sites. When I started out, I looked at it as a hobby, and till today, I still consider content writing to be a hobby, this is why I think I am very successful in maintaining the business and making money each month with it.
Sheila's 15/6/11:03am - 15/6/11:47am

Tailoring is another good source of income for both men and women. A tailoring machine and knowledge of cutting and tailoring, which can be gained with a two months basic course. There is high demand for tailoring business. Easily a person can earn around Rs.400 per day on doing home tailoring work. If they have a small shop with an assistant, easily they can earn Rs.1000 per day.

We may get a few clients, who will be in search of an urgent job opening etc. Now, I have observed in the present trend that Uber is a good way of job opening for a middle aged or youngster, if he knows driving and willing to work for 10 hours a day. A small investment of around Rs.1.20 lakhs as initial payment to get a small car on loan and the rest of the amount through bank loan. Only requirement by Uber is a own car, driving licence, smart phone with net connection. Immediately they offer him a job. If a person drives for Rs.2000 per day, Uber gives them incentive of Rs.2000 which is credited to his bank every Wednesday. So, easily he earns Rs.4000 per day minimum. Even if he spends for his fuel, food and maintenance, he can reserve Rs.2000 per day which can be used to clear his EMI for the car and also have some savings. End of 3 years, he is the owner of his car. A decent self-employment for any youth, who is willing to work hard. Navigation is through GPS and locating routes will never be a problem.

Sir, can you guide us on this blog building. Is it a free blog or a paid blog, first we have to obtain. Google was earlier some space for free blog. But I did not know more about that. It will be very useful if you could guide us on this blog creation and reliable people, where we can pay to get for a paid space Sir.
Savio's 14/6/11:51pm - 15/6/11:03am

A relatively unknown field is that of buying and selling domain names. Though I would like to say right away that thus is a rather risky way of making money. I've seen and read about hundreds of domain investors losing lots of money in this business. The important thing is to start small, with doing proper research first, then buying only few domain names which have the maximum potential to give you a good return on your investment. There are many ways to make money in this industry and over the past decade I've tried many of them with some success and also some failure. These days, I keep investing in domains with a long term plan for decent profits when they are sold at much higher amounts than what I spent on registering and renewing them each year. is a great site to visit to learn to be a domain investor and seller.

One long term way to make around 10k or more each month is to build a blog, whether with text or pictures, video or articles, or a combo of the above. Then keep adding fresh and unique content to your blog on a regular basis. I've been blogging since 1999 and have made most of my money mostly thanks to my content creation and online marketing skills. It isn't easy to make a lot of money every month but it is possible to make some money if you build your blog consistently. Even a few hours a week is good enough to start working on your own blog. I give around 5 hours a week towards my sites and usually make more than 20k a month with them through ads and selling my courses via link building. Patience and long term planning are important though. If you expect to start making lots of money in few weeks or months then perhaps this method isn't for you.

Women who do not go out for work, can still earn a small pocket money from their homes based on their interest and talents. A few tips I give below. Women can make pickles, vathal ( fryums ) from home for their own use and also can do little marketing to their friends and relatives to earn small pocket income.

Few ladies will be more interested on Make up, beauty care etc. They can take up a small one month course on beautician and work for that few hours by keeping a small place in their own home, or alternatively do some bridal make up by directly visiting the brides homes and do some make up and beauty stuff and earn a good money.

Business or working are the main ways of making money.Another method is farming.

A very easy way to make money is to get off your bottoms and do some real work for a change. I feel sad to see the Millions of youngsters and adults who expect to make money through some quick methods. The best way to make money is to do something you love. As when you do something that you love, the money always follows, even if it takes a long time to do so in certain cases. However, please make sure that you do something which you love and which others actually want to buy from you.


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